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  1. I would love to help you because idk how and I've been looking for a team to help me. When do you want to do it? [brains]
  2. Hi there! I'm new as well! Nice to see you have great taste in music! Avenged Sevenfold ahs been my favorite band for sometime. I always found Silent Hill intruiging but don't know much of the story. I'd love to get to know it though!
  3. Ha I'm sorry, was practicing. Can you tell me where to get pics like that of zombies specifically? Or make my own? Would require gfx knowledge huh? :mrgreen:
  4. Oh sweet! I jacked his pic and it worked!! Thank you! But I still dunno how to make it all stay
  5. Thanks for your help! But once i get my BBcode setup, will it stay saved there for every message i send? And with adding the [brains] Give that person "brains" on their brains count next to their name? Thank for your help!
  6. Ok, IDK why people keep calling it a glitch. It would be more of an easter egg since Sam laughs, acknoledging it as a part of the game. But both of these are untrue. It was created to keep people from getting into certain glitches. Same thing happens with the Ascension lander glitch, you fall off and she laughs at you, exactly the same.
  7. Hi! I'm a new member! I love all things zombies and have a great time playing the game. I find the backstory most intruiging. If anyone could point me in the right direction to some threads or something to find out more of the backstory from beggining to end, please tell me! If anyone could aso tell me how to make signatures and attach pictures to my posts, I would be much olbiged! Thank you!! :mrgreen:
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