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  1. naitrax. Awesome dude! Added you... and found a pleasant surprise that you're from Aus! Awesome! Looking forward to playing with you!
  2. It's funny because I was doing the same thing when I found this place! Welcome to these forums :P
  3. Welcome to the forum! I'm new here also! Do you play Xbox, Playstation or PC?
  4. You are one of the rare few who like COTD. I can't stand it personally but I will play it with mates if they want to Welcome to the forums! ^^ I'm new here also, but they're pretty cool thus far. Vayd and Vaid... Isn't that pronounced the same? :/
  5. Although I'm new here myself, welcome to the site From what I can tell, they're a pretty good bunch of people here, so should be good fun ;)
  6. Ah righto sounds good guys. Well I'm Aussie, so I don't think there's many of us here unfortunately... I'd still love to play some Zombies with some of you guys though! I'm not very good, but I can hold my own for a bit. XBL Gamer Tag: UndeadMotion - feel free to add me if you want to play :)
  7. I think I'll like it here Thanks for the welcome guys! Although I'll admit... there seems to be more PSN players here. I'm an xbox gamer myself And most people here are from the U.S, right?
  8. Hi everyone! My name is UndeadMotion and I was browsing Google when I found your web forum. Was having another look at the CoD Zombies storyline and found this place. Great to be here and be with some other awesome people who loves Zombies How's everyone doing? ^^
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