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  1. Looking for players on xbox for b0/bo2 zombies add me on xbox: ZKB Richtofen

  2. Thanks guys for the nice comments and if your ever on xbox live looking for zombie players message me gt: ZKB Richtofen
  3. In my opinion Solo is easier and more chance of getting a leaderboard score because on multiplayer if someone goes down and you try to get them but are unable to and they die sometimes they leave (rage quit) this can be annoying and not count on leaderboards i enjoy playing with randoms and friends but they need to have mics so that you can talk about the game good communication is key when playing Zombies on multiplayer.
  4. Looking for players for later for any map Zombies on BO2 GT: ZKB Richtofen

  5. Hi im Dan im new to this forum but i always play zombies on Xbox and if you want to send me a friend request to play zombies feel free GT: ZKB Richtofen
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