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  1. What step did you do previously to get to the steps you mentioned? We built the staffs and then upgraded them. We then put them in the Giant Robots. Ice Staff in Freya, Wind Staff in Odin and Lightning Staff in Thor. Finally put the Fire Staff in the new slot at the bottom of the Excavation Site. After that you want to fill up all 4 chests if you haven't yet and get your Super Punch upgrade. Have at least one person grab the tablet and take it to the Holy Water in the Church. Punch zombies there to fill it up. After it is filled, grab it and take the tank back to where you got it. Make sure to not step on mud or water. After you get there successfully put it back where you got it and punch zombies again, and power up should pop up which are the airstrike grenades. After you get them have one person go into the Giant Robot (we went into the middle one, not sure if it matters). It should say Fire Sequence Linked. Upon hearing that tell the person that has the airstrike grenades to throw them at the Seal by Stamin' Up where a crashed plane is. You then grab Maxis and have him go inside. After you do that the Claw things will come out. 2 per person in the game (we got 8). Kill them and then she tells you to find the spirit in the sky. You have to get a Zombie Blood and shoot down the plane with the glow in the sky. After you do that there will be a zombie running around clockwise (Red Baron). Kill him and pick up Maxis. Then Samantha will say something Iron. You want every person in your group to punch zombies at the bottom of the Excavation Site (staff location) and get their elemental upgrade. This is the part the guy that completed it told me. After you do that go to the Crazy World and kill zombies in the middle. Once you kill enough your achievement would pop and a portal would appear.
  2. Alright, just to let everyone know where my group is at.... We just finished the part where you have to "find the spirit in the sky". You get Zombie Blood and there is a plane in the sky with a glow on it, shoot it down. After that either with the current zombie blood or a new, there is a zombie (Red Baron) running around clockwise around the Excavation Site. Kill it and he will drop Maxis. Now we have to do something with Iron. Will update when we figure it out. Also if anyone has any questions to this point, feel free to ask. EDIT: We just got the Iron Fists. Will update when we get to next step. EDIT 2: The person in our group that received it, when he hits the zombie it electricutes them. I just kept killing them and got the upgrade as well and mine freeze the zombies. EDIT 3: Easter Egg has been solved by someone named PHANTASY BACON. He has the achievement. You have to have everyone in your group get their element upgrade for there fists. Upon doing that you go down to the Crazy World and stand in the middle and keep killing zombies. After killing them for awhile your achievement should pop and a portal will appear. He posted on Se7enSins if anyone wants to check it out.
  3. There are actually 4. What happens is once you have Maxis Rotor pick up all 4 he says "retrieval complete" and if you head back to the Pack-A-Punch, there is a upgraded MG there. (currently cannot think of the full name. MG08?) The 4 locations are..... - By the Exacation Site (Pack-A-Punch) - Generator 5 (Stamin' Up) - A bit after the Labratory's by a blocked off area with fire - At the church (at the top at a corner) Currently on about an hour of sleep and typing this from class, hopefully it makes sense.
  4. Alright so after a couple hours on this step we are stuck. We have upgraded all staffs. We put the Lightning, Fire, and Frost in the 3 Robots as well as Fire in the middle of the site. We now have all 3 Robots moving. We have noticed you can only enter one at a time and it is random. There is a button you can press that says "Firing sequence activated". We also found the tablets to take to the fountain type thing to purify. When we did that and took it back without stepping in mud or water we had to punch again to give it souls and then got a new grenade. It's a type of airstrike grenade. We are still currently stuck on what to do.
  5. Alright, so my group currently has the Wind and Lighting Ultimate Staffs built. We are stuck on the torches on the church. I understand about the dots that correspond to which torches to light. When you light the 3 should something happen right away or do you need to do something following that before going into the bottom of the Exavation Site to turn the circles red?
  6. I am not sure, I did not test that. Also as a update for the OP, I am currently working on my video guide
  7. The targets stay up for a limited time. Basically start it for 2-3 runs while you all learn where they pop out and then shoot them. Anyone can have the Time Bomb. It is used to go into Infinity Mode so anyone can use it.
  8. I found one body directly straight ahead towards the courthouse. I also found one inside the church. The other 2 were found by the other players.
  9. The fountain in the front. It was completely random. We ended up doing 3 games and the first game we never found any and the 2nd game we found all 4 in the first Infinity Round.
  10. Solved By: Boarder1993, Ahkamon, and TRE5PA55ER. (4th didn't want to be named) Steps To Solve Richtofen's Side: You have to start the game on Original. The best way is to be on Custom Games for the fact that if someone has to leave or lags out, you can easily invite someone back in. You need to have 4 people for the achievement. You cannot enter Infinity Mode with less then 4 people. Step 1: Build the Guillotine - Dish (Upstairs of Saloon nearest side by the Guillotine build-able. Should be near the fence) - Spool of Wire (Mule Kick Room Downstairs near the catacombs entrance in the corner) - Crystal (When you fall down go right it should be on the first right) - Antennae (Barn downstairs head towards the catacombs should be in one of the stables on the right) Step 2: Power Up The Red Orbs: - Acquire the PARALYZER from Box. - Use the Paralyzer to turn the Orbs white. Step 3: Blue Lantern - Cook a grenade to knock the Blue Lantern from the sky. Then have someone pick it up. Step 4: Kill Ghosts In The Mansion - Have the holder of the lantern go into the mansion and kill ghosts until Richtofen says your done. Step 5. Place Lantern - Place the latern on the latern symbol on top of the Gunsmith building. Once you place it symbols will appear on the wall. Step 6: Mines - Once you figure out the 3 signs for the mines from the codes on the wall you want to buy Vulture Aid Elixir and Galvaknuckles. You want to go into the mines and punch the 3 signs in order with the knuckles. You will know you punched each correct sign because a pink-ish type smoke will come from it. Once you get the 3rd sign punched a purple wisp will appear. You want to keep walking through them until it appears on the Guillotine. I believe there are 8. Step 7. Kill Zombies At The Guillotine - Kill Zombies by the guillotine, wait until the wisp goes from zombies to crystal on Guillotine. Step 8: Infinite Mode - Place a Time Bomb in between the crystal and the big orb. Then have all 4 people surround the Guillotine and detonate the Time Bomb. You should now be in Infinity Mode. Step 9: Find The Switch - Once you are in Infinity Mode you have about 2 minutes to find the 4 dead bodies of Misty, Marilin, Samuel, and Russman. When you find their body you will see "Press X to search body". The first 3 you search will say "Nothing was found". When you search the 4th body you will see "Switch was found". Step 10: Add The Switch - Once Infinity Mode ends take the switch and attach it to the Guillotine. Richtofen will then tell you to go to the maze. Step 11: Colored Switches - Once you enter the maze he will tell you to activate the switch in a certain order. You will see 4 switches on the gates in the maze. (Red, Blue, Green and Yellow). We tried many, many orders and then just did trial and error. When you hit all 4 if one sparks it is in the right order. You want all 4 to spark and then Richtofen will talk. Step 12: Sharpshooter (Make-A-Wish) - Richtofen will tell you to go to the fountain. Once your there you will need to hold x to make a wish. Then in 4 areas in the map will have targets appear and you need to shoot all the targets in all 4 areas. The areas are the Saloon, around the Candy Shop, around Juggernog, and the left side of the mansion. There are 19 targets in the Saloon, there are 22 at Juggernog, there are 23 at the mansion, and the Candy Shop has 20. After you hit the last target and the music ends you will receive all perks and the achievement. Congrats on your achievement. *VIDEO GUIDE SHORTLY*
  11. Here is the video. I am posting the steps now. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BeFm3ZPA ... e=youtu.be
  12. SOLVED RICHTOFEN'S SIDE! Boarder1993, Ahkamon, and TRE5PA55ER (4th person didn't want his name disclosed) Picture of the perks, couldn't get a picture of the achievement of the achievement popping at the moment but there is the picture of the achievement. If that isn't enough proof for anyone, I am adding my steps, try them and you will see.
  13. Currently died on 27 after having nothing left. Looking for a 4th to take a spot of someone. Going to be retrying Richtofen's method again and try and get farther. Please have some money in the bank, have some knowledge of the map and be able to survive. Must have mic, add gamertag Boarder1993 for a invite.
  14. Ok just a update. Early someone playing that could hear Richtofen had to go and we got someone to replace him. After going through Infinity Round we found the lantern that we used earlier in the Mansion again. So this is either a glitch or a second lantern. Trying to figure it out.
  15. Alright, we just went into it on round 23, none of the zombies were killable, we ended up running around for 2 minutes. Here is the video to show proof of the Infinite Mode. Still stuck on the lever. The YouTube channel is a old one of mine. My old gamertag. It's the only way I figured out how to get a video on here. EDIT: Video is uploading, one moment. EDIT AGAIN: Video is here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uKyCwm8V ... e=youtu.be EDIT AGAIN AGAIN: Current people in this game is Boarder1993, DSB Robot, Ahkamon, and TRE5PA55ER. If you have any questions about getting into Infinity Mode, below is the exact way to get into it. We are still stuck on the lever. We cannot find a way to activate the lever in the bedroom of the witches house. To activate Infinity Mode place a Time Bomb in the middle if the orb with the crystals and the wood. After you've done that have everyone stand in front of the big orb. Kill the zombies and when the round changes and turns red, activate it. The round will go into Infinite Mode. It only lasts for 2 minutes and the zombies are not killable at first (or not at all, haven't tried log enough to see). If you go into the mansion, witches come out in the mansion and out in the town and in lots.
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