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  1. So I'm guessing that image of the Wind Staff Wheel is out of the question? once again sorry but i wasn't recording but we are 90% sure it changes every game or it would be to easy, i was the one using the wind staff and i tried many ideas, after they failed and i was low on ammo i sprayed and it worked so it came down to luck, hopefully we can recreate it and find a pattern soon but i just spammed until all of a sudden it worked, sorry i couldn't be more help
  2. ok just to keep you updated im playing with itscanny and we have 3 ultimate staffs was stuck on the fire one tho :/ its 3:05 am tho and our game just finished so we are gunna sleep and 1st thing in the morning we should commentate w/tut on them for you and link we will continue tomorrow, happy hunting
  3. grats man dont think we are far behind!!!
  4. not sure on all the location one was on right infront of the guillotine and i think court house.... but they are completely random
  5. dude we were looking on the floor and we found are dead bodys i have said that read back 1st its all there I know that you said that, I'm just wondering where an when. in infinite mode and the bodys move and the switch may be on diff people we found it on misty
  6. okay we are starting again and recording this time hopefully we will here the clue no our stew volume was down
  7. yes we got lucky searching round the map No one "Gets lucky by searching around the map." You either know how you got it or you don't. And you do. I'm not trying to be an AHole but, you could easily just tell us where and how you got the switch. All we know is you somehow got in Infinite Round. So why don't you tell us? dude we were looking on the floor and we found are dead bodys i have said that read back 1st its all there
  8. yes we got lucky searching round the map
  9. We will be posting a FULL video tutorial tomorrow of how to do the entire easter egg we hope :L
  10. we got it in infinity mode the droped it to show you :P
  11. here is the VID!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UdedhhEKyEQ
  12. its not that obvious keep yours eyes to the ground
  13. it will be iSlayZombies who links the vid it rendering
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