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  1. First let me say that I'm a diehard zombies fan and have been playing zombies ever since the first maps in world at war. Up until this point I've loved every single map that has been released, some maps more than others, but I've still played each map more times than I can count over these last few years. So it goes without saying that ive been looking forward to this game ever since it was announced that moon would be the final map fit blops 1. Since this time last year I've been lurking this forum and other places on the Internet for zombies news, because I've been anxious to see what treyarch comes up with next. I preordered this game months and finally got it at the midnight release because I couldn't wait any longer. These new maps are awful. Disappointment doesn't really describe how I felt after putting a couple of hours into each map and game mode. I have no idea what treyarch was thinking when they designed these maps, but they seriously messed up. First of all, every map is basically the exact same. Now treyarch is known for lifting mp maps and converting them into zombies (ascension, moon), but at least those maps were way different. All of these new maps have the most annoying features. Ex the lava is everywhere! Who thought that was a good idea? The fog is so thick you can't see anything more than a few feet in front of you. The lack of a real wonder weapon and the lack of some of the better perks was ridiculous Another thing that is annoying is how small the maps are. I get that not everyone enjoyed maps like cotd and moon because of how long it took to get places, but I would rather there be more places to go than less. Not to mention the damn lava everywhere. Terrible game design!!!! Tranzit was also very disappointing. When I first saw that there were a bunch of small areas separated by bus, it sounded strange but also kind of cool. I'm sorry to say that it is not very enjoyable at all. The areas are small and there's not much to do in any if them. I guess it's cool that you can build items but they go away so fast that it is almost pointless. The biggest flaw is that if the bus leaves you are stuck. The only way to get back is to travel through the foggy areas and fight off those stupid denizens that claw at you. Man, I seriously have no idea what the development team at treyarch was thinking when they designed this map. Basically, I was expecting 4-5 minimum maps with the release of blops 2,all with different themes and different locations , the same core guns and maybe new wonder weapons depending on the map. A lot of people on this forum have posted their ideas for complete original maps, and I know treyarch has visited this site in the past, so I was really hoping they would have used some of the ideas presented on this forum. Instead we got darkness, lava, no wonder weapons, middling perks, and the same map presented in different ways. I've been a treyarch and blops supporter for a long time, I've bought all of the dlc, j got the hardened version of this game as well as preordered all of the future dlc maps, so ita not like im a hater. ive given almost 300 dollars overcthe past few years to play zombies. i feel like I have a legit reason to complain, but as it is right now I'm already bored of these new maps. I was hoping gig so much more, so this had been a massive letdown I'd love to read anyone else's thoughts whether you agree or disagree.

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