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  1. This guide is great and really did help me a lot. Just a couple suggestions: As has been mentioned a lot, the incorrect notes had me frustrated for a while. Ended up wasting my max ammo and half of the staffs ammo again after that before trying elsewhere (I figured I was just messing up). Also I didn't see locations for Maxis Drone parts, those would be nice in there. Lastly, when I was doing the easter egg, none of the places to place the staffs were appearing (After getting them all Ultimate) in the robots or bottom room under PaP. After a few rounds of wtfing, I turned on all the generators and they showed up. If I missed it my bad, but I don't think I saw anything about that in the guide. Again this is a great guide, thanks for taking the time to put it together.
  2. First of all forgive me if I'm way off, I'm by no means an expert on the zombie storyline. The Legend of Zelda storyline really comes to mind when I think about zombies due to one thing. In OoT, the storyline got split into two. When Link traveled back to warn Zelda of what would happen, it became it's own sort of dimension, while the one that Zelda remained in as an adult stayed intact. Maybe something like that happened here, and we're actually experiencing two timelines. The one that's being referred to as imagination, and the other that runs through a majority of the maps. Perhaps when you teleport at the end of the Origins EE, that's when it actually splits, or maybe even during Der Riese. Again just an idea, I'd love to figure out what's actually going on. I like to think Treyarch wouldn't leave us with something as simple as "It's all just two kids playing with dolls". I also really like the theory about it being both sides of the development team, very interesting. ^.^
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