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  1. In this post I would like to start a discussion about some possible theories. I will two ways to relay this information, video and text. The theories are in BOLD. Let me know what you guys think!! I REALIZE THAT YOUTUBERS HAVE UPLOADED EARLY GAMEPLAY OF ORIGINS. NOTE: I HAVE NOT WATCHED ANY OF THE GAMEPLAY NOR DO I PLAN TO. DO NOT SPOIL IT FOR ME. So if you don't feel like listening to me talk, then I have included the text. So, let’s start with the first achievement on the list “Little lost girl” The objective of this achievement is to release Samantha. Now how is it possible that Samantha is even alive, when this map is dated to take place in 1918. Now, let’s recall back on some old information about Samantha, Maxis, and Richtofen. In 1945, Richtofen locked Samantha and Maxis in the teleporter with the Demon dog Fluffy. Rather than being mauled by Fluffy, they teleported – Maxis to a jungle and Samantha to the MPD at Griffin station, or moon from Black Ops 1. So if we assume that Samantha is no more than 15 years old at the time that she assumes control of the zombies, then that would mean that she was born on 1930, which is 12 years after the alleged events of Origins. And the reason I used the word alleged is because, this assignment will only make sense if time travel were involved with this achievement. And this is assuming that we’re only using elements that we’ve already seen before, such as the purpose of time travel in Shangri-La. So if time travel were used, then we could go forward into time and release Samantha from the MPD, or free her from her impending doom with Fluffy inside of the teleporter, or maybe some other place. Well, this is the only explanation I have for this achievement, but let me know what you guys think in the comments section below. Do you agree, or do you think there is some other method that we’re going to be using to “release Samantha?” So let’s move on to the next achievement “Not a Gold Digger.” The objective of this achievement is to share a weapon that you’ve dug up. So, obviously we will be able to dig up weapons with maybe a shovel or something. But I’m a little more curious as to why we will need to dig up weapons in the first place. Maybe we’ll be digging up weapons that have been used in previous wars or battles, or, now this relates back to the time travel theory that I’ve speculated about before, we can bury weapons in 1918, move forward in time, and dig them back up in a later date, possibly that date in which we will need to “release Samantha.” Now let’s move on the achievement “All your Base,” which tells us to activate all four generators without allowing one to stop. Maybe there are generators for different parts of the map. Since this map does take place on a WWI battlefield, I’m assuming that there is no established form electric system. Most likely there are only generators that provide power to certain areas of the map. The next achievement on the list is called “Kung Fu Grip,” where we have to free ourselves and another from the panzer Soldat's claw. Now I’m taking this description of the Panzar Soldat from the CallofDuty wiki, so it may not be %100 true. The Panzer Soldat (German for Armored Soldier) is an enemy that appears in the Call of Duty: Black Ops II Zombies map Origins. It takes the appearance of a zombie in an armored suit, and will drop in from the sky to attack players. The Panzer Soldat takes the appearance of an orange/yellowish eyed zombie in a large armored suit. The suit has several weapons, such as a rotating claw. It also appears to be very powerful, and can apparently withstand heavy falls and extreme damage. The suit shows signs of damage, such as cracked glass on his visor. According to the confirmed achievements, the Panzer Soldat is able to grasp multiple players with its claw at a single time. I wonder how you’ll be able to free yourself and teammate from this zombie. The next two achievements are “Playing with Power” where you have to build all elemental staffs in one Game, and “Master Wizard” where you have to wield all of the ultimate staffs in one Game. So obviously we will be able to hold all of the staffs at one point, whether at the same time, or individually, but I doubt that one person can hold all four staffs at the same time. The next achievement “I'm on a Tank” states that one needs to ride the Tank around the map without getting off. Now I’m assuming that this map, including the tank will have a “tranzit” feel to it, with the tank being the bus and “No Man’s Land” being the misty/foggy areas around the map. The next two achievements are “Saving the Day... all Day” where you have revive another player four different ways in one game, and “Master of Disguise” where one has to use Zombie Blood to revive three players and activate a Generator in one game. So, obviously we can revive players with zombie blood, but for the achievement “Saving the Day…all day,” one has to use four different ways to revive a player. So far, we know that one can be revived through regular reviving, sticking someone with the Pack-A-Punched Ballistic Knives, and Zombie Blood. But what about the fourth way? Let me know what you guys think in the comments section below? The last achievement is “Overachiever,” and it tells us to complete all four Challenges in one game. Now we don’t know what these challenges are, so there really is no way to discuss this achievement, but let me know if you guys have any ideas of what types of challenges that could be included in Origins.
  2. Topic: Samantha's voice Even though I only mentioned Sam's voice from Kino it's obvious that her voice has changed. It's much deeper. I almost doesn't sound human. I just wanted to compare her MPD voice to her narrator voice. I chose Kino because it was the first COD Zombies map that I have ever played and it was the first thing that came to mind while I was commentating Topic: Machine/Pod It is very probable that this pod is human height, though it may not look like it from the intro. If it weren't human height, what would it be used for? In addition to my theory of Element 115 testing, I have another theory. I did some more thinking, and I believe that if this machine were not for zombie creation, or zombie curing, then it could be a prototype teleportation chamber. I saw the wall weapon post upload :/ It was too late to change the video. Topic: SNN Meteor I believe that this is still the same meteor that was shown to un in Shi No Numa. I believe that the meteor shown to us in the intro is an earlier version of the meteor. If you notice, the color of the meteor during the time of the events of SNN. The meteor had an orange glow, where as the meteor during the beginning of the cinematic intro had a blue/purple glow. I believe that something during the events of Origins caused the color of the meteor to turn from blue/purple to orange, as well as the zombies eyes from blue/purple to orange. Topic: STG Thank you for informing me. I tested this out and played some WAW Der Reise and BLOPS Der Reise and it sounded just like the STG. Ty Topic: Zombie Movement I too don't think that they will add the dolphin dive animation. I was just using that specific animation that was given as a way of explaining my want for faster and more aggressive zombies. I'm sorry if I made you guys think that I assumed that there were going to be dolphin diving zombies. The bit about the dolphin diving was to only serve a comedic purpose. Topic: Tank I already knew that we will be able to ride the tank, but we don't know the specifics of it. All we know is that we will be able to ride it, that we can shoot from it, and that it moves slowly. I say that "I'm assuming..." because the parts that "I'm assuming..." have not yet been confirmed, such as who controls the tank. Are its destinations pre-determined, or do we drive? I have seen the trailers. I just haven't gone in-depth on them, or remembered the name of the MG.
  3. The same one in verruckt, if there even really is someone saying those. I haven't played Verruckt in a while. I may re-visit some of the old maps soon :)
  4. Maybe an aged Samantha is just "looking back" on the events that started the zombie Apocalypse. Sort of like a memoir. It doesn't necessarily mean that she is the announcer for origins. Just the narrator for the Cinematic Intro, as well as the idea of using the map Origins as a way figuring out how the zombie apocalypse started. That's just my guess. This raises another question. Who's going to be the demonic voice that says "Insta-Kill" or "Max Ammo" every time we, the players, get and insta-kill or a max ammo?
  5. Bump! I edited the first post, by adding more information and questions in the form of text.
  6. Welcome to my analysis of the Origins Cinematic intro that was posted on August 20, 2013. This review goes over some of the information, both hidden and obvious, that was given to us in the cinematic. I've watched the intro numerous times in order to make sure that I have covered everything. If I have missed anything that pertains to Origins, be sure to reply to this post, the comment's section of the video, or message me. So, let's get started! Enjoy. I will be uploading videos of Origins on the day of release. *I watched NGTZombies analysis post upload, and he mentioned something about Roman soldiers that have been infected with Element 115. I'm inferring that the beginning of the intro took place somewhat after the collapse of the Ancient Roman empire, in the 1400s. This is why, in the beginning of the intro, the zombies' eyes are some shade of blue, rather that orange. Why do you guys think the zombies' eyes are blue and orange. Does it have to do with the time period, the controller of the zombies, or something else?
  7. Sounds great. I'm going to have to try that out :)
  8. Happened to my friend and I when we were at round 34. I guess this is Treyarch's way of stoping us from getting to high rounds easily.
  9. This thread will be a combination of the communities' ideas of places to camp with a team on the zombies map Buried. Pack-a-Punch Church Post your ideas too!!
  10. So, here is a video, created by NGT Zombies showing what happens when those who have completed Richtofen's side of the easter egg for Tranzit, Die Rise, and Buried!! I take no credit for this video!!
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