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  1. Good teamwork. I'll take my bad ideas to unfiction, "friend."
  2. Maybe? Also, I think I see the middle man as RFK.
  3. gigglesticks. this is a basketball thread.
  4. I agree that it was leading to a cipher. However, I'm not sure that I believe the NATO base is significant, either. I think the only real piece of useful information here is the town, Geilenkirchen. Just throwing it out there, hoping someone brighter than me can pull something together from it. I mean, it seems mighty coincidental, at least. Geilenkirchen = GK? If so, credit goes to chelsea. But, didn't we all agree that GK was an organization/group/business?
  5. Geilenkirchen (pronunciation: gile-in ker-shin) is a town in the district Heinsberg, in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. It is situated near the border with the Netherlands, on the river Wurm, approx. 15 km north-east of Heerlen and 20 km north of Aachen. The town gives its name to nearby NATO Air Base Geilenkirchen. The base is home to 17 E-3A Airborne Warning and Control (AWAC) aircraft manned by crews from 14 nations. Coordinates: 50°57′55″N 6°07′10″E (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Geilenkirchen) Transmission #2: And, this is probably irrelevant (not unlike this entire post, I'm sure) but I found this interesting, as well: Geilenkirchen licence plate: HS (until 1971: GK)
  6. Well, that's depressing. Thanks, though. Any thoughts on GK-11?
  7. Also, (sorry for double posting) The 11 really stuck out to me since it seems to be popping up in different places (for example, the penny and dime on FREEDOM7.COM).
  8. So, this is my first post, but be assured that I have read every single post, including the thread covering the first two transmissions. Just wanted to throw my useless guess into the pot. Any chance the "GK" in GKNOVA might mean GK-11? Was trying to follow suit with the nerve gases... Just curious? Wagers on that getting shot down within an hour of my posting this?? Eh? Anyway, I've had an absolute blast reading these forums and threads. Seriously, they could stop updating the site now and I'd still think it was the coolest thing ever. Good work, guys.
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