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  1. Hello All, I've been gone for a short while so I've skipped the story up. Don't worry, there's a short and quick recap of events. Enjoy! It had been three months since the initial outbreak. I had managed to save a handful of people, Andy included. It all had happened so fast. I remember sitting in class, English class as I remember, learning stuff about a language I already read and spoke fluently. The intercom crackled on and then the principal's voice was heard: "Attention all students, this is your principal, Mr. Craig, please follow your teachers in an orderly fashion and evacuate
  2. Guys, Maxis and Sam were sent through the transporter together. If its true that she has grown, I feel as if Maxis, the one who really would have any feelings besides Fear may have polluted Sam's spirit, making her evil, and is probably dead. Or, maybe, they got spliced together, which would explain her drastic mood swings... Or maybe thats just PMS. Either way, someone is out there controlling her if she really wants to turn good. If i want a cigarette, i go buy one, so if Sam wants to be good, I think the logical thought process is not to continue what she is doing... unless she CAN'T becaus
  3. I slowly made my way to the house. The front door was still open and I could see someones arm sticking out over the threshold. I didn't want to keep walking toward the door, yet it was as if this were a movie, and I was in the theatre. I had no control, and continued to the door. I reached the porch steps and began to climb up slowly, ever cautious of my surroundings. I was at the door now and I peeked my head in. Then I vomited. It was so gory. The arm in the doorway had been ripped off of it's owner, who lay only feet away, innards strewn upon the hardwood flooring. Against my best judgem
  4. I was speeding, I knew that for sure. We had to get her to the hospital. Andy kept looking back behind us, at her. "Have you noticed how familiar she looks?" he asked me. "Yeah... You know who she is?" I asked him. To think we could have such a calm conversation while I was going almost eighty-five miles an hour on a forty mile per hour street to the hospital. Getting pulled over at this point I may as well throw my license away. Andy glanced up the road. "How popular is this road again?" he asked. "Not at all really, I use it to get to work." I told him. Not this work that I'm doing now, min
  5. *BZZZZZZT* *BZZZZZZZZT* I rolled over in my bed, glancing at the clock to see what time it was. One. ONE IN THE GODDAMN MORNING. *BZZZZZZT* I looked down at my phone, thinking out loud "Damn thing vibrates too loud. Could pleasure an effing elephant, hell was probably MADE to pleasure elephants. Bastards." I looked at the screen and read the contacts name. Restricted. "Wow. Original, douche bag." I said out loud. I let the call go to voicemail. *BZZZZZZT* *BZZZZZZZZT* I rolled back over. Restricted. (Shocker). This time I answered. "What the hell does anybody ever want at one in t
  6. Will do Hellhound! And thanks for not calling me a copycat. This is gonna be fun... :twisted:
  7. Hey guys, I was wondering if I were to write a story based on my zombie plan featuring myself and any of you that would like to be in it, would you read it? And yes I know MyLittleHellhound has their own thing going on, and it's great, props to em, and I don't want to be pegged as a copycat. Gimme your honest thoughts and opinions!
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