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    1. freight train cola. costs 2500. allows buyer's bullets to go through an unlimited amount of zombies. for example 1 shot from a python can go through a whole horde of zombies. 2. pack rat. costs 3000. allows buyer to store up to 2 power ups. for example, u get a max ammo at a time you dont need it, it gets stored to the d-pad! 3. saved your life soda. costs 2000. any time a zombie hits you, it dies. 4. pogo stick. costs 1500. allows buyer to jump twice as high and far as default allows. 5. step up. costs 2000. allows buyers guns to go one level of shooting higher. for example lets say your back on waw and you get the crappy bolt action kar98. this perk would make that gun semi auto. If you had a semi auto gun like the fnfal then it would make that gun full auto. this perk would have no effect on full auto weapons however. 6.self revive. costs 4000. revives downed player and kills all zombies on the map. this would replace quick revives effect on single player, and would make quick revive make the healing time from being hit by a zombie twice as fast. 7. discount drink. costs 10,000. makes everything on the map that costs money half price for the buyer. 8. Omega lock. costs 15,000. saves every perk and weapon you have if you fall down. this is the only perk that disapears. 9. saftey net soda. costs 2500. every bullet that never touched a zombie gets put back into the your ammo reserve. for example, you shoot crazily at a horde with an rpk and miss half the shots. all those bullets you wasted go back into your reserve xD 10. Body Builder Beverage. costs 4000. doubles the amount of ammo in reserve and in the mag. 11. construction cola. costs 1500. allows buyer to not only build barricades two boards at a time, but also twice as fast and twice as many boards on the window. along with this, it makes it so you never run out of points for building up barriers. theres no set limit on how many points you can make, unless of course all the barriers are already built.

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