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  1. Playing on easy while my friend learns the map and the orbs aren't there. Does this confirm they're part of the EE?
  2. There are two dragons on the roof, both have orbs in their mouths, this is kinda leading me to beleive it's not important. Would love to be proved wrong though
  3. Really don't understand why you'd bother to even share that with us
  4. I like this theory, would kinda exlain why the gave us the bank (without trying to make it easier for us) Maybe inserting the navcard with 115,000 points?
  5. Thanks And last time i checked it had 0 replies, unless you replied as i made this one, sorry
  6. Well from round 1, there must be some sort of formula as to how the zombies increase? I googled it but all i got was old information from waw..
  7. I posted this in general discussion but didn't get any replies Does anyone know the exact number of zombies per round on 4 player?
  8. What's the benefit of using the colour blind assist? Also i play default everything but with 13 sensitivity
  9. Anyone know the exact number of Zombies per round for 4 player? i've searched but all i could find was old information, and seeing as this now runs on the multiplayer engine it could be more. Thanks
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