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  1. Hey All, I have a problem I would like fixed ASAP, If you all could help that would be amazing. Yesterday I was casually playing some custom zombies on my crappy laptop. None of my mates were on so I decided to do some co-op with randoms. I went onto the server browser and there was only one server. I joined it. All was fine so far. Map was Nacht and there were two other people. Host starts game and we all load in. When I load in there is some weird square where my points should be with blocky colored sound waves inside. At this point I knew that something must be wrong with the game i
  2. Hey, Im looking to buy WaW for PC so I can play custom zombies. My PC meets the minimum requirements however only barely. I don't want to buy the game if it's barely playable... Specs: i5 2430m 2.4ghz (Turbo Boost 3.0ghz) Onboard Intel HD Graphics 3000 1.73gb 4gb DDR3 Yes, My computer is horrible. Please refrain from telling me .
  3. Hey, Ever since I got back into Zombies from a long break I have wondered why all of the high-round records are on Shi No Numa. Could anyone please shed some light on this? I am aware that all of the maps have the insta kill bug and all of the stuff that would aid you when going for a record. What makes SNN so special for records?
  4. Welcome to the forums SirDerpyWill :)

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