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  1. Hey guys its SHOAF again with another video. This was a pretty good team death match game. I've started messing around more with the editing in Sony Vegas. Let me know what you think. Comment, Rate, & Subscribe to my channel! Thanks! zznAguJMReY
  2. Hey everyone, http://www.youtube.com/user/shoaf5028?feature=mhum This is a channel that I have started and I'm making movies. Let me know what you think on the videos, they consist of: - Zombie Tutorial - Zombie Gameplay - Multiplayer Gameplay - Random stuff Subscribe if your a user and ill subscribe back! Thanks!!!
  3. dont start unloading until all 24 zombies are behind you, only 24 can spawn at once so alternate between zeus cannon and m16
  4. i think that running around the map over and over is a waste of time. just get an m16 and zeus cannon and stay in the theater, if there is more than 2 people there you might as well just rotate around the map lol
  5. honestly, using the alley on your "rotation" is a bad idea, its better to stay in the theater or rotate through the double stair room. alleyway is too small to dodge zombies, def. if your going through the top left room with the stairways that are 4 feet wide.
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