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  1. I am Andrew, Rookie zombie-theorist, Always falls for scams, Gets called a jerk FOR NO REASON, Sadly 13 and prone to bullying since well I'm 13 and play COD, Pretty much that one guy who stays on a COD zombies website, Born follower, scared of spiders and insects, hates micro-transactions, runs out of things to say easily, likes Big Macs. OK you have met me, obviously I'm new but since I'm 13, I'm the "Instagram using **** of this generation, like everyone else." guy and obviously I make theories and then I talk about proof/non-proof BUT HEY GUESS WHAT!? I HAVE NO LINKS! SOOOO..obviously I look like a liar, UHHHH I mean I get us kids can't say what we want But my god i hate when i can't find a link and I stand here being called a liar. SORRY OFF-TOPIC, Anyways..Nice to meet you! see-ya!
  2. Welcome to the forums Andrew The Bouncing Betty :)

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