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  1. I to would appreciate to know. It was fine. We had our thread... I was tired so I took a nap, I wake up and this is going on. Carbon locked a bunch of threads. He will probably lock this one aswell.
  2. I know I just joined but u can trust me I don't spam.
  3. okay somebody really needs to teach this guy a lesson F him. We don't need GK to "save us".
  4. No I did not. I save all the pictures as soon as they come up. Now the site is black again. EDIT: Hey, could those numbers on the bottom left hand corner of the screen that popped up be something? People thought they could be a phone number. What about an IP address?I'm going to take a quick look at them to see if it's possible.
  5. Tonight the meeting spot might be revealed. Look at GKNOVA0. There's like a little apology letter. " Tonight we reconvene at a new loacation, a location that has been audited as 'perfect'."
  6. Could mean henry and Edward or the whole of the GK resistance If it was the whole of the GK Resistance, wouldn't we know?
  7. Good Point. WE is interesting. Has anybody ever tried putting his grammar errors together or doing anything with them? I doubt they were on accident.
  8. I'm still here. I'm trying to find what an 'Advanced' Meeting Place could be.
  9. Dunno I was also mentioned in one of the early transmissions, apparently :S I don't know why... And he has proved his usefulness by predicting certain events. If he predicts more events are you able to post them or is that against your source's rules?
  10. Mabey but bearly anyone is on there. Tiny chat thing? I musta missed that...
  11. I'm new here as a Registered User but I'v been reading some of the topics on GKNOVA0 for a while. Can anyone join the resistance? I want to join. I have been following the site from the beginning and am intruiged.
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