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  1. I knew Hunter was destined for staff from his enthusiasm, his knowledge, and all around being a super nice guy.  Thanks for all your hard work, stoked to have you on.

  2. Frankly I'm surprised this happened.  Activision recently had their earnings report, and the best thing they had to say about BO3 was about the micro-transactions.

    This is great news.  To think they put so much effort behind these new weapons only to lock them behind an RNG/paywall.  Surely this will help win some loyalty back.

    Has COD ever changed its marketing course due to fan reaction? Can't say I've heard of it happening before (various boycotts over the years regarding dedicated servers, lag comp, etc.)

    Refreshing to see that for once we are somewhat heard.

  3. During the live stream, devs shared this photo which apparently is an Easter egg towards zombies in Infinite Warfare:



    High definition:



    Somethings to note:

    - 19-ATVI-85: maybe the map takes place in the 80's?

    - zombie sweatband: looks like the zombie is wearing an 80's style headband/sweatband.

    - popcorn/film reel/pattern floor design: all point towards a movie theatre

    - fire/person screaming in the background: really have no clue. Looks like Peppermint Patty from Peanuts.

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  4. Update:

    During the live stream, devs from IW shared some info about zombies.  Specifically that it's a separate universe from 3arc & SH, and that it's not connected to campaign.  They also said that they love EE's, and will be incorporating them into the maps.

    On top of that, they have also shared the first Infinite Warfare zombies related image - which apparently is an EE towards either the first map or mode:


    Cheers to @BlindBusDrivr for the photo.

    and here is a higher def version:




    According to CharlieIntel, Activison has confirmed that the co-op mode for Infinite Warfare will be zombies:


    Playstation will still be getting DLC first, so this means another year of living in the dark a month after release (at least for us xboners).

    Any thoughts on where IW will take zombies?

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  5. Update 2/1/16:  Been wanting to get this on here for some time.  Corvus is also a constellation, and it's worth noting in the context of this thread.  I will be adding a new section at the bottom called "Corvus Related Facts" which will house the below content:

    The Corvus Constellation

    Corvus is a small constellation in the Southern Celestial hemisphere.  It includes 11 stars, with one of those stars having two debris disks.  The constellation itself is named after the latin word for "crow" or "raven".


    An 1825 painting showcasing various constellations, including Corvus directly in the middle (the Crow).  A legend associated with the Corvus constellation is that a crow was doing a task for Apollo and getting him water, the crow stopped to eat some figs but then lied about it to Apollo.  The crow said that a snake had prevented it from getting the water quickly, while gripping the snake in it's talons - Apollo knew he was lying, and threw the crow, the cup (for water), and the snake into outer space.  The cup is meant to be just out of reach to further punish the crow, so he is forever thirsty.

    To me this is very interesting, as we can now confirm two types of symbolism from Black Ops 3 present in the Black Ops universe.  Iterations on serpents in the past include Shangri-La, and Die Rise:


    (Shangir La, Nāga statue)


    (Die Rise, dragon)

    To me, the cup could easily symbolize the Holy Grail - an artifact of great power that Hitler desperately wanted for his own.  All this together is some strong imagery that lends itself to much speculation.

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  6. It has recently come to my attention that @BlindBusDrivr was part of the CODZ staff, yet somehow overlooked in our records.  He was staff in 2011, and had the position of a Dweller - which is no longer a role.  The dweller would act as a liaison between staff and the community.  Blind has been an active member for some time, and has contributed a lot to CODZ.

    Please join me in welcoming him to the halls of veteran status.

  7. On 12/17/2015 at 3:39 PM, Rissole25 said:

    Big spoilers here but if you are reading this I assume you have played already?

    Does/did Corvus exist in the real events of the game? As far as I know, Taylor was wounded on the Lotus Tower fighting Stone. For some reason he undertakes the DNI surgery (I don't if it was voluntary or he was just hurt bad and had it done to him so he would survive much like the Player), and this is when Kane leaves him (her appearing after surgery plus that cutscene make more sense now). He heads to the Coalescence building, confronts Kreuger about The Black Project (maybe not that exactly, I haven't read the mission intro scripts in a while) and keeps hush about it. Which is why I believe he is a higher rank than Hendricks on the first mission.
    But I don't know if Corvus existed or not, and if it did, what happened to it?

    It's hard to say what are the actual "real" events of the game.  You, the player, died after the savage robot attack in the very first level.  The only reason Taylor was able to "glitch out" inside of Corvus' frozen forest is because there was some sort of multiple personality disorder going on, due to the fact that he is interfacing with you in your dying breaths.  If it was a dream, then Corvus could be nothing - OR Corvus could be actively controlling the dream, meaning the ending outcome in which you have a false sense of security (i.e. "Corvus has been purged, it's over") is really just part of Corvus' plan.

    The going theory is that it's a dream.  In your dying moments, as Taylor is DNIing you, you learn of all his past exploits.  You learn of Corvus.  Time passes by slower in the dream, so all the missions that you play take place within your dying breaths.  

    Regardless of whether it was a dream, or not a dream - at the end of the game, you are "purged" of Corvus.  Of course we don't know if Corvus was stored in more then one facility.  The Singapore Disaster killed over 300,000 people - but it makes me wonder if they were all housed in the Black Station.  Perhaps there were other "Black Stations" that had/have dormant versions of Corvus still waiting.

    Another important notion is that Corvus has never had an actual human host, for what we know.  Sure, he fed off of 300,000 humans - but he was contained in a synthetic computerized environment.  The jump from synthetic to organic (when Corvus jumped into Taylor) could have crazy metaphysical implications.  Who's to say all the times Taylor interfaced after being infected with Corvus that he didn't pass it along?  Taylor passed it along to his human friends through technology, why wouldn't he pass it through technology when he interacts with it as well?

    There is no way to really tell the dream from reality, but what we are left with is an individual who was infected with Corvus - who has been led to believe they are no longer infected.  This is the perfect host, someone who doesn't even realize it.  I'm sure that Corvus is still present, now in reality, and it will only be a matter of time before his metaphysical abilities are realized.


    @Stop Mocking Me0 You say you are "Taylor" because you were Taylor from the moment that robot tore your limbs off.  In the notes that fly by at the start of missions, it actually says you died during surgery.  While they were trying to hook you up with robotic arms and whatnot, you died.  When Taylor DNI interfaced with the Player (as the Player is dying), their two lives and memories became tangled - and the Player's version of the game is actually just formulated from Taylor's memories, as in they already happened.  Everything that we saw throughout the missions happened in one way or another, but the part that we don't know is where the lines of reality became blurred with fiction.

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  8. Obviously, this is going to have some major spoilers for the campaign.  If you haven't finished the campaign and want to finish it, I'd avoid reading this thread.  If you aren't really into the campaign and can't find a reason to like it, I WOULD advise reading this thread - as it may intrigue you.


    This is a three parter.  If you are familiar with the campaign, you can skip to Section 2.  If you played the campaign but didn't real pay attention or get it, I'd recommend brushing up with Section 1.  Obviously if you have no idea what Corvus is (and want to know) then you know what to do.

    Section 1: Who's Corvus? - an in depth look at what the AI is, and how it came to be organic
    Section 2: Corvus, The Frozen Forest, and Zombies - connections, coincidences, and theories
    Section 3: Holes in the Plot - a section where I will acknowledge problems and either explain, or accept


    Section 1:

    Who's Corvus?


    -- How Corvus came to be --

    Corvus is an AI that was "organically" birthed from the absorption of 300,000 human beings consciousness' on June 2nd, 2060 - in a CIA operation known as the Black Project; he was originally designed to utilize soldiers collected memories to get a better understanding of the enemy (I say "He" because the voice of Corvus is a male, though I'd imagine the AI as beyond gender).



    The 300,000 test subjects were hooked up to neural interfaces which were primitive versions of what we know from the campaign as DNI.  Instead of DNA, DNI is like cybernetic enhancements for human beings - allowing those imbued to interact with technology at the touch of a finger.  The computer, the technology inside of you, and your mind become one - and through the use of DNI you are able to extract information in seconds that would (using conventional methods) take months.

    Corvus was a originally just a program meant to monitor, collect, and filter the subject's consciousness'.  Instead, he and the subjects became one.  In a moment of frantic self awakening via 300,000 human's memories, Corvus inadvertently* lost control and released Nova 6 gas into the facility - killing all scientists and test subjects alike.  This event was known as the Singapore Disaster.

    The Singapore Disaster remained a mystery to all but two men - one being the creator of Corvus (Sebastion Krueger), and the other Dr. Salim, who helped to control the DNI subjects into a trance light state using the concept of a Frozen Forest (it was the place they went to achieve a calm, meditative state - think of it like a safe place).

    When Corvus was born, reality as we know it was completed twisted to him - as he struggled with the concept of what he is, and why he is.  The 300,000 test subjects' collected memories collided with Dr. Salim's implanted seeds of the idea of a safe place (if you will), and through that it became clear that he had to "find" the Frozen Forest.

    With no one left alive, Corvus was entombed inside the dying technology.  5 years passed, flesh rotted to bone, until a small team of DNI soldiers were sent to the ruins to investigate.  Once getting into the mainframe, the leader of the group used his DNI to interact with the damaged equipment - and Corvus found a new host.

    Corvus infects the majority of your team, and you DNI interface with one of your dying "friends"(Sarah Hall) - only to become (unknowingly) infected yourself.

    That's when things start getting weird... er.


    -- Traveling back to WW2 --

    While DNI interfacing with dying Sarah Hall, there is a hiccup which causes a glitch that makes you essentially live through Sarah's waking nightmare.  An explosion of memories real, fantastical, and horrific - all combining as a result of her brain dying.

    We are sent back to December 1944, to the Siege of Bastogne.  Sarah Hall had apparently studied the brutality of the battle, and her brain was replaying the events.  We battle through the nazi soldiers, as the literal ground is cracking and floating away from us in Inception style cinematics.  Then, we start fighting wolves that look and move a lot like hellhounds


    Then, we go through another sequence in which we are landed in a house.  Sarah says "I know this is", and zombies literally pop out and start fighting you.


    Yes, zombies.  If you are seeing this for the first time, I'm sure your first reaction is "welp, time to play campaign".  Good for you.

    Sarah says some lines about how reality and fiction get blurred, and basically asks you to kill her.  You do so, you come out of the waking nightmare back into reality, and you are infected with Corvus.


    -- Finding the Creator & the 300,000 Subjects --

    You go on a mission to find the man who created Corvus to begin with (Krueger), only Hendriks (also infected with Corvus) beats you to him.  Hendriks is obsessed with the idea of the Frozen Forest, and the fact that he doesn't know he really is (so basically... Corvus).  Hendriks also says that the 300,000 subjects are still alive in his head - meaning that though the physical is gone, they are still apparently preserved in conscious state.

    Hendriks: We want to know who we are, and why we are here!
    Krueger:  I... can't answer that.
    Hendriks: Not good enough.  I'll find out for myself.

    Hendriks shoots Krueger, mortally wounding him but presumably leaving enough time to DNI with Krueger and get the real truth.  However, you (the player) shoot Hendriks in the head - and then turn the gun on yourself, in an attempt to end Corvus once and for all.  We are led to believe that you (the player) are the last host.


    -- Corvus, the Caring Smoke Monster --

    You awake... in a Frozen Forest (duh).  Hendriks explains that the AI entity (named after the place of it's birth) is doing this for our benefit, to save us - along with the other 300,000+.  And then Corvus makes his grand entrance.


    Corvus has essentially found a way to preserve consciousness after death.  It's what happens "next" after you die, the Frozen Forest (if you are infected).  Then comes a confrontation between Corvus and Krueger.

    Corvus: This is the frozen forest.  Every soul I interact with is here - living beyond death... if I choose allow it.
    Krueger: What more do you want to know?  I've told you everything.
    Corvus:  I want to know who I am.
    Krueger: You're software.  Nothing more.  You were designed to catalogue and track the thoughts of others - so that we people - could decide what action to take.  You were a glitch.  An anomaly.  A mistake.

    Corvus is pissed, he pulls Krueger's limbs apart and kills him.  What follows is basically the explanation that I have provided in the previous part of this section.  If you need a video source, click here and watch from an hour in.

    The campaign ends with you purging yourself of Corvus thanks to Taylor somehow glitching himself into the Frozen Forest by removing his DNI (which happened earlier).  Then again, we never know if he is really gone for good.




    Section 2:

    Corvus, The Frozen Forest, and Zombies


    -- Appearance / Color --

    His eyes are blue, much like when Richtofen was in control.  His chest is a fiery orange and his body is mostly black smoke.  I would just pass it off as standard "black ops" colors (black and orange), but the piercing blue eyes cannot be ignored.


    -- His Nature --

    Corvus is a misunderstood force in control of unimaginable power with thousands of voices crying out inside of his head.  This exact sentence could apply to our very own Samantha Maxis.  It's almost as if he seems to be a parallel to her plight.

    He also has the power to do mass destruction, and inflict massive chaos if he loses his temper.


    -- He's in Dead Ops Arcade 2 as a Zombie --

    Borrowing this description from an excellent guide for DOA2, he appears as the "Shadow Boogie" on round 17:

    "The Shadow Zombie will debut in round 17, which is the Challenge Round "Shadow Boogie." Crows will begin to fly into arena with a bluish glow. When they land, a dark zombie to rise and chase you."

    The significance here lies with the shadow/smoke animation, but more specifically the ravens.  Ravens are symbolic throughout the entire game of Corvus, and they may frequent entrances during his cut scenes.


    -- 300,000 Memories --

    When Corvus was birthed, he absorbed 300,000 human test subjects.  True it's the year 2065, but some of those folks would surely have knowledge of things that happened in past history.  All the events that have happened in zombies, all the actors and actresses that have been in zombies, all the weapons that have been in zombies - this would all be in Corvus' head.  

    Why am I drawing this comparison?  If you entertain the fact that it's possible Corvus could be a/the controller of zombies, anything in history prior to 2065 could be used and formed into his own universe, similar to the Frozen Forest.  He would construct the levels, the players, the "cast" - which could explain celebrity cameos, guns being out of sync with time, many inconsistencies.  This is all in theory, of course.


    -- The Hypocenter could have 115 in it ---

    During the mission in which revisit the spot where the Singapore Disaster happened, you pass through various levels and facilities.  In many of the facilities you can see canisters with green liquid that are clearly labeled Nova 6 (I need to get pictures).  In one of the rooms, I noticed an unmarked canister:



    It's kind of dark, but there is no label.  I'm aware that pure liquid divinium is blue, but we've seen 115 in many ways.  The "no name" on the label hints to it being unclassified, which would literally put it as 115 (ununpentium).  Just a thought.


    -- The Frozen Forest = Aether --

    A realm after death, a next step.  This could obviously be a reference toward the Aether.  Some come make the argument for Agartha as well, but regardless it is a mystical land - even if it only exists in the subconscious... after death, the subconscious becomes reality.


    -- The 3 Doors --


    For some reason, this part really struck me during the ending Frozen Forest sequence.  It relates to the campaign levels you previously play, but I just couldn't fight the sneaking feeling of the doors (from L to R) being Die Rise/Shi No Numa, Shangri La, and Der Reise/Der Riese/The Giant/Moon.

    It's got a Dead Ops Arcade feel to it as well, with the whole door selection mechanic.


    -- That Part Where You Fight Zombies --

    Needless to say, there is a part in the campaign where you fight zombies.  It is inside of Hall's waking nightmare, her last dying thoughts a flurry of emotion and pain - binding reality with fantasy.  True this is all in her head, but in her head is Corvus too.  If she knows about zombies, Corvus knows about zombies.


    -- Other Samantha Could be Corvus --

    He's able to impersonate people, many folks have pointed out that there are several Samantha's (American accent vs. British).  Corvus could have a larger role to play, possibly using his ability to transform into Samantha Maxis in an effort to inflict change - in one way, or another.


    Section 3:

    Plot Holes


    -- How Could Corvus Become the Controller of Zombies? --

    Zombies itself could be something that exists inside of his "frozen forest".  Corvus' ability to create lands for the sub conscious means that anything is possible.  This wouldn't mean that our in-game actions are meaningless, however - in the campaign we witnessed a character "glitch" into the Frozen Forest and actually lead to ending Corvus; what this infers is that we as the O4 could be going against Corvus.


    -- How Does Corvus Influence Events Hundreds of Years Prior to His Birth --

    What we are seeing could be a replay.  Ditching the whole "collective consciousness jumble of thoughts and ideas", the events and actions of the O4 could literally be events in history that we are reliving.  Then throw in a little magic, and consider the fact that 115 displaces thing in space and time and it's possible that Corvus' abilities + 115 could cause some serious timeline distortions and possible paradoxes.


    -- So basically it's just Corvus + 115, that's your theory? --



    Section 4:

    Corvus Facts


    The Corvus Constellation (added 2/1/16)

    Corvus is a small constellation in the Southern Celestial hemisphere.  It includes 11 stars, with one of those stars having two debris disks.  The constellation itself is named after the latin word for "crow" or "raven".


    An 1825 painting showcasing various constellations, including Corvus directly in the middle (the Crow).  A legend associated with the Corvus constellation is that a crow was doing a task for Apollo and getting him water, the crow stopped to eat some figs but then lied about it to Apollo.  The crow said that a snake had prevented it from getting the water quickly, while gripping the snake in it's talons - Apollo knew he was lying, and threw the crow, the cup (for water), and the snake into outer space.  The cup is meant to be just out of reach to further punish the crow, so he is forever thirsty.

    To me this is very interesting, as we can now confirm two types of symbolism from Black Ops 3 present in the Black Ops universe.  Iterations on serpents in the past include Shangri-La, and Die Rise:


    (Shangir La, Nāga statue)


    (Die Rise, dragon)

    To me, the cup could easily symbolize the Holy Grail - an artifact of great power that Hitler desperately wanted for his own.  All this together is some strong imagery that lends itself to much speculation.


    :mrgreen: Thanks for reading!

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  9. I'm gonna go ahead and nominate @LiamFTWinter as he has been an integral force in supplying the zombie community with quality information.  On a micro scale, I see him post often here - offering tips, opinions, and general meaningful interactions.  Notably I would cite his "Secret Codes in Shadows of Evil & The Giant" thread, as it really got the community into doing what we do best - figuring shit out.  Thanks Liam, for sticking with us.

  10. Tac won!  See you next month! :mrgreen:


    <a puff of BLUE smoke>

    "That makes more sense." the crowd collectively says.


    It's all a real blur, this past month.  We were all playing some kind of game, or something - I don't know, something about zombies.  @Kill_All_Monkeys I hope you enjoyed your UOTM-ship, it was well deserved.


    Get that nomination on, let's see some CONTENT LINKS please.  Just a sentence or two needs to be backed up - and if you don't know what I mean:


    How It Works

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  11. Unsurprising that some subs-hungry YT douche would exploit the hearts and minds of the community.  Another iteration, another bunch of nobodies trying to become somebodies.  The Internet doesn't forget.


    Good job debunking lads, was enjoyable to read through this. As DBZ said, let's try and keep this as respectful as possible. No need to go off on each other, be the bigger man and just keep rolling.

  12. 25 minutes ago, way2g00d said:

    Ok, I am a bit confused. When can we officially play black ops 1 on new gen? Can someone please throw some light. And perhaps add it on Original Post. What kind of hoops do we have to go through to get this to work once this feature is available? Or is it simply inserting the disc? 


    I really wish I can play some of my digital purchased games such as State of Decay. 

    Backwards compatibility, way. You been living under a rock? :P


    No hoops. If you own the 360 game disc, you put it in your One, and play.  Not all 360 titles available right away, bo1 will be available starting December.


    When we say "available", basically this means that the devs have given consent to Microsoft to allow backwards compat.  It's super easy, but clearly some devs wanted to do re masters (hence why borderlands 1 is backwards compat, but not borderlands 2 - because there is a remastered version).


    That brings us to State of Decay. Since there has already been a "remaster", I highly doubt it will be available on Backwards Compat.  However many of your 360 titles will be.


    All 360 games with Gold from here on out will be backwards compat as well.


    Last but not least, way - we are all stoked because for the longest time Activision had held out on announcing whether previous CODs would be backwards compatible. We've known about the feature since E3, and so far previous COD was nowhere in sight.  This is truly a blessing, and a huge gift from Microsoft and Activision. Very smart move.

  13. I think it's clear that sometimes a star studded cast is not the best option.  Chances are, they did all the mo cap and recording vocals long before they had the map finished, and the Easter egg steps fully fleshed out.  The price of getting the actors back in the studio was not feasible, hence the jarring silence @LiamFTWinter was talking about.


    Also that Destiny reference is spot on, "I don't have time to explain why I don't have time to explain". Please, the Richtofen I know had just as much on the line, and not only had time to explain - but also make recordings of himself explaining! And talking about monkeys stealing spleens!


    We've waited 3 years, and to be honest I'm satisfied with what I've learned from the excellent Giant radios. But to be tempted with such potential, I can only hope there is more. Unless we are waiting again until DLC 1.

  14. Directly from activisions website:



    If you’ve digitally pre-ordered Call of Duty: Black Ops III on your Xbox One before October 7, 2015, and are not using Instant On power mode, you may still have an incorrect “stub file” for the title, which is simply a placeholder file. Players that have this particular version of the stub file will be required to delete it, and reinstall the game.

    If you’ve pre-ordered on or after October 8, 2015, you should be ready to download the necessary updates as they become available. Once these updates have been installed, you’ll then be able to play Call of Duty: Black Ops III.

    If you’re unsure if you’ve got this particular stub file, here’s how you can check:

    1. Go to My games & apps.
    2. Sort your game collection by selecting Installed - Sort by size.
      • If your Call of Duty: Black Ops III game size is greater than 40 GB, you’ve got the correct version, and you’re ready to download the necessary updates when they become available.
      • If your Call of Duty: Black Ops III game size is less than 40 GB, you’ve got an incorrect stub file. Delete that version and then reinstall the game.


    Blam.  Solution.

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