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  1. What I always thought would be awesome would be just to expand the idea behind it. Some people like the idea that you are barricaded in a building/facility and the closest you get to outside of it is looking through the windows shooting zombies as they approach. I however think that there should be multiple of these buildings/facilities that are accessible in an almost free roam type situation. While you free roam you can search for clues/eggs/hints and other bits and pieces that help us put together a theorized storyline behind the game. It will work like night and day, during the day time you have the option to move from one facility to another for whatever reason and take up a different stronghold while at the same time the zombies are less likely to swarm you but will attack if attention is drawn to you.. If your caught outside by the time nightfall hits, you've got a chance at living but to make it so that it keeps its style and gameplay you have to get back inside and lock everything down. Different buildings have different weapons buyable off the wall and as you progress through buildings they will obviously become better and more costly. PaP will still exist just not in every building since you won't be in some of them as long as others. In order to leave a building, certain goals and objectives should have to be completed inside that building and all the doors must be open meaning you've spent atleast 1 day/night there and have completed said task. The tasks will reward you with points and minor powerups while the killing of zombies will still reward you with your typical drops. The main door that leads outside will than become available for purchase for a bit more than the normal doors, say 1500-2000 points. Plausible tasks could be: - The slight chance of finding a survivor or a scientist that holds important information about how this happened, what can be done about it, means of calming the situation, etc.. After finding the survivor/scientist you must protect him until the next day comes around and you have the opportunity to leave the building. Than you escort said person to a facility that he will reveal, unlocking new secrets and depth to the story. The scientist can arm himself with one weapon and will fight with you until an event takes his life or he is killed in action. - Securing a location that holds an important piece of whats happening for so long as you and your team retrieve said information. Whether it be through files, journals, films, downloads, or even a simple computer database. - Defeating a greater power that lurks inside. Maybe a zombie that was created indifferent to the others or some type of mutated beast that stumbled upon element 115 and became radioactively unstable. Upon completion you will recieve test samples or powerups that are minor but remain with you the entire time and can stack rather than a 30 sec insta kill at the end of a round. - And of course everybodies favorite task.. Survive for a said amount of rounds before you can make a move again. Not only would this be simply amazing but it would give this game a much bigger feel and wouldn't limit you to a few strategies for each map that get repetetive and annoying. It could possibly even bring a sense of freedom to zombies because at the very end when you have unlocked everything, completed your tasks, killed off the hordes, and remained human you could find a means of travel or escape instead of time travel back into a zombie infested cave or castle only to realize you've got to do it allllll over again. I hope I'm not the only one who would play this shit all day long if it existed.
  2. Holy shit. Thats one intense primate!
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