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    I'll try to keep this short. I want to get this theory out there as best I can. Please let me know what you think. Buckle in. So it may be a stretch here. But as far as I can tell mob of the dead and blood of the dead are not the same iteration of Alcatraz. Blood I feel is more of an at the end of the world type place. Hence the mass amount of souls that seem to outnumber the prisoners that died there? Furthermore I'm wondering if the reason why we see the plane flying in shadows is because it's the four together during mob of the dead. Whereas the plane having landed in the giant could be the continuity where all escapes successfully. Hence the drawing of Ultimus Richtofen on Blood. Maybe Al made it back to Alcatraz or to this version at least... I really am not sure as I've not played any bo4. I simply caught the video of the drawings on one of the maps from bo4. It would be a clever way to interpret the story line. It stands to reason. I mean we know that the souls the collected we're in different timelines as well as the characters having just met back up after hunting different types of richtofen. It would also make sense of the quote on the drawing of Ultimus Richtofen. "Who the hell are YOU?" A man from 1930s prison just stumbles into Der Riese facility. Idk like I said it may be a stretch but it seems to fit from what I know. We KNOW that three timelines stray off from mob. The one where Stanley goes on to live a normal life. The one where al is killed and the one where al lives. I wasn't really sure where to place this so I figured a new forum?
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    We often take for granted the work that goes into making Multiplayer maps. While we scour the fine details of every nook and cranny of a Zombies map, Multiplayer maps are often overlooked because their primary mode of play is fast-paced, and the maps are designed not to take your attention away or to tell a story, but to serve as a backdrop for interesting gameplay. However, the act of searching Multiplayer maps across a variety of games shows that they receive just as much love and care as any other kind of map. I decided to go on an expedition across a few maps in BO4, taking screenshots and recording clips, and now I want to share some findings today. Most of them do not have broad story implications to Zombies, the Campaign, or even Multiplayer, but I just find them interesting. I hope to return to this thread with more explored maps in the future. Today I'm sharing some interesting findings from Der Schatten, Havana, and WMD. Der Schatten Der Schatten, or 'The Shadow', is described as a village sitting in the shadow of Der Eisendrache, which is now a battleground between good and evil. On the surface, there are certainly things of note regarding Zombies: The Castle itself, the fallen Robot, and the presence of zombies in the village's shops. There are some other interesting things I'd like to share about the map that you may or may not know about. For one thing, there is a room with a radio and a variety of German propaganda posters, and through the radio we can hear a man barking orders in German, named Captain Schulz. His orders are found here: The description of the above video contains translations, and it seems Schulz is calling for reinforcements after some attack on Patrol Station 9. It is not clear if he is directly talking about Zombies, or some living attack force. But that is contained in the room is quite interesting. There are computers with the following logo: That is clearly a reflected Broken Arrow logo. On the walls, along with distinctly German posters, are posters taken directly from Camp Edward: Now, this is obviously a case of re-used assets by a team that does not directly work on the Zombies team. But when looking at cases like this, I think we need to look at it from two different angles: 1. The Developer's point of view and 2. From within the context of the map. Regardless of outside intent, it is now a piece of the art, and it is the viewer's interpretation that matters now. If this map is truly meant to be an extension of Der Eisendrache within the Aether storyline, perhaps this relates to SOPHIA's comments on Broken Arrow in Gorod Krovi? In town there is a statue of Dempsey, the same one present inside the the castle, and on the pedestal these words appear: "The great destroyer of Maggot-sacks. When great evil strikes mankind, he returns to crush the bad guys." - Nice. In the windows of some shops are some rather docile zombies banging on the glass. There are some civilians, and some soldiers. What's interesting though, are their eyes: Some possess orange eyes and others have red. This is another development-centric compromise most-likely, but what can be made of it? Something I found interesting is that the interior of the train station plays a very familiar, though distorted tune: https://gameclipscontent-d2001.xboxlive.com/xuid-2533274874404829-private/bf0209a9-f1bc-4522-b980-120efa7b69d8.MP4?sv=2015-12-11&sr=b&si=DefaultAccess&sig=TLiync9C%2Bb%2BmkQhU53qnXDBYYJtLy1ILp2vvV8V2NVk%3D&__gda__=1591120265_a4668059a7fd857d0b74d470b609e504 That's the tune of We Wish You A Merry Christmas. I suppose that resolves around when the map takes place, if the snow didn't tell you. Additionally, outside the map, one can hear wolves howling: https://gameclipscontent-d3001.xboxlive.com/xuid-2533274874404829-private/c9509d76-0821-444f-b4fd-4510ab0bb1dd.MP4?sv=2015-12-11&sr=b&si=DefaultAccess&sig=NNwbI4dK602zqigEj13%2FeBqC4S4sByggThuPvR6a5n0%3D&__gda__=1591120265_442bab4c8dd75016fd56150bde220d24 Wolves are not native to Austria, which leads me to believe these are the Ethereal forms of the Wolf King's wolves howling into the night. Very spooky. Now that I've reeled you in with some Zombies connections, how about some Cold War intrigue? Havana Havana is a remake of the original from Black Ops, and I must say it is a gorgeous recreation with a lot of new assets. One of the coolest things about this map is how it begins. An American plane flies overhead, not dropping bombs, but Anti-Communist leaflets: Outside the map, one hears ambulance and police sirens from inside the city. There is no life on this street, with only the fluttering of thousands of leaflets flying in the wind being heard. If you've heard anything about the new Havana, you've likely heard about the theater, which seems to be playing Zombies-related films: Are the Aether and Chaos stories a film series within this universe? Or is there something more going on? The theater even has special Perk-a-Colas on the menu: While zooming in on various things to find only placeholder or meaningless text, I did come across this one which fascinates me: Now, the text is borderline unreadable, but that bottom line is 100% a URL. A texture artist's job when it comes to small assets with text is usually to just fill up text with nonsense if it is not meant to be examined closely, which is probably what was done here. However, most of the time that is done with generic lorem ipsum latin text, yet the artist decided to put a URL here? His/her own website? A joke site? A fake site? Though the answer is certainly meaningless, there is a natural curiosity in me that just wants to know! There are a few ambient objects on the map that will periodically make noises, such as a ticking clock, a phone ringing, and water dripping in a sink. But as I was looking over poster, I heard a Spanish voice say something from a nearby TV. This Spanish voice speaks on multiple TVs on the map, saying a few phrases, and I'm so curious what they mean. Here's an example of one: https://gameclipscontent-d3025.xboxlive.com/xuid-2533274874404829-private/d1bc9ef4-e0fe-466a-b9e5-5df20415c204.MP4?sv=2015-12-11&sr=b&si=DefaultAccess&sig=SUwm%2Bv3o9l8UcNv6XLjplrqdmKwDnDUSfFzM2GgmoDs%3D&__gda__=1591121593_dead7d6b054bf9fe80d39feb6835b344 If anyone can understand Spanish, I'd love to find the meaning of some of the broadcasts. Now, onto our final map of the day: WMD WMD is also a remake from Black Ops, and it is a Nova 6 Rocket launch site disguised as a vodka factory. You'll notice many unique Nova 6 canisters scattered around the map, some hidden inside shipping crates: Inside one building, you'll be able to see that there is a whole underground operation, with various rooms and some sort of metal sound. There's a desk with a radio, maybe a numbers station? Additionally you'll find a laboratory with safety precautions and chemical structures written in chalk, where it appears the Soviets are trying to improve upon Nova 6: The most intriguing location in WMD, however, is what appears to be the building where the Nova 6 rockets are being planned for launch. There is a cornucopia of Russian writing on papers, blueprints, sticky notes, and chalkboards around the building, and unfortunately I can read none of it. There is even a map with various world locations marked which definitely has some malicious prupose: If anyone is able to read the writing, I'd love to know what some of it means, if anything. I look forward to the next expedition. Perhaps more secrets can be found, and if not, I can at least appreciate the work put forth by the map artists of Treyarch.
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    There is a lot of evidence (many quotes, including of Devs) talking about how Primis has serious memory problems, especially in The Giant. There is further evidence that shows that Primis forgets they're in a loop and how exactly it functions: You don't even remember.mp3 In my eyes the loop is more complicated than what is presented in BO3 alone. Basic understanding of the story would tell that The Giant predates blood, but that's only if you follow Primis' memory of events. My PoV to the zombies story is quite unique so I haven't seen anything the game has to offer, so if you could share more regards the source of information of Primis hunting Richtofen it would be great!

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