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  1. I wonder how many resources we could pour into a 2nd master zombie/solo zombies guide?

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    2. Dahniska


      You're thinking primarily of Ascension huh? You could just write a more up-to-date guide for that too you know.

      You and I seem to be the most active high rounds players on this site right now so we could probably work togetjer with a bunch of other people to throw together a combination of the best strategies for all maps. It would be a huge undertaking though and would require a lot of time and focus.

      Black Ops 2 alone needs a big guide for all the maps.

    3. Dahniska


      I'm in the process of putting together some guide content for BO2 maps that don't have real guides yet, but I have a job and want to play as well so progress is coming along slow. Once that's done it wouldn't be too hard to combine stuff though.

    4. Awful Lawton

      Awful Lawton

      The end of my school year is actually fast approaching (June 16th). I understand though, that this WILL take a ton of effort and time. And money (I would like to get an elgato, but a person on xbox, Derbroski, had his xbox reset on a co-op game with yetistaltz, map was moon.) And not only that, I have an instakill round game lined up for my memorial day weekend (23rd-27th.) So, we could theoretically split up between BO1 & BO2 and try to tackle this?

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