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  1. If I perceive something as wrong, it's wrong for me and my perception is what creates my reality. It may not be wrong for you, but it is for me. For instance: Theft. For the shop owner that purchased a bushel of apples to sell and make money, a thief is wrong for taking an apple, but to the hungry thief it would be wrong NOT to steal the apple. We really don't want to start a philosophical debate about this...Wars have begun over such. I am not a person who accepts what others perceive as truth. I seek my own truth and I question everything. Whether you believe it or not, it doesn't change anything because your opinion does not make treyarch right or wrong. You think they're heading in the wrong direction? fine. You have every right to think what you want. If treyarchs goal is sales and these maps are helping them meet that goal, then how can anyone say its the wrong direction? or if they fail, how can you say its right? Either way your opinion including my own does not affect their direction being right or wrong. Telling a story of a hungry thief has to do with ones character and morality so it does not fit our current discussion. You had made a suggestion that would make the game more enjoyable that I agreed with. I would be happy to talk about what can be done to improve the game if we can just let go of this 'right or wrong' issue.
  2. Wait...I can't have an opinion about Treyarch? Does that statement make any sense to anyone else? Excuse me, sir, but my opinion can be whatever I want it to be, remember it's my opinion. Though you may disagree with my opinion, does not make your opinion anymore or less accurate than mine. These are opinions, not facts. We can debate all day about our opinions. I can suggest evidence that I believe supports my opinion, just as you can, but that evidence is not empyrical, scientific, fact that proves our opinions because opinions cannot be proven this way, only explained. For example: I love Lobster. It tastes great, it fills me up, it's fun to eat and crack open, and it's expensive so I feel like high society when I eat it. Here I have explained my opinion about Lobster. Someone else may hate Lobster because they don't like how it tastes, they don't think it has enough meat, they hate having to crack open their food, and they hate spending a lot of money on food. Do you see what I did there? You see, opinions don't affect the facts about anything, but the facts definitely affect opinions. Those opinions are completely up to the individual who has them, so I apologize if I come off as condescending, but I will viciously defend my right to have an opinion. Please point out where I had said you can not have an opinion about treyarch. Can't, can you? If you read it carefully clearly you can understand that I'm saying your opinion does not make treyarch wrong.. simple Defending your opinion is not a problem, calling people names who oppose is a problem. Not speaking of now but in earlier post.
  3. I've been playing since WAW and I don't see any problem with MoTD. Not once have I felt as if the side quest was forced upon me nor do I see a struggle to get perks and weapons. It's not the map, it's your inability to adapt to the increase in difficulty. If your problem was with tranzit then I would have agreed because that map makes obtaining perks tedious and time consuming. You cant take your opinion of the direction treyarch is going and say it's wrong. Remember it's just your opinion. If they had catered to you then this forum would have been replaced by someone wanting change.
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