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  1. I have just noticed that the moon button on the homepage at the top has no link. You may want to fix this because it takes more time to get to the forum. Is anyone going to fix it?
  2. I think that this is quite possible because Treyarch wouldn't leave the game with an unfinished file in it so maybe they have addressed this problem and have decided to expand their ideas and have "the travel" as the ending of the story. ??? [brains]
  3. Can you put numbers? If so try the numbers in the opening sequence with digits or letters. Just a possibility? :idea: :?
  4. I believe that you can also join Dempsey, seeing that you've reached round 32 on Der Riese. You can't join any group though until you post photographic proof. Der riese was on my old account which got hacked last summer. That was jon77345 so my new account is jonjon77345 but i don' have photos of that. > DARN HACKERS!!
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