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  1. 3 points
    Greetings! I made my account here almost 10 days ago, after spending an uncounted amount of time reading so many theories and story explanations hidden under the surface. I've already hopped into a few threads since making my account, mainly Make-a-Map threads (I've been making map concepts since BO1 so expect to see a lot more of my ideas in those threads as they pop up!) and a few more serious theorizing threads. I can proudly say I have a very good understanding of what we know as solidified fact in the Zombies Storyline, but always find deep appreciation in theorizing of what else happened that never was recorded on the Timeline / followed up on / what could have been. My friends and I have been working on a small storyline since 2014 that would add more detail to some of the more underappreciated points in the story, but with the information given between BO3 and BO4 there's been a LOT to process and rework so that it doesn't inherently retcon the actual story. The underlying themes such as the Vril-ya (and subsequently Vril Energy), the Illuminati, the various organizations worldwide and how deep they run through humanity got me hooked on the story since Call of the Dead (BO1 was my first game so I didn't get to experience Nacht/Verruckt/Shi no Numa/Der Reise until Moon), with Tranzit being the biggest catalyst to the beginning of my theorizing. I hope to be a very active member of the community, I have a lot to talk about and would be happy to share and discuss with you all!
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    Wow, coming back to this post a year later really puts things in perspective. I find myself feeling a lot of the same feelings, but it's like I've grown stronger and I can better handle them, you know? New problems always appear, and while I am technically more isolated than I was when this was first posted, I feel like the company I do keep now is better for me. I made many regretful decisions, but some good ones too. I tried out group therapy for a few sessions, and loved it. I was beginning to try and break out of my comfort zone, go places, talk to strangers, eek slowly out of my shell... but then IT happened and I wait to talk to strangers until it's all over. I graduated college in a global pandemic, and now I begin my career by working from home. I feel more accepting of the future, even if it isn't all bright. It's like Richtofen said, "The road is long und dark, but I know where we are going." I also feel like I've gotten to know you guys better since then through Discord. I've been active on this site for over four years, but I feel like I've grown more attached to you guys in just this past year. It's all so very human and warm, and it reminds me why I keep pushing. I've put a lot of effort in to trying to make good content for the CoDz Youtube, and I'm grateful to @Tac and @Mattzs for adding their own personalities, as well as @NaBrZHunter for being an inspiring light and friend. I'm a bit skeptical on the CoD game this year, but even without the game, I still feel welcome here. I'm curious how you guys look back on this thread and what you've said, and how you feel now? @[email protected]@[email protected] Meh Anyone else seeing this thread, feel free to vent how you feel too. It's a wild time to be living, right now, and we've gotta stick together.
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    Welcome aboard! Please have a seat. Thank you for choosing COD Zombies Bus Lines. We know it is a big decision who you ride with, and we are privileged to have been chosen! Jokes aside, that's what we do here, glad to see you around.
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    I'm still pretty much the same! I'm still scared of people, and for angry people, and still feel safe only in the car or other tiny spaces with locks on them. But I've been working on myself, and next week I'll finally be moving to an actual appartment, without any housemates. And my GOD am I looking forward to it. Over the two years I've lived here I've noticed just how much I can't stand having to live in one house with other strangers, and so I'm super excited to be able to have my own appartment without a shared kitchen/shower/bathroom. I think it'll do wonders for my mental health as well, and that it'll help make me feel at home! But regardless of that I have been doing better mentally, even if it's with slow and tiny steps! I try to keep an eye on the news here and there but it's also just... bad for me. I do worry a lot about the state of the world and about what's going to happen next. Also if I don't make a lot of sense in this response, it's 3:30 in the morning and well... My brain is very fried. I'm super grateful to be remembered though, and to have been mentioned! Thank you so much!
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    Ah yeah I see what you mean. It's possible the steps changed after the quotes were recorded? "You must place your hand upon the stone" doesn't make too much sense in context of the ee idk. I'll record video and add to this post in a min. There is a gravestone in each of the vertical metal support beams. There is one in each corner of the room. Video is dark because I play rec.709 not sRGB and it didn't adjust for the video. But you can see the locations and the first ones are very clear. They are easy to find/see ingame.
  6. 2 points
    Man I'm laying in a field right now, wasted, my bike next to me. Guess that too includes a certain aspect of my lifestyle, heh. It's cool to read the replies of one and a half year ago, so many things have changed ever since, for my feeling, and yet so little. I wrote my characterisms in the beginning of my first year at the university, right after a heartbreak. That pain, that learned me everything. Despite it's blackness, it led to a bittersweet feeling of knowledge and empathy, and I feel like due to that what I felt back then, I became the man I am today. Every time I see someone having pain now, I try to do something about it. Mostly people dont want solutions, they want to be heard, including myself. When I am down, be there for me to listen to me and not necaserily find solutions for the problem. I genuine enjoy every day in life, looking to the bees and plants, and at night to the stars, so to see. I really am in love with the things around me on this planet, and I can't stand it to see things suffer. Hell, even when I'm swimming in the pool I am that type that doesn't enjoy swimming but is constantly saving all those drowning bugs from the water, haha. I have so many bad characterisms, but I've come to accept who I am and just enjoy who I am and the world around me. One big realization I had was traveling for a weekend to a hostel, meeting so many international folks there. Everyone was so kind and we all had fun together, as long as it lasted. After weekend, logically, I didnt saw nor spoke any of them, but man, that weekend made me so happy I was instantly kicked out of my sadness bubble and started to enjoy every little thing. I agree with Rad that discord made me feel coming closer to y'all. There's so much kindness here, every time I feel a bit down you lovely all make me, without you knowing it, happy again. Thats what I value in friends the most
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    I was going through some Tranzit and Die Rise quotes of Samuel Stuhlinger and came upon some interesting ones, thought I should share. Ever since Tranzit we have had suspictions that Stuhlinger had a book, but it wasn't untill Buried that we actually saw it on his model: However, if you look to the backside of Stuh's model in Tranzit/Die Rise, there seems to be something in his pocket. So it could be assumed that he had this book all along but the developers put it in a more visible pocket at Buried. Here is a picture of Richtofen's diary for comparision: "Oh, it's this book! It's cursed!" sidequest_samuel_self_d_4 "Damn diary, voices" pap_wait2_m_1 From these quotes in Die Rise I conclude that it isn't any normal book, but a diary that he condemns to be cursed. Doesn't that sound very alike to Richtofen's Diary? What's more, in that second quote he even seems to connect the diary with the voices (which are Richtofen's). Interesting is that Stuhlinger's model is named 'Reporter' in the game files, which contradicts with the conspiracy theorist he seems to be. However, could that have been his original job, but once he got his hands upon Richtofen's Diary he read about Agartha, the Illuminati, mindcontrol, etc, which drove him into conspiracies? First of all, where would he have found this diary of Richtofen? For all we know, Richtfofen himself carried it up untill Moon, which ended with his body comatose in the hands of Broken Arrow in 1964. Keeping that in mind, I think it is very likely that Broken Arrow has his diary. Stuhlinger says the following in Tranzit: "You find the best reading materials at bus stations" map_in_bus3_0 Is this a reference to the place he found Richtofen's diary? If Stuhlinger is a local resident of Washington, he might have performed research in the Hanford area as a reporter, and he could have stumbled upon the Diary laying in the Hanford Bus Depot (which was, after all, a Broken Arrow research campus). So how about his conspiracies? "Oh, that didn't surprise me, no, I know all about those things. I read about how they plan them everywhere." earn_achievement_0 "That box of lies comes right out of the Bermuda Triangle, I read." monkey_4 Stuhlinger is infamous for his talks about Atlantis, aliens, flying discs and that kind of subjects. He even once states that his Pack-a-Punched arms come from the Hollow Earth. I think Hollow Earth/Atlantis are references to Agartha and the Keepers, the flying discs being about the Vril saucers. This could all be themes Richtofen wrote in his diary. So did Richtofen indirectly caused him to become a conspiracy theorist? Food for thought. Enjoy the day!
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    In 1945, shortly before his seemingly disappearance, Doctor Richtofen requests the United States and possibly also the Soviet Union to built a Global Polarization Device. The importance of this request is revealed in the Black Ops II Easter Egg Quests, where Victis have to construct three 'Spires' to establish ethereal control for either Maxis or Richtofen. But are those the only Polarization Devices? Are those the ones previously constructed by the American or Soviet government? Jackass Flats, or Area 25, was a military test site of nuclear-powered rocket engines in the Cold War. In order to measure the radiation, the 465 meter-high BREN Tower was constructed for control dosimetry. The structure is higher than the Eiffel Tower or the Empire State Building, and combining this with the fact it is located in the middle of a flat desert basin this means that potential broadcasting waves have very little to no interfering, severing objects. The ideal site for a mindcontrol tower. So is this the American-built Global Polarization Device? It might sound odd, but I think every high tower is capable of being a GPD, as long as the essential components are present: Most notably a computer, a NAVcard and a rock of solid 115. The fact that every site we visit has these three items is weird, and in Tranzit we even see that the rock of 115 was a meteor that has recently crashed in the wall of the Bus Depot, which is too coincidentally if you ask me. Perhaps either Richtofen or Maxis placed these objects here right after he gained control, hence why we must fix the tear in space-time during the Buried Easter Egg Quest. In Shi no Numa we can find a paper talking about the HAARP, a supposed mindcontrol structure that wasn't built until 1993. This means Group 935 was already working on a HAARP prototype in 1945, likely being the same model as the Global Polarization Device Richthofen had put in his demand list to the Cold War superpowers. But Group 935 wasn't the first who came up with the idea about HAARP. Conspiracy files, files even present in Black Ops I, talk about the original idea coming from no one else than our boy Nikola Tesla, who died in 1943. Tesla wanted to alter the weather and also played with the resonance of the Earth, as well as with sound and vibrations. He said in 1912 that he could split the earth in two, with the right frequencies and the right rhythm, and, of course, that is what HAARP is playing with. But a trinity of Global Polarization Devices is not enough to control the world. Perhaps this was why the United States and the Soviet Union -perhaps backed by the Illuminati- with their HAARP and DUGA still couldn't establish absolute power like Richtofen and Maxis later did. The Towers are mere repeaters of a signal, a signal coming from the Aether. They receive signals from the Demonic Announcer aka Aether Occupant and broadcast it in our physical universe. This was why the US nor the USSR would finish and activate a Global Polarization: It would spread the will of Samantha Maxis and literally open the door for the enemy they fear so much. The Aether Pyramid on the Moon is the mainframe, the towers the broadcasters. The Rift is the final piece of this puzzle. The Rift is both Earth's core and a gateway to Agartha. Irradiating such an amount of ethereal energy, activating this Tower might be the most important of all. But, as I said earlier, I do think it was coincidence that this specific mining facility tower was chosen. Just like the electricity grid tower in Tranzit and the television tower at the skyscraper in Die Rise: The locations are perfect for a GPD, perhaps even optimal. But I think prior to the survivors constructing the NAVcard table, the tower was nothing more than a tower.
  9. 2 points
    Just a small story connection here between the Illuminati and the Ancient Order of the Keepers. There are only two references to "Order" (Capital "O") in the timeline. In the beginning JANUARY 24TH, 1940 Richtofen renounces his involvement with the Illuminati. When asked how he could abandon his obligation to the Order he says, “Teddy was a liar.” Dimension 63 FEBRUARY 13TH, 1944 A fruit vendor tells the Reporter about the Ancient Order of the Keepers, and how they're the only ones “holding back the forces of the apocalypse.” He talks of people hearing "chanting... from beneath the city." ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Theory is that the Illuminati are the Ancient Order of the Keepers. I know "Order" is a common term across lodges and secret organisations so it's very possibly a coincidence. However a couple of context clues point in the direction of this theory. When Richtofen is "trying to do the right thing" he works with the Illuminati on aquiring the blood and perpetuating the cycle. APRIL 16TH, 1940 Richtofen arrives in Dimension 63, where he contacts members of the Illuminati and enlists their help to build a laboratory facility beneath Alcatraz. APRIL 18TH, 1940 Richtofen meets with Stanley Ferguson and convinces him to assist with the Illuminati’s construction of the Alcatraz laboratory. When he is corrupted by the Dark Aether in BO1 he leaves the Illuminati to pursue his own goals. JANUARY 24TH, 1940 Richtofen renounces his involvement with the Illuminati. When asked how he could abandon his obligation to the Order he says, “Teddy was a liar.” And finally, Richtofen was acting in the interests of the Illuminati when he joined 935. AUGUST 11TH, 1936 Maxis invites Richtofen to join Group 935. He agrees, secretly acting on behalf of the Illuminati’s interests. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So by this we can see that the Illuminati take an interest in Richtofen in all universes. They also take an interest in group 935 and by extension the research into element 115. (conjecture) Their goals align with the Richtofens who are not obviously evil. Their goals do not align with Richtofen's Grand Scheme. The Ancient Order of the Keepers goals appear (from the information we have) to allign with those of the Illuminati. And we know they are present in the "modern" era taking an interest / attempting to influence events. (as we see in shadows, they directly relate to events on earth) There was no real plot requirement for the Illuminati to exist in the "new" story and for them to directly assist Richtofen if they had no stake in the overall plot. I can very easily see the Shadows reference to the Order being an effort to better fit the Illuminati into the direction the story took with BO3. Also, Richtofen is the only O4 character to appear in Shadows where the Order were mentioned and were likely present in some form (as far as we can tell from the timeline) Contextually I think it all lines up nicely. I'm not sure how else the Illuminati would be involved with something as important to the fate of the universe as the lab / blood vials. A group of humans lacking Keeper/Apothacon influence or knowledge from the Kronorium would not be involved so deeply with the fate of the universe etc. Unless they were only retained so obviously in the timeline as a plot device to explain the lab below Alcatraz. And that they were just used as a tool by Richtofen and were not directly aware of events. However I find that explaination unsatisfying. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- That's it, please if you have any quotes / info that relates to this let me know. If I missed anything obvious please roast me. Or if you have any different theories about the nature of these Orders I would love to hear them! Rapt
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    Took a look at those numbers or "coordinates" again: 238, 189 52N X 16E and 143, 115 28N X 4E. Decided to google the first set and came up with this page: http://www.anycheatcodes.net/pc_games/hints/Starflight-2-12233.html It's hints for a game called Starflight 2 from 1989. It seems like you explore plants and find certain futuristic items. The two coordinates from this loading screen match two on the page almost exactly: Both point to a Black Egg much like the one in Moon. So why the hell did they put these on the loading screen of a zombies map? Maybe the Black Egg is a nostalgic nod to this old classic and this was a hint towards that? The Black Egg in the game also seems to be used as a planet bomb, like how it is used with the rockets in Moon:
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    I hated how Blood played, especially the Easter Egg, but the lore was JUICY. We didn't find everything until much later than we expected (and probably still missed some of it too) Alpha Omega unironically is one of my favorite maps, both in terms of story and gameplay. The crawlers are annoying but if you can handle the blue fucks from Chaos you can deal with the Nova Buff Crawlers. (Electric ones aren't even a threat, gas ones only spawn in the bunker and both die to one hit of Galvaknuckles.) The huge drop of info regarding Broken Arrow was something I've been waiting on for almost 6/7(?) years now, and it only disappointed with what happened to Peter after the Easter Egg. Tag obviously got bad because people didn't understand why there wasn't a boss fight with Monty, when the story explained it in Classified. He doesn't know where they are, why would they go fighting him if he's half as dangerous as they think he is? Plus radios in Tag clarify he isn't even a villain, none of them truly are. The dichotomy of good and evil is so gray in this story that I can't believe more people didn't notice such detailed points.
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    Thank you! This should be the universal philosophy regarding that map. And all the other BO4 "revisits", I would argue.
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    Welcome to the forum, we're glad to have someone new in the theorization mix! I also got into the story around Call of the Dead's release. Such a good time to be a zombies fan!
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    Yaaaasss my favorite kind of story person!!!! Welcome to the forums! Seriously, let's get your peeps in here too - we've been trying to pound out those same topics for years, which of course is a challenge, as it's a moving target, even today! I love how the real story fanatics seem to eventually just drift back here. Welcome home!
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    Hi! My name is NotAnAn0n. I recently discovered this forum after I started getting back into Zombies. Origins remastered was kicking me in the ying-yang and I was looking for a guide. Lo and behold, I happen upon this community of fellow Zombies nerds. As a (hint: self-proclaimed) writer, I instantly connected with a lot of the theorizing I saw here. I’ll try to keep active, but I might be found more on the Discord, as that is my preferred platform. I hope to be a great addition to the community!
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    Thank you for the kind gesture, Lenne. I’m enjoying my stay so far. I put Moon up there largely because of the hacker hahahahaha. If you know how to use it, that thing will make the map bend to you. As for my favorite crew, I definitely have to choose Ultimis. People like to say that Primis is the most developed, but I find that to be a somewhat lacking analysis. Primis is developed in the more conventional sense, it has a linear—if exceptionally complicated—story with traditional character beats and such. Ultimis on the other hand has mainly hidden development for its characters—camouflaged, if you will. You have to actively search for and be interested in the Ultimis characters/story to get a deeper appreciation for it. And when you do get a deeper appreciation for it, I feel Ultimis comes out the stronger crew and story. The radios and Ascension PaP quotes are a good example of this. Though I must confess that I do kinda count the info learned about Takeo and Nikolai in Zetsubo and Gorod Krovi as part of the Ultimis storyline, simply because it’s the logical background for Takeo being detained by Group 935 in the first place and Nikolai’s tragic backstory was alluded to by Ultimis Dempsey and Takeo in some of their Ascension PaP quotes. Victis was a missed opportunity and done incredibly dirty by Treyarch, but that’s a rant for another day.
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    Well hello there fellow (NotAn)Anon, glad you've found us! Its strange how, after times of doing other things, one can feel a sudden urge to slay zombies again. Guess it's in our blood So you're enjoying the remastered Origins, huh? I self lack the skills to survive any high round in that map with those sprinting BO3 zombies, but then again, I'm more into the theorizing. Yes, please check out the Discord, it's where all the quick conversations happen, on- and off-topic. The Forums itself are mostly used for more elaborate discussions, from theories to strategies. But post whatever you want, say whatever you want, we're all friends here Once again, herzlich wilkommen! Btw since what game are you playing zombies? I myself really started battling the undead after the release of Black Ops III, though I remain a fan of the older games.
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    Welcome to the forum, would love to see some of your own writings/theories! Going to be exciting seeing what this year holds for zombies.
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    Thats some real interesting stuff you got there. Given the fact the blue liquid is Element 115 (as Richtofen states that the robots run on 115), this is additional evidence that E115 is the physical manifestation (crystalline, liquid or gaseous) of ethereal energy. To quote something from another thread: "We consider Element 115 as a physical substance, in reality it is a highly concentrated crystalline variant of ethereal energy, these electromagnetic fields in all matter. (...)The Aether, Vril, 115, the Welteis and ethereal energy, it might all be the same thing, or similar; merely in different concentrations and/or substances. This energy is omnipresent and forged the Multiverse, and it wasn't until the Elder Gods started to seed this 'space-time' in our perceivable, physical universe, that rocks and crystals of E115 were a thing." In Buried and Die Rise we learn that ethereal energy is omnipresent in all matter. At the same time, we learn that 115 shouldnt exist in our physical universe. While this seems to contradict each other, 115 is meant with ethereal energy in a physical state of matter, which shouldnt exist. Ethereal energy originally exists only as energy, but these Conversion Generators seem to transform it into liquid, perceivable, 115. Cool to hear about that difference between the four classic elements and the fifth, Aether, I have never linked this with Origins before. We have the staff of Wind (air), Lightning, Fire and Ice (Water).
  21. 1 point
    @The Meh Collapsing the dimensions for Monty could mean separating life (Primis/Ultimis souls) from the dimensions, reversing the mix of the first one. The summoning key is a soul vessel. It is possible the house is a physical manifestation within the Aether of souls that are kept "on hold". A vessel for Maxis... It would be cool if you could have a massive map within the house, with rooms changing every time you play and every time you enter an area. I think this is quite doable as well.
  22. 1 point
    On a whim, I was doing a project for my fiancée involving Wicca which ties into the classical elements. I stumbled across a wikipedia page involving Aether (the quintessence, the fifth element, the bindings of space only accessible to few) and came across a particular quote that relates to the above image. "Aether differed from the four terrestrial elements; it was incapable of motion of quality or motion of quantity. Aether was only capable of local motion. Aether naturally moved in circles, and had no contrary, or unnatural, motion." So what this conversion generator seems to be doing is materializing Aethereal energy into physical form, and conducting it into the central rod to convert into the usable liquid form we see. The localized circular motion in the air is constant and unchanging, only the pattern in which it conducts to the center changes as the Aether continues its motion around the conduction rod. The drill probably uses a diesel-powered starter system that switches to a self-sustaining process once active, which implies why the drill also digs underneath to replenish the backup fuel (in case SOMETHING happens to the generator).
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    @clueless @RadZakpak That sounds so familiar, imagining Zombie maps of places you know in real life. I remember doing one for my house, one for the local forest and one for the nearby Achel Abbey. The fun part if thinking where the PaP is located, and how to access it.
  24. 1 point
    Ah man, I love(d) Toys R Us. There's something so alluring about the idea of a zombies map set in places you know locally. I'd always imagined one on my college campus.
  25. 1 point
    Okay story time! I used to work at a Toys R Us (rest in pieces) and one day I found a full architectural layout of the building. Naturally being the guy that drew maps up constantly and never went further than that, I took a picture of it which I still have but won't disclose for my own safety in case that gets me in legal trouble (HIGHLY doubt it, but not taking the risk). But I started laying out the store as a Zombies map the more I worked there to the point I had wall buys and debris made. Zombies R Us! (I never bothered naming it, just roll with it.) VERY bare bones map, only 6 perks - Juggernog, Speed Cola, Double Tap II, Quick Revive, Stamin-Up, and PhD Flopper. And of course Pack-a-Punch. Only buildable was a shield, setting was after the missiles struck (back when we had no clue when that was) playing as 4 random civilians. Layout was the entire interior of the store and a small section of the parking lot outside reminiscent of Town. No Main Easter Eggs, no side quests, just get power on and survive.
  26. 1 point
    Btw I just checked. The tablet appears on all but one of the other ritual tables. The ruby rabbit is the only one missing it. It's probably significant seeing as the ruby rabbit has the ritual knife stabbed into some, flesh? Maybe a spleen? lol (bottom right image)
  27. 1 point
    Grats on being one busy bee. Also glad you are feeling even more at home now with this small piece of the internet we are having. As for me, it just seems to get worse in a lot of regards, in some it is getting better, but it is a work in progress and I gotta take the good with the bad and vice versa. Gotta break some eggs to make the Pasta, you know? To quote one of my favorite musician's lyrics: "I'm the same, I'm the same, I am trying to change." Keyword is trying and as long as all of us do that, we are heading in the right direction, despite how long and dark the road is. Hang in there, Meh. We try to always be there for you.
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    I don’t really see much different now as to what I said before. For one... those posts ain’t going anywhere. That said, I’ve realized that part about how bad I am with rage is... kind of big right now, because I’m absolutely fucked off with knowing how to handle myself in volatile situations that lead to that anger coming out. Hell, that’s probably the ugliest part of my character. Other than that, though... y’know.
  29. 1 point
    I completely forgot about Eddie, yeah, I guess that makes sense.
  30. 1 point
    What Primis Richtofen picked up from the body was not the "radio" from Ultimis Richtofen's uniform, so he could communicate with Groph in Der Eisendrache? But I think this conflicts with the idea that the Zombie Richtofen from the comics is from the body of The Giant, since you can see that he still has the radio. Unless it's Treyarch's mistake, but knowing how careful they are with details may not be the case. Also other points I would like to point out about The Giant are two initial quotes from Primis Richtofen in solo. These seem to be related to initial quotes from Revelations and Blood of The Dead. In Revelations the quote says: "Mein gott, what have I done? Stop it, Edward, breathe, it's okay... MAXIS!" This is after Maxis got trapped in the Summoning Key and the Shadow Man escaped. In Blood of The Dead says the following: “Maxis! Stop it Edward, this may be just another delusion. It must be. Surely, I would never lead myself in such a..., such a...? Mein gott!, Everything could change!" And in the intro after Brutus closes the portal it says: "Mein gott. What have you... What have i done?" The first is after the Kronorium changed and the Primis Richtofen got caught in Alacatraz. And in The Giant the quotes says: “Maxis! No wait, compose yourself Edward. Mission accomplished.Temporal disruption achieved, the future is changed.” “Mein gott, what have I done? Stop it Edward, breathe, it’s okay, it’s okay. This is important, this is what you have to do, even if another part of you dies each and every time. AGH! How am I meant to work when all around me, I am beset by the voices of the damned, and the doomed!” Now, in Revelations and Blood it makes sense because they are after shocking moments, but in The Giant it does not make sense that Primis Richtofen is distressed. The quote comes after he kills himself in the opening scene, but it doesn't seem to affect Richtofen because of the quote "When I died I felt nothing". So, could it be a possibility that this line parallels Blood of The Dead, with this Primis Richtofen being the one who delivers the Kronorium in the opening scene and goes through the portal? If that makes sense. Or it could also be that he's distressed by the "fractures through space-time" that the timeline says are created after he kills himself.
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    My friends and I have been trying to make a short series of maps since we were in high school, having us as another rag-tag team helping set up the bigger stage from the side and give explanations to some of the more unexplained details. One of them wanted to cover the origins of the Elemental Crystals which play a huge role in the Great War and the cycle both completed and broken. I wanted to give some depth to the Runes of Creation, which seemingly only got used for a more convoluted Simon Says minigame. I'll go a bit more in-depth with each map. Plaza: A small shopping center completely cut off by debris in 2023, meant to be the map we group up in and get contacted by Mr. Rapt who begins our journey to "fix our world" by collecting the Runes of Creation. A simple survival map with no interactive Easter Egg Quests (major anyways), some ciphers/radios/quotes that tie things together. Chateau en Ruine (Ruined Castle in French): A frozen variation of the Mont-Saint-Michel Castle in Normandy, France in 2024. The location was known as the lair of the Ice King, brother-in-arms to the Wolf King during the Great War. The castle is collapsing, floors are unstable and specific parts can collapse causing players and enemies to fall to lower floors if they don't watch their step. The Shadow Rune of Creation is found here, where darkness envelops the frozen wastelands. This map builds history of the Great War and puts more perspective of how involved humanity was in the fight against the Apothicons, as well as how steep the cost was. Qabr Almawtaa (Tomb of the Dead in Arabic): The interior of the pyramids that Victis travels by on their way to Buried, the map takes place on October 7, 2035. The map plays similar to Call of the Dead, where we interact with Victis for the quest while fighting the undead inside the pyramid. Following the concept Zetsubou no Shima started, the Egyptian God Anubis/Osiris (friend is still deciding which to use for the God of Undead) is a corrupted Keeper holding the Fire Rune of Creation. The map holds ciphers on the walls involving Keeper and Apothicon backstory, while having a George Romero-style boss roaming the claustrophobic labyrinth. Stan rozpadu (State of Decay in Ukrainian): The remains of the Chernobyl Nuclear Site decades after decommission on October 12, 2027. Secretly recommissioned by the ASCENSION Group, the Chernobyl Facility becomes a prototype for infinite energy experiments after the group's change in direction following the disappearances of Gersh and Harvey Yena. Of course, this means experimenting with Element 115 and its reactions to certain radioactive materials, which always ends up being an accident waiting to happen. Mr Rapt's instructions to collect the Electricity Rune of Creation are hard to hear over the conflicting commands coming from voices telling us to energize a Global Polarization Device in their favor.... The map expands the finality of the ASCENSION Group, the reason certain books throughout the series act the way they do (Nero's magic book, Richtofen's diary, etc.), and adds context to the world following Richtofen's Grand Scheme (which I really wish we got to see more of even from civilian view, small simple survival maps around the world showing the full scale of things after the events of Moon). Convergence: A highly unstable reality on the line that bleed multiple dimensions into one another (shoutout to @The Meh who also had the idea), on February 24, 2033 the Devil's Slide Bunker in California rages war above-ground and a futuristic lab underneath. Mr. Rapt personally gets involved, even going as far as handing off the Summoning Key to help stabilize the dimension so that the Light Rune of Creation can be acquired. The map also throws back one of my much older theories that tied Extinction and Zombies into one timeline (long before BO3 got the official timeline and before multiverse was established). This map expands the lore of the Empty Earth and the Maxis that constructed ZERO Base, the Keeper faction war that originally separated the Keepers from their corrupted brethren, history of the Kronorium itself, and the weight of the Illuminati's involvement in the multiverse. Ozzoth Arkatugua (Apothicon Space / Dark Aether in Apothicon): Mr. Rapt ended up being a bad guy after all, a surprise only to those that don't follow the lore. The crew enters the Dark Aether with help from the Keepers and proceed to raise hell trying to get back the Runes of Creation and the Summoning Key into the hands of the Keepers before the Shadowman uses them to their full extent. This map gives the origins of the Elemental Crystals, why the Summoning Key ends up in Morg City, expands lore of the Dark Aether, and helps clarify certain details regarding the Tag der Toten ending.
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    The beauty of crafting YouTube titles haha
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    Come check out the latest Podcast Der Toten, the official CoDz podcast, featuring myself, @Mattzs, and @Tac. In this week's episode, we discuss the founding of the Ascension Group and their known operations. Where else does the Ascension Group operate? Who started it? Does it live on past 1964? What is their true purpose? Post a comment below!
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    I heard you guys talk about the etymology of Mercury in the name 'Project Mercury', and you talked about the role of the Roman god Mercury. I'd also like to notice there is a whole conspiracy around (Red) Mercury as well, said to be the main component of Die Glocke and nuclear weapons. The liquid light metal was supposedly taken and investigated by the Soviet Union, therefore calling it Red Mercury. Russian newspapers, on its turn, claimed that Western nations used Red Mercury to develop nuclear weapons. During the days of Alpha Omega I also wrote a thread about it if you're interested. Project Mercury refers to the Gersch Device, a weapon that works because of the Casimir Effect. The basic principle of the Casimir Effect is having a vacuum between two plates that in theory generates an infinite amount of energy. Richtofen also builds himself one during the Moon Easter Egg: Anyways, I think this is why the Gersch device looks like a waffle maker: two plates with a small space between provides a enormous amount of vacuum and thereby energy. In Ascension, when you complete all the steps and see the Gersch as an ethereal orb on the ground next to the Casimir Mechanism, you can thow a Gersch Device on it, and you'll hear these quotes: It's not until we throw a Gersch Device, and blast the device with 115-infused Wonder Weapons that the Casimir Effect is correctly occuring and the Gersch Device is amplified enough for a steady gateway to be created. The blast of 115 from the Wonder Weapons amplifies the Casimir Effect significantly, the power is transfered to the Casimir Mechanism, and the gateway is created. Now here's the interesting thing; I think 115 is Red Mercury. The fact both the Gersch Device (referred to as Project Mercury) and the wonderweapons that emit 115 are needed gives me the feeling the light metal they use is the same. Not to forget that this 'Red Mercury' was described for the first time by Nazi scientists, saying this leichtmetal (light metal) was put in canisters on top of Die Glocke, appearing purple in colour. Where else do we see this? The DG-1 (Die Glocke-1)?
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    As the end of the month approached, I was really looking forward to a new reveal of chapters. I like it how the two min stories, Richtofen's and McCain's, are really tying together now. Richtofen also clearly behaves like a sadistic maniac now, seems like the blackness at last has swallowed his heart. And then my eyes noticed Nikolai's testsubject name, 4N0N! Can you imagine there being a reference to your name in one of your favourite books? I was bursted with honour upon reading that, and still kinda gazed. I've been a follower and fan of this Storybook ever since it began, I've seen all your hard work put in it and all the rewrites of different versions of the chapter. Its like a series you follow over years, new episodes being released every now and then. Occasionally, on holidays, I started re-reading it all, enjoying it every time again. And then reading this small nod, this 4N0N, that really is something that fills me with happiness. Thank you
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    Honestly not sure. I didn't look too far with the tablet, but there are a lot of stuff in SoE that looks like it might be something but it's nothing. One example are the equations on the wall near the sacred place, which are just an asset (not even made by Treyarch). On the tablet, there is one letter D which is flipped and also some letters in the bottom layer are cut, which is odd. However you have the impossible EE and so I don't want to underestimate anything in SoE. The sacrifice tables also have references to Lovecraft lore" https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Dreams_in_the_Witch_House Perhaps the tablet is also a reference to something in Lovecraft as well.
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    Come check out the latest Podcast Der Toten, the official CoDz podcast, featuring myself, @Mattzs, and @Tac. In this week's episode, we pitch ideas for zombies maps! What map ideas have you had in the past? Would you want to advance the Aether story, or put a map in-between existing maps? Would it be an entirely new story? Post a comment below!
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    Campagin ger_stakeout nam_armada nam_prisoner nic_revolution rus_amerika rus_duga rus_kgb rus_siege rus_yamantau (sidemission) tundra (sidemission) takedown takedown
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    @Rapt and @RichKiller I know you two have read Shooter's thread about Time Travel and the Aether, and I ask you, upon reading this thread, is there a connection between Ethereal Energy and Vril? Ethereal Energy is described to be everywhere, omnipresent, while Vril seems to be only there at extremely high concentrations of energy. However, both are directly connected to 115, both become higher the more 115 there is. Could we conclude that Vril is a very high manifestation of Ethereal Energy?
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    Great thread, Rapt! I too think there is a connection between the Illuminati and the Keepers, and that the two either cooperate or are the same. As you noted, the Illuminati and Order of the Keepers often seem to act in the same interest. What's more, they seem to have the same enemies. Is it coincidence that right after Richthofen touched the Black Pyramid on the Moon and came in contact with the Shadowman, the harbinger of the Elder Gods, he left the Illuminati? And why does the Warden, stating his personal hate to the Illuminati in one of the radios, worship this very same Shadowman and Overlords? Clearly the Apothicons are no friends of the Illuminati. Now I'm curious of what you think about the following idea, but what if the Illuminati is the human branch of the Keepers? We know that in the Great War a Knigjts Templar-like faction fought alongside the Keepers against the Apothicons, and some say the Illuminati found it's roots in the Knights Templar. But that's not all: we encounter Illuminati language on the gongs in Shangri La, a city heavily influenced by the Keepers (notice the Black Sun symbol and the ancient teleport mechanism). This language reads "Beware of the Dragons fire", and @RadZakpak discovered something that eerily looks like a Dragon on the Keeper side of the Great War scene we see in the Alpha Omega intro. Not only that, Naga's (Dragons in Hindu mythos) were closely associated with the gods, the Underworld a.k.a. Agartha and were even believed to be able to travel through different dimensions. You might see where this is going to, but what if the Illuminati already ages from ancient times. The Keepers could have reached out to them to provide them knowledge and spread the word about the Aether and the Apothicons. Perhaps Shangri-La even was an Illuminati city. In Revelations, Monty has the following quote: "The Keepers, an ancient order who've been granted the wisdom to see beyond the limitations of their own realm. Even while the rest of mankind scrabbled around in the dirt, drinking their own piss, the Keepers took the mantle of benevolent watchers." From this quote it almost seems like the Keepers were among the humans. Could this have been the Illuminati, the human branch of the Keepers? Lastly, we got this quote of the Reporter in a radio in Shadows of Evil: "Asking around, I've heard more than a few whispers about this Ancient Order and the Keepers. I think it's some kind of cult." In opposition to his earlier mention of the Ancient Order of the Keepers, this time it is Ancient Order and the Keepers. This too was found by Rad and it has made me wonder for so long. Is there a difference between the Ancient Order and the Keepers? Is the Order a reference to the Illuminati? Is that why in the undercroft of Morg City, said to be a Keeper stronghold, we can find a map of Alcatraz, clearly an Illuminati stronghold? Sorry for the tamblings, just wanted to share it. Oh and by the way, welcome to CoDZ buddy! You're on the right place for story talk here :). P.S. You might find this thread & commentbox interesting: https://www.callofdutyzombies.com/topic/197187-the-order-of-forgotten-mysteries-13-the-illuminati/
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    DISCLAIMER: This thread goes into detail. If you want to get an overview of the points I'm making, just scroll down to the bottom where it says "Conclusions". Though I would definitely recommend you read through the entire post to truly understand it.Today I'm going to discuss one of the less understood, but most important concepts in Zombies: the different realms, or worlds, within Zombies. I will also discuss the effect that time has on each of these realms. The three realms I'm referring to are the physical, Aether, and Agartha realms.To understand the story behind Zombies, it's crucial you understand how each of these realms works and how they interact with each other in terms of time. Once these concept is understood, the story itself will make a lot more sense.I've based this information off of years of research. I've followed the Zombies story closely for over 4 years now, and anyone that's around CoDz for awhile knows I know my stuff. If you have any questions for me please don't hesitate to ask, I'll do my best to give you an answer.Let's get to it. The Three RealmsLet's start with an overview. We have 3 realms within Zombies:Physical Realm - This is the physical world. It is reality. We can touch, hear, feel, smell, and taste. In this realm we occupy a physical body and are bound by the constraints of time and space.Aether Realm - This is the spiritual world. We are limited to sights and sounds only, but we can view and interact with the physical world as we please. In this realm we are a soul/spirit and have no physical attributes. We are not bound by time, but are bound by space. The best way to think about Aether is that it is like Earth's atmosphere, surrounding us at all times.Agartha Realm - This is a combination of both the spiritual and physical world. Time does not exist within Agartha. Very little is known about this realm.Those are the three realms we're dealing with in our story. Now let's get into specifics...Ethereal EnergyYou may have heard me mention this word before, but if not pay attention because it is a very important concept that needs to be understood.Ethereal Energy is the energy found within all things on Earth, living or dead. Ethereal energy is abundant in the physical realm.Ethereal energy from the physical realm is what powers the Aether realm. The Controller uses this energy to gain power in Aether, the more energy the stronger the controller becomes. We've known since Black Ops (based on character quotes ) that when we kill a zombie, it only makes the controller within Aether stronger. And that is because there is a transference of Ethereal energy from the deceased corpse to the Controller.115 is a highly concentrated source of Ethereal energy. When someone gets near 115, they are infected with this concentrated energy, and the controller within Aether takes notice. An example of this is when the Ascension scientists begin working with Element 115 and attract Samantha.With Element 115 on Earth, Ethereal energy is abundant. And thus the controller within Aether becomes very powerful. That very well may be the reason Maxis bombed Earth, in an attempt to destroy the remaining 115 and break Richtofen's connection with the Ethereal energy. We know they had a 115 source in Nevada, and that's where one of the missiles hit so it would be reasonable to believe that was his goal. After the remaining 115 is destroyed Richtofen tried to find another way to harness the energy, which ended up being the towers.Now that we've covered energy, let's talk about the other part of the equation: time.The Fourth DimensionTime plays a crucial role in our story as well. But time is not the same across all realms.The physical realm is bound by time. We can not move backwards in time in the physical realm, as time is linear. We can only move forward in time by means of the MTD.Time is much different in Aether. In fact, you could say time is non-existent in Aether. A spirit in Aether, if powerful enough, can view any moment from the past to present day. But while the controller in Aether has the ability to go back to any point in time, they do not have the ability to change the past themselves. They can only bring spirits back to a point in time and hope that the physical realm changes itself.Which brings us to the cycle.Viewing Images from the Past"Viewing Images from the Past" is a pretty accurate metaphor for how the Zombies cycle works. As we just discussed, the controller in Aether has the ability to send spirits back in time to a previous memory and have them relive it. If they relive it and change things drastically, then history is changed. And that is how our characters can continue to die and be reborn again while progressing through the story.It goes like this: We fight and die in the physical realm, we go to Aether, the controller brings us back to a point in time to repeat the events until they are changed. Once they are changed, the cycle is broken and history is rewritten from that point. The characters in the game often mention a feeling of déja vu because of this repeating cycle.For example, the O4 are fighting at Der Riese in the beginning of our story. They end up dying, and Samantha brings them back to the point when they first arrived at Der Riese. After enough attempts, they finally survive Der Riese and escape through the MTD. When they arrive at Kino they eventually die again, and Samantha brings them back to the point when they first arrived at Kino. They continue this cycle until they survive and get to Ascension, and so on and so on. This small cycle is depicted in the opening cutscene for Die Rise as well.That's how every map has worked. SNN-Moon Samantha brings us back, Tranzit-Buried Richtofen brings us back, and Maxis brings us back on Origins.But keep in mind the controller can't actually bring people back to any point in the past, it can only bring souls back to a point in their own past to have them change their own history and thus change history for everyone.Alternate Dimension...Sort OfI've seen the question a thousand times: Is Origins in another dimension/reality/timeline? But the answer is blurry. It just depends on how you look at it.We learned in MotD that when our characters die and repeat the cycle, that time moves on without them. So where exactly are we when we're repeating the cycle?A good answer would be Aether, but even that isn't completely accurate, as Aether is not a physical realm. The best answer would be it is a previous memory we're reliving, that eventually becomes reality once the memory is altered drastically enough. But that doesn't tell you exactly where the map is occurring, so I'll just leave it up to you to decide.Conclusions• When a character dies, their soul travels to Aether. The controller in Aether brings their souls back to a point in time before their death to repeat the event.• The O4 have been dying and repeating cycles since Der Riese.• The controller in Aether allows us to repeat the cycle, by bringing us back to a previous point in time before we died.• The controller in Aether is powered by Ethereal energy found on Earth• 115 is a concentrated source of Ethereal energy.• Origins is us going back to a point in our own past and repeating it.
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    "Thank god we will all be gone because If Monty ever found this place, we would have been in a world of shit." "Maybe now with us all gone, the children will truly be safe" This seems to be the good ending: Monty loses, the children are safe, and you're not in a world of shit. Dempsey actually wants to die there, he knows what would happen if Monty found the place, and it doesn't seem to be any good. Meanwhile you have the other cipher: "If you are, then all hope is lost. I'm the last one. The others... they're... gone. We failed." "No matter what we do, what we fix, we still end up here." Clearly here you see Dempsey saying the situation is bad. But Dempsey actually has a last hope. And that hope is Richtofen: I hope Richtofen established contact with the others. Woke them up. It's the only way now. It's up to them. Now this rises questions on their own. In particular, it means that some version of Richtofen survives. As I've said, the answers as I see them are in The Giant. I would say that the paradox isn't resolved at that point of time, but don't concern yourself with that just yet. See if you can understand the rest of The Giant first.
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    Love your explaination of the Trinity here. I never really understood it before. One thing though, This assumes that the map announcer brings them back to complete their task. In BO3 it is implied that the fact they fight the great war to setup Origins is the paradox that prevents them from dying. The paradox must be resolved. Therefore they cannot die before finishing Rev, or Origins would never have happened. It was the single backwards time-travel from Rev->GreatWar that created the paradox. But that doesn't cover anything outside of Primis. (MOTD/SOE/Ultimis/Victis) It's possible there is a significant difference in the nature of dying and beginning again between each crew. Seeing as (pre-BO4) Ultimis/Victis do not have paradoxes keeping them alive as far as I am aware.
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    Glad to have you man, hope you enjoy it here.
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    @PINNAZ got in contact with a former Treyarch Dev about this and it seems to be confirmed!
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    Posting a little early Chapter 33: Exodus Chapter 34: Breaking Point ZSCKVSKBKXNKLKCDKBNROCOBFOCDROYBNOBKXNYCCNUSCRSCK
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    Nan Madol is a ruined, partly overflooded city on the island of Pohnpei "upon (pohn) a stone altar (pei)", around the tropical equator in the Pacific. The site core with its stone walls encloses an area approximately 1.5 km long by 0.5 km wide and it contains nearly 100 artificial islets, stone and coral fill platforms, bordered by tidal canals. The original name of Nan Madol was Soun Nan-leng (Reef of Heaven), and it was the capital of the Saudeleur Dynasty until 1928. Nan Madol functioned as an inspiration for Lovecraft's lost city R'lyeh, and both locations are close to the Pacific pole of inaccessibility (48°52.6′S 123°23.6′W), a point in the ocean farthest from any land mass. It is generally believed that Lovecraft was inspired for choosing this location for his novel by another, older book, the Moon Pool, by Abraham Meritt. The plot of this book concerns an advanced race which has developed within the Earth's core. Eventually their most intelligent members create an offspring. This created entity encompasses both great good and great evil, but it slowly turns away from its creators and towards evil. The entity is called either the Dweller or the Shining One. On the island of Pohnpei in the South Pacific, the cold light of a full moon washes over the crumbling ruins of an ancient, vanished civilization. Unleashed from the depths is the Dweller, a glittering, enigmatic force of monstrous terror and radiant beauty that stalks the South Pacific, claiming all in its path. @PINNAZ found a third story, an autobiography of Herbert Rittlinger, a writer, photographer and explorer who spent 2 years sailing around the Pacific. He discovered that Pohnpei was a "brilliant and splendid center of a Pacific kingdom that had existed there untold millennia ago". The reports of this fabulous wealth had enticed pearl divers and merchants to investigate the seabed secretly and the divers had all risen from the depths with incredible tales. Now this well is not a well, but the way down to the beginning or end of a tunnel, deep into the unknown. The fact that today the opening is full of water to barely six feet below the edge proves nothing, for the buildings of Nan Madol continue over the edge of the island and can be followed with the naked eye below sea level until they disappear in the depths. "Down below," there were countless stone vaults, pillars and monoliths. Carved stone tablets hung on the remains of what seemed to be houses or temples. But many divers didn't return to the surface of the sea, and the place was considered cursed as the 'House of the Dead'. So what is this tunnel doing on this tiny island? Is there a lost underwater city off Nan Madol? Several modern day writers theorized that the ruined city on the land and the supposed drowned continuation of it are remnants of a lost continent: The Empire of Lemuria. The tunnel could be a gateway to Hollow Earth, a word metaphorically used for Agartha. Okay so, Zetsubou no Shima, set on Pohnpei, features a lot of Keeper influences, right? The skulls, the altar, the hidden undercroft and the hieroglyphics. Does this have ties with Lemuria and with the power and size this supposed empire had, of which Pohnpei was the nexus? Actually, Nan Madol and Lemuria have a prominent role in Ancient Astronaut theories. The writer Devaneya Pavanar associated Lemuria with Kumari Kandam, a legendary sunken landmass mentioned in the Tamil literature which is claimed to be the cradle of civilization for mankind. This civilization thrived because of their contact with those from above which they referred to as 'Gods'. These gods are said to have taught mankind things like language (remember how similar the Keeper language is to Sumerian language?), agriculture (think about the Shangri-La water system), architecture (pyramids), etc. So goes the story: The gods came and taught our ancestors everything. Mankind thrived. But what is this story we see in the hieroglyphics in Zetsubou? Using @caljitsu's translation guide in Keeperese, I've translated the readings and this is what it says: Evil rises, the Keeper(s?) protect(s?), seal up and venture (?) Basically what the pictures already implied, this is the story of Nan Sapwe. One of the Ancient Astronauts that descended upon Earth and helped humanity not merely with learning, but also with fighting the evil. The Apothicans. But who exactly was Nan Sapwe? Summarizing it, the ancient room we see in Zetsubou no Shima is merely a glimpse of what lays ahead. An alien-influenced stronghold full of otherworldly treasures. In this thread I wrote how the Chtulu statues seen in Shadows of Evil might originate from this area, and looking at how that Japanese officer looks to the Summoning Key in the intro cutscene of Zetsubou, he might've been searching for this artifact in the dark waters around Pohnpei as well. The Apothican monster appearing at round 50 proves that whatever enlightened nexus this city once was, it has now fallen victim to the Darkness. Or perhaps, like in Lovecraft's novel, the place functions as a portal to the House of Cthulhu, the prison of the Apothicans: the Aether.
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    At the request of @RadZakpak after an interesting discussion on Mob of the Dead and Blood of the Dead, here is the script for my video on the way in which Mob of the Dead fits into the storyline. If the video is more to your liking, I will leave a link here (https://youtu.be/8Ikf97ADLsk) ZOMBIES DISSECTED #3 - How Mob of the Dead fits into the cycle The ZOD map of Black Ops 4’s Aether Storyline, Blood of the Dead, marks a crescendo in the story, however its exact position and the events leading up to it have confused some players - similarly, the role of the map’s predecessor, Mob of the Dead, is also one of uncertainty for fans. In this video, it should be kept in mind that all the information available will be used, so any preconceptions about Mob of the Dead that you may hold from its release should be abandoned here at the gate. The Warden of Alcatraz, an sadist and avid occultist, was contacted by The Shadowman, masquerading as Lucifer and given specific instructions. The Warden, enthralled by the promises of his new dark master, set about enacting every step of his plan, unaware of its true purpose and unaware of the lies he had been told. The Warden is instructed that he must condemn three prisoners: Sal DeLuca, Billy Handsom and Finn O’Leary to death for their murder of Albert Arlington and shortly after, end his own life. The Shadowman would then trap their souls in a pocket dimension (similar to the events in Morg City), and informs him that though he is free to fulfil his depraved need for torture and cruelty, he must push them towards the goal of Albert Arlington avenging his own death and killing the three mobsters. This is evident during Mob Of The Dead, where the warden says he will tell the inmates “The Truth” and then proceeds to play them the words of longserving prison guard (and known illuminati associate) Stanley Ferguson, who informs them all of their death and their former betrayal of Al, before their souls were sentenced to Purgatory. According to The Shadowman, this is to “trap another, a Doctor Edward Richtofen”. Now, the way in which this fits into the cycle, though at first seeming abstract, is actually fairly simple to understand, and confirms Jason Blundell’s statement of Mob of the Dead being “the most important map”. Between the events of Zetsubou no Shima and Gorod Krovi, Primis Richtofen brings his compatriots to his lab constructed by the illuminati under Alcatraz and rendezvous with a slightly younger version of himself, who hands him Blood Vials collected from Victis - Go and watch the Richtofen(s) video fore more clarity - and afterwards immediately leave. This means Takeo, Nikolai and Dempsey have blood vials from Victis, safely sealed in cryogenic storage, and Richtofen has blood vials from the Mobsters. This is important because at the moment the cycle repeats, any ordinary matter left over from the previous cycle would cease to exist, however, as Primis ingest organic matter from beings trapped inside a completely separate dimension that exists independently of the cycle, they themselves become paradoxical and cannot be erased. Unbeknownst to Richtofen, this fits perfectly into Doctor Monty’s plan as he is able to send them forwards to the medieval Great War, thus continuing the cycle. However, when Al Arlington kills the other three mobsters, the blood vials cease to work as this independant loop that is visited as a part of the main cycle is now broken. Blood of the dead takes place after this has happened and so the Warden’s attention is now no longer focused on the mobsters and can engineer the final part of the plan, to trap Edward Richtofen and drain him of his blood (which as explained by Maxis is infused with the Aether itself due to having teleported so many times). He believes he can use this to free the Apothicons and join them in immortality, though the Shadowman has no intention of letting the Warden leave, and we see in Revelations that he can free his brethren with relative ease, making the Warden of Alcatraz nothing more than a gullible pawn. The Shadowman’s true goal was the killing of Primis Richtofen in order to ensure the cycle was broken, and opening a path to defeat Doctor Monty.* * At the time of writing the video, I believed this was the exclusive goal in this situation. Whilst still technically true, as destroying the Aether is inherent in destroying Doctor Monty and vice-versa (we learn this in Alpha Omega), the destruction (or rather Banishment... Theory soon...) of the Aether was to take precedence.
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    YEEEEEEY!!! Here we are again (gotta admit Raddyo, you made me feel a li'l bit guilty with your User of the Year comment :p), so let's start straight ahead! The Illuminati, a faction of which, while appearing in the background the entire time, we know very little of. Their first indirect appearance was already in World at War’s second map, Verruckt, and the Timeline tells us that they even were involved in maps of the latest Zombies game, Black Ops 4. Were they, like history tells us, an order of important scientists striving for a more open, enlighted society? Or were they, like various conspiracy theories tell us, an evil secret society infiltrating every influential aspect of society, establishing a New World Order. In this week’s Order of the Forgotten Mysteries, I am going to sum up the Illuminati’s (and other secret societies under the Illuminati umberella) appearances and influences in our beloved game mode. Who are they? This code, written in Illuminati language saying “Living Dead”, doesn’t only appear written on the kitchen wall in the Verrückt Sanatorium, but also on the lab coat of Yuri a.k.a. the Pentagon Thief… Let’s start with the very origins of the Illuminati, ironically appearing in the map Origins. In the tombs and crofts of the dig site underneath the trenches we can encounter medieval Crusader zombies, having a large red cross on their armored coat: the symbol of the Knights Templar. Their appearance in Pablo’s tomb makes sense since, according to the Timeline, the Medieval Great War against the Apothicans took place around the end of the 1200s. The Order of the Knights Templar were a society officially existing from the 1100s until the early 1300s, most notably in Northern France (so they existed around the time of the Great War and even in the right area). Next to being a continental military Christian organisation, they are considered to be the founders of one of the first bank systems of the world. Around their time, they were possibly the most important and influential society in Europe, attracting a lot of noble and religious knights. At a certain point, however, the Pope and the king of France found them to grow too powerful, and accused them of heresy and the worshipping of Satanic gods. Thousands of members of the Knights Templar were arrested, incarcerated, tortured and killed in the most brutal ways. In 1314, the Order was officially abolished by the Pope, but to this day it remains unknown what happened to other thousands of members that weren’t found and arrested yet. Some believe they might have gone underground, continuing as some kind of cult, and for this reason their name became infamous in conspiracy theories. The Freemasons, or Masons in short, is an international brotherhood founded in the 1700s with members that are striving for spiritual and moral elevation, as well as mutual appreciation and help. It is the largest society that uses rituals, spread all across the globe, and thus: a popular theme in modern-day conspiracy theories. Their exact connection to the original Knights Templar remains unknown, but some believe the roots of the Freemasons lay with this medieval faction, united in a new organisation after most members were hunted down by the Church. The society is divided into several orders, and one of the most important and influential one is even called ‘the Order of the Knights Templar’, and similar like their medieval predecessors, if you can call them like that, the Freemasons were heavily opposed by the Church. So by these facts I would certainly see the connection between the Knights Templar and the Freemasons, the latter possibly be merely a modern-day continuation of the prior. The Freemasons are actually named once in our Zombie Saga, and well by no one else than good old Doctor Richthofen, a former member of the Illuminati. We know that Richthofen knew about Sam giving him the power-ups, so why does he mention the Freemasons now? Does he know something we do not know (yet)? Anyway we’ll head to the main subject of the week… The Illuminati, or the Bavarian Illuminati, was a secret society founded in 1776. The society's goals were to oppose superstition, obscurantism, religious influence over public life, and abuses of state power. Just like the Freemasonry and other secret societies, they were outlawed by the Church. In the following several years, the group was vilified by conservative and religious critics who claimed that they continued underground and that they, along with the Freemasons, were responsible for the French Revolution, the beginning of the end of the days of the absolute monarchs in Europe. In the modern days, conspiracy theories say that the Illuminati are lurking in the shadows, controlling and masterminding world events and planting agents in government and corporations, in order to gain political power and influence and to establish a New World Order. Many large companies, organisations, influential political leaders, scientists and other notable people are believed to be members of this society. Their actions seem to have a large impact on Zombies mode, as they are believed to be behind events ranging from setting up the H.A.A.R.P. up to the assasination of the playable character we all love: John F Kennedy. Their umbrella is nowadays said to include various other secret societies such as the extraterrestials-related Majestic 12 and Bohemian Grove, something even mentioned by the Tranzit busdriver. < Secret societies seen in a Black Ops I Campaign mission intro. Now here is for all of the Illuminati’s occurances and mentions I could think of (special thanks to @AlphaSnake 's Satanic Illuminati thread), but feel free to add more in the commentbox: The all-seeing eye in a pyramid, as seen in the Mystery Box. Something I assume we are all familiar with: The all seeing eye as seen on screens in both Ascension and Five. The Pentagon, as a matter of fact, is interchangeable with the pentagram, a symbol associated with both the “Satanic” Illuminati and the Apothicans/Keepers. In Five, we also encounter paintings of George Washington, Alexander Hamilton, Benjamin Franklin & Abraham Lincoln, all four believed to be Freemason members. The Illuminati symbol is also seen at various spots in Kino der Toten, proving their influence there as well. Are they watching us? The first actual direct mentions of the Illuminati in our story was in the Ultimis maps of World at War, where Richthofen referred to them as his masters. However, in the later released Kino der Toten, Richthofen says, upon obtaining the Raygun from the ‘Black Magic Box’, that “the Illuminati will never get their hands on him again”. When the Timeline was released after Black Ops Three, it was revealed that Richthofen joined Group 935 secretly on behalf of the Illuminati, but left the latter soon after his discovery of the MPD. This could be either due to him not wanting to share the knowledge of the existence/location of the MPD with the Illuminati, or he did it on behalf of the Apothican voices in his head, the schizofrenia he received upon touching the static field of the MPD for the first time. In Dimension 63, the Illuminati are also mentioned for constructing Primis Richthofen’s lab, possibly acting in favour of the Keepers (assisting Richthofen in saving the Multiverse) or the Apothicans (assisting the Warden in trapping Primis). Interesting enough, in the underground of Morg City we observe that the area was used by the Order of the Keepers to perform rites and such, and there is also a map of Alcatraz found (which can be related to the Illuminati). What appears certain to me, is that the Illuminati was very knowledgeable of Element 115, the Aether, Agartha and the Vril-Ya. The roots of the Illuminati umbrella may possibly lay with the very knights fighting the Great War against the Apothicans. There are Illuminati language found in ancient plates in Shangri La. Many of the Tranzit busdriver’s quotes can be related to the H.A.A.R.P. and such presumed Illuminati outposts, and the busdriver was built by Broken Arrow. Next to Richthofen, they might have multiple infiltrants in not only Group 935, but also Broken Arrow, the Ascension Group and Gorki-Korelev (GK). The question remains: What side were they on?
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    Chalkboards Some of the original great threads that explain nearly everything on the Chalkboards ~ Shri046’s – Der Riese & Nazi Ufos Theory Carbonfibah – Nazi UFO’s AlphaSnake’s – Unlocking The Chalkboard Secrets Tattoo247 – The Equation in the PaP room The following peoples inventions feature on the chalkboards ~ Victor Schauberger Thomas Townsend Brown – Project Montgolfier Karl Schappeller Hans Coler Nikola Tesla The images that appear on the Chalkboards are taken from the following books ~ Nick Cook – The Hunt for Zero Point Paul LaViolette’s Book – Secrets of Antigravity Propulsion Henry Stevens Book – Hitler’s Flying Saucers ================================= Chalkboard # 1 ================================= Golden Rectangle A Golden Rectangle is one whose side lengths are in the golden ratio. A distinctive feature of this shape is that when a square section is removed, the remainder is another golden rectangle; that is, with the same aspect ratio as the first. Square removal can be repeated infinitely, in which case corresponding corners of the squares form an infinite sequence of points on the golden spiral, the unique logarithmic spiral with this property. ================================= Force Heavy + High-K - Dielectric FORCE G-Hill G-Well Paul A. LaViolette’s picture explanation of Thomas Townsend Brown’s G-hill & G-well’s both summing to zero T.T. Brown found that when strong electric charges are separated by a dielectric, movement occurs towards the positive charge as if gravity were reduced on the positive side or as if the charged object were sliding down a hill The picture is found in Henry Stevens book – Hitler’s Flying Saucers – Page 133 I think the original is drawn by Paul A. LaViolette in his book – Secrets of Antigravity Propulsion – Page 12 & 44 ================================= Film Reel? Underside of UFO? ================================= Unknown Equation ================================= H Y E N A ================================= Edward, I know it was you! ================================= I I I II I ================================= VRIL 1 Miethe-Belluzzo design 3. From Henry Stevens Book – Hitler’s Flying Saucers - Page 59 ------- ================================= Unknown Equation ================================= Unknown Equation ================================= level 5 – 8 must survive ================================= Unknown Equation ================================= NEVER AGAIN SAM ================================= MEL ================================= Unknown Equation ================================= Bang α-Μ+φ / ψ B Φ Φ Φ m ? Greek Alphabet α – Alpha Μ – Mu φ – phi ψ – psi Φ - phi ================================= T R E Y A R C H ================================= Unknown Equation ================================= "Magnetstromapparat" Magnet Power Apparatus Picture from Henry Stevens Book – Hitler’s Flying Saucers – Page 25 Hans Coler - "Magnetstromapparat" (Magnet Power Apparatus) British Intelligence Objectives Sub-Committee Final Report # 1043 The Invention of Hans Coler, Relating to an Alleged New Source of Power This device consists of six permanent magnets wound in a special way so that the circuit includes the magnet itself as well as the winding (See Figure 1). These six magnet-coils are arranged in a hexagon and connected as shown in the diagram (Figures 2 & 3), in a circuit which includes two small condensers, a switch, and a pair of solenoidal coils, one sliding inside the other. To bring the device into operation, the switch is left open, the magnets are moved slightly apart, and the sliding coil set into various positions, with a wait of several minutes between adjustments. The magnets are then separated still further, and the coils moved again. This process is repeated until at a critical separation of the magnets an indication appears on the voltmeter. The switch is now closed, and the procedure continued more slowly. The tension then builds up gradually to a maximum, and should then remain indefinitely. The greatest tension obtained was stated to be 12 volts. The "Magnetstromapparat" was developed by Coler and von Unruh (now dead) early in 1933, and they were later assisted by Franz Haid of Siemens-Schukert, who built himself a model which worked in December 1933. This was seen by Dr. Kurt Mie of Berlin Technische Hochschule and Herr Fehr (Haber’s assistant at the K.W.I.) who reported that the device apparently worked, and they could detect no fraud. One model is said to have worked for 3 months locked in a room in the Norwegian Legation in Berlin in 1933. No further work appears to have been done on this system since that date. ================================= OHM 935 ================================= Unknown Equation ================================= Why? Gravity Potential Model 647 ================================= 0 1 1 2 3 5 8 13 21 34 55 - Fibonacci Sequence Fibonacci Sequence In mathematics, the Fibonacci numbers or Fibonacci series or Fibonacci sequence are the numbers in the following integer sequence. By definition, the first two numbers in the Fibonacci sequence are 0 and 1, and each subsequent number is the sum of the previous two. The Fibonacci sequence is named after Leonardo Fibonacci. His 1202 book Liber Abaci introduced the sequence to Western European mathematics, although the sequence had been described earlier in Indian mathematics. They are intimately connected with the golden ratio. ================================= Binary ================================= MOON ================================= Chalkboard # 2 ================================= Experiment 935 was successful ================================= 7p2 114 Uup 5f14 6d10 7s2 7p3 115 Uup 114 Uup = Element 114 - Flerovium 115 Uup = Element 115 - Ununpentium 5f14 6d10 7s2 7p3/7p2 = Electron Configuration of an Element ================================= Tesla Coil (Schematic) Hertzian Spark Gap Early discharge coil? ================================= Sun, Stars, Moon? ================================= everything can be based on this model ================================= HELP ================================= Why is Wrong? Why Wont It work? ================================= Unknown Equation ================================= After (dimensional) Regularisation Dimensional Regularization ================================= α – Μ + ψ ================================= Karl Schappeller Device ================================= =1.61803 39887 Golden Ratio ================================= Schwarze Sonne Schwarze Sonne (Black Sun Symbol) ================================= DELGADO Jose Delgado ================================= Unknown Equation p = - p = c ? ================================= Vril Flying Machine Picture from Henry Stevens Book – Hitler’s Flying Saucers – Page 24 ================================= α - Μ + ψ ================================= +0.61803 39887 Inverse Golden Ratio Michael Maestlin ================================= 48 20Ca + 243 95Am → 291 115Uup* → 288 115Uup On February 2, 2004, synthesis of ununpentium was reported in Physical Review C by a team composed of Russian scientists at the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research in Dubna, and American scientists at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. The team reported that they bombarded americium-243 with calcium-48 ions to produce four atoms of ununpentium. These atoms, they report, decayed by emission of alpha-particles to ununtrium in approximately 100 milliseconds. ================================= Unknown Equation > = XAXC 2hG? ================================= Chalk Tally Marks ================================= Energy Momentum Energy–Momentum Relation Four-momentum ================================= Tomorrow the project will move into full production ================================= Vacuum/Vortex? ================================= Naughts & Crosses / Tic, Tac Toe ================================= Unknown Equation ================================= V2 V2 Rocket Program The V-2 (German: Vergeltungswaffe 2, "Retribution Weapon 2"), technical name Aggregat-4 (A4), was the world's first long-range[4] ballistic missile. The liquid-propellant rocket was developed during the Second World War in Germany as a "vengeance weapon", designed to attack Allied cities as retaliation for the ever-increasing Allied bombings against German cities. The V-2 rocket was also the first man-made object to enter the fringes of space. The V-2's greatest impact may have been after the war; as Germany collapsed, teams from all of the Allied forces raced to collect rockets, designs and the German engineers and scientists involved in the V-2 effort. In the immediate post-war era, these teams were combined with local groups to re-engineer and update the V-2 design. The knowledge gained from these efforts led to rapid progress, especially in the United States and the Soviet Union, and by the mid-1950s, nuclear-armed descendants of V-2 missiles were common battlefield weapons. By the end of the decade these had reached intercontinental range and became a primary strategic weapon. Through a lengthy sequence of events, a significant portion of the original V-2 team ended up working for the US Army at the Redstone Arsenal. This team, led by Wernher von Braun, would be turned over to NASA on its formation. For NASA they helped design a series of booster rockets in the Saturn family, which successfully landed a man on the Moon.

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