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  1. When you do the easter egg or kill George you get the Wunderwaffe. You never get the death machine...that's just a zombie drop. They only time you won't get a Wunderwaffe is when you kill George in deep water and the perk and gun relocate or if someone already has the Wunderwaffe.
  2. My implied argument is that the ak74u takes too long.
  3. Well...it seems people are making things more complicated than they really are. The best strategy in terms of ammo, time, safety is kind of a mix of what a few people said in this thread. The ak74u strategy that has both players trying to get ammo is flawed obviously because you are having your zombies collide and can't kill them with the 74 ammo in higher rounds. Glitching obviously won't get you anywhere obviously because you run out of ammo and have to move and the fact that rounding your zombies up and making them form a line for collateral allots you more points than you would get from hi
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