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  1. So moving on from that.. On the Inside Xbox thing for Annihilation, I did see a few times small monkeys, similar in size to the space monkeys from Ascension, only they didn't have spacesuits. Possibly another monkeys round?
  2. I don't think we're failing to work together at all. I think we've disagreed clearly, yes, but we've kept this conversation mature. Neither of us has flamed the other, called names, just been outright douchey, etc. If you're going to lock every thread that has a disagreement, you might as well lock them all. I'd say we've managed to do MUCH better than most other arguments on this forum.
  3. If you no-clip, I believe the Silverback magazine is the opposite side of the Space Race one.
  4. You're stubbornness is killing me, so watch this video and you'll see the mag I'm talking about. Yes, I know it's campaign, but it's there nonetheless. Skip to 2:00 http://youtu.be/4nQKNMN-1UU I don't see how that proves your point FURTHER. If anything, it only proves your point to the same extent it would if you were right.
  5. Again, I even said it had little significance. You said that there wasn't ANY evidence of the Silverback being in ANY map other than DOA, so I was merely proving that point (though not all of your points) wrong. I'm not disagreeing with everything you've said, I'm just correcting you, not attacking you.
  6. I haven't in any way said that the Cosmic Silverback would appear in any traditional zombie map. The only point I was making with my original post is that the Silverback HAS existed/been referenced in a map other than DOA unlike you said. I also never wanted the Silverback to be in reg zombies but if the connection is there, so be it.. Also, the magazine can't be dismissed as a reused texture, because it has only been seen in Five. While campaign and multiplayer levels/maps may have reused textures from zombies, I highly doubt they would do the reciprocal to zombie maps. In multiplayer, they wouldn't expect players to look for clues and details, but to simply pass by a book for example. In zombies, knowing how thoroughly we search every inch of every map for any tidbits of information that exists, they know that we would see something like that and we'd be looking for connections where none exist.
  7. I'm not saying Five played a significant role, but that doesn't mean anything within it should be ignored or discredited. It is a part of the zombie story, however insignificant it may be. I personally take Five as a brief view of the zombie story from a perspective other than the original four characters, to show that the zombie problem isn't only occurring wherever the original four are.
  8. No, it did, cause the red phones in Ascension were being "called" by the characters in Five, playing voice bits from the Five characters when answered.. And on Five, I believe the magazine (accompanied by another) was in the Pack-A-Punch room, in the little hallway on a chair.
  9. Actually, in one zombies map (maybe Five?) there was a magazine showing the Cosmic Silverback..
  10. So from what I've noticed over the past few weeks, we have hit a dead end with Ascension. Not that there aren't more secrets on Ascension, but no one seems able to find them and there hasn't been any new news in AWHILE...
  11. Has anyone thought of shooting all of the SPARKY batteries scattered throughout the map? I heard somewhere that the Deathmachine has the SPARKY written on it, so someone should try shooting them all.
  12. I am trying to show that they are the situational equivalents of each other. The only major difference is that one group is Russian and working on a different device.
  13. No no no. I didn't mean they are the SAME PERSON. I'm showing that it's the same situation, and these people play the same roles. In no way did I mean to say imply that they were literally the same person. But iif they aren't happening at the same time, then why would the phones on Ascension only ring some of the time? and the characters from Five do answer the phones.
  14. Okay. So from what we know now we can tell that: Ascension and Five take place at the same time (the red phones on Ascension similar to the ones from Five, and when activated they place audio from Five.) Also, my friend and I were discussing it and what we've determined is that Richtofen=Yuri and Maxis=Gersch. Richtofen was Maxis's assistant, he went mad and "killed" Dr. Maxis with his own experiments (teleporter/hellhounds) and Sam wants to kick his ass. Yuri did the EXACT SAME THING to Gersch. He "killed" Gersch using the Gersch Device (under someone else's influence, possibly Sam) and is now being chased by Sam. The major differences are that one group is Russian and the other is German. They are fulfilling the same roles in a similar situation. Not that they are the same person, but it's like this: Richtofen is to Maxis as Yuri is to Gersch. Get it now?
  15. You can activate them over and over again to get the rest of the responses btw.
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