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  1. Flopper resets too, just like all the other perk machines, but sometimes the monkeys will just go to one of the machines and attack it and there isn't much you can do. Also, the more monkeys that are on the machine the faster it's taken from you.
  2. Ok thanks guys. In the back of my mind I knew it had to reset because if it didn't, making it to the higher rounds with the perks intact would be impossible. I've seen videos of rounds going into the 200s and the monkeys take the perks in about 5 seconds.
  3. In the zombies map Ascension there are space monkeys that come every 5 rounds or so and steal your perks. If they attach themselves to the perk machine and damage it, does the health for the perk machine reset by the time the new monkey round starts? On the call of duty wiki it says the machines start with 100 hp and the monkeys do 8 damage when you're close to the machine and 1 damage when you're far. For example, if the monkey hits the perk machine 7 times when you're close to it, 7x8=56, so the machine has already taken 56 damage. Does this mean that when the next monkey round starts the machine will only take 6 hits for it to be disabled? Or does the perk machine's health reset to 100 every new monkey round? I haven't found a definite answer to this yet.
  4. Welcome to the forums Hypersonic Manbaby :)

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