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  1. Also downloading now, im in texas cst. CAN'T WAIT
  2. Looking at it in theatre mode I can't see this part before he picks it up for the life of me. He is dead center of the grey trashcan next to the box in town. He also just got emp's but I can't locate the part to see if that magically made it appear or what. Edit Not sure if its theatre mode cutting it out but nothing comes up to prompt him to grab the part. Here is a picture when he goes down and he looks at it. I will try to figure out how to get a screenshot uploaded if nobody comes and points out my ignorance of this part.
  3. Ok so we are playing 4 players on Original difficulty and a player I play with regularly starts saying he found a part he has never found before while in town (next to the dumpster where the box spawns). After realizing he is serious I try to get over there and see. I've never seen this part and have built every buildable I know of. None of us have completed the easter egg. I tried the table in bar and power to see if it would accept it, no luck. As I try to get to the nav table (not thinking that the host doesn't have the table built as I seem to have read that would make it not appe
  4. I have just recentely got the zombie bug, I've never played WaW, did play Blops1 zombies briefly, but a combination of my lack of experience, patience, and having a few friends that would rather me go down so they could try to beat their record........back to multiplayer. Fast forward roughly 2 years to Tranzit and a little more patience along with the combination of a friend taking the time to go over a few things (yes I use to be the guy that instantly grab powerups no matter what), and I am hooked. I pretty much play Tranzit with survival thrown in here and there, but today I re
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