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  1. When you do the easter egg or kill George you get the Wunderwaffe. You never get the death machine...that's just a zombie drop. They only time you won't get a Wunderwaffe is when you kill George in deep water and the perk and gun relocate or if someone already has the Wunderwaffe.
  2. My implied argument is that the ak74u takes too long.
  3. Well...it seems people are making things more complicated than they really are. The best strategy in terms of ammo, time, safety is kind of a mix of what a few people said in this thread. The ak74u strategy that has both players trying to get ammo is flawed obviously because you are having your zombies collide and can't kill them with the 74 ammo in higher rounds. Glitching obviously won't get you anywhere obviously because you run out of ammo and have to move and the fact that rounding your zombies up and making them form a line for collateral allots you more points than you would get from hitting the 2 or 3 at once at most in the glitch. So my strategy is this: two players run small circles in front of the lighthouse. One in front of the ak74u counter-clockwise and one in front of the pool of water also counter-clockwise. You need Matryoshka's, Scavenger, VR-11 Lazarus, Mustang & Sally or LAW. All you need to do is round up all the zombies until they stop spawning time your mobs right to combine them and bring them to the pool in front of the foghorn to VR-11/Scavenger/Matryoshka. The VR-11 then obviously makes you invincible, invisible, and makes you insta-kill then you can M&S/Law all the zombies in one shot. This also works with the Scavenger & Matryoshka's. Just switch it up when you get bored or are running low on one gun ammo and wanna keep a clip in a gun for max ammo. This strategy maximizes time productivity and ammo because you have all the zombies in one area and you don't have to buy ammo so you can kill zombies pretty much as fast as you can to achieve a high round asap. No "luring to spots to begin anew or buying 74u ammo or inside/outside lighthouse" like some people mentioned in this thread...just all zombies in one area being killed by 1-2 bullets each spawn. Tips: 1. Scavenger is two hits on 34, three hits on 43. All pack-a-punching does is increase ammo capacity and range so only pack-a-punch if you really need to. (Damage is increased but for some reason...doesn't make a difference...go figure) 2. Matryoshka's are always one hit kills and get take out all the zombies if you aim them right. 3. If someone goes down have them crawl to a far side while you group the remaining zombies up to run and revive him while not killing ANY zombies so he can get his perks/guns while you hold all the zombies. 4. George is a whore...so just make him go away >_> 5. When you get a max ammo and you have spare VR-11 ammo, fire it all into your teammate as it stacks. Your teammate will then be able to run around and kill stuff with ease while you just group them up...just watch out for the color change as it seems to mess some peopel up after being in that mode for 2 minutes. 6. If you have Mule Kick make sure to put vital guns like the VR-11/Scavenger in the first or second slot so you don't lose them when you go down and that in turn is a waste of time that can be prevented. 7. The reason I said LAW is because it has a larger blast radius than M&S and always kills the mob in one shot...you kind of have to make sure the mob is tight and fire in the middle to kill all in one M&S. 8. You can kill George for perks and Wunderwaffe but chances are someone is going to go down so if you are confident that you won't go down that wunderwaffe can help you conserve ammo. 9. For an extra precaution you can always do the easter egg and keep the golden rod handy if you ever run short of ammo. 10. This strategy is 5-6 hours to round 50 when I did it. (2 players) 11. This strategy enables you to kill 54 complete spawns while keeping a clip in each weapon for max ammo. You can kill 66 spawns if you waste all your ammo. This doesn't include Raygun. (Using VR-11 + explosives, Scavenger, Matryoshka's)
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