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  1. I was thinking yesterday how it would be cool if they made energy drinks based on the CoD Zombies perks. When I tweeted at Kevin Sherwood asking what the flavor would be for Juggernog he replied that it would taste like baconnog. It seems like Speed would be some kind of cherry flavored soda and flopper would be grape. What do you guys think?
  2. BIG CoD Zombie Fan here!!!! My name is Patrick and I live in Los Angeles, Ca. I'm a writer (full-features, TV, and my latest web-series, Zombie Break Room). I have a film that is scheduled to be made, hopefully before the end of the year called, Long Way Home. Unfortunately it is not about Call of Duty Zombies, so we'll see how good it turns out. I'm looking forward to making friends here... if you ever need to immediately contact me I can be found on Twitter @patrickcarson Great to meet you guys - and I'll be seeing you around :D
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