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  1. My guess is this is how the Temporal Frequency Analysis (TFFT) is to be done. You can graph data on an algorithmic scale or on a linear scale. If the TFFT was done on a logarithmic scale, the text would show up rather distorted/compressed/unreadable. I saw someone post the images with a logarithmic scale, not sure where. My 2 cents... Awesome work Shizzire! I'm sure Linear not Algorithmic was the clue telling us to use a direct number=letter substitution sequence and not a cipher. Which you proved when you found the first line of the 4th quadrant was NGHIJLMNQUVWXZKRYPTOSABCDEFGHIJL and used the number sequence to get USENETDRAGONSBREATH. Maybe it was a hint for both, and even for the Marie Curie (to divide the frequencies).
  2. I guess we'll find out with the ultimate channel...
  3. We still have "Freedom=7 5+5=10" to solve. We must find "elements" as answers according to "Nova Six" from the Google Groups' thread.
  4. So what do we think these list of gases/chemical weapons mean? Those are all classified as G-agents Tabun (GA) was the first and was developed in 1936 Sarin (GB) was the second and was developed in 1939 Soman (GD) was the third and was developed in 1944 I've searched conflicts in the years that those were developed and the only thing that has some relation would be in 1944, which if you use the dragon as a reference, you find operation Dragoon/task force 88. Reading that is says that task force 88 was an ocean based us nuclear test series in the late 1950's. This probably has no significance but is interesting to say the least. I think I got something. The audio file's name was trifecta right? What if the elements which are answers to each code are classified by the oldest date of use as a weapon? Tabun - 1936 Sarin - 1939 Soman - 1944 Uranium & Plutonium - 1945 (Little Boy & Fat Man) So the last one(s) must be more recent than 1945.
  5. I'm not sure... but still searched if this kind of ammunition was used during the Vietnam war. Apparently, the US military developped this kind of ammunition for psychological warfare but eventually rejected it being too inhumane. ... clnk&gl=fr EDIT: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e107SMxvdCg EDIT2: I think it's possible since Treyarch now likes to play with fire.
  6. This must mean all the answers we have to seek now in the rest of the transmission are elements' name. Well, we already got Uranium and Plutonium from Marie Curie code, only left now is "Freedom=7 5+5=10".
  7. Well congratulation then, it seems you got the damn thing! Plus, the google announce has been posted on april 20 so it's most likely the real sh*t (a day before the update of GKNOVA). EDIT: the bast*rds really played with us, making us familiar with the quote+cypher decryption but for this one, it wasn't a cypher at all (while Kryptos was deeply related to it).
  8. wait wait wait, what tableau did you use?
  9. Well, you have the Marie Curie quote...
  10. You and I looking at two different things: mod 100 and electron configuration. I'm going with mod 100. 2818322192 mod 100 is 92 and 2818322482 mod 100 is 82. You, on the other hand, are concatenating the numbers of electrons on each shell of an atom. The problem lies here. The transmission clearly directs us to mod 100 in its text. It mentions nothing about electron configuration. For this reason, I conclude that the transmission points toward lead and uranium. Even so, I think we should consider plutonium and uranium to be possible as well. In the previous transmissions, the MOD sign has always come before the codebit that needed decryption. Therefore I see Uranium and Plutonium as the most possible solution. Also, to get to the electron-numbers, you have already divided the frequencies by 100. Why should those answers be seen as one large number, before using modulo 100 on it again? I agree. Futhermore, the frequencies devided by 100 are set exactly like the electronic configuration of Uranium and Plutonium. Your numbers don't contain spaces but look what you've got with the spaces between each frequency: 2 8 18 32 24 8 2 - 2 8 18 32 21 9 2
  11. Well I searched "algorithmic"+"frequency" on google as you can see, and this led me to algorithimic trading. And I read High-frequency trading is a special class of algorithimic trading. Since we're not interested in trading here like you said, I've deduced from it that in this case: algorithmic=high frequency So Kenneth would have meant: "the frequency is linear, not high" as a hint for the frequencies measured in the Marie Curie code. This is only a hypothesis though.
  12. I think "algorithmic" is related to "High-Frequency Trading" (http://www.google.fr/search?sourceid=na ... +frequency). So I guess that it means the frequencies found in the Marie Curie code must not be high so we must divide them. And the MOD says 100 leading us to Uranium and Plutonium. As for the cipher, the quote from Kryptos suggests to use the keyed Vigenere Cipher (or Quagmire III) according to the previous transmissions: http://rumkin.com/tools/cipher/vigenere-keyed.php
  13. http://callofduty.wikia.com/wiki/GKNOVA6#Solutions
  14. Which one. Do you mean the first two transmissions?
  15. I think we can consider that all codes have been decrtyped except the first one (the Kryptos one). For the last one, the "Can’t you see the whole spectrum?" after the MOD indicates to use the TFA and you guys found the "Freedom=7 5+5=10" thing. So at least, this one's solved even if we aren't still sure how to use these things. Someone pointed out on this thread that it may be related to the number of letters in the word "Freedom". So my guess is that this shows the number of letters for the passphrase of the first keyed Vigenere cipher. You also found that the Marie Curie code resulted in "Uranium" and "Plutonium" (I guess that the "Kenneth what’s the frequency? -Linear not algorithmic." exchange hinted to divide by 100 the frequency of each pitch). Among these two words, Uranium has 7 letters like Freedom. So I think this is the passphrase. And finally, we have to find the Alphabet key for the cipher. The 4 sounds after the first MOD should be a clue. PS: I've already tried with KRYPTOS as the alphabet key but it didn't work. I think there is a reason why they spelled numbers instead of letters besides annoying us to do the conversion.
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