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  1. I'm wondering what everybody favourite style of gameplay is in the zombies series? There are a lot of different styled maps throughout zombies. Starting with Naacht-right through to Outbreak. I myself do prefer the run and gun style proposed in Mob of the Dead, but I don't believe it would be the same without cherry, acid gat, shield, etc. But I also liked the open feel that maps like shi no numa brought. The swamp was a direct influence on why I enjoyed origins so much. Origins by design was nostalgic. The mud reminded me of the swamp from Shi No Numa, and the laboratory/industrial 20th cen
  2. Is the problem that you are plagiarizing your own post on the forum, or is it that you are plagiarizing the basic idea of zombies? I kind of see this as a way for the professor to promote critical thinking when creating new ideas. Therefore, it could be as simple as they want you to create a new idea, that even you haven't thought of yet. You won't be receiving the practice if you have already done the critical analysis required for creating the setting, conflict/stuggles of characters, development, atmosphere, and so on. Anyhow, I don't see this as plagiarism in any form. Explain to him
  3. The talk of teleportation and time travel, in the Teleporters thread, started me thinking about COTD. The vril generator, or golden rod, is used to transport the O4 through time. Does anybody think that maybe Richtofen still has access to the vril generator? If he does, he could be using it to transport the O4 through time over and over because he keeps creating drastic changes in the timeline each time. The chapters of the story in Moon, and BO2 could be just different periods in between time travel. One detail that I know cannot be found, and therefore makes the theory incomplete, is t
  4. Welcome to the forums weslyfe :)

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