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  1. Okay that's is just stupid or you just REALLY do not want to believe. Personally I also thought 'Sedan is just some random fake ad man, nothing important.' Then I decided to give your thread a look and turned to my girlfriend and said "WOW that was dumb of me to judge so quickly! THIS DUDE KNOWS WHAT HE IS TALKING ABOUT!!!" VERY impressive thread sir! I congratulate you on your pursuit of knowledge, you are the kind of person who is both in Treyarch screwing with us, and with us figuring out what Treyarch is doing.
  2. Hello all, I for one am pretty stumped as to what one needs to do in order to rank up in zombie mode. Now I have some pretty impressive scores- nothing record breaking but very good none the less. Now I asked all my zombie friends and they say "I think you just need to get more headshots and get to higher levels and stuff." Which would make total sense- except that I have a friend who is WAY better than me in most categories of the leader boards and yet is a rank 3 with 3 slash marks or something(While I am a rank 4 with 4 slash marks). Now I am sure we are all(or mostly) aware the zom
  3. Perhaps I'm wrong and Nikolai/Takeo simply WERE in the wrong place at the wrong time. But Tank defiantly wasn't- he was caught. And Mex-well it's hard saying that a Mexican was meandering around Germany when caught so that defiantly needs an examination.
  4. Firstly, I would like to thank "Tac", he pointed out that the Red Army invaded Manchuria to fight the Japanese at the end of WW2. Seriously, I'm a history major. How the hell did I overlook that!? First let's start with the most obvious Tank Dempsey: Was dispatched to Wittenau Sanitorium(Verruckt) in order to extract Dr. Peter M. but was captured. Dr. Richtofen was suspicious of Dr. Peter so had him watched closely and the soldiers at Wittenau became aware that a highly trained soldier(Marine) was headed there. Trap sprung and Tank captured for questioning-but Richtofen used him inst
  5. BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHahahaha. You nearly made my eyes water. Daggett "You're pure evil" *At this point I look towards my future in the military and imagine anything I may need to do* Bane "I'm necessary evil." "Be who you are and do what you say, for those who mind don't matter, and those who matter-don't mind" -Dr. Seuss
  6. Hello. I am new here(and have introduced myself in the forum) and was wondering if anyone else has ever looked around forums, youtube, and twitter and seen ALL the information sources and felt like compiling ALL of them into ONE, compound, detailed source for everything and anything nazi-zombie? Well I did. I still have the desire to, but I realize that doing this would take ages and I have too much stuff to do already. I was just wondering if anyone else had this desire
  7. It is because of this thread, that I joined CoDZ. This thread which I viewed someone posting some very personal things made me so comforted to join and eventually reveal my own personal secrets. This should be healthy. Thank you.
  8. If my PLAIN were to crash I suppose we would cease to exist- as this plain of existence would "crash". Or if you mean one of the 3-axis("plains" in geometry) were to crash that would have terrible, unknown consequences for us since we live in 3 plains, and one destroyed would be... terrible in an unknown way. If my PLANE crashed I would keep on the move and attempt to work as a team to bring one down then eat it and use it's fur as a trophy to ward off the others. I didnt see the entire movie but I'm sure they were not in ANTARCTICA considering there are no trees in the coldest tund
  9. Hello. I am new to the forums. After some time looking in from the outside I have decided to join these forums in order to "further the zombie storyline-condition". I am an excellent player who has reached level 30+ on every map(with the exception of Moon, but I moved and haven't had a decent TV until now. I study the game. I make meticulous notes on which guns are best suited for which situations. I have drawn up "classes"(mainly because I also love Battlefield) of which I am usually the Corpsman(Krauss Refib, Raygun, LMG/AR, Juggy-Mule-Staminup-doubletap). I am a team playe
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