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  1. are you sure its official ... all iiv'e seen is unofficial mumbo jumbo online got a link ? [brains]
  2. either time travel back to undo the damage Rictofen did or maybe go after the race (aliens?) that built the pyramid device ( that would be cool) either way I hope the story hasn't ended :D
  3. hey all i have been playing a lot recently and have noticed something every time i or another player pick's up mule kick it seems to take one less hit to kill ( down ) us and after it has been picked up it seems to speed up the zombies and increase the power of the hits well to cut a long post short..... mule kick kills people off quicker :roll: lol has anybody else noticed this or is it all in my head ?
  4. beauty of annihilation , 115 and coming home are all favourites but Pareidolia is the best in my eyes i was kinda disappointed with the a7x song but hey each to there own :D
  5. hello the names Zak after spending ages looking around the site I finally decided to sign up favourite maps include: Verrückt (waw) shi no numa (waw) Der Riese (blops) Call Of The Dead Moon add me on XBL : zoil16 peaceX
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