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  1. Same as me but, I didn't know you could save Mason! the d*mn objective said "kill mason" EDIT It just said "kill" actually, still I didn't know I had a choice.
  2. I have multiple classes, but the ones I use the most(I didn't unlock all the guns and perks yet so this might not say a real class but one with guns and perks I like but didn't unlock yet, since I'm only level 23) Class 1: Scout Primary weapon: MP7(supressor, fast mag) Secondary weapon: B23R(tactical knife, supressor) Equipment: Tomahawk, EMP charge Perks: Dead Silence, Dexterity Class 2: Soldier Primary weapon: M27(extended mag, acog sight) Secondary weapon: Five-seven Equipment: Frag grenade Perks: Lightweight, Scavenger, Extreme Conditioning, Hardline, Lightweight Class 3: Commando Primary weapon: FAL OSW(Select fire, ACOG sight) Secondary weapon: Ballistic Knife Equipment: Tomahawk Perks: Hardline, Lightweight, Scavenger, Extreme Conditioning, Dexterity Class 4: Heavy Gunner Primary weapon: HAMR(acog sight, extended mag) Secondary weapon: S12 Equipment: Claymore Perks: Flak Jacket, Hardline Class 5: Sniper Primary weapon: XPR 50(acog sight ) Secondary weapon: Skorpion EVO Equipment: EMP charge Perks: Dead Silence, Cold Blooded, Ghost
  3. awww thanks I can't say my reply to that on here.....
  4. I read the Great Zombie Survival Guide by superhands but I still suck at kino since i'm such a noob :oops: I only have gotten to round 14 before, and that's occasionally I do good on it but mostly I die at like round 7 or 8 and ragequit. I am practicing though.
  5. Hello people, I'm JackedUpPerks, and i'm fairly new to zombies, My record on Kino is 14, I haven't bought any of the zombie maps yet though. I'm interested in learning more about the storyline, I play on PS3, message me if you want to play with me and Add me as friend retroknight6 is my gamertag.I'm ThrowAmonkeyBombs oldest friend so he'll help me around CodZ. -Heart of Courage
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