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  1. I am big fan of zombies. I started playing since WAW. but i don't think Treyarch will make only zombie game. Majority people play multiplayer and if Treyarch starts out with zombies only game, they will collapse. But i think they should make a real life Cod Zombies story movie or animation. I would totally watch it and if they start a campaign, i would support it.
  2. I agree with all of you, unfortunately the early WAW zombies, I have never heard of Eddie character in any radios. In fact, the reason Maxis bought a dog, was that she would have someone to play with, because she was alone. I never heard anything about Eddie. So i am confused. It seems that Treyarch never thought that zombies would come this far and they try to add someone to the ending, so that zombies will continue on next black ops or whatever they come up with.
  3. I think in one of the radios(idk which map) she sounds different. And in origins intro i did not heard any German accent. After all, she is German, i believe. If i am not mistaken.
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