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  1. Just wanted to read you the fortune i got out of the fortune cookie i just ate.... "They fail, and they alone, who have not striven." Keep up the good work....we shall prevail. :lol:
  2. No luck with the emails. EDIT: I got a failure notice when I sent the emails, but it did give me an IP address. google search comes up with Bluehost Inc out of Provo, Utah.
  3. ya yo thats wat i forgot to mention [brains] I think I'm gonna do that and just see what the reply is. Any suggestions as to what I should say?
  4. Just curious. Has anyone tried sending an email to the two guys having the email discussions? ([email protected] and [email protected])
  5. I'm really curious as to where all these documents are leading us. I feel that they are all tied in to the backstory of the overall game Black Ops. The only thing I can truly see that links any of this to the zombie series are the emails discussing how advanced the Germans were in what they were doing. Thoughts?
  6. My name is Trevor and I live in Georgia. I am a huge Call of Duty fan and have played all the games in the series. I was first introduced to this site when I learned of the gknova site on the call of duty wiki. I first heard of the site from listening to carbonfibah on the Bash and Slash Podcast. I am a huge FPS fan but have also gotten into the Assassin's Creed series as of late. I think those games really got me interested in the whole aspect of being linked into past events (through the Animus in Assassin's Creed). So when I learned of the gknova site and heard of the theory that hypnotism was might be a part of COD Black Ops to relive past events, I became very intrigued (besides the fact the I love the Call of Duty series in general). I have been reading the forums daily now and can't wait for the next breakthrough in the briefcase information. See you around.
  7. Any chance these numbers actually represent letters that need to be ciphered? Like if you change the direction of the pencil...357945 turns into shblse?.......Just a thought that came into my head. The way they are written on the pencil, they can all be shaped into letters. Any thoughts, or am I just reading too much into it?
  8. What is the last number on the pencil? I can't really make it out in the pic.
  9. Why Trident?? Why not orbit or dentyne?
  10. Nevermind.....just saw the post where carbon said he ate the 5th piece of gum. LOL.
  11. Ok so I just registered on the site because I have been following you guys for a while. I haven't read all the pages of responses yet so I'm not sure if anyone has come to this conclusion yet. But....what Razlo said about 4 pieces of gum in a pack of 12 got me thinking....that equals 33%.....the number 33 is a very important number in Freemasonry/Illuminati. Richtofen speaks of the Illuminati in WaW. Don't know if this is just a coincidence or whatever. Just something I noticed.....If someone else already noticed this and posted....I apologize for trying to steal your thunder. :D
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