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  1. Actually the alley is much safer than the starting room because i'll last longer in the alley than starting room because i have more freedom to move around. If i wasn't farming early i probably could have been in the same ballpark in time at round 60. I probably could have also hit 4 hrs on the stage but seeing as how 200k requires about 90 mins of farming that translates into an extra 90 mins to that run i did the other day.
  2. Wow of course i go down at 61 with still 12 shots. And of course i let them hit me a little too much before i can fire thunder. Final Stats 5 hrs 15 mins. 264k 4370 kills 358 headshots with one Thunder Gun return. Overall good enough for now. Who knows when i'll try again.
  3. Yeah well stupid mistakes happen when i start snoozing off because i'm getting bored. So like sometimes i let the zombies hit me a little too much and then thunder doesn't save the day.
  4. no i'm on 360. GT is wilmer0072000. This is actually my first attempt past 50. Like i was telling Chopper on Youtube i can go as high as i want. It's just a matter of making stupid mistakes along the way that cause me to lose or lose lives. I can go as far as i want because i handicapped myself since Black Ops came out on release day and have practiced on kino for thousands of hours with different things and getting myself out of the hardest jams you can imagine when it looks like i'm done for. I'm taking a little break so i'll stop playing for like 30 mins.
  5. At 60 with 5 hrs and 69k. Looking good so far. Just got dogs at 59 so full on ammo and ready to start 60. :)
  6. Currently at round 53 with 83k with 4hrs. I got a little behind because i had to give in the Thunder Gun cuz i was suppose to get dogs at 53 instead i found myself without T-Ammo on 53. But i got my Thunder Gun back so time to proceed. Down to my final life. Lost the others with stupid mistakes that shouldn't have happened but that's what happens when you get bored. I lost a life trying to do Choppers method on the second wave which again is risky like i knew it was.
  7. Starting Round 51 after 50 was dogs. Currently at 3hr 25 mins with 90k. I think i got one drop after my last update. Can't remember what drop it was. I think it was a carpenter.
  8. Ok a quick update. Currently starting Round 43 with 2 hrs 25 mins and 103k which is not bad let's see how far i decide to go. I probably have about 125k at this point in the Game Over screen. I probably could have shaved off another 10 mins if i didn't do excess laps around the stage to ensure they all spawned and on the stage. I also accidently traded in Thunder Gun for HK rather than MP40 in the very early rounds but luckily i got it back again when i hit the box again a couple rounds later in about 30 seconds. Chopper at Round 34 i got max ammo when in was in the Fire Trap room (which i accidently grabbed even though i was good on ammo), then when i got back to the stage i got 2x, Instakill, and Nuke all right at the same time (probably a 15 second difference between drops). Then at Round 42 i got Max Ammo again but i didn't pick it up because my Thunder Gun was full. So it appears if you Drain 2/3 of your Thunder Gun ammo right after dogs you have a good chance to get drops once you drain all the H115 ammo in the middle rounds after dogs. This keeps your thunder gun nice and full pretty much until the next dogs if you manage to get Max Ammo to drop during the H115 farming. So by not picking up carpenter and any power ups early you do in fact get them later. This caught my attention when me and my friend did a round 48 lander glitch session on Ascension in about 2 hrs back when it still worked before they patch it. Back then we spammed Ray Gun almost non stop and would get at least one drop every round past 30. So yes it appears that you do not lose a power up if you don't grab them in the early rounds. However from my guess your looking at something like "give up 2-3 carpenters for a good power up at a higher round".
  9. I'm gonna start a session to see how far i can go using H115 and Thunder Gun on the stage. This time no MP40 or Mule Kick with Double Tap instead and i'm going to PaP Thunder around round 30-40 and start draining it's ammo while keeping spares for emergiencies and occasionally use the Stage Traps with Monkeys so i can get back to the stage without going around the map. Again i'll be blowing the H115 ammo at the start of the round after dogs and keeping the 150 reserve just for dogs. I'm hoping to easily get to round 50 in about 2 hr 30 mins with about 100k. My goal is to try to speed run to 70-75 while maintaining a small farm from the H115. I'm hoping i can get to round 70 somewhere in the 5 hr range (give or take). That is if i don't get screwed over because i don't have thunder gun ammo for emergencies like i normally do.
  10. Yeah thats what i do i farm on the fly and i set a standard after rounds 25-30 and i try to stick to that standard. sometimes i do like 20k and other times i try for 40k-50k. But when i do a farm run of 236k in 2hrs 30 mins to round 40 it does feel good when you have that big of a cushion to know that you don't have to farm very much after that. Even though farming gets easier the higher the rounds since they don't die while your farming. Sometimes it's good to do a 200k farm so you can blow it however you want without worrying about points very much for the rest of the game.
  11. I normally make my points on the fly. I had exactly 0 points at round 35 in Ascension once but I made about 100k in the next few rounds just using mp5k and guns from the box while trying to get my thunder back. I died at 90+ trying to hit box mid round. (first attempt for zombie count) Every good player knows that you can't be hitting the box during a round for that very reason. I farm for a good 20 rounds from the get go with an MP40 and sometimes MP5k on Kino or just MP5k on Ascension. It's better off to over farm and then at the end of the round rape the box until you get th gun you want (yes that means giving up the other good guns). I see walking over to the box as a waste of time just to get a good gun in a few hits when it's better to over farm and keep hitting it until you get what you want. That is why i told chopper it takes on average 50k for a thunder gun.
  12. Yeah this pretty much sums it all up. Except my way is less complex and more easy to pull off. Spending an extra 20 mins in the lobby to shave off 10 mins off my pace is not enough of a timer saver to do a very risky strategy. Mine guarantees and never fails plus the only door i have closed off is the little one on the stage so i can sit next to the door and get all my collaterals.
  13. This is so wrong. I got to round 40 with 236k using H115 for primary farming, Thunder Gun for Emergiences, and MP40 for Backup Farming. And i did it in 2hrs 30 mins. MP40 only with Thunder Gun farms me 175k in 2 hrs. Mind you all this and i wasn't picking up any drops (other than occasional 2x). And i was using traps all the way back from round 25. Having MP40 in the Mule Kick slot allows me to farm without ever getting rid of the H115. Ensuring i spend less time trying to get it back from the box.
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