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  1. wow great theroy, makes sense , if you look at the story
  2. thanks yo, hope to contribute to the group
  3. wow man their a lot of new people on here, i remember some of the old people, like Swrtbob and the Play the game beef with CODZ LOL man them was the days
  4. but i think theirs got to be more, all i know MP4 is going to bring the heat, but ide like some clarity about the other maps and old maps
  5. yes i know, but i mean whats bout MOTD and Die Rise? i mean does it have strong story connections ? i mean wheres the linking to the old maps and other maps
  6. yes sir, and i plan to post on here sometimes
  7. Is anybody linking together the storys of BO2 Zombies to the other maps? if so can anybody provide links or videos because i dont see a lot of people taking the time to peep out the map, everybody seems like they beat the easter egg in 2.6 seconds and say im done,
  8. Hi Whats up, Its Mamba aka LALakersIVLyfe just call me lakers or Mamba , i play PSN thats all i have, at the moment, i play Killzone Killzone2 and COD sometimes just zombies, and i have BO Zombies MPacks 1 and 4 , and Of Course i have 2K13 and have 2K14 on Preorder , i run with the lakers, and i love zombies, i like the storyline man i read on here a lot been here since [email protected] days, i used to be Chargers1993 but i lost my password, but im back if you remember me, so how are you guys doing yall like BO2?
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