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    lright team, let's get to work. We've got intel inbound from the WarZone. Maybe a good place to start is to take it back to the BlackOut numbers station. Otherwise, maybe it's in WarZone similar to the way the Infinite Warfare teaser was in Nuk3town. Modern Warfare Patch Notes - Suspected Treyarch Teaser at the bottom: https://www.infinityward.com/news/2020-05/MW_Patch_Notes_May_18 UPDATES The dots/lines at the bottom of the post are UI flair, and are included in previous MW Patch notes. Confirmed irrelevant. Thanks, @WaterKH, @Greer In WarZone: Phones are now ringing and bunkers are now accessible Phones: Bunkers: Discuss and document, calling especially on @Tac @PINNAZ @WaterKH @certainpersonio @Lizizadolphin @PreferredWhale6 @Nieno69 @oxin8 @RadZakpak @anonymous @caljitsu @RichKiller @Chopper @Boom115 @InfestLithium @Schr√∂dinger @Spider3000 @AetherialVoices @Lenne @The Meh @KronoriumExcerptB @PotatoForHire @MixMasterNut @EricMaynard @Amantha77 @Monopoly Mac @Naitrax @[email protected]_Appearo @Covert Gunman @DeathBringerZen @GRILL @83457and SORRY FOR THE SPAM folks, but that's a start.
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    Pulled the image, seems like it's just a bit of UI flair. They called it "adornment.png" but yeah, could be something, but I would think the focus would be more on the <redacted> bits.
  3. 1 point
    Come check out the latest Podcast Der Toten, the official CoDz podcast, featuring myself, @Mattzs, @Tac, and @NaBrZHunter. In this week's episode, we review the radios present in Call of the Dead and Tag der Toten as well as the timeline to get a better understanding of Group 935's operations at the Siberian Facility. What is the significance of the spleen? Did Richtofen break the trust barrier? What do you believe are the ramifications of creating the Elemental Shard? What do you make of the spy debacle? Post a comment below!
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    I hope it is well optimised as in no glitches, no crashes, not taking up 100 GB out of the box and another additional 100 further down the line. I expect nothing of the above, but I do expect a fresh start with some great new ideas. If some form of zombies is in there, don't do aether, don't do chaos, do something new, Treyarch. I also want a sick soundtrack and basically a great mix between WaW and BO1 in regards to campaign and in MP I want some good maps with no safe spaces.
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    Posting this here just in case it will be relevant:
  6. 1 point
    ? hope is a dangerous thing for cod zombies enthustiasts like us to have, but we have it... we have it ? (hopefully funny) musical references aside: This years CoD is a bit late in terms of it's reveal. I hope everything is going somewhat ok with the peeps at Treyarch.
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    I don't fully seem to understand it yet. It's about this part? "Number station <redacted> is Protocol Yellow. Activate <redacted> system. <redacted> is inbound. Awaiting correct authorization." Has there been mentions of any other number stations besides the Black Ops campaign? Curious how this is shared right after that Black Ops numbers 10 years trailer we got yesterday. Clearly I misunderstand some points, anyone care to explain? Also if this has any relevance, I'm gonna post this recently created thread by @RichKiller:
  8. 1 point
    The lore about Nan Sapwe. This is what Tac found about it's mythology: This Thunder God was actually a Keeper, one of the Ancient Aliens that visited humanity in the past. With this thread and the language revealed, we can finally translate that what was written on the hieroglyphics. "Evil" and "Rise" --> "Evil rises" "Keeper" and "Protect" --> "The Keeper protects" "Seal up/away" and "Cross/move beyond/venture" --> What happened here? What is sealed up? Could the tentacles imply that the presence of the skull seals up the Apothican demons at that location? "In his house at R'lyeh, dead Cthulhu waits dreaming"
  9. 1 point
    Using this language it appears to me that the altar of the Skull of Nan Sapwe reads 'horrible consequences'. I assume that refers to the fact the skull can be used as weapon. I haven't fully solved the human skull altars yet, though I know one translates to 'blood'. EDIT: Okay so took a look at the human skulls in=game, and one is 'blood', one is 'resist/fight', one is 'chaotic' and one is 'horrible consequences/doom', just like the skull of Nan Sapwe itself. Also checked the symbols on the trial pillars but those don't include actual words

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