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    Hey guys if you go to bus depot and look at the ground infront of the bus usually stops it says "STOP RUS" instead of "STOP BUS" the bottom of the B is covered in blood to make it like STOP RUS. What do you guys think this could mean? Please tell me what you think.
  2. So before black ops 2 came out jimmy zielinski and others tweeted about the shangri la mountains and teasing us about them. Has anyone figured out what they meant or were they just trying to get us back into zombies before the game came out?
  3. Awesome. I will do . thanks for your help!
  4. Hey guys codz4891 here, So in the reveal trailer of cod bo2 zombies at the mere end of the trailer you will see wat what looks like a new Wunder weapon the girl is holding in 2 hands. So onto the point. I think this wunder weapon is a future THUNDER GUN. Yes thats right, it might sound stupid but this is my thoughts. Why do I think this you may ask? Well if you recall the radio that treyarch showed us with the news reporter she said the "TG" Thunder gun.. was being mass produced and spread across the country. and from what i can see from the trailer it the weapon looks like a future thunder gn and sounds like one. And maybe now that it is being massed produced all our teamates can get a thunder gun not just one person? PLEASE LEAVE YOUR THOUGHTS ON THIS NEW WUNDER WEAPON AND PLEASE GIVE FEEDBACK AS I AM QUITE NEW TO THIS SITE. Thanks for your time.
  5. Hey guys I just joined a little while ago looking for some good zombie theories and some willing team mates to play some zombies with me and have some fun! so if your willing reply or and me on psn: chinny4891 Thanks for your time! Ps: If you had a mic that would be great aswell. out.
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