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  1. Thanks PINNAZ for fixing the picture issue. And yea the higher rounds can be a tad time consuming but surprisingly at round 58-59 it was around 10 minutes each round and I dont really remember like the 40's but I cannot imagine they were too long, a few minutes on average.
  2. Yes, the Hells Redeemer is beast. I on round 59 (for sure) noticed that when charged up all the way would take out the zombies 1 shot. I used it to clear up the walkers at the end of the rounds rather than wasting ammo or points on the trap. Someone can correct me if I'm wrong or whatnot but it was taking out like 3 walkers at the end of round 58-59. Didnt really get to try on 60 since I just got there then just planned on leaving anyway. And for those wondering about the golden spork, (I know theres a post for this but) it was a one hit kill for sure through round 33. On 34 it started to take 2 hits.
  3. This is the strategy that I used on Mob of The Dead to get to round 60 on solo before I ended up just leaving the game. I thought of this on round 34 when I was getting trapped up and wasting a lot of ammo, so starting on round 35 started doing this. Disclaimer, I’ve only played this map combined between solo and multiplayer around a dozen times so bare with me. There are multiple starting strategies that you could choose to do, here is just how I prefer to start off: • Round 1, 6 shots and 1 knife to 5 of the 6 zombies, then open the door leaving the last zombie unhurt. Go out by the cafeteria side first to see if the Wardens key is there (if so grab it), also open the laundry room door in afterlife. • Then leave there and go out the other side of spawn to where the B32R and the first dog location is. Wait for the last round 1 zombie to come and shoot him 6 times and a knife to activate the dog. • Now complete the 1st dog by making sure to only kill 1 zombie at a time and wait till he is ready for the next before killing the next. After he is finished, (if I don’t already have the B32R I buy it) then save up 2000 points to buy the gate at the top of the stairs next to electric cherry. • Once up next to Electric cherry go into afterlife and activate it and the gondola. Save up 750 and ride it down towards jug and the docks. Activate jug then head down to the next dog location. • Do the same thing for this dog as you did for the last, trying to only kill zombies when he is finished chewing the last one, just train a little in the mean time. After he is done either save up for the M1927 or jug depending how your ammo situation is looking. • Then save up 2750 points up for the gondola back up and the 2 remaining doors to get to the third dog location. Get that dog started and also open the roof in afterlife and activate Deadshot while you’re at it. After this dog is finished go check the warden’s office area for the key (if you don’t already have it) and open that door in afterlife and activate Speedcola. • From here head out of the wardens office down to where Double Tap is and grab your Hells Retriever at the end of that area, below where the three dog symbols are on the wall. From here just build point in whatever location you want and activate/buy whatever perks you want to run with. For the early rounds I run Jug, Speed, Doubletap, and Deadshot (only if I have an excess of points). Next grab all the parts for the zombie shield and acid gat kit and plane. Build the zombie shield in the cafeteria on the work bench. And it doesn’t really matter where the acid gat kit goes. And start building the plane and looking for the 5 blue skulls. (See Link Below). After you obtain that Blundergat from the warden’s desk go to where you built the acid gat kit and use it on the Blundergat. Now, grab your Blundergat and once again just build points and buy any remaining guns/perks/mystery box hit/doors that are needed. Now, for the trip to the Golden Gate Bridge to use Pack-A-Punch (PAP). PAP the acid gat into the Vitrolic Withering and train and just use the tomahawk to gain 30 kills. (See Link below). After about a round or round and a half you should most definitely have enough tomahawk kills to leave (I didn’t keep track of my kills, kind of just hoped I had enough). Get back and do the steps for the Hells Redeemer (upgraded Hells Retriever) and the golden spork (See Link Below). Finally, time to train and blow through rounds in the cafeteria. Reference the attached map of the area for spawn location numbers and items within this area. You may want to reconsider your perk choices before starting to jump into it. Personally in my game I got downed around round 50 and only rebought Jug and Speed so the others aren’t really necessary, but I’m sure having Doubletap and Electric Cherry couldn’t hurt. On rounds 35+ I started every round by activating the acid trap to eliminate zombies coming from locations 1 & 2. And then I trained in a clockwise direction around the area. By the time the trap is finished you should have most/if not all of the zombies horded up, so take it slow and wait for the trap to be ready again. Then run down into the trap area and shoot 1 shot of VW into the horde as they are down there and run out to activate the trap. Rinse and Repeat over and over. If and when you find yourself running low on ammo you have the Hells Redeemer available to just turn around to your train and throw it into them. On round 60 the tomahawk was still a 1 hit headshot kill to the zombies (not sure how many it was able to take out but it did take out some atleast.) Just do that till you get your max ammo and repeat the cycle over again. Remember that the claymores are there also, and believe me, the zombie shield will be your best friend so that is why you build it in that room. **Just a hint/tip if you find yourself about to get trapped/cornered. Make sure you have your Vitrolic Withering out and ready. If you get trapped fire into them so they stop worrying about you then jump and fire again away on a wall or the ceiling. Then crouch and try to sneak away in the opposite direction. This saved me on multiple occasions. RED Circle = Starting point RED Line = Train route BLUE line = Alternate cut thru point GREEN line = Acid Trap usage route GREEN dot = Location to fire the VW GREEN X = Acid Trap Box to hit http://i921.photobucket.com/albums/ad51 ... 5f8319.jpg Thanks to PINNAZ & Way2goo for fixing this picture issue) Fixed ~way 5 Skulls = Free Blundergat viewtopic.php?f=149&t=31304 Golden Spork viewtopic.php?f=149&t=31109 Hells Redeemer viewtopic.php?f=149&t=31230 Thanks to Caddyman & Mattywagon for helping me put together this post.
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