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Posts posted by GRILL

  1. Hey CODZ!


    It's your friendly neighborhood GRILL here, checking in.  What a viscous pandemic that has gripped our planet!  It's truly in these dire times that I thank CODZ for a community that I can return to, and feel comfort to envelope myself in.  To me, it honestly feels like a zombie apocalypse out there - I live in a highly effected area.


    How's everyone doing?  Everyone washing your hands like crazy?  I just needed to come here and once again acknowledge how important this place is.

  2. Okay wait I didn’t even say anything about my HoF inductee brothers.


    @Electric Jesus I learned about chicken sandwiches from you.  You were always around and having fun with everyone, even if it was just to be mischievous.  You were and will always be the king of Off Topic. ❤️


    @DeathBringerZen to my brother who always brought the death, but more importantly brought the zen.  I learned how to speed run rounds from you, and how to be generally better at zombies in every way.  CODZ had always been a home for theory nerds and that sort, but you brought a lot of legitimacy and overall “coolness” with your efficient strategies and videos.  All the love.


    That’s all until I remember anyone else...

  3. Wow.  Thank you, anyone and everyone.  I am but a humble barbecue or mouthpiece who would shake all your hands way too hard and aggressively hug you.


    I joined CODZ in 2011, or 2012 I think.  One of my Xbox friends had walked me through the Ascension EE and it blew my mind; not only that there was more to this side mode then simply lasting against waves - but more so the depth, eccentricity and overall cryptic nature of the storyline itself.


    Call of Duty had always seemed pretty straight laced to me, but this was something weird and new and fun.  I had to be a part of the community.


    A southern gem by the name of @FatedTitan (who I was co-running a PvP clan with) told me about CODZ, and how these dudes named @Tac & @Shooter were uncovering this mystery about Shangri-La.  “Shangri-La mountains”, they were different during the eclipse.  They were talking about Vrill-ya, and 115, and Admiral Byrd, and the locked door in COTD, and alien skulls, and different planets, VIMANAS UFOS DIE GLOCKE OH MY!


    I had to be a part of this.  I needed to be a part of this.  I will become a part of this.  I will Kool Aid man burst through the wall if I have to.


    I learned how to debate, peacefully disagree and become strong friends with @Lenne, my brother, and @MMX (whom I can’t seem to tag ?) my weirder brother.


    I learned how to edit and create videos with @Rissole25, @perfectlemonade and @RequixEclipse in an attempt to revive the CODZ YT.  This never came into fruition but brought us all together.


    I learned to research from @PINNAZ, @AlphaSnake, and @MrRoflWaffles (to name a few).  These savants taught me that no detail is too small, no stone should be unturned, and that truly any theory can be possible if you can back it up.


    I learned to make a dumbass hilarious podcast with some of the best dudes I’ve met.  @Flammenwerfer @InfestLithium @FatedTitan @Tac .  We talked about CODZ, we had guests, contests.  It was really amazing and was one of the high points of being on CODZ and to be alive.  Brent @Boom115, Kieran @darkjolteon, Paolo @eyecantspell, Cody @Undead, @RADAUSTIN27, @MrRoflWaffles, and everyone else who helped us - I love you all.


    I learned how to be a part of the staff, as @Strwrsbob begrudgingly brought us in.  He was wary of new staff, as @carbonfibah had instructed him to be. Thank you Nick for the chance to help this place.


    I learned to sacrifice my own time and money to help build this place back up.  A Scottish genius came along and whipped us all into shape.  His name is @Hells Warrrior and he is the biggest numpty I know.  He is, first and foremost, the reason CODZ still exists.  He is an absolute legend, an amazing father, a tireless warrior, and most importantly someone whom I am incredibly privileged to know and call my friend.


    I learned what it was like to welcome in new staff.  @Boom115 @anonymous @NaBrZHunter @Slade, and how exiting it is to have new blood reinvigorate everyone.


    I learned what it was like to belong here.  I would wake up and read CODZ, check on CODZ before I go to sleep, think of CODZ and my theories while at work.


    And I suppose now we’re here.  The cruel hand of time endlessly pulling us towards newer and different experiences, the bittersweet memories that seem extracted from a “coming of age” tale, and all those f***ing unanswered Zelinski questions.


    I will always always always have the warmest place in my heart for all of you.  @Lenne you seriously made me tear up when you said I’ve always got a home here.  I promise I’ll check back when I can.  I love this place and all of you.  Thank you for the honor of making me yellow, it’s truly something I’ve always wanted.


    I play Apex now, but honestly I love to just chat in parties.  “l GRILL l” - find me on XBOX (p.s. those are lowercase L’s).


    I know I forgot far too many people in this post, and for that I’m sorry.  

    Let’s talk soon.

  4. PDT was very fun but also a labor of love.


    At first we used a free program called “Pamela” that allowed you to record the Skype calls, but the quality sucked and we didn’t want to buy a program (more on this in a sec).


    From there, I would put it into Audacity (free editing program) and boost it up/add effects/whatever.


    After we decided to ditch Pamela, I had each PDT member download Audacity and taught them how to record themselves - then they would send me the audio tracks separately.  This proved to be exceptionally hard to line up given respective latencies for each member.


    The final solution which worked best was to simply use a 2nd computer.  I created a 2nd Skype name “Grillmic”, which would join the conversation and record all parties onto one track.


  5. 2 hours ago, Boom115 said:

    @GRILLHow easy is it to pick up a battle royale game? I haven't even dabbled, so it will be a brand new experience for me. 

    @Boom115 it’s a bit jarring at first.  You have to get used to the concept that you are never safe, and that an enemy player could literally be hiding behind any tree, or door.  You also have to get used to basically disregarding all of what I just said, because if you play too conservatively then you’ll never get very far.


    The thing that really hooked never about PUBG was the teamwork.  When you have a fun team, it doesn’t matter if you win.  Solo is super fun too, a nice challenge.


    If you want to get right into the action or are looking for a quick game, you can drop into a popular spot.  If you want to play conservatively there are a million places to land that are remote.


    In general these battle Royale modes encourage creativity, and they often play out in unique scenarios - which is why each match feels fresh.

  6. @Lenne I’m excited to get my hands on this tomorrow.  Been following some folks playing on twitch.


    I’ve been playing a lot of PUBG myself, you kind of have to embrace the chaos and thrive in it.  I equate it to gambling - mostly luck with a dash of intuition and skill.  Good headphones are a must.


    in terms of map design I’m excited for some familiarity.  Coming from PUBG (which looks like PS2 era graphics sometimes and has stale reused textures) it looked way better, but I’ll report back when I get some hands on experience.

  7. On 9/3/2018 at 1:25 PM, Boom115 said:

    Well on the staff end... @Spiderand @Doppelgängerrecovered their accounts yesterday. @GRILLand @DeathBringerZenwill be back when there is a need for moderation. We spoke with a Grill a few weeks back and he is looking forward to this season! Not sure who of the old users will return, but we are hoping to see many of them back.


    Hey dudes! 


    Touching words, meh.  Reminds me of a lot of the posts i made before I was staff (in a good way).  I was the producer of PDT while trying to revamp the YouTube.  The #1 issue was always getting the community’s to participate.  Considering the community is so small here now, I’d reckon it would be difficult to attempt to get new active members through a medium that has essentially surpassed ours (YouTube/Reddit).


    that being said I’m all for fostering the remaining kick ass community.  I like the idea of catering to those that stuck around, rather then catering to some jerk who thinks we are JUST an old dusty museum.

  8. The thing is, for what it's worth, they've cultivated a brand.  Bringing out the O4 (am I old because I don't refer to them as the "primis" group?) is like bringing out the greatest hits; it's a safe bet.  3arc tried to take a chance with TranZit - and a lot of BO2 - look where that left them (weaker then a nerfed Sliquifier - seriously guys, "verticality" is your best selling point?  I'm pretty sure we got that with Tetris).  I'd love new characters, but I'm not surprised the O4 are making a comeback.  BO3 zombies was much more commercial success all around (see: inclusion of the O4 and p2w), so get ready for microtransactions aplenty and a revamped <s>Dr Magorium's</s> magical gumdrop machine.

  9. On 2/8/2018 at 11:54 AM, Hells Warrrior said:

    What do I want see?


    Happy players.


    All the shite they brought into BOIII can go to fuck in all honesty. Zombies was ruined in BOIII.


    If it doesn’t incur a massive overhaul and a return to what was a winning formula in BOI, BOII, I won’t buy it.


    I don’t think I’ve played since ZNS was released. Maybe a couple of games after it but not a lot.


    ^^^^^^ this a thousand times my dear numpty.


    Would it be too much for to ask for just a straight up zombie map with no buildables, no parts, PaP behind a door, and a sidequest that doesn't scream at you to complete it?  Who's leg do I have to hump to get an EE that doesn't prompt you to start it on the first f***ing round?  The Call of Duty Zombie community is absolutely brilliant, and in that fact we can appreciate subtlety as much as complexity - we don't need this bullshit hammered into our skulls over and over every new map that there is a secret quest.  WE F***ING GET IT, a standalone tower defense game doesn't jive with your marketing anymore so you have to amplify the fact that it is more then just a side mode.  News flash, it didn't jive to begin with.  It's always been a mode apart from the mainstream 


    What I have seen, I don't know about all of you, is a systematic dumbing down of the overall complexity of the zombies mode.  It seems more important to find a modern yet retro nostalgia cast then to actually focus on replayabiilty.  It seems more important to focus on what parts you need to get to the next step on Round 1, then just f***ing enjoying Round 1.  Don't tell me I have shit to do, I know I have shit to do - this is zombies... and here's the important part, IF I DON'T KNOW then eventually I will learn from other players what to do.  It's honestly part of the magic, learning from people.  I never knew there was anything more to zombies until someone showed me the EE on Ascension, my mind was blown.  Yes, Yuri gives you a hint at the start, but it is nowhere near as specific as the directions given in zombie maps now.  I'm rambling.


    It's quite simple (to me, at least - but I'm just a dude so what do I know): have your Origins (loved), have your TranZit (technical difficulties), have your Die Rise (vomits in mouth), but give us a Kino.  Give us an Ascension.  Give us a spooky throwback that doesn't rely on any mechanics past BO1, when the formula was intact.  There are so many zombie survival games out there, all I want is for it to be the game it was.  We don't want a copy of a copy of a copy.




    also hi.

  10. Frankly I'm surprised this happened.  Activision recently had their earnings report, and the best thing they had to say about BO3 was about the micro-transactions.

    This is great news.  To think they put so much effort behind these new weapons only to lock them behind an RNG/paywall.  Surely this will help win some loyalty back.

    Has COD ever changed its marketing course due to fan reaction? Can't say I've heard of it happening before (various boycotts over the years regarding dedicated servers, lag comp, etc.)

    Refreshing to see that for once we are somewhat heard.

  11. During the live stream, devs shared this photo which apparently is an Easter egg towards zombies in Infinite Warfare:



    High definition:



    Somethings to note:

    - 19-ATVI-85: maybe the map takes place in the 80's?

    - zombie sweatband: looks like the zombie is wearing an 80's style headband/sweatband.

    - popcorn/film reel/pattern floor design: all point towards a movie theatre

    - fire/person screaming in the background: really have no clue. Looks like Peppermint Patty from Peanuts.

  12. Update:

    During the live stream, devs from IW shared some info about zombies.  Specifically that it's a separate universe from 3arc & SH, and that it's not connected to campaign.  They also said that they love EE's, and will be incorporating them into the maps.

    On top of that, they have also shared the first Infinite Warfare zombies related image - which apparently is an EE towards either the first map or mode:


    Cheers to @BlindBusDrivr for the photo.

    and here is a higher def version:




    According to CharlieIntel, Activison has confirmed that the co-op mode for Infinite Warfare will be zombies:


    Playstation will still be getting DLC first, so this means another year of living in the dark a month after release (at least for us xboners).

    Any thoughts on where IW will take zombies?

  13. Update 2/1/16:  Been wanting to get this on here for some time.  Corvus is also a constellation, and it's worth noting in the context of this thread.  I will be adding a new section at the bottom called "Corvus Related Facts" which will house the below content:

    The Corvus Constellation

    Corvus is a small constellation in the Southern Celestial hemisphere.  It includes 11 stars, with one of those stars having two debris disks.  The constellation itself is named after the latin word for "crow" or "raven".


    An 1825 painting showcasing various constellations, including Corvus directly in the middle (the Crow).  A legend associated with the Corvus constellation is that a crow was doing a task for Apollo and getting him water, the crow stopped to eat some figs but then lied about it to Apollo.  The crow said that a snake had prevented it from getting the water quickly, while gripping the snake in it's talons - Apollo knew he was lying, and threw the crow, the cup (for water), and the snake into outer space.  The cup is meant to be just out of reach to further punish the crow, so he is forever thirsty.

    To me this is very interesting, as we can now confirm two types of symbolism from Black Ops 3 present in the Black Ops universe.  Iterations on serpents in the past include Shangri-La, and Die Rise:


    (Shangir La, Nāga statue)


    (Die Rise, dragon)

    To me, the cup could easily symbolize the Holy Grail - an artifact of great power that Hitler desperately wanted for his own.  All this together is some strong imagery that lends itself to much speculation.

  14. For that to be true, wouldn't the characters from COTD and the N4 need to be in Der Eisendrache?  I didn't watch the video, but there were many references in that ending cutscene that I don't think would mesh in Der Eisendrache: specifically the MOTD zombies, and buried zombies with cowboy hats.

    I agree that in The Giant the characters start devolving into their old selves.

  15. It has recently come to my attention that @BlindBusDrivr was part of the CODZ staff, yet somehow overlooked in our records.  He was staff in 2011, and had the position of a Dweller - which is no longer a role.  The dweller would act as a liaison between staff and the community.  Blind has been an active member for some time, and has contributed a lot to CODZ.

    Please join me in welcoming him to the halls of veteran status.

  16. On 12/17/2015 at 3:39 PM, Rissole25 said:

    Big spoilers here but if you are reading this I assume you have played already?

    Does/did Corvus exist in the real events of the game? As far as I know, Taylor was wounded on the Lotus Tower fighting Stone. For some reason he undertakes the DNI surgery (I don't if it was voluntary or he was just hurt bad and had it done to him so he would survive much like the Player), and this is when Kane leaves him (her appearing after surgery plus that cutscene make more sense now). He heads to the Coalescence building, confronts Kreuger about The Black Project (maybe not that exactly, I haven't read the mission intro scripts in a while) and keeps hush about it. Which is why I believe he is a higher rank than Hendricks on the first mission.
    But I don't know if Corvus existed or not, and if it did, what happened to it?

    It's hard to say what are the actual "real" events of the game.  You, the player, died after the savage robot attack in the very first level.  The only reason Taylor was able to "glitch out" inside of Corvus' frozen forest is because there was some sort of multiple personality disorder going on, due to the fact that he is interfacing with you in your dying breaths.  If it was a dream, then Corvus could be nothing - OR Corvus could be actively controlling the dream, meaning the ending outcome in which you have a false sense of security (i.e. "Corvus has been purged, it's over") is really just part of Corvus' plan.

    The going theory is that it's a dream.  In your dying moments, as Taylor is DNIing you, you learn of all his past exploits.  You learn of Corvus.  Time passes by slower in the dream, so all the missions that you play take place within your dying breaths.  

    Regardless of whether it was a dream, or not a dream - at the end of the game, you are "purged" of Corvus.  Of course we don't know if Corvus was stored in more then one facility.  The Singapore Disaster killed over 300,000 people - but it makes me wonder if they were all housed in the Black Station.  Perhaps there were other "Black Stations" that had/have dormant versions of Corvus still waiting.

    Another important notion is that Corvus has never had an actual human host, for what we know.  Sure, he fed off of 300,000 humans - but he was contained in a synthetic computerized environment.  The jump from synthetic to organic (when Corvus jumped into Taylor) could have crazy metaphysical implications.  Who's to say all the times Taylor interfaced after being infected with Corvus that he didn't pass it along?  Taylor passed it along to his human friends through technology, why wouldn't he pass it through technology when he interacts with it as well?

    There is no way to really tell the dream from reality, but what we are left with is an individual who was infected with Corvus - who has been led to believe they are no longer infected.  This is the perfect host, someone who doesn't even realize it.  I'm sure that Corvus is still present, now in reality, and it will only be a matter of time before his metaphysical abilities are realized.


    @Stop Mocking Me0 You say you are "Taylor" because you were Taylor from the moment that robot tore your limbs off.  In the notes that fly by at the start of missions, it actually says you died during surgery.  While they were trying to hook you up with robotic arms and whatnot, you died.  When Taylor DNI interfaced with the Player (as the Player is dying), their two lives and memories became tangled - and the Player's version of the game is actually just formulated from Taylor's memories, as in they already happened.  Everything that we saw throughout the missions happened in one way or another, but the part that we don't know is where the lines of reality became blurred with fiction.

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