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  1. thank u for the warm welcome Ive replied to and posted a bunch of toppics on the teammate finder but no catch yet is quite annoying..... was on ps3 for ages and set high levels on all maps bt recently had to switch to xbox. Feel like a noob again might sound like a lie lol but since ur on ps3, look up dougall_rg (my old ps3 name) ull see im not lyin lol, put in a good word for me with xbox players please lol ;)
  2. hello am an avid zombies player/watcher/fantasiser and would love someone to talk to about the subject while playing the XBOX version GT is : SpartanZombieXD, am an interesting guy I think, Brown belt in JJ, big reader and writer, UFC addict, guitar player, all that nonsense lol add me on XBOX and well chat your loving SpaZ
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