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  1. madnes?!?!?!? THIS IS M16 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :lol:
  2. yo guys if you watch the pics and the video trailer from ascension if you look at the monkeys ???!?!? THEY HAVE FOUR ARMS !!!!!!!!! just like the picture of gknova 6 do you agree ?
  3. yeh i know how to do (LoL) it but what do you need to do with the code of the classic maps?
  4. but one thing if you wanna buy black ops hardenend edition but you already have the normal black ops disk wil your memory of the normal black ops stay if you use the disl from the hardenend edition ?
  5. You guys my friend was wondering can you gameshare your classic maps from black ops and how do you need to do it ? thats all
  6. this glitch works did it a few weeks ago first what you need to do is :all 3 film reels tha you can find in the . 1: intoregation room . 2: dentist room. 3:Samantha room i think it doesnt matter when you are in the ruined or the normal room . 4:you can have only one film reel at a time so play with friends to get them more faster . 5:put the film reels in the movie camera in the pack a punch room . 6:try to get in the intorregation room to the rocket model for xbox pres x button for PS3 pres the [] square button. and then the thing fly in the ceiling pretty cool ! but listen play with people with headset so they can tell they found a reel or not . because some guys without headset got the reel and dont put it in the movie camera. you also need to stay focus because i forgot that i got the reel some the time do it and you wil experience flying rocket
  7. yes i really like your idea wanderwaffe that the bear is the represents evil in a way good theory
  8. she migth be alive but aint a normal child like she laugh when the bear comes out at the random box you can hear even when youre not at the box and she is maybe fused with 115 when she was put in the teleporter by maxis maar heb je nou ps3 of ni man
  9. Yeah im from hollland too so im dutch yeah my thougts are the same i think that the bear is death and i think he plays a way bigger part in the zombies storyline then most people think like he does more then getting angry because your at the random box trying to get good guns i like this topic so share your thouths guys and my PS3 account is :Tpoulin ik hoop dat je ps3 Heb .
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