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  1. The main thing for me is the comment about making the map play quicker!!! Please that's all I want.. No more waiting for elevators or for some large ogre dude to stroll around the map.
  2. Caddyman, guess you forgot I was on here. ha. I also hit 34 solo over the weekend pretty easy, just wanted to get to 30 so after that was just trying new things to BS some.
  3. Thanks PINNAZ for fixing the picture issue. And yea the higher rounds can be a tad time consuming but surprisingly at round 58-59 it was around 10 minutes each round and I dont really remember like the 40's but I cannot imagine they were too long, a few minutes on average.
  4. As Caddyman said, I made it to round 60 in the cafeteria with the VW and the Acid Trap before I ended up leaving the game. I posted my strategy Cafeteria / Acid Trap Strategy yesterday.
  5. Yes, the Hells Redeemer is beast. I on round 59 (for sure) noticed that when charged up all the way would take out the zombies 1 shot. I used it to clear up the walkers at the end of the rounds rather than wasting ammo or points on the trap. Someone can correct me if I'm wrong or whatnot but it was taking out like 3 walkers at the end of round 58-59. Didnt really get to try on 60 since I just got there then just planned on leaving anyway. And for those wondering about the golden spork, (I know theres a post for this but) it was a one hit kill for sure through round 33. On 34 it started to
  6. This is the strategy that I used on Mob of The Dead to get to round 60 on solo before I ended up just leaving the game. I thought of this on round 34 when I was getting trapped up and wasting a lot of ammo, so starting on round 35 started doing this. Disclaimer, I’ve only played this map combined between solo and multiplayer around a dozen times so bare with me. There are multiple starting strategies that you could choose to do, here is just how I prefer to start off: • Round 1, 6 shots and 1 knife to 5 of the 6 zombies, then open the door leaving the last zombie unhurt. Go out by th
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