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  1. I have just recentely got the zombie bug, I've never played WaW, did play Blops1 zombies briefly, but a combination of my lack of experience, patience, and having a few friends that would rather me go down so they could try to beat their record........back to multiplayer. Fast forward roughly 2 years to Tranzit and a little more patience along with the combination of a friend taking the time to go over a few things (yes I use to be the guy that instantly grab powerups no matter what), and I am hooked. I pretty much play Tranzit with survival thrown in here and there, but today I repurchased black ops 1 with the rezzurection map pack and can't wait to get off work and dl, install, and update everything. My apologies ahead of time if I bump a yr old moon thread lol. So anyone feeling a little nostalgic or just need something to do while waiting for ps3 nuketown zombies and god forbid the new dlc in a month and a half add me up. Oh and looking for players to do ToB......that is all lol. Sorry for the novel if anyone reads this. PS3 - that_fiyaa

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