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  1. This map does not require T4M (I know lots of people don't like T4M so I tried my hardest not to use it) :) If your having a problem running the map go to your texture settings and set Specular map resolution to high, if that doesn't work please check how to fix it on the bottom of the thread :) also if you want to record the map make sure to use these texture settings or else the game will crash (waw limits) :| Trailer Yes its finally here.... but it doesn't have everything that i wanted the map to have :/ reason why is that the BO3 mod tools are
  2. Hi everyone so i made a little xmas map for my 4th map and its done 8) Theres guns from cod's bf3 and a fc3 gun So have fun with the map and enjoy Creds List tom-bmx P0rkRoyalz Redspace200 YaPh1l xXxCowmanxXx09 BlackJackJonnyy Nikolai Belinski PROxFTW Nukem BlackBoss42 offth ewall FreeCodCinematics elfenlied (Apex) cfgfactory Sanya Swazzy InFInIX koene007 bamskater33 quizz ASTR0 JR-Imagine http://tf3dm.com www.customcod.com zm tuts Rollonmath42 BETA TESTERS: xXxCowmanxXx09 ASTR0 Demon_Mike Nikolai Belinski Gunoftruth butterbutter Sliserblade1 legoone909 Thunder Gives Me Glee Downlo
  3. Welcome to the forums jzob123 :)

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