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    How to upgrade the Apothican Servant legit?

    These are the things I have tried: Upgrading with margwa mask. Upgrading with margwa mask during beast mode Shooting the ww at the green street light by the docks, shotting at all 3 rift portals Getting kills with the ww at the pack a punch area So, there are 4 different names for the ww, 4 different ritual sites. I believe that each name represents one ritual site. So you have to get kills with the ww at the specific ritual site. Due to the power of the weapon, I believe that you would need to get loads of kills. I will try to get 100 kills with the ww at each ritual site. Then I will go into theatre mode and see if anything happened around the map. The 4 different names can also mean a sequence of events that have to be followed. Maybe you have to get kills in each ritual site. With the name of the ww reffering to what ritual table you have to start at, then go clockwise or counter clockwise and get kills at each ritual site. I am just grinding the search for this so bad. If anyone has any ideas just let me know so i can try that. Hopefully this is figured out very soon .

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