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    Underground Passage in lighthouse?

    K, literally 10 seconds after I posted this a friend sent me a Vid w/ some shitty news.... No tunnel at all! He played on a PC and did that weird shot where u can float through walls, he went straight under the light house and there was nothing! This is the sad truth that I was scared would happen but atleast we have moon which will hopefully carry atleast 2 EE that are so freakn hard people won't figure it out till weeks after release(hopefully lol)
  2. SubZombie420

    Underground Passage in lighthouse?

    K guys, I registered on this site specifically because of this "underground tunnel". Myself and a few zombie loving friends have been searching non stop and I'm almost positive that there is a tunnel. After we completed EE Sarah says some things that made me wonder alot(I think sum1 mentioned this already) after the fog clears she says something and then Danny treijo (Spelt wrong) says they need to take advantage of the time they have while the fog is gone. Now this could simply be referring to nothing of significance but knowing 3arc it has to be something. Now common sense tells us that there will be more than likely a few steps to opening this "tunnel" and the first step is always the hardest. Im thinking the knife in the ice will work like a lever just like in shangri la, while doing the EE. The hard part is figure g how/ when to activate(if it is indeed a step) Really guys if we want to find out if it is there atall, were going to all need to post our thoughts and come together on this. I'm gunna keep tinkering with anything that looks "out of place" and I hope ur all doing the same, keep this thread alive and hopefully we'll have an answer soon.

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