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  1. Maybe shooting the power boxes have to be done each with a different 115 gun ? if anyone wants to try im always here :)
  2. maybe it can be the other way around and i can show you the final node ? people apparently keep calling me a liar but ill get a video SOON . :/ these forums are full of jerks man , btw my GT is:o Killzone HD o
  3. The Final Node No.....He's right . its the final node . Ive found the connection and how to activate the final node. Please give credit to me and The_Fallen_Soldier for the finding when- AND wherever mentioned or spoken about. I Visit this website often and i like to test alot of these theories out, the theory he proposed had something to it that made me want to start working on it, but its the only one I REALLY saw the sense in, So i Searched it up and tried finding some people who posted about experiencing the same thing. NOTHING CAME UP . but i did see a video that caught my eye, and it didnt have very many views , heres where it gets interesting...... The Proof ;Number #1 I Found this .... ..... *credit given to him/her for finding something that wasnt just a flashing machine,but the beggining of the last peice of the puzzle* . I Saw this and it proved my feelings were in the right direction. This guy probably knew all about the final node, and is trying to just get it out there before DLC2 . Without waiting any longer i got on Xbox Live and got together some people. First thing I tried disproving was the Quick Revive. i failed.... as a matter of fact i got the 3 Other players to see what i was, they were in AWE. when i showed them what the Quick Revive Machine did when shooting at the blood stain on the pipe, the Centrifuge turned on (randomly? idk)and i decided experimenting. i shot at it while it moved, but there was a difference. (Cont...) This time the Quick Revive Machine flashed as usual while i shot it, but as soon as the centrifuged powered off, so did the Quick Revive. it Shut off briefly a quick 2-3 seconds or so but that was enough to tell us something was up. So following his post, if i needed to find the connection with the Quick Revive Machine and the Death Machines where do i begin ? why, in the same room less than about 15 feet apart, and how many of these ' Blood Markers ' are there in the room that you can shoot? Well, there are four and they all have the same effect on the Quick Revive Machine, now what happens when you up the dose after freeing Dr. Gersch and 4 people each hit one of the 4 'Blood Markers' with Death Machines ? Lets just say i deserve credit for peicing together the final step everyone said "didnt exist" Ohh, and by the way, i Think i found your 'Hyena' It was always there... i Noticed these and said 'Guys i think ive found some hellhounds,then i remembered distinctly 'Hyena' . Thanks to the entire community for the COUNTLESS hours you guys spent trying to figure out the last step and kept to your opinion on the Nodes not being over yet. Credit is given where it is due and if your name isn't here then it goes without say where your name is on your video and where the channels our. 'Bloodmarker' Locations NO. i do not have a capture card but i will make the video as best i can, and i will show the effects of the shooting the ' Bloodmarkers ' and exactly How this all works. The ending is in your reach, no spoilers here . In one last note, i really believe the poster of the theory is not your average gamer , might be an employee or staff involved with development or someone who has connections, WHO KNOWs, you might just have stumbled across i guess, but as samantha would say..... BYE BYE !!!!!!!!!!!
  4. thank you very much and on another note i just look at a post that was put up not too long ago about how many rounds someones survived and couldnt help but noticed very MINIMAL people have reached round 30 or more with mention of performing the easter egg excluding you as i see you have made it to the round just not sure if you performed the easter egg o.O .
  5. and think about this to yourself , when has ANYTHING that has had to deal with zombies from treyarch been out in the open and not have its secret behind them with only the tiny hints that arent obvious like the mention of the landers in the XBL preview, maybe he meant the LUNA letters when he mentioned them......maybe he didnt. he never hinted at the generator or nodes of any sort.my point is these things are shrouded in secrecy and looking past the ordinary with treyarch is key, im just trying to get my theory known and possibly tested for/with anybody with the will to.
  6. ok let me try to get you on my track i just though it would be a good theory because the mention of round 30 and the easter egg came up to me as a coincidence as new as i am i still think this would be an extremely plausible theory a combination of the steps already discovered(which have also been thought to be done in an incorrect manner)along with the challenge of getting to round 30 which is somewhat the purpose of zombies since the goal is to get to the highest round possible(and obviously have fun) but the catch being to it is that there is an infinite number of zombie rounds. he has never admitted or denied that the easter egg has been discovered in all aspects. just a THEORY though.
  7. Alright everyone im new to this but i am a very smart 16 Year old. i was reading comment on a persons youtube video and as i just thought it was just another angry immature poster/viewer i noticed a particular note that he added, and thats something i did NOT think about until he mentioned this, maybe we HAVE been doing the easter egg correctly hear me outhere is what tha angry poster said"you absolute bell end for starters its really sad hacking to free roam and secondly if you were actually any good you wouldnt need to hack and ill let you A.K.A the BELLEND and everyone else know that i've been into the "secret" room which isnt really a secret but just something else to find which only unlocks at round 30 for ten grand after sucking in the generators, pressing the button, doing the monkey swithches, watching the clock, spelling luna pushing the orb and then it lets u in!!!!!!!!! and heres my immediate response" what he says about round 30 strikes a HUGE bell, im following his twitter on my SK so i get alerts.well heres something strange,check for yourself, here are JD_2020's tweets relating.strangely "Round 30 on Ascension is ridiculous. Actually, everything 25 and above was insanely challenging!" 4:30 AM Feb 21st via Twitter for iPhone;"Good slaying with you- Round 29 on Ascension? I'll take it!Preparing to start Round 28 of Ascension - 2 players will spawn fresh(had2 players will spawn fresh (had died) so we're not in good shape. Wish us luck!" and im new but give it a chance and try dis-proving my theory because in my eyes it gives the player much more incentive to make it to a farther round and play smarter and much more tactical to get this so called "reward" anyone wanna try ? i know that making it so far into the zombie game is difficult but you can add me or play with your best players ,the race to be the first to make it the either this afore mentioned bossfight/new lander/and|"or escape ?" and heres the link to JD_2020's Twitter to check for yourselves:http://twitter.com/jd_2020 heres a link to the Youtube Video: and My GT:o Killzone HD o
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