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  1. We already know Zombies has been shifted over to the Multiplayer engine, and I was thinking about the features Multiplayer has that could be implemented into Zombies, and Theatre just came to me. If the gam can record millions of matches in real time from multiplayer, then surely it can do for Zombies. Thoughts?

    Hm I agree! that way you can look back on things that you weren't recording.

    But when they would do this it costs a lot more memory space than the multiplayer maps. Because the videos are longer then the regular 8-10 minute matches in MP.

    PS: I think the hardcore zombiekillers already record everything with their own stuff!

  2. LOVE the ending, IMO they couldn't have done it any better. I never expected to see Sam and never expected to blow up the earth! Credits to Sam, Maxis and 3arch.

    PS: Do you think that that the next zombie series will be more like Left 4 Dead? I sure as hell hope not.

    Peace out

  3. Yeah maybe he won't be a playable character, it could be but it would suck.

    I personally think that when you finish the Easter Egg, there will be a cut-scene or something.

    But offcourse they are all theories.

    BTW: What computer do you use? Because I can't find a computer wich is missing the DOT-button.

  4. Hi guys,

    Sorry and don't flame if it's been said but

    I've seen lots of topics wich is saying that the phasing zombie is capable of teleporting.

    When I heard this I immediately thought of a Youtube video of NGTZombies playing a custom map called Fun Park.

    In this video at around 6:47 you can clearly see a zombie teleporting/disappearing for a split second and spawns closer to you. Go and have a look. From 6:74- End of video you will see the teleporting zombie a couple of times.


    Is this the idea where the phasing zombie comes from? What's you're opinion? And do you think this will be the functions that the Phasing Zombie will have?

    Peace out

  5. It's true thats its a lot of money for 1 map when you have played the other ones on WAW.

    But what the hell, it's ZOMBIES. i would even buy the maps if the new map was called 'Earth'

    So don't state the obvious, it's you're choice to buy it or not.

  6. Hi there,

    I saw on a topic in this forum a link to this website:

    http://oneofswords.com/2011/08/all-zomb ... y-z-talks/

    It's an interview with Jimmy Z, one of the creators of zombies.

    They talk about the new map pack and there are also a couple of questions asked.

    And that's why i wanted to post this topic. Some questions are really good and give some good answers.

    I will give a small list of the most important questions:

    1oS: Will we learn any new tidbits of backstory from Moon? We already know Der Riese is where they come from, but is there more to tell?

    JIMMY ZELINSKI: If your question is to ask me if our zombies are from Der Riese, this would be a good opportunity to re-explore the WAW maps to search for further clues as to the truth behind the origins of the zombies. As to Moon specifically, of course there will be clues to the past and other story elements, but don’t be surprised to discover a few hints as to what may be coming in the future.

    1oS: What’s a “phasing Zombie?”

    JZ: I don’t know. Where have you seen a phasing zombie? Who have you been talking to? What’s this word “phasing” you’re using…?

    1oS: Why is Rezurrection misspelled? Is there significance to that?

    JZ: You never know where hints and Easter eggs may appear in Zombies. What looks like a typo may be a typo…but it might also be the hidden truth behind everything.

    1oS: Space – the final frontier. Is this the end to the Zombies storyline?

    JZ: [No answer to this one, but a friend over at Treyarch said they saw him storm off to get a breath of fresh air.]

    Well as you can see there are some interesting answers.

    IMO The most interesting one is the first question. he answers that you can find a lot of new things in the classic maps (everybody thought this would) and he mentioned something about the future. that there will be new hints about the future, soooo maaybe this isn't the end of zombies! *Kicks ass*

    Offcourse the first and last answer are contrasted with each other. saying there will be things in the future and not answering the question about if this is the end.

    Sooo what do you think of this? I'm even more excited about the DLC then i was before!

    Be sure to check the link, there are more questions on the website.


  7. I also like the idea, but come on be honest. Before i'm even finished with downloading the maps the're already a dozen of videos on youtube with the new easter eggs

  8. I also have one that is worth sharing cause i got to round 33 twice with this strategy

    For 2 ppl:

    The starting-area that we choose every round was the bridge. both covering both entrances of the bridge. When you don't have the best weapons yet you need to leave a crawler and pray that both people get ray guns and 1 person the shrink gun.

    If there is a flaming zombie coming, shoot it with the shrink gun. so if the flaming zombie is coming from the side where the person DOES NOT got a shrink gun, you simply swap sides and give 'em hell.

    When you have rayguns and 1 person shrink gun you can stay at this place untill round 23-24.

    From then you need to run every round when you get overcrowded. You run downwards to the waterfall and go in the caves. You run all the way to the other side (Still turning around and shooting from time to time) and take the mine cart back to the waterfall. Then you will run to the bridge and the circle will start over again.

    AVOID USING THE MUD ROOM AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE, this can be a game-ender

    When you need ammo you can try to, when you get a powerupp, make it an ammo powerup by shooting the monkeys that grab them. This works the best when it's near the end of the round and not a lot of zombies are coming.

    We use this strategy cause it's the quickest way to play the game. if you keep running around the map you don't shoot a lot of zombies in an amount of time. When staying at the bridge, they will come for you with hunderds of 'em and you just kill them all.

    PS: Monkey's are always VERY nice to have. + setting spikemores on the bridge also helps in your benefit.

    Hope this helps.

  9. Here's my theory. What if with the J-blah blah shrinky gun, you have to shoot the meteor. So it can get smaller or something just an idea. But if it works I want credit!

    The meteor dissappears in step 12: destoy the meteor. and if you mean the focussing stone: It's already small enough to pick it up so no i think it won't affect anything

    but what happends after you get the stone.... you could see that had the stone in his invetory and the golden rod.... I don't think this easter egg is over jet I mean the golden rod is here for a reason they can't put the golden rod in your invetory in this new level without it having any purpose I think that would be lame... and than the stone.... or there WILL be a foutrh mappack.... if not I will be dissapointed....I hope its not over yet and you have to do something with the stone and the rod. i'm a ps3 player so have to wait a few weeks than I can play to, and does only the player who grabs the stone get all the perks or every one???

    jah bless scanko

    Yes only the player who grabs the stone gets all perks. and if you die you will keep them.

    PS - Is it REALLY nesseccary to hit the radios as we are doing the EE??? Just wanna yes or no

    No. But i'm not 100% sure.

  10. Okay, so let me get this straight before I watch any of these videos...

    You HAVE to have 4 people to do this? There isn't ANY way it could work with 2, or 3?

    Well that's just dandy, considering my internet is back to having it's fits of rage and won't stay connected long enough for me and 3 other people to get out of the spawn on the darn map. FGHYUTYGIYT!!!! That really burns my bacon! Why couldn't they have made the EE more like CoTD? I did ALL the EE stuff with 2 people on that map. Pfffffffft!


    Thanks for posting this, though! It will definitely come in handy once my internet working again!

    yep that's right. minimum of 4 players needed to do the EE. yeah it sucks but still, it's a great EE! have fun with watching the videos! remember, give brains to good posts!

  11. Here are the videos made by NGT Zombies. gives a good overall view about what needs to be done. I also posted the radios in it in the right order. so that way you know how the players from NGT Zombies get up with the ideas.

    Step 1: Activate the eclipse


    Step 2: Pressing the button to talk to english man


    Step 3: Pressure plates




    Step 4: Water slide

    (when the guy goes down the water slide, it's important that the other 3 people are standing on the pressure plate at the bottom of the slide. this will activate the next step)


    Step 5: Shrink the chrystal stone

    Part a:


    Part b:




    Step 6: Turning the valve


    Step 7: Luring the napalm zombie




    Step 8: Plug the glory holes

    Part a:


    Part b:




    Step 9: Knife the plates with symbols

    part a:


    part b:




    Step 10: Setting the mud room dials


    Step 11: Retrieving the dynamite


    Step 12: Destroy the meteor


    Step 13: The focussing stone *FINAL STEP*


    SUMMARY OF ALL VIDEOS MADE BY NGTZombies. for those who are lazy and desperate ;)


    So that's it guys. this topic gives a good view of the whole EE in videos. Don't forget to give brain if you think it's worth it!

    Peace out

  12. haha very nice! i made one also myself! have you played the map? I still love it! i love all the chaos about it haha.

    yeah how sad can you be when hacking the leaderboards. they download the map pack and say: oh great the first thing i'll do is hack the leaderboards! its real sad

  13. when you play with 3 players you will need to lock 3 buttons in stead of 4.

    same with 2 people = 2 buttons.

    which one you need to unlock when being with less then 4 people changes everytime you want to unlock the PaP

  14. here's a tutorial i found on youtube and was very good.


    summary: to get to the pack a punch area you need to activate:

    1 button for 1 player

    2 buttons for 2 players

    3 buttons for 3 players

    4 button for 4 players

    you need to press them all at the same time and the spinning statues will stop spinning and the pack a punch will open.


    nr. 3 but the other 2 are cheaters haha. I'm getting crazy because of all the game invites i get

    I LOVE the map! the new weapon is the best weapon ever. and we were just running around the map and shooting everything.

    + it was our second attempt

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