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    Hey all! So today I wanted to share a thread about a subject quite some members here (notably @caljitsu , @The Meh and @NaBrZHunter) inspired me after reading their topics and discussions here on the Forums or our CoDZ Discord, so all props to them please! Without any doubt, I have excluded some major information and story/gameplay references, but I wanted to have this thread posted this evening, to give y'all some interesting brainfood. Ah well, it's already almost 1AM here but the UK and Americas might still be awake (You can read it with spleenbreakfast, @Lenne, my dear). Enjoy, and don't forget to share your own thoughts! I'll start with Leylines. Anyone knows what that are? (Sees a few raised hands) Okay so, Ley lines are believed to be a series of metaphysical connections that link a number of sites, such as Stonehenge, the Pyramids of Giza and Macchu Picchu around the world. Essentially, these lines form a sort of grid or matrix and are composed of focussed spots of the earth's natural energies. It could be called the Earth’s magnetical veins, nexuses of energy. These lines appear in most cultures and traditions, spread across the globe, and usually the names given to represent these invisible lines are translated to an equivalent of 'spirit', 'dream', or 'energy' paths. Most of these locations happen to be on mountains, man-made mounds, stone circles, pyramids or beacons. Some believe these lines are the flow of Earth’s magnetic field. For example, practitioners of the Chinese art of Feng-shui, try to determine the flow of 'lung-mei', or 'Dragon currents'. The main paths of the forces were believed to be determined by the routes of the sun, moon and five major planets. We know that the Earth is encompassed within a magnetic field. The strength and direction of the magnetic currents vary according to the position of the sun, moon and closer planets. The magnetic field is also affected. You could imagine that when the Earth was blown into bits, the magnetic field and leylines were altered and the force decreased. This heavily severed the Aether’s, and thus Richthofen’s connection with Earth, limiting his power. Now some time ago, @RequixEclipse shared a discovery by several global space-organizations of ‘hidden portals in Earth’s magnetic field’. Observations by NASA's THEMIS spacecraft and ESA’s Cluster probes suggest that these magnetic portals open and close dozens of times each day. They're typically located a few tens of thousands of kilometers from Earth where the geomagnetic field meets the onrushing solar wind. Most portals are small and short-lived; others are yawning, vast, and sustained. Tons of energetic particles can flow through the openings, heating Earth's upper atmosphere, sparking geomagnetic storms, and igniting bright polar auroras. From my understanding of this, it appears that Earth’s magnetic field is capable of generating portals. Back to the leylines, the energy nexuses of the magnetic field. Mythologies say that the Vril-Ya used rods harnessing and conduiting this energy, they called ‘Vril’. As I explained this in a prior thread concerning the Weapons of the Ancients, a Vril staff is an object in the shape of a wand or a staff which is used as a channel for Vril. The narrator of the book The Coming Race describes it as hollow with "stops", "keys", or "springs" in which Vril can be altered, modified, or directed to either destroy or heal. The staff is about the size of a walking stick but can be lengthened or shortened according to the user's preferences. We have actually seen such staff in Call of the Dead, Moon and Der Eisendrache (most likely all being the same one). We also see so-called ‘Amplyfiers’ in the map Buried, which amplify and project the energy. Blood of the Dead for the first time confirmed the existence of laylines in the zombies canon, in which it is revealed that Alcatraz is located at such nexus. This could explain why the Native Americans mentioned evil spirits they purportedly encountered on the Rock long before it became a federal prison. You see, bones and artifacts unearthed by archaeologists on the island have indicated that it might have served as a burial ground for Native Americans, and for some mysterious reason there are burial mounds and monuments made at a lot of leyline locations. It is believed that these locations, and the rituals around them, are ‘Death Roads’ or ‘Spirit Paths’, places where the spirits of the deceased can move away to find peace. In Buried, Richthofen says that departed souls leave residual energy in their wake, and now you might see where I am getting at. Is ‘Life Force’ electromagnetic in origin too? Let’s talk about the Schumann Resonance first, a set of spectrum peaks in the extremely low frequency portion of the Earth’s magnetic field. Pretty much the frequency generated of our ionosphere over the planet’s surface, the rhythm of Earth. Every second, pulses travel around the world in the resonant chamber between the Earth and the ionosphere, the area we live in, sending colluding signals to all microorganisms. These signals couple us to the Earth's magnetic field. Concerning our brain: Our grey thinking masses consist of billions of neurons, and each individual neuron connects to thousands of others. Communication happens between them through small electrical currents that travel along the neurons and throughout enormous networks of brain circuits. When all these neurons are activated they produce electrical pulses. This synchronized electrical activity results in a brainwave, our brain’s frequency. Now it is theorized that the Earth’s magnetic field, through the Schumann Resonance, affects our brainfrequency, and thus: Our minds (and this has actually some science backing this idea). It is by some even believed that this is the driving force behind evolution of living organisms. Conspiracy theorists believe secret projects such as the H.A.A.R.P. and MKUltra revolve around this. Mindcontrol through the Earth’s energy and frequency. In Alpha Omega, it is revealed that the APD (and thus, the MPD as well, I guess) can influence the brain of a subject: Motor and cognitive functions, the pain center, memories and emotions. So does an Aether Pyramid Device enslave the neurons and synapses through manipulating the frequency? In what way could Life Force be involved in this? Is it a cerebral pulse that sparks us alive, and maintains us so? If a brain works 'electric', does it release energy once it stops working and dies? The human body is comprised of matter and energy. Remarkably, at any given moment, roughly 20 watts of energy course through your body. Now, as Maxis says in Buried, energy in a closed system cannot be destroyed, only passed on. The universe as a whole is closed. However, human bodies (and other ecosystems) are not closed, they’re open systems. We exchange energy with our surroundings. In death, the collection of atoms of which you are composed are repurposed. Those atoms and that energy, which originated during the Big Bang, will always be around. Therefore, your “light,” that is, the essence of your energy, your Life Force, will continue to echo throughout space until the end of time. Is our energy connected with the Leylines, our planets magnetic field and the Aether?
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    Olla amigo's! Yesterday I saw @Boom115 made the 'Brains'-feedback button reappear, and desperately craving for some (though Spleen tastes, of course, much better), I decided to instantly write a thread about what was in the back of my head ever since a discussion I had with @The Meh and @NaBrZHunter a few weeks back. Quite some stuff included here is a direct explanation by either of them, so props to them! Another reason for writing this is that I would like to show that, how fantastic and fictional things may look, I would like to encourage any type of pseudosciencific/mythological research into game elements. This thread will discuss the pressence of the Staves and Bows of the Ancients, encountered in Origins and Der Eisendrache. And they might be more than just fun (and a bit overpowered) weapons to play with. Grab your popcorn and take a drink, this'll be a long one. The Staves of the Ancients Let’s begin with what can be said about the backstory of the Staves of the Ancients. To us four Elemental Rods are know: one wielding ice (Ull’s Arrow), one lightning (Kimat’s Bite), one wind (Boreas’ Fury) and one fire (Kagutsuchi’s Blood), all named after ancient gods of different mythologies spread across the globe. The ‘Ancients’ refers to the Keepers, or the predecessor race: the Vril-Ya (though never mentioned in BO2, BO3 or BO4 most likely due to the ideology being illegal). These mythical beings are said to have Vril staves, conduiting an energy known as Vril. A Vril staff is an object in the shape of a wand or a staff which is used as a channel for Vril. The narrator of the book The Coming Race describes it as hollow with "stops", "keys", or "springs" in which Vril can be altered, modified, or directed to either destroy or heal. The staff is about the size of a walking stick but can be lengthened or shortened according to the user's preferences. We have actually seen such staff in Call of the Dead, Moon and Der Eisendrache (most likely all being the same one). So as most of you know, the rods seen in Origins are not original staves of the Ancients, it are artificially crafted copies made by Doctor Ludwig Maxis. However, they were merely the stick-part, having a role in channeling energy. They excluded the source, which required a more mysterious source. When the crystal and rod are combined, a human being is able to use it’s power, although limited for them. I believe this crystal is some sort of catalyst for increasing the rate and force of the chemical reaction of 115 upon matter, since crystalline structures and properties are used in physics to absorb and rebroadcast electromagnetic fields and frequencies in a cleaner form. So these distinct Elemental Crystals each catalyze the reaction of 115 on matter, each causing a distinct product/effect: Lightning, Wind, Fire and Ice. This would be no different than any other element. When chemicals combine and cause an exothermic reaction that manifests in fire, we don’t say that the fire ‘is’ the chemicals, but we know that it is the energy from those chemicals being released. Ice is the result of a reduction in potential energy, so it can be suggested that 115 can be channeled to both energize and drain. Wind is caused by massive molecular movements in the atmosphere. Channelling a more moderate and steady energy flow to target particles could cause a wind as they move and scatter rather than ignition of those particles. Electricity is associated with the movement of electric charged molecules, which is a bit more complex, but you can see the application of 115's electric reactions in various ways in our story, including powering up machines. Next to this pseudoscientific, proximate explanations, we can also see the mythological, ultimate explanations behind the appearance of these four elements. Electricity would merely be a reference to 115's electromagnetic functions, as well as the belief that it has ties with atmospheric magnetism, Vril, and electricity itself. In game, it is multiple times used to charge up devices and machines Quite straight forward. Fire could be hinting Heroclitus' theory of the Ancient Fire. Heroclitus was a central person in Greek pre-Socrates philosophy. In that time, philosophy was the investigating/theorizing in order to explain things, pretty much what science is nowadays. Heroclitus called the entire cosmos an ever-burning fire, and believed that all things are exchanged for fire and fire for all things. Fire changes into various elements in a Cosmic Cycle, all eventually ending up in the fire again (similar to the Ragnarok and Welteis theories, only this time with fire). He even equated fire as the divine ruling order. Wind could be referring to the ancient Greek idea that if one heats air, it becomes an even more thin aerial substance known as Aether, the air of the upper Heaven and that which God's breathe. They also believed this was the elemental state where light comes from. The Soul of Earth. And finally, Ice, is of course connected with the Welteislehre. This ideology, gaining alot of followers among Nazi scientists, discussed the idea of ice being the basic substance of all cosmic processes, and Aether, the postulated medium for the propagation of light, also being made of ice. This doctrine has been present in our story ever since BO1, as a GKNova6 document talks about 'Welteis', the Shadows scrap paper has ice crystals (the fabric of space-time) and 935 even decodes to ICE. It could also be very well a possibility that ice is a metaphor of pure, crystalline 115. The Bows of the Ancients The map Der Eisendrache reintroduced elemental weapons, this time being bows. The basic bow, the Wrath of the Ancients, is made out of bones, a mysterious adhesive and burning arrows, and obtainable by feeding the Dragon heads. I fail to find any explanation by this, and I am not even sure if the Bow were actually used by the Ancients (the Keepers) in the past. The only far-away connection I can make is the fact that @caljitsu recently referred to Moon taking place 250 million years ago, when the sole supercontinent Pangea was formed on Earth. This was the time Dinosaurs were roaming our planet, and as on the Moon (and ‘meanwhile’ Shangri La) loading screen Vimaña’s are seen, the pyramids of the Keepers, there could be a possibility that the Keepers lived, or visited Earth, around the same time. Could Dragons be the ancient beings of this era? Just a quick thought, with probably lots of counter-arguments. Moving on to the upgraded Elemental Bows: We’ve got a Lightning Bow (Storm/Energy Volatile), a Fire Bow (Rune Prison/Fall Banish), a Void Bow (Demon Gate/Decoy Portal) and Wolf Bow (Wolf Howl/Keeper Servant). The elements used are remarkable similar to the Runes of Creation encountered in Revelations: Matozzar, or electricity, being tied with the Energy Volatile, Othlor, or fire, with the Fall Banish, Maroth, or shadow, with the Demon Gate and Ormat, or light, with the Keeper Servant. What exactly are the Runes of Creation? While in-game, they are merely a part of the Story Quest, their importance is heavily overlooked. In many creation myths, the use of symbolic elements in the shaping of creation are quite prevalent, and now we see these elements in Zombies Canon. ‘Shadow’ and ‘Light’ are referring to the two opposites of the Aether. Electricity (or energy) and Fire (or heat) were also essential for the creation of our previously static, frozen universe. Think of the Big Bang Theory for example, where a ball of infinite energy and heat exploded and caused our universe to be born and ever-grow. The influences of the four energies could be the purple, blue and orange forces we have encountered so many times in our games. Also saw this once on the subreddit posted by a guy named SpaceDoggs: Also note that the Blue Elemental Shard is said to have an infinite amount of electric energy, as it constantly recharges itself. The Avogadro, the "Electric Man" is also an indirect result of the Blue Shard. Seems to be ties with electricity quite well... Now the Elemental Bows encountered in Der Eisendrache each seem to have an application of one of the Elements of Creation. The Lighting and Fire Bow each are quite straightforward. The Void Bow seems to generate a portal to the Dark Aether, the place beneath creation, similar to a Gersch Device, possibly by emitting a tiny piece of antimatter that reacts with our matter. It’s interesting how Takeo says, upon using the Void Bow, that a pact has been made, but at what price for his soul. This indicates he is aware of the evil he is using to survive. The Wolf Bow is the most interesting, and mysterious. As this one is using the Elemental Force of Light (also stated by the name ‘Keeper Servant’), it seems like Souls have ties with this Light Aether. I’m not gonna theorize much further into this, but could this element be Life Force? Or our Afterlife? Could Heat and Energy be the cause of our physical creation, whereas Shadow and Light are the influences on our soul? If you got this far, you must know I have great respect for you. I hope you enjoyed the read and shoutout to all the active members on this Forum that constant inspire and motivate me to investigate our favourite Zombie-Slaying game. A new Order of Forgotten Mysteries is coming soon, but if you feel like, I would heavily recommend you to take a look to the most recent one discussing Nacht der Untoten's relevance in our Canon Story, written be good ol' @RadZakpak. Cheers, and love you all!
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    WIP Alpha Omega: Character Quotes "Tank" Dempsey Dr. Edward Richtofen Nikolai Belinski Takeo Masaki
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    So if you're an idiot like me...you played only aether maps solo with the same perks, same elixirs, same guns and didn't put operator mods on any of you weapons all the way up to Prestige Master 1000. Then this guide is for you. I'm going to cover the best strategies (that I know of) to complete the challenges that are don't come naturally to every player. Zombie Hunter Challenges I did all of these without any extra effort with the exception of the catalyst challenges. Curiosity - Kill 1,000 Catalyst Zombies More Than One Way - Kill 250 Catalyst Zombies using the corresponding reactive AAT's ...Got Your Tongue - Deny 500 Catalyst Zombie Transformations The easiest way to do this is to do the purge the blight step on IX. Prior to teleporting put cryofreze on all of your weapons. The step spawns endless gas catalyst that will remain at the same level (I can normally do this by round 20). Blow up the first orange egg sack and it will force the zombies to spawn on the 2nd level. Stand on level one and let them come to you. Once you have all 1000 catalyst kills, move closer to their spawn and You can do these challenges in one game if you have any elxirs that can spawn ammo (cache back or alchemical). Easy clap. Zombie Survivalist Challenges All of these challenges were pretty straight forward. If you are struggling with the open sesame challenge you should just break your copy of BO4 in half and call it a day. Open Sesame - Open 200 Doors Zombie Strategist Challenges This one was rough since I rarely if ever played chaos maps. Best recommendation would be to just play IX. The base maps tend to have the worst players. I guess its just that the folks tend to not be that invested in the game. I would also recommend equipping the "Nowhere but there" elixir as you can double your effors for the EMT challenge. Resurrectionist - Revive 100 Players with the Scepter Elixirs and Talismans Challenges Ace Up My Sleeve - Spawn 80 powerups by using Elixirs Rather than wasting your valuable elixirs. Use the point drop elixir. Its cool down is only 5 seconds and you keep your points. Share The Wealth - Use Point Drops to give points to another player in 20 matches This one is a pain in the ass. Only one drop per match counts towards your progress. Just make sure you have this on elixir equipped in public matches. Sanctuary - Avoid damage from 80 traps using Anti-Entrapment Each unique trap count one time per game. I would recommend doing the on Alpha Omega. There are 4 traps accessible after opening 5 doors (a 5th if you are feeling saucy). Weapons and Equipment Challenges Storm Of The Sentry - Kill 500 Zombies with Sentries Front Toward Enemy - Kill 500 Zombies with Claymores I mean, once you go wraith fire, you never retire...Run in IX spawn with equipmint elixir and cache back if you can spare it. I would also recommend the talisman that makes sentry only consume 50% of the specialist charge. Prestigious Challenges FOR THE LOVE OF GOD PUT THE OPERATOR MODS ON YOUR GUNS! Each mod category takes 10K kills, so don't waste your time by waiting. Death Slider - Get 500 Kills using the PhD Slider Explosions Alright so I might sound like a broken record training in the IX spawn room. Use the talisman to spawn with a perk and put PHD slider in that slot so you can get kills early. PHD Slider is only effective until round 13.
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    The Man, The Myth, The Legend "Tank" Dempsey was an American Marine serving in the Pacific Front of World War II, as well as an operative for the OSS through their efforts to steal Group 935's secrets in the developing technological front of the war. Little is known about his life before the war, and he would prefer to keep it that way. In terms of his family, he would only admit to having a 5 year-old daughter, a daughter he may never see again. Dempsey prefers the world see him as a muscled, masculine "Tank" of a man: A lover of a good fight and of a good woman. He is the embodiment of American male exceptionalism of the 20th Century. A majority of what we know of his background from Doctor Monty are stories of grandeur; Legends of the man they call "Tank". We don't even know for sure what his first name is. On the surface, there isn't much to see with "Tank" Dempsey, and it is perhaps for this reason he was such an exceptional leader of his fellow Marines as well as Ultimis. "Tank" would rather his allies see him as the legendary American badass who can lead them through the dark, instead of the man he truly is beneath the surface. The Facade When Dempsey isn't screaming in jubilation at his own triumph over the undead, he tends to mutter softly to himself. Unlike the others of Ultimis, he tends to only express excitement or insults to those around him, rarely ever letting anyone in to his own thought process. On occasion, however, when he is alone, his true self tends to come to light. Another quirk of Ultimis Dempsey, is his complete destruction of the fourth wall on many, many occasions. Unlike even the knowledgeable Primis Richtofen, Dempsey is aware he is within the confines of a game. What I would like to propose is that Dempsey's outward persona is merely a facade, an elaborate performance. In the time before 115 corrupted his mind, this performance was to boost the morale of his fellow Marines by portraying the legendary war hero, an inspiration to many young men in the Corps. After corruption, however, Dempsey began to believe he was trapped in some sort of simulation, a game, being manipulated by some higher power, the Player, and created by Treyarch. With this information in mind, Dempsey has been portraying the same character his own men were used to, and has gone to great lengths to appease and acknowledge his "fans". In Dempsey's mind, his persona is all that he controls, as his actions are controlled by this "Player". Many of Dempsey's reflections harp on how he is perceived by the Player. In Call of the Dead while he is not playable, he attempts to formulate new catchphrases to stay original. In Ascension, he comments on fan opinion of Takeo. Not to mention, he constantly laments Treyarch's repeated usage of the same mechanics, including turning on the power and easter egg songs appearing in every map. By the time of Alpha Omega, Dempsey is incredibly disillusioned to the idea of collecting MacGuffins for the sake of saving he universe. He seems to miss the days when the Player was satiated by simple Zombie-killing, rather than elaborate quests. All of this is suffice to say that Dempsey is simply playing along with a game controlled by outside forces. One might question why he wants to appease the Player, and question's Treyarch's choices so frequently. This leads to the potential Fridge Horror that he believes his world may cease to exist if the Player loses interest. Despite the feelings he may have about his situation or his life beyond the battlefield, he chooses to hide this behind a mask for the sake of those around him. Outside this persona, he is a deeply introspective person. That, or maybe, like us, he's just having a good time.
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    So, there's a special conversation you can trigger between Ultimis Dempsey and Peter McCain if you linger on the second-to-last step in the AO egg, and you have that Dempsey in your game. The conversation goes as follows: Dempsey: "That really you McCain? I gotta know for sure. Tell me something only the two of us would know." Peter: "You sure you want me to do that Tank? we go way back. I could embarrass the heck out of you if I wanted to." Dempsey: "Ok, let's keep it cryptic. Me and Phoebe. Sum it up in three words." Peter: "I. Forgive. You." Dempsey: "Can't say I'm surprised. However mad you were at the time, I knew you'd come around. You've always been the forgiving type." Peter: "...And discrete. See how I didn't embarrass you by telling everyone exactly who Phoebe is? So Tank, I need to know one thing. Did we beat group 935? Did we wipe their whole rotten operation off the face of the earth?" Dempsey: "We wiped a lot of things off the face of the earth. It's complicated. I want you to know that I tried, Peter. We really tried. We came lookin' for you. Me, John Banana, Smokey..." Peter: "I know, Tank. I know." Mkay, so it seems to me that Peter is insinuating that he once had feelings for a woman named Phoebe, but that Dempsey "stole her away" in some capacity. Not only that, but I don't think this was just some random throwaway line about one of Dempsey's past indiscretions to establish past beef with Peter. Peter specifically says "See how I didn't embarrass you by telling everyone exactly who Phoebe IS?" the word "Is" is key, because it implies she has some active current relation to one of them. If it was just a minor insignificant past girlfriend one of them had, Peter would have said "who Phoebe WAS." Granted if she was their age in the 40s she's probably dead by 2025, but she's still present in their minds seemingly. But as it stands, it seems like one of two things are possible. On one hand maybe Phoebe was Peter's wife, and Dempsey had an affair with her, but they got over it and she remains married to Peter. Alternately, it could be that she left Peter for Dempsey, remaining HIS wife to this day. I do remember back in the day, maybe on Moon, Dempsey saying "I gotta get one of these for my 5-year-old!" other than that, which might have just been a joke, this conversation is potentially the first ever reference to Dempsey's family.
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    Guten abend everyone, it is that time again for our weekly discussions in the Order of the Forgotten Mysteries. As you might see, this is episode 10 already, which is why I'd be proud to celebrate! How? In honour of @RadZakpak, who did an awesome job helping me with the Order, I'll devote this thread to one of his first discussion posts, debating the subject of the time between Kino der Toten and Ascension. Let the old school theorizing continue! Why Ascension is an important map Reading the Timeline scraps of Shi no Numa and Der Riese, we read that upon getting his diary back, Richthofen's plan is to simply teleporting back to the Moon and confronting Samantha, not that long after she entered the MPD, in 1945. From this I conclude that his diary didn't summarized his entire Grand Scheme of first obtaining the Focussing Stone and Vril Rod, and he might have needed his diary for simpler things such as the exact coordinates of Griffin Station, the PC terminal code or whatever. However, at Der Riese something goes wrong that affects everything. Dropping his Diary caused Richthofen and his obedient crew to travel to the research facility of the Ascension Group in order to retrieve it. According to the Timeline, it is here where Richthofen formulated his Grand Scheme including the artifacts. This might have something to do with the following: In the intro radio of Kino, Richthofen questionizes himself where Samantha is, which was a quote most of us never really seemed to understand, since he very well knows about the fact that she is inside the MPD. However, I think Richthofen underestimated the powers of the Pyramid Device, and now he's hearing the demonic Samantha laughing and talking, he wonders where she really "is". While he knew about the MPD being linked with the Aether, he might not have known the occupant would gain an ethereal form and enter this extradimensional plane. Only thanks to the knowledge he gained from Gersch ("She is coming") and the repairing of the Casimir Mechanism, he learned about Samantha's presence in the Aether. He learned that he couldn't merely confront her on the Moon, like he initially wanted to do, but he had to formulate a plan, later known as his Grand Scheme. It involved the Rod, the Stone and the Casimir Mechanism (which he also builds in Griffin Station during the Moon Quest). This Mechanism creates the Casimir Effect: When two metal plates are placed parallel from each other in a vacuum at a specific distance apart will create a pressure in the middle of these plates. This pressure is caused from a small difference in wavelengths from between and outside the metal plates. In real life, this effect is difficult to harness as the calculations are impossible because of an infinite amount of smaller wavelengths. However, if the certain numbers of wave lengths and calculations would be known, the Casimir Effect could be harnessed as energy. And because the source of energy is a vacuum, the vacuum of space could be an incomprehensible source of energy. I think this peak of energy in the ethereal field might be used to literally blast Gersch out of the Dark Aether, and Richthofen saw the potential of doing something similar to Samantha. This is why Ascension is such an important map, and possibly also why it is the first map that gets a complete Comic Book page (as the WaW maps received merely small frames, and Kino even none): From this map on Richthofen knew what was really going on. And he learned how to get Samantha out of the Vril Pyramid. @Lenne noted in this thread that Takeo ever since Ascension might have known what Richthofen's plan was. This would fit by this idea Richthofen's plan actually began in Ascension. A word about Kino's Pentagon Room So now we have two issues: The first being how Richthofen in Kino knew his diary was in the Ascension Cosmodrome, the second one being how he travelled there. We all know the Pentagon Room the characters can teleport to in Kino der Toten. This room includes a small Soviet rocket, similar to the one encountered in Ascension, that can be launched upon interacting with it. A television screen can be seen as well, featuring images of Operation 40 (the invasion of the Bay of Pigs) and a Soviet Cosmodrome: Ascension! This picture is identical to the Ascension Main Menu picture. What is interesting as well, is that this menu picture has changed one time. It changed from a normal picture of the Cosmodrome to the one seen on what seems like a TV screen. Why? Could this be a blink to the television encountered in Kino der Toten, or the Pentagon technically? Maybe this room holds any significance. From Classified, we know the CIA acquired a copy of Richthofen's diary via a spy in the Ascension Group. Could Richthofen, after he teleported to the Pentagon, have stumbled upon a letter talking about this, so he now knew his diary was in the Cosmodrome. This could be why he knew he had to travel there from Kino der Toten. How did they travel to the Cosmodrome? We've reached the main mystery: What happened in the time between Kino and Ascension? All we know is that upon arriving, Ultimis find theirselves in a Lunar Lander. The Timeline also states this: However, if Treyarch is going to convince me that they flew all the way from Berlin to the Cosmodrome, which is a rough 4000 kilometers, they will definitely fail. Reason one is that the fuel tank of a Lander, which is seen to be needed to refuel every small flight of a few meters in Ascension, way too small for this. The second reason is that it took Ultimis 9 days to fly to there. With a small calculation, they'd fly 20 km/h, which, even if fuel wouldn't be a problem, wouldn't go unnoticed for the Soviet Union in times of a Cold War. The idea, though, would be funny: 9 days of peace for Ultimis, slowly floating through the air, chatting, eating, sleeping and pissing together. So what did happen? Well, let's first notice that while it is said that they localize a Lunar Lander, that doesn't mean that happened in Kino. What we know is that the very first moment we land in Ascension with the Lander, there still is power and colour. Upon arrival, however, power is deactivated. I think this could be due to Gersch's call for help. His reach out from the Dark Aether, even while it was merely one message, yielded so much energy that the facility's electrical circuits shut down. Developers have said that Ascension originally was meant to be even larger, with the area seen from the sky also to be able to enter. Could this part of the facility be the location Ultimis got their lander from, which was still activatable because initially, the power wás on. As they searched and found the diary and stepped inside the Lander, Gersch noticed them and called for help, deactivating the power and beginning the game. How did they reach the Cosmodrome Complex from Berlin, then? My own thought is that they simply used the teleporter in Kino, either with Richthofen entering the right coordinates or by change teleporting to the right area. You see, throughout all of our teleportations, it seems like we are somehow appealed to locations where 115 is present/experimented upon: der Riese, Kino, Shangri La, the Pentagon, you name it. Perhaps the places where the element is located, the global electromagnetic energy field is heavier, like a blanket with a rock laying on top of it, causing the teleporting atoms of Ultimis to be sucked towards this point like trapped in a maelstrom. Keep in mind, this is all merely my own theory. How do you feel about it? How did Richthofen locate his diary? What happened between Kino der Toten and Ascension? A pocket teleporter perhaps? Secret underground tunnels maybe? Did they actually found the Soviet Lunar Lander in the Theatre of the Damned? Blundell once said that everything happening between maps is just as important as happing during maps, and this Ascension issue remains a big questionmark. Share you ideas, cheers! More Order of Forgotten Mysteries: Alien skull in Shangri La Maya Calendar in CotD FS ER letters in DR, Kino, Five, CotD and Classified Belinski Square in GK Group 601 Icarus Zombie eye colour NDU's connection with HAARP and Broken Arrow Involvement of the Bible
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    Okay so I may have just cracked this thing back wide open again, as I totally forgot this document from Classified: "one cosmonaut space suit and one lunar lander - coordinates to be specified" So the reason they just so happen to find a lunar lander in Kino is because Richtofen TOLD THEM to put it there. Now, his deal with the Americans was around August of 1945, still well before Operation Shield and teleporting Maxis. I have many questions... 1. How did he know he would end up at the theater? 2. How did he know he would then need to go to Ascension to get his diary back? Surely if he knew in advance he would accidentally go to the future and lose his diary, he would just, you know, not lose the diary? 3. The Soviet space program did not begin until 1956, so how in the fuck would the Soviets know how to make a lander or cosmonaut suit to place at the theater? Surely they didn't wait over 10 years after Richtofen made his demands and they had collected their scientists and research, then go back to look at his demands and think, "Oh, that's what he meant.", and then proceed to go through the trouble of placing a lunar lander and suit in a precise location near a theater in Berlin? 4. Does this suggest Kino actually is in East Germany? Or did they somehow sneak this stuff into West Germany, again, on the demands of a missing man from ten years ago in a deal that you already got your benefits from? It's also possible he specified they place the lander and suit somewhere in their own territory, and after Kino Ultimis goes through some wacky hijinks crossing the Berlin wall to get to it. That still doesn't answer how the Soviets would fullfill that request or how Richtofen would know he would need it. The only logical explanation that does not involve dumb luck is that Richtofen somehow had access to the Kronorium, and with information from the future he decided to go through with the normal timeline of events, to potentially try and break the cycle with Victis and get them on his side. This only brings up more questions, like how Richtofen would acquire the Kronorium. This is all hurting my head.
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    Oy mateys, I gotta say, this week's Order is a little bit different than usual. It is not discussing a real forgotten mystery, but rather a theme that has never been abandoned by the developers, yet has been overlooked often. As we are discussing Christian and Biblical subjects, I would like to note that I, who haven't read the Bible and used merely Wikipedia as my source, might be completely derailed here. The things I will mention do not necassery tie with the real beliefs of people who are Christian. Also special thanks to @NaBrZHunter, who helped me with rewrite some errors and misunderstandings! Ever since the start of early theorizing concerning Zombiologica, monotheistic Middle Eastern religions, among which Christian and Biblical matters, have been involved in our discussions. Whether it were connections to Satanic organisations, Knights Templar or Fallen Angels and Biblical stories used as metaphor for the involvement of extraterrestrials, we are familiar with Christian tales. Jeb Brown is said to be helped by Angels while crafting the Pack-a-Punch machine, and in Alpha Omega, eyeless Angels with big carnivorous jaws have appeared in Pernell's dream. Verruckt even featured a Biblical verse, which was even before our meeting with the Ultimis characters. It therefore was nothing odd or unexpected to suddenly see a Bible verse written on a wall in Classified. 19:9 This stands for Revelations 19:9 Revelations 19:9 is one of the last of the 22th Chapters. What happened prior to these events? Revelations God secured the Book of Life, only worthy to one to open and read it. This Book, however, is secured by seven seals. The breaking of the first four seals releases the Four Horsemen. The Four Horsemen included the rider of the White Horse (disease), the Red Horse (war), the Black Horse (famine) and the Pale Horse, carrying Death, or Hades. The following seals unleashed the Wrath of God, earthquakes and other cataclysmic events, followed by the scorching of all flora by fire, the poisoning of all water and the diminishing of all light. Not uninteresting to say is that these events were caused by something that came from above. I believe this can be connected with the Apocalypse caused by the Moon missiles: the fire, the death, the darkness (note that Tranzit takes place during daytime, but thanks to the fog the sun can only be seen in Theatre Mode). At Diner, horse sounds have been reported by various players. Weird, a horse in this apocalyptic landscape… In the following chapters of Revelations, a war breaks out in Heaven. The Great War of Agartha? This ends with the defeated angels, among who was the Dragon, or Satan, being cast away to Earth, known as Fallen Angels. I highly recommend reading Tac and Mac's thread about the connection of these Fallen Angels with the set-up of our story. The Dragon gives a monstrous Beast the authority to rule Earth, and shows 'great and miraculous signs', causing people to follow him. Its followers are forced to receive the Mark of the Beast on their right hand, which reminded me of the Shadowman's practises in Morg City. There is, however, to little known yet about what caused Morg City and our four characters to flip into the pocket dimensional/cursed version of Morg City, so more connection I cannot make concerning this subject. We've reached Revelations 19, the events the Classified verse is about. In this chapter, the war between the people of God (ones with God's Mark) and rest of the world (ones with the Beast's Mark) takes place. After the war has finished the Beast is thrown into the lake of fire. Satan is thrown in the bottomless pit, the Abyss, the Chasm or Rift that leads to Hell. The Dark Aether. We approach the end of Revelations, but we take a short look to chapter 21, verse 6. Now, aside from a reference to the map Alpha Omega, this verse might be a nod to Primis (Alpha) and Ultimis (Omega). In the Christian meaning of the words, Alpha Omega means that God is eternal and everything, from the Beginning till the End. Chapter 21 is about a new Earth and Heaven replace the old ones, and all the death and suffering is over. Kinda like a happy ending, but also tied to the idea of the world starting over again: A theme that is involved in many ancient mythologies and cultures. The Tower of Babel Now I'll make some sort of flashback to events prior to Revelations, at the very beginning of the Bible: Genesis. Location: Babylon, current Iraq. In Babylon, people had built a tower that tall that it was believed to reach Heaven: the Tower of Bable, also the infamous name of the Tranzit Story Quest. Now the correlation between these two is, I think, that Richthofen as well wants to reach 'Heaven', Agartha, by using his 'Towers of Bable', the Global Polarization Devices. Now @EricMaynard came up with an interesting idea on the Discord about pictures drawn on the wall in Classified. Most people, including me, believed that this pyramid would refer to the MPD, or APD perhaps. However, it appears different than a casual, symmetric pyramid, with its diagonal layers and tower-like look. It looks very similar to a painting in the café at Town, Tranzit. The Tower of Bable. Wherever you search for pictures of it, it always features this striking diagonal-layer appearance. Will we return to Green Run? Or construct a Global Polarization Device somewhere else perhaps? Underneath this drawing, "the way through" is written and above, a picture of the Vril Rod is drawn. The backup plan. The way through. The components. As a last thing, nothing to do with Biblical references but rather science again, @RequixEclipse noted this picture of the MPD drawn, with "The Source" written underneath it and a weird exploded ball of some sort drawn above it. He connected this ball with the destroyed Earth, seen in the Die Rise loading screen. I find it striking that this MPD is called "the Source" and the Tower of Bable, the GPD, "the Way Through". Has anyone any visualized idea of how this might work. Of what is the MPD the source, and is the GDP the gateway of this?
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    Before we begin, a foreword: From the official Treyarch livestream for Apocalypse Z, we learn that after deciding to write 'Not Ready to Die', Brian Tuey, director of audio at Treyarch, gave M. Shadows and the other members of A7X the ENTIRE Storyline they had written at that point. It's important to stress how many ideas we are only seeing come to light now in Zombies were conceptualised back in Black Ops (such as The Cycle, 'The House', the Keepers and Apothicons [known by different names then], corruption via the Aether, etc.). We also learn that lots of the song is specifically from (Ultimis) Richtofen's perspective. This is the only time we have been concretely given a perspective for a song. But without further adieu: Gone, cast away in time Evil yours, now evil mine So, I robbed you blind The voices in my head suggest a less-than-peaceful side The endless possibilities controlling nine-three-five The first couplet can suggest two, equally relevant ideas. Though "cast away" at the end of every cycle, the "evil" of Richtofen is one that he constantly re-inherits from the past version of himself. The second interpretation is that the inherited evil is that of the Shadowman, gained at the point when he encounters the MPD for the first time. The next line suggests a theft of power. Though vague, this can likely be attributed to Richtofen's betrayal of Maxis. This also retroactively alters the first lines, implying the evil within Ludwig Maxis that we, by the point of Call of the Dead, have yet to see. The final couplet here serves as lyrical basis for Richtofen's schitzophrenia being more than just made-up voices, something that was just a community theory in 2011. The second line is vague and seems to just be there to finish the phrase, though a stretch would be to say that it implies a "greater being" puppeteer Maxis at the help of Group 935 (later to be concepted into Monty), though take that with a grain of salt (You can't break me) Crush the fears of yesterday (You can't save me) Barriers - our trust will fade I've stood in the dark, been waiting all this time While we damn the dead I'm trying to survive I'm not ready to die The chorus of the song, which will not be repeated hereafter, is incredibly interesting. The screamed lyrics (displayed in parentheses here), are seemingly from the perspective of the Test subjects. This is confirmed by the reference to the "Trust Barrier". This is referenced by Richtofen in one of Call of the Dead's radios, as the psychological block preventing "Tank" Dempsey, Nikolai Belinski and Takeo Masaki from being truly subservient to Richtofen, and is alluded to by Maxis in his "Red Telephone" on classified. The progression here from "Break" to "Save" alludes to this breach of the trust barrier - and yet, the lyrical reference to the concept is a corruption of it. The phrase is "Barriers - Our trust will fade", and this is a rather good illustration of Ultimis' realisation of where Richtofen's allegiances truly lie at the end of Moon (Takeo is quoted as saying he would "Destroy every last remnant of 935" at the end of Moon's easter egg). The third line of the chorus is, again, a vague allusion to The Cycle , with the fourth being a general comment on the state of Ultimis. The eponymous final line, however, is one that becomes more unnerving the longer it is pondered. The defining trait of Richtofen's character, is that of his egomania. The only time we have seen Ultimis Richtofen truly die is in The Giant, where it is instantaneous - however, in Blood of the Dead, we see a different Richtofen writhe and beg in his death throws whilst proclaiming his own greatness - truly being an exemplar of "I'm Not Ready to Die" Damned, watch the masses fall Burn it down, control 'em all (Let 'em bleed) Make them crawl To daddy's little girl to read the writings on the wall While cast into the nothingness, the final curtain call In the second verse, we hear (what was) a hint (in 2011) to Richtofen's goal of control of everything, followed by an allusion to Samantha Maxis. The syntax of the phrase, the damned "crawling" to her, suggests leaving a trail of blood all the way to the end of Black Ops, certainly what we did, but following on, the final line of the verse alludes to the end not truly being the end, with "nothingness" being infinite - another possible reference to The Cycle. Through the madness we find Loyalty is no match for power Say goodbye to your life Left to rot in your darkest hour Prayers won't help you now As long as you're mine The third verse, again, has a rather unnerving lyric to be this relevant this far into the future. The line "Loyalty is no match for power", could easily be attributed to the dynamic between Primis and Ultimis, especially fitting if the last map is indeed a return to the Siberian Outpost - Richtofen has betrayed us before and will likely do so again, especially when, as this is from his perspective, he holds loyalty in so little regard when compared to power. Continuing this theme, the third line seems comparable to Classified's "Dempsey" cipher, where we read the last words of Primis Dempsey, alone and confused at what he has just faced, dying in the cold. I'll control the world One person at a time As I damn the dead I'm trying to survive I'm not ready to die The final chorus could imply the idea that though infinitely repeating unless extra action is taken, the cycle can be changed ever so slightly each time. By this was, Richtofen is gradually able to influence the outcome to benefit him (See this post for more information on that idea: https://bit.ly/2N1oN79), all the while damning the dead, trying to survive the hordes long enough to achieve his goal. // Apologies for the sheer amount of "if"'s "but"'s and "maybe"'s in this post, that's just how it is when dealing with analysis. As always, feedback is appreciated.
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    Let’s take Primis Richtofen for instance, because he happens to be my favourite. Like he says, he “has been trying so very hard to do the right thing.” From what we see of the multiverse, most Richtofen’s happen to be conniving and evil, but Primis Richtofen is an exception to this, “I was the nicest one.” He wants to find his redemption and put the universe right. He also wants to earn his comrades trust, but throughout the BOIII DLC season they have an uneasy alliance. He keeps info from the rest of the crew, but only because he feels it is for the best even it may not be (Not telling Takeo about the Emperor’s betrayal of him). When the rest of Primis kill their alternate selves, they become more understanding of Richtofen, as he has helped them gain some sense of closure or peace. They start to see that Richtofen does genuinely want to help purge the multiverse of the Apothicons and the undead, so he gains their trust (perhaps with the exception of Nikolai). They may have even gotten off lightly compared to Richtofen, as we have hints in Alpha Omega that he had to kill a child version of himself in order to capture his soul. But ultimately, Richtofen has a greater desire than saving the universe, and that’s preserving himself. He has an innate fear of death, and so help perpetuates the cycle we’ve seen throughout the course of Black Ops III. Yes, Revelations ends with Primis finally purging the Apothicons from Monty’s perfect world, and yes when they are transported back in time, Primis do win the Great War. But it’s not a permanent solution. Group 935 will still discover Pablo Marinus’ journal, they’ll still unearth the Templar undead contained within a French excavation site, and the universe will still shatter into pieces causing the destruction of multiple worlds and the suffering of countless innocents. Richtofen is happy to keep this cycle going even if it is the equivalent of putting a band aid on the situation because it means he gets to live. Ultimately he’s selfish, but in a very different way to his counterparts. He doesn’t want global domination, he just has a very simple and human fear of death. Now, I don’t think the other three are as layered as Richtofen, but they still received a lot of development especially in comparison to their Ultimis selves. Nikolai has deluded himself into believing he has had multiple marriages, after the devastating death of his own wife. Takeo desires nothing more than to preserve his honour and dedicate himself to his nation and Emperor, even though he is completely blinded by the Emperor’s disdain for him. Dempsey is a lot more sophisticated and mature, and is willing go to the end of the line to complete his mission and his orders. So as you might be able to tell I like these characters a lot. I can understand that some people prefer Ultimis more though. They were definitely more wacky and in line with the over the top humour of Black Ops 1, so I can get that. I will say I’m a fan of their development in Black Ops 4 though, even if it feels a bit inconsistent with how they acted in Black Ops 1. (Dempsey acting mildly annoyed that all their work in the Moon Egg only resulted in destroying the world vs. incoherently rambling and being distressed about these events in Classified) I guess you can write it off as the brain washing easing off on them, as they start to get their memories back, but eh it still feels a bit jarring IMO. So yeah, I hope I’ve explained adequately exactly why Primis resonate with me as well as they do. I’d love to hear your own thoughts on them as characters.
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    You just can't do this sort of thing anymore. You'd get smacked the fuck up in seconds with the new AI if you tried this, even with being able to take 4 hits now. The days of these kinds of epic videos coming up all over the place where players manipulated the AI to make insane looking cutbacks and dodges and everything, are gone. The zombies AI was just so much more fun to work with back then.
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    Richtofen's eternal soul was collected from Dimension 2210 between Origins and The Giant, so by all accounts, all Richtofens should be soulless if we are following the rules. All this leads me to believe there are two, maybe three components to make a living being: 1. The Eternal Soul: Only seems to be collectible from one particular version at any time, and once it is collected, memories from all other versions start to bleed through to each other. As long as the Eternal Soul is present in the House, Dr. Monty can wipe away all other versions of that being. 2. The Soul/Aura: What makes each being special. While Richtofen can be soulless, his eternal soul stored in the house, there is still a special "Aura" present that makes him unique, and can be transferred between bodies. Richtofen has gone from his own body, to Samantha, to several Zombie bodies, and back to his own body. The Aura may actually look, outside the body, like the ghosts of Alcatraz. 3. Life Force: This may potentially be the same as the Soul/Aura, because for example, Zombies in Die Rise seem to be screaming out in terror, as if some part of their original "Aura" is there. However, I also point to Richtofen's empty body, which Pernell notes has "no brain activity", but is still very much alive. There is no eternal soul or aura present, but something is keeping it alive. This may also be what is collected in canisters, and what is given to ADAMs by the Elemental Shard.
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    Whoa, there's a lot here I need to catch up on, but from the earlier posts discussing galvanism and the potential 115 has for interfering with the nervous system were fascinating. A few bullet point theories come to mind: 1. It seems to me that 115 overloads the sensory neurons of living test subjects, and when properly calibrated, can actually dull pain receptors while increasing the rate of healing, with memory loss as a side effect due in part to misfiring neurons and in part to deprivation of sensory input, because with a loss of pain comes a loss of sensory pleasure as well. Without pleasure or pain serving as mental milemarkers, nostalgia decreases, and previously programmed memories are not as easily re-minded. Bodily functions continue due to the depth of programming (45 years of walking, talking, and taking shits is harder to override than memories of loved ones and life back home). On a related note, perhaps this is why Richtofen is so sexually disordered, being a borderline necrophiliac and whatever you would call someone who is turned on by non-sexual inanimate objects like guns and tools. LOL! 2. In the case of a corpse, the 115 re-loads the central nervous system, but the neurons have already broken down and can no longer be re-synced with the occupying life force. It seems to me that neurons are that messenger between a conscious nervous system and ones' life force. This would explain why Dr. Lehman's use of gaseous 115 (presumably Nova 6) was effective in creating a controllable zombie, as the test subject was alive at the time of the dosing, and after death, reanimation followed immediately, effectively stabilizing decomposition and maintaining the neural activity. This would also explain why the APD and MPD are capable of controlling zombified beings, essentially bridging the gap between a consciousness (the controller) and the rogue nervous system (the zombie). Furthermore, this explains why controlled zombies never stop to eat their prey: it's the controller who actually selects and pursues the targets via the zombies. The controller is "rational," not animalistic and uncontrolled. Taking this crazy theory even further, it explains why killing zombies gives the controller more power. Think of the controller as a single programmer with a command line interface, but limited processing power. The controller programs the shattered neural systems to follow her will, essentially to "run her program" (kill Richtofen and his minions), and she can do so in bulk. As zombies die, that frees up processing power for her to reallocate to new zombie targets. Once the program is installed and running within the hijacked neural system, however, each zombie becomes a signal repeater which can multicast the program to more targets using electromagnetic radiation emanating from the overloaded neurons. This explains why outbreaks are local, and zombies spawn ahead of you and around you as you run. The zombies pursuing you are radio transmitters. Fuckin creepy if I say so myself. Back to work now. LMAO
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    Hmm, so looking up 'mesmerism' @Mattzs , also known as Animal Magnetism, is about passing over an electromagnetical energy current via a person's Aura to the person itself, healing him/her. About Auras (a pseudosciencific explanation): Solid looking matter is made up of pure energy which is vibrating at a specific frequency which gives matter properties like shape, size, texture etc. These solid looking objects like a pen, book and even the molecules, atoms and cells in our bodies for that matter are actually made up of vibratory energy particles like electron, protons , neutrons and further more tiny particles. So when these particles vibrate in their nucleus, a small electrical impulse is generated in our body and according to the famous law of physics “When there is a electrical field around a body, a magnetic field gets developed automatically”. So the tiny electrical impulses in our body results into the formation of a magnetic field around our body which is actually know as the Aura- electromagnetic field of the body. The Aura is a person's electromagnetic field! Since everything in this universe is made up of the same constituent particles electron, protons, neutrons etc that means everything has an Aura. And if we keep on expanding these so called elementary particles we reach a point where we find nothing but pure energy vibrating at the very essence of these solid looking objects. Everything in this physical universe is nothing but energy which connects to everything in the universe. So yeah this, along with mesmerism, is definately interesting matter, as an Aura is actually by some believed to be our Life Force. And back to the original topic, this can be affected/manipulated by Earth's magnetic field and Leylines, so our total energy is part of a wider field. What I find odd though, is that the undead also still seem to have this Life Field, as the Aether occupant is able to control it and upon killing them, in cases like charging the MPD, the Apothican Eggs, the Origins Chests, etc, they still hold Life Force. So does an Aura and thus a soul remain in a body after dying? Anout the EMP, or Electromagnetic Pulse, this basically creates an explosion of electromagnetic noise that blocks radio waves and fries circuitry. So as long as the pulse is active, the controller cannot communicate, as the frequencies are all blocked by radio noise. When throwing an EMP near the magic box, the box closes. When throwing an EMP near a Perk-a-Cola machine, the machine will temporary not work. When throwing an EMP near a group of zombies, the light in the eyes of them will vanish and the zombies become passive. All because the EMP has temporary severed the connection between Aether/115 and the concerning object or subject. But this is also proof that zombies are revitalised by 115 due to its electromagnetic properties. Also, our buddy Nabrzhunter noted the similarity in response the mystery box has to the EMP. The EMP interrupts the signal from the MPD, locking the controller out of his Aethereal access to that area, so he can no longer 'insert' weapons or objects into that time via the portal known as the mystery box due to that disconnect. Note that the box is still there, the same way the guns you have previously purchased are still there because they have already been completely manifested and are now physical and out of the reach of the controller. However, the guns remain guns and the box remains nothing but a box. I believe Black Ops II entirely revolved around this subject, wheras Victis had to activate so-called Global Polarization Devices. Polarization in electromagnetism refers to the way how the electrical fieldvector vibrates, though my knowledge lacks any more understanding of that subject. The most important thing is that once the Towers are activated, it seems like either Richthofen or Maxis controls the planets magnetic field or something, enabling them to either 'mend the Rift', or using its energy. @RadZakpak Good reminder about Maxis contacting survivors only through electric devices. It could be very possible that he uses the MPD as some kind of broadcast antenna or something, but that leaves the question: Why can't Richthofen do this? He only seems to be able to communicate via 115. Concerning Corvus, that what you said pretty much convinced me that it is tied with Broken Arrow and the main story. It could taking place in another fracture or something, or the universe it takes place in itself is a creation of Broken Arrow. It is multiple times mentioned that the organization is about 'opening new worlds'. Could the 'Corvus Universe' be some kind of Test World created by Broken Arrow, where they did experiments revolving AI, transfer of consiousness and Nova-6? Seems a bit far off but it is interesting enough for me to look into that matter later. Good point!
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    This strategy was found by Ashy on YouTube a couple of weeks ago, I really couldn't be bothered with this map beforehand as I didn't enjoy it, but this strategy made it alright and requires very little setup. You basically use the Electric Cherry perk modifier, which when you reload from empty gives you a ~13 second charge which improves your damage, and the Ethereal perk combined with the Ballistic knife with this charge means one-hit kills with it. So you shot a Ballistic knife to empty the clip and start the charge (pick it back up so you don't ever run out of ammo) and then slice away until the charge runs out and repeat. The Overkill (death machine) is really good for this strategy. You camp at the top of the stairs in the yellow house garden, with all doors closed. This includes the power door which means you can't do the Generator step, but you don't need the PaP or anything else besides perks and the Ballistic knife non-upgraded so yeah. I had a down on round 81 due to the zombies all coming up the stairs where I stood a bit far forward and wasn't paying attention, so be careful with that. Box luck was also pretty shitty but got there eventually, apart from that went well. As well as requiring no ammo's, this strategy also is nice and simple to set up which is great. I also had Wall Power to rock the PaP'ed VAPR in case I didn't get anything good for the dog rounds, but I ended up getting the Ray Gun MKII so I kept that instead. You camp at the bottom of the stairs in the bunker just below the yellow house garden for fastest spawns on dog rounds. Total game time was 4hr 45 mins. Just got Voyage to do now! Plus of course whatever maps come in the future, which is probably just the DLC 4 map though due to the obvious time shortage cause of BO5 already being in development for next year.
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    The Aether story is filled with Biblical allusions and references. Origins is another name for Genesis (the first book in the Bible) Revelations is the last book. Wasn’t Tranzit’s achievement called “Tower of Babel” too? I still think the Shadowman’s mark is the Mark of the Beast. It looks like three 6 on top on one another. Plus, the form in SoE is referred to as beast mode. There is also no doubt in my mind that the A.D.A.M.s in Alpha Omega are a direct reference to Adam from the Book of Genesis. While somewhat loose, one can draw a parallel and say these A.D.A.M.s disobey their creators as well. While not a part of the Bible, the Vril-ya were said to have survived a Great Flood (an allusion in it and of itself).
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    Good thread Cal. Been listening to this song over and over again for the last few months and some of the lyrics still stuck out to me even now. If you remember, Abracadavre seems to lyrically be Samantha comprehending omnipotence, so the idea of some plot threads from a song not being important for a very long time is nothing new.
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    Wait what? I never said this topic was just about the story. Like I said in my original post: Gameplay wise I would have quit after Origins and story wise after Moon. You should me know better by now than to assume I'd make a topic strictly about the story of this mode. Edit: I should have worded the disclaimer better. What I meant was, to not include the chaos story. Just the Aether stuff both gameplay and story related. Edit 2: @Hells Warrrior They didn't get it all wrong with 3. For me personally Der Eisendrache, Shadows and the majority of chronicles was good, but the bad definitely outweight the good, which is why I agree with you on ending it with BO II.
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    Ah, story. I thought we were discussing the zombies game mode, not story, when I saw this in my email. I've never given even the first shit about 'the story', forget giving 2 shits about it. Haha. So, I'll back out slowly after this comment: Zombies was fun to play, now it is not. That is my only concern. Bring back core zombies: camping, and teamplay. Ditch the knockoff zombies and 'always running' that made us all run away. We did 'always running' and it got stale long ago, now make it fun again. /I feel like a skipping record. Sigh.
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    So here’s the thing: Dempsey is low-key the main character of the whole series. Throughout all of WaW / Black Ops 1, although Richtofen is the main driving force behind plot events, the “relatable” character is Dempsey. The player has the same amount of information as Dempsey on what the grand scheme is. Both the player and Dempsey “have amnesia” or don’t really know why they’re going to these various places, or why they’re helping Richtofen, and you learn plot developments at the same time as Dempsey. Clearly the audience doesn’t have the same level of knowledge as Richtofen, so you default to identifying with the other 3 members of Ultimis, and frankly Dempsey’s the American in a very America-centric franchise. It’s like in the book “One flew over the cuckoo’s nest.” Basically the “main character” of the book is a guy called MacMurphy, but the actual book is written from the perspective of a more minor character “Chief” who barely ever talks and is pretty much just observing MacMurphy. The same thing is going on here, where Richtofen is “the most important character,” but Dempsey is US. In case it never clicked for some of you, the Dempsey action figure is notably absent from the Origins end cutscene. That’s because the cutscene is “filmed” from the POV of Dempsey’s action figure’s eyes. Additionally, after they teleport to the mound in the Revelations end cutscene, the final shot is the camera pulling back and zooming out from Dempsey’s eyes.
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    3 maps in particular freak me out for different reasons. 3. Moon - The map itself isn’t that creepy but there are some very unnerving elements that make you uneasy with full audio. For one thing there is the muffled audio and light breathing of your character when you don your space suit. There’s the low hum of the alien pyramid that must hold something deeply terrifying. There’s the relatively clean laboratories which make it feel like the station’s crew packed up in quite a hurry to escape something. There’s the astronaut that could be lurking around any corner, always watching, waiting for you to come too close. Finally there’s the game over screen, which is one of my favorites. It’s just the echoing cackle of something evil, slowly fading with no music as your lifeless corpse rests in the void of space never to be found. It is isolation in its truest form. 2. Zetsubou No Shima - The island itself seems to be alive... there is this perpetual feeling of being watched by something that views you as an unwelcome guest. The natural fauna is corrupted and ever-growing, consuming what is left of mankind on the remote facility. Just around any corner, you could spot someone who looks like an ally, but this is only a delusion brought upon you. There is no one. Division 9 left behind several vats holding aberrations of nature, man horribly disfigured by plant growth. They seem to be dead inside, but there is no way to be sure. Everywhere you roam, you hear the pitter-patter of eight-spindly legs from overgrown spiders, as they crawl through every vent and crevices of the landscape. Staying long enough on the island, you begin to grow paranoid. You may even begin to believe some Lovecraftian horror wanders the outskirts of the facility, searching for sustenance. 1. Shi No Numa - Once again Division 9 has left in its wake a monument to those who have suffered in the name of very little scientific discovery. This is very much an earthly location, yet it feels other-wordly, trapped under a blanket of fog, surrounded by thick mud that would swallow you should you attempt to escape. In the distance you hear the howling of wild dogs, roaming the forsaken swamplands. Standing outside will kill you slowly from Malaria, the unbearable muggy heat, and of course, the undead. Inside, however, is where the fruits of Group 935 and Division 9’s evil reside. Discovering the diary of the Mad Doctor may drive you insane. The voices of the damned reside in the electronics, making any attempt to reach the outside world a spine-chilling experience. Okay I was just going to write some stuff that freaked me out but then this became a whole thing.
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    Ẏ̢̝̬͎̯͖͈̹̄̒͂̚͞oͩ͏͈̪̺̪͈́u̍̉̒̃̆҉̹̻̘̩͡r̵̫͙̩ͪͪ͆ͮ̆͌̓͠͠ ̽̏̃̂̚͟͟͏̪̞̜̦̥̣̬s̬͓̙̤̥̻̑̓̃͛͢i̡̪̺͍ͪͤ̿̌́̌͐ͅn͎̻͓̒̂͑̉̇̆̃̿̀ś͉͍͇̜͍̦̤ͦ̊̇ͣͫ͛͒̈́ͅ ̙̱̺͍̭ͫ̔͊ͪ͋s̥͈̟ͥ̔̉͑ͦ́ͭ̀ͯ͟e̴̲͕̓̐͡ṛ̷̮̘̺̭ͣ̉ͥ͑ͬ͠v̢̦͔̜͉͈͖̯̮̊̀̿ͬͦ̎͒ͤ͘e̘͆͑ͣ̀ͮ̏́ ̶̘͙̣ͥ͌͆̓̇̄̿̕o̢̯͙ͭ̓̇ͮ͒̽̓ͤ̿́n̸̢̻͉̗̤̻͆̽l̦̞͗͝͞͞ͅÿ̷͓̲̱̤̮̙̭̰̔ ̶̷͋͋͊ͥ͏̟͖̭̼a̷̛̟̤̣̖̗̩̭͉ͪ̈́̽̍̊́s̞̬̅̄̋͗̇̽̔̋͡ ̬̬̞̘̅ͫ͆́̔a̔̽̉̄̋ͮ̇̈́҉̟̜͚̗͎͓n̓͂ͬ҉̻̖̫̭̺̠̼̘ ̼̯̠͉̞͙͚̤̘ͯi̳̱͍̙̩͎̥̓ͤ̓̾͂ͫ̌̅͜ṇ̣̮̱̝̤̃̑ͭ̋̌͘͡v̬͔̻̝̰͇̄ͤ̂͗̅͘͝i̜͎ͦ̊̅̏͌̿ͦ̏͆t̝̮͕̫͔̟̠̩̺͊̊̒̓̕á̙̺̖ͪt̙͎ͭi̻̜̝̖̙͇ͬ̊͆̓̓́o͑ͨ̌ͨ̅͐ͣ͗͊͏̨͏̮͍̱͎͍̜͍n̢̛͉̤̫̝̦̲͕̭ͮͥ͂̅͒́.͓̺̎͌͗̏ͤ̕͜
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    I want to nominate @Mysteryo This user is a one of our newer members. Not only is hea new member, but the quality of content and consistency with activity has given me hope. https://www.callofdutyzombies.com/topic/191604-alpha-omega-clear-clock-easter-egg-step-guide/ For the hard work and effort put into converting Audio Logs and Transcripts. @RadZakpak with his 3 year anniversary of writting the storybook https://www.callofdutyzombies.com/topic/191179-three-year-anniversary-of-writing-the-storybook/ @PINNAZ with Nuketown 115 extraction post: https://www.callofdutyzombies.com/topic/190331-the-mpd-is-powered-by-the-nuketown-115-extraction-drill-the-mpd-is-inside-the-domed-structure/
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    Hello, everyone. It's hard to believe, but it has been three years since I was invited by @InfestLithium to have my newly-started Storybook brought to CoDz. At the time I had only written 14 short chapters, and yet Infest saw the potential in me and gave me this great opportunity, as well as introducing me to this wonderful community. It was an exciting time to be a Call of Duty Zombies fan back in July 2016. We had just seen the trailer for the upcoming Gorod Krovi. We still didn't know who Doctor Monty was, nor did we understand the blood vials. We were completely uncertain of the future. No one could have anticipated the direction of the comics, nor the release of Zombies Chronicles and the Timeline. Suffice as it is to say, it has been a hell of a journey. I would not be writing this passion project if it were not for the support of everyone here. I can't express my gratitude enough. All I can say is thank you, everyone. As a sort of celebration of the three years since I began writing, I wanted to make a thread expressing my gratitude as well as providing an opportunity to learn more about my process creating the Storybook. I will be answering a couple of questions suggested by @anonymous, and giving a behind the curtain view of what is to come. Without further ado, here are some questions and answers. How did you get the idea of starting the Storybook? Did you anticipate expanding it as much as you did? The idea started small around June of 2016 as I had just watched the massive 4 hour long Zombies Storyline Audio Documentary by the legendary @MysteryMachineX for the second time. It being the Summer right after High School and right before University, I had a lot of free time, and was thinking about how much I love the storyline, and yet it cannot be appreciated by most players of the game because it is so complex and not explicitly told in-game. I thought, “Man, it would be awesome if there was a book that told the entire story in an understandable and entertaining way.” When I realized there wasn't, I just thought, “What if I wrote it?” I had no idea where to begin, so I thought the simplest place would be with the map that started it all: Nacht. I wrote out a short prologue, only about 900 words, and I realized I loved doing it. At the time I browsed the CoDZombies subreddit daily, but I was afraid of the backlash I would receive for my “fan-fiction”, so I posted it under an alternate account to gauge reaction (original post here: Anyway, I didn't plan for this to be a multi-year project. I initially just wanted to connect all the radios and quotes into a timeline of events that made sense. Then, the bomb dropped in 2017 that was the timeline. Suddenly, in my eyes, there was no point to just connecting the dots with my Storybook. I had to try to make it stand out on its own as not just an explanation of the story, but an expansion. The chapters became longer along with the time between them, but man do I enjoy writing and reading them. The goal of writing should be creating something that you yourself would love to read, and I can tell you that this is exactly what I would have wanted back in the day. Do you ever get ideas from posts here on CoDz? Yes, I do! I am indebted to the passionate minds here for the many threads created and ideas expressed that have influenced my writing. From storyline theories to explanations of the science behind the story, I often get ideas just reading the threads on this site that I know I just have to implement in some way. Some notable examples: What was your favorite chapter to write? That is a tough question to answer, so I will cop-out and choose multiple, of course. One I massively enjoyed recently was Danke Schoen, the first chapter of Book 2. I have no current plans to continue Book 2 until Book 1 has more progress, so that just goes to show you how impatient I was to write that chapter. I think Ultimis has such great potential, and I am dying to write more for them. I just had to get that chapter out there not only as a taste of what's to come but to satisfy my own need. Another favorite of mine is Chapter 20 of Book 1, “Uniform”. Around chapter 10 or so as I was writing I came up with the story beat of how Richtofen would acquire the Nazi uniform we all know him for. I knew I had to eventually get him into that uniform, and I also had to show how far his mind has slipped. The best way I could do that was to have a chapter from the outside perspective of Doctor Schuster, a character I've come to love, and have him see first-hand how Richtofen would react to receiving a Nazi uniform. Edward doesn't seem at all off-put by it, and in fact he seems to love it because it makes him feel powerful. The creator of Breaking Bad, Vince Gilligan, has said that the writers' process for the show when it came to characters was to write the character first, and then explore the consequences of the actions that character would naturally take. Richtofen is a character not created by me but by Treyarch, and so presented with this situation, I wasn't really sure how Richtofen would react until I began typing, and he ended up surprising me. “Uniform” is why I love writing this story. What is the process for creating a chapter? Typically I like to have a general idea of what I want to accomplish with a chapter, and other chapters after it, before I dive into writing it. The official timeline helped a great deal with this process, as it laid out the major events in a linear fashion, and it is my job to make those gaps in time make sense and flow together well. With the timeline as a gold standard, I enter the next phase where I decide how I am going to approach character development and exposition with each chapter. Maxis is going to Kino for the next few years of the timeline? He's got to be dealing with not being able to see his daughter, and fight the temptation to form a relationship with Sophia. I evaluate the hard evidence first, and in this example I looked a lot at Data Servant entries from the first Black Ops, where Maxis seemed to be paranoid and frustrated with Sophia. Building off that, I also need to set up for a big climatic chapter I have planned regarding his time at Kino, so this chapter should make hints and build up to it, so I have to account for that. With the basic idea for the chapter in mind, there is still some time before I begin writing. I look over the framework for the chapter, and get it into my head to think over for a couple of days. While listening to music or working or browsing online, I tend to come up with an idea for an interaction or exchange that would fit perfectly in the chapter. For example, in the recent Maxis chapter I had the idea to have Maxis be taunted by the Illuminati while I was playing Kino der Toten and saw the chalk writing on the wall with Samantha's name along with two others. What if the Illuminati is playing with Maxis, forcing him to do things against his, as well as Richtofen's best interests? It seems to fit so perfectly. So I put it in my notes, and continue until I find myself in a mood, and I just start typing with my notes close by until it is done. I tend to think of the general framework for certain climactic chapters way in advance, because I will think of a really fun idea in my free time and I plan to hold on to them until I finally get a chance to write those chapters. In particular, I look forward to the final chapters of Book 4 (Around Primis), the backstory behind Victis in Book 3, and sooner than later, Chapter 27 of Book 1 “Black” followed up closely by Chapter 28 “Penance”. Richtofen is now reaching the point of no return. Besides writing more chapters and finishing books, what else do you have planned for the future? Right now I want to focus on getting Book 1 complete, but after that there is a few things I would like to do. Book 1 is set to be extremely long in comparison to what I have planned for the other books, and I will admit some chapters are going to be unnecessary in the long run. When I have completed the planned chapters for Book 1, I will go back and either A. Split Book 1 into 2 separate parts, or B. Create an abridged version that is much shorter, while keeping the original intact. I also would like to, at some point after Book 1 is done, create a physical print of the book, after some extensive editing of course. It would be for me personally, so I could hold in my hands a tangible version of what I've created. I would be open to paying out of pocket to print copies for people that would want them if I ever complete this damn book. I wouldn't sell them without Treyarch/Activision's blessing and wouldn't even want to. This has always been about the fun of the story and nothing more. As @The Meh put it in his Unity retrospective, “I just needed to write for myself. I guess that's all there is to it.“ Another fun idea I've thrown around in my head is an audiobook version to be uploaded to YouTube or Soundcloud. I would just need to find the right person to read the book or find myself a good microphone and see how decent my impressions are. The videos would be paired with the best visuals that can be acquired, and a variety of musical backing. That would be a whole project unto itself, and as I said I want to focus on finishing this book at the moment as I reach the halfway point. To conclude, I am so, so thankful for the support from everyone on CoDZ. I hope that one day this project will be complete, and I can look back and feel proud of what I have done. It makes me so happy that there are people that already enjoy my work, when I'm not even close to being done.
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    Got home today, and I fearfully discovered that the Netherlands are 10 °C hotter than the already very hot Costa Rica atm. Fucking Hell... My nominations go to mr. @Boom115, who is has been posting alot of Alpha Omega information content, remains absolutely active in his role as Red Name Tag Guy, and most importantly: Doesn't forget to welcome newcomers. Glad to have you here, buddy! I can post a few of his posts, but y'all can also take a look in the AO category and see the frequency of his fancy red name.
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    In my opinion Alpha Omega is far from over (at least for me), since I still upload guides about the map to my channel. I thought I would share with this forum my guide about the Clock Easter Egg Step and some easy ways to complete it. Not just tips & tricks, but I show you exactly what to do during this step. As I’ve seen this is the ”hardest / complicated step” in this Easter Egg for many players. I hope I can help out someone who’s reading this! Also just like I said there will be more & more solo guides releated to AO (maybe post them here, too) so if you don’t want to miss anything you can still support me… a simple subscribe can show me these guides are needed & helpful and you know it means a lot! Thanks for reading and check out the images, too! You can check out the guide video here: This is the image of the Houses and which indicates which letter (same in every game): These are all 6 possible sets of times after you killed a zombie in front of the TV at the beginning of the step: (So basically you only have to listen the first code and you are good to go! I also want to give credit to GregFPS, Smartguy & Invisible Hole for finding this out!)
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    I just wanted to make this quick post because I want to be able to reference it in the future, and I know I will forget this information. Also others may find it somewhat enlightening. Anyway, I don't know if there has been consensus on exactly when Classified takes place, we just know it was before November 6th, 1963 as that is the date "Five" takes place. But I have two pieces of evidence to suggest it takes place on November 5th: 1. The intro cutscene depicts Ultimis accidentally teleporting from Shangri-La to the Pentagon. As they arrive, it cuts to the Ascension cosmodrome, where Yuri has teleported Gersh, and is being teleported to the Pentagon by Samantha. Yuri then unleashes the dead, and Ultimis fights them off. Meanwhile, McNamara is in another room, prepping for the meeting on November 6th with Kennedy, Nixon, and Castro. Sam sends Yuri away, wanting him to come back to try and kill the attendees of the meeting when it does occur, as they are coming together to try and combat her. Anyway, suffice to say, it seems all of these events take place on the same day. Here is the timeline entry for November 5th: So for Yuri to be the one to release the zombies on Ultimis, it would have to be November 5th since the very next day is the "Five" incident and Yuri's capture. 2. Here is an excerpt from a document in Alpha Omega: The important line is in bold. So this is a couple of days after the "Five" outbreak, and it references this as the third outbreak at the Pentagon. The first was the incident with Dr. Lehman releasing gaseous 115 in the vents on October 18th, causing an outbreak. The "Five" incident is referred to as the "second outbreak in the Pentagon in as many days". Now, I'm a native English speaker, but I've never really heard the phrase "in as many days" and decided to look it up. Here is what it means: The phrase in as many days (or weeks, years, etc.) refers to how often something happens. Specifically, it tells you that the number of events is the same as the number of days. So in essence, Sawyer is saying the is the SECOND outbreak in TWO days, the second being on Nov 6th, ergo, the first has to be Nov 5th. So there is the definitive proof Classified takes place on November 5th. Does it seem a little implausible that they cleaned up the mess in one day and then allowed four VIPs inside? Perhaps, but the point is, November 5th is the intended date.
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    Hello again, comrades. Welcome to the Order of Forgotten Mysteries, the series of threads where we take a look at forgotten mysteries in the Aether story that have never been answered, take a look at them through a microscope, and (usually) don't find that answer. Today we are going to discuss the place that started it all, the place that set us on this journey, a lonely, desolate airfield we all know as Nacht der Untoten. We all know Nacht is significant to us because it is the first Zombies map by Treyarch, which introduced so many gameplay components and intrigued the masses with a creepy, mysterious world full of undead. But what is significant about the location in-universe, you may ask? It may not seem like much, but this is a location that has continued to re-appear again and again where it should not, and we have little to no explanation for it. Let's first examine all the places it has appeared: - World at War: June 4th, 1945 - NACHT DER UNTOTEN - An Allied plane malfunctions over an airfield and crashes. German Army trucks, transporting the undead and Element 115 between Group 935 facilities, are struck in the crash. Four marines surviving the crash hold out against the undead as long as they can but eventually die to the undead army. - The Second Outbreak: Our good friend @anonymous has a thread on the subject here. There is debate whether the events of World at War Nacht with the four marines is the second outbreak, or if the events of Black Ops 1/3 Nacht are the second outbreak. The second outbreak, and by extension the first, may even be separate events. At the very least, we can confirm there were at least two, the location itself is referred to as Nacht der Untoten, and there are still people near or at the airfield to receive strange signals. - Black Ops 1/3: Little is known why Ultimis would arrive at this location. It is never mentioned on the timeline, however it could be a stepping stone between locations as there is a great gap of time between Ultimis leaving Der Riese to Shi No Numa and back again to Der Riese. Monty acknowledges Ultimis' appearance, after the presumed deaths of the four marines: - TranZit: Ah yes, a perplexing easter egg, indeed. For some inexplicable reason, Nacht der Untoten has made an appearance at the Hanford Site near the cornfields, the same cornfields that are home to the Global Polarization Device built by Broken Arrow. It even has mostly the same structural damage and debris. What is the significance of its appearance at a Broken Arrow facility near such a tower? We'll get there, in due time... - Revelations: Finally, Nacht der Untoten appears in the map Revelations as the central hub of the map, directly in the center of all the floating islands, with portals to each of them. Anon has brought up his questions regarding why it would be the hub of the map, and I will let Anon reply as such. The area is slightly more damaged, but also contains a machine attached to the Tesla Coils from Der Eisendrache, which are used to restrain the massive Apothicon beast. So it seems that time and time again, Nacht der Untoten has continued to appear throughout the story, and has appeared in every game since World at War, barring Black Ops 4 (so far). What makes it such an important location to our characters? The Tower There are few defining features of the map apart from the central structure itself. Outside the map there is only fog, dirt, and some broken military equipment. All that, and a radio tower: It is not strange in itself that there is a radio tower near an airfield. Operations in the air need communication to coordinate, and being this was a joint Group 935-German operation, this is completely necessary. The location cannot be that simple, however. If this were just like any other airfield being used at the time, why have there been multiple outbreaks here? Why would people continue to return to this location when seemingly a shipment of 115 has resurrected an army of undead that roam the area? I believe the answers may lie with this tower, and the strange signals it sends in the dead of night. In 2009, Treyarch posted on their website this piece of intel: Barring the mention of the second outbreak, the most crucial detail here is the mention of mysterious radio transmissions and broadcasts from this location, which is seemingly abandoned after two consecutive outbreaks. Why keep watch of such a location? Nacht der Untoten and its tower may be related to our old friend, HAARP. While the real life HAARP was established in the United States in 1993, in the Zombies universe, HAARP goes waaaay back. In the Doctor's Quarters of Shi No Numa, there is a note that reads, "It could be used to power HAARP...". There are old threads discussing the topic, but any links I find are dead. If anyone has a thread on the topic, please link it. HAARP is a high-power, high-frequency transmitter used for study of the ionosphere and improvement of radio communications and surveillance. There are numerous conspiracies surrounding it, suggesting anything from controlling the weather to mind control. So putting the pieces together... we know HAARP is being created by Group 935, and will seemingly be powered by 115... we have an airfield operated by Group 935 with a large amount of 115 on site and a radio tower that is sending out mysterious signals in the night with no one around... and at one point an American plane with four marines just so happens to "malfunction" and crash here.... hmmm... Something tells me that malfunction is no coincidence. The Hanford Connection So how does this site end up all the way in Hanford, Washington? Well, there could be a variety of reasons why the building would be there. It could be a recreation/coincidence that the building looks nearly identical to its German counterpart, and damage over time has caused it to appear like its sister location. It could have been displaced accidentally after the Rift was opened, which also caused an American Western town to end up in Angola. It could have been displaced intentionally... which would be quite the project to undertake for the sake of a crappy building. Whatever the case, that doesn't quite matter as much as the connection to HAARP, which TranZit just so happens to have a couple of its own. Quote from T.E.D.D.: So we know that Broken Arrow has associated with the HAARP Research Station in the United States, and given HAARP's invention by Group 935, its technology was likely acquired through Operation Stapler, where 935 scientists were acquired after the war to work for the United States. As part of that same deal, Richtofen demanded that the Americans build a Global Polarization Device in Hanford to ultimately try and take control of the Aether. This device may very well have used the same technology as HAARP. Now, it's possible that Nacht der Untoten's appearance in TranZit may not be a simple easter egg, but also a hint at the location's true purpose in Germany back in '45. Tesla's Death Ray The appearance of the Death Ray at Nacht in Revelations may seem like nothing, and it may seem like a simple component of Der Eisendrache that drifted onto the island that Nacht inhabits. However, the Death Ray, and Tesla's research into it, have been mentioned quite early in the story. Here is a thread from back in 2012 regarding TEDD's mention of HAARP, where PINNAZ correctly points out the connection between HAARP and Tesla's Death Ray, also linking several images of real life documents that appear in-game regarding the Death Ray. So it seems the Death Ray DOES belong at Nacht. So why is it not in WaW Nacht? Research could have been decommissioned by the end of the war, or maybe it was just transferred to Der Eisendrache when that opened up, and the version of Nacht in Revelations is an earlier version. It could also be that this version of Nacht is from a fracture where this Death Ray is more successful. In any case, it now makes sense why it would appear in this area. This is all the speculation and evidence I could find regarding Nacht's significance to the storyline. Reply with your thoughts and opinions, and anything I've missed!
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    Reading this thread I'm pretty sure it has to be on the 5th, nice detective work Rad! @Mattzs I agree with you on the Broken Arrow part, but in Classified we have this radio: So Broken Arrow projects already existed, though not worked out or executed, waiting for the official approval of the American government. The "Five" outbreak was the last drop of water that made Broken Arrow to officially gain this approval, I think. This sentence holds more important things: An international alliance for defend Earth against Samantha. There are a number of oddities spread throughout zombie maps that could easily be explained by the idea of an international cooperation concerning zombies: A Soviet Lunar Lander in what appears to be West Germany, a Broken Arrow facility in China right next to what we presume to be the USSR's Global Polarization Device. And there is more: The appearance of Russian/Cyrillic words on items in Tranzit and Moon are well-known, or rather notorious. Could this too be explained with an 'International Cooperation'? We got the following: A word meaning infected or contaminated. A sentence meaning ‘Control-Dosimetry item “Child”. “Child” is also the name of a village located in the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone. The way this word is written between double quotation marks make it seem like it is a name of an item or operation or something. Dosimetry refers to the calculation of ionizing radiation, used for radiation protection in e.g. the aftermath of Chernobyl. A sentence meaning ‘through 500m’. Is there something laying 500 meter deep in the ground? I am unable to find if this can only be found on Moon, or Tranzit too. The initial possible explanation of these words was the idea that Hanford was a Russian Sleeper Cell location. In the Black Ops Campaign, we encounter a map of the USA where Drakovich has Nova-6 Sleeper Cells located: These are groups of sleeper agents who inconspicuously remain dormant in a community until activated, by a prearranged signal, to enable a chemical attack of the highly toxic Nova-6 gas. As seen on the map, a Sleeper Cell is also located in Washington State, possibly at the Hanford Campus. The Russian crates could carry Nova-6, ready to havoc the largest chemical attack in history. It might even explain the battle between the Black Ops and Spetsnaz in Nuketown. However, it wouldn’t explain the presence of the crates in Griffin Station, so I like the second theory more. The USSR and US are having a Cold War affair about the remnants of Group 935’s works, with the Space Race to Griffin Station as the jackpot. In 1963, however, the American government was concerned about an entity known as ‘Samantha’, the Child, a thread for the entire planet. The intro cutscene of the map “Five” shows some kind of attempt for reconciliation between Kennedy and Castro to discuss formal matters: Discussing the Samantha thread, and how to defend against her. I could see that after Castro seeing the undead with his own eyes, and surviving the outbreak, he surely would be willing to cooperate in the war against the German girl. More world leaders would follow, most notably those of the USSR. China’s ‘International Zombie Centre’, which is also marked on the Broken Arrow map in Camp Edward, could be proof for this. There is international cooperation in all matters concerning the Element, among which Hanford, Griffin Station, and even the Asian Time Paradox Site (Shangri La), where Russian crates can also be found. Maybe this organisation is even the CoD Zombie Labs. I'm sorry if I go too in-depth in this point :)
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    That is funny. As began reading your post, I was about to comment “just like Chakras”. I should look into whether or not Mesmer was influenced (to some extent) by eastern philosophy and religious belief. Back to your question- Maybe 115 brings the soul back too? The Alpha Omega Radios say Peter was resurrected from death, right? I am guessing Peter, like Ultimis/Primis, may have some high tolerance for 115. Thus, explaining why he wasn’t turned into a zombie. Or, maybe the elemental shard is meant to resurrect the dead without creating undead. I also think it depends on how the series conceptualizes the soul. Is it just electromagnetic energy (Like mentioned earlier)? Is there a more spiritual element? If it is the former, I imagine it would be like recharging a battery. The soul may never leave. I tend to lean towards there is more to the soul in Zombies, but there really isn’t a definitive answer. Also, @RadZakpak good point about Maxis. That is like the best example of the electromagnetism of the soul. It puts Sophia and the Maxis Drone into more context. You got me thinking. Monty mentions Maxis not having a soul and Primis lost their souls in Bo3. They were still able to walk, talk, and think. So that must mean there is more to the soul or Auras and Souls are different. It could also be that as long as the soul exists somewhere, all counterparts will be unaffected? One more thing @anonymous. You just made me realize that the Corvus-World link could explain “the forest” and why it shows up in Bo3. That also is a convenient place to have a "memories" trailer. Edit- this could account for Blackout too; If all these characters are being resurrected. Although I do think Richtofen says in his Blackout quotes that 115 might not be involved.
  32. 1 point
    And the award of longest thread title goes to:... I whole heartly agree. I think we can all universally agree, how Black Ops from a pure game mechanic perspective is the best zombies game. Ever since 2 the skill ceiling was so low that anyone could look good at the game. And it got worse from there with gums and elixirs.
  33. 1 point
    A wonderful analysis! If you ask me, the Apothicons are extremely interesting in their abilities and motivations. In regards to your mention of their relation to the Vril-Ya and the Agarthan Plane within the Earth's core, I'm reminded of my own interpretation of the end the Great War: Excavation Site 64 is a location that we only gets hints of in Origins. It was here that the final battle of the Great War took place, and Primis vanished from history, cleansing all the "sickness" as far as the eye could see: In the map Origins we find what was left behind after the Great War that Group 935 has tried to uncover. The site is protected by undead Templars who attempt to prevent anyone from uncovering the site. They failed: It is then when the Apothicons returned, trapped within the Earth's core, with Keeper influence at the known gateways to our dimension in order to protect us from uncovering this ancient evil. They reversed everything that Primis had done, making people sick once again and liberating themselves from their own Hell beneath the surface. In order to defeat them, Primis had to convene once more and end the Great War... again. This may be key in understanding Shadows of Evil. We know that Morg City is protected by a cult living underground that call themselves the Order of the Keepers, likely actual acolytes of the real Keepers. They do what they must to protect the Apothicon Rift Stone, as like Excavation Site 64, it is a gateway to the Core, where the Apothicons were banished in the Great War. This is why the Morg City Cursed fight the Keepers in the beginning, but aid them later in trapping the Shadowman. Speaking of the Shadowman: The Shadowman is the head honcho of the Apothicons, the man in charge, the ultimate form of Apothicon. He's a manipulator thru and thru, and can mask himself even from the all-powerful Dr. Monty. Through Morg City's construction of an underground subway, it's possible some rogue denizens of the city heard voices emanating from this strange stone beneath the ground... and decided to balls everything up. Seeds firmly planted and men corrupted, the Shadowman spread what little influence he had throughout Morg City, creating a sickness that corrupted its people. Even the Order of the Keepers could not prevent this, and as such, the Shadowman was able to manipulate the Reporter into bringing together information about four sinners who could be used to open the stone, and unleash the Apothicons upon Dimension 63 at large. All this to say, this fits with both the Vril-Ya influence of a portal beneath our very feet, as well as the religious influences of Heaven and Hell, Monty creating his own Heaven beyond our perception, above our heads, and the Apothicons being banished beneath the Earth just waiting for their time to be unleashed. ANNOTATION: Similar to the marking of France's Dig Site as a potential gateway by Pernell in Alpha Omega, the location of Shangri-La is similarly denoted. Just like the dig site, there is a massive amount of 115 there, located... beneath the Earth.
  34. 1 point
    Brains to you for giving the map some credit..... JK, brains to you for sharing this strat, and congrats on the win! I discovered the Aethereal perk yesterday...that freaking thing is unreal, even just with the Bowie knife. Honestly, if I ever hop on pubs, that'll probably be my go-to in order to counter the uncertainty of pubs players' reliability.
  35. 1 point
    Cornelius Pernell (Avagadro) Cornelius Pernell: was a member of the OSS during World War II and the handler of several operatives. He successfully led the operation to infiltrate Peter McCain in Group 935 and Peter was transferred to the Asylum Facility in Berlin [Verrückt]. An outbreak occurred shortly after in the Asylum Facility and Peter, who was ousted as a spy, managed to escape. Pernell sent a Marine recon unit on August 1945, the team was led by "Tank" Dempsey. The team faced hordes of zombies inside the asylum all were killed except for Tank Dempsey. Tank was ultimately captured by Group 935. Verrückt_Radio_ShiNoNuma_Revelations_BO3.ogg Verrückt_Radio_ShiNoNuma_Revelations_BO3.ogg "R-4808N 27 14 06 115 48 40" I hope you're receiving this transmission, Peter. If you are not, then all hope is lost. You must know by now that we failed to contain the asylum, that we had to move the experiment here. Location. The numbers will guide you. The Giant must remain (static) at all costs, repeat, Der Riese must (static) at all costs. The DG-2 experiments continue. You'll be our only advantage now. Find Doctor Richtofen and Doctor Maxis, they may know what's going on. The use of Element 115 is dangerous at best. I'm not sure if we can continue here. We've lost most of our best (static). I hope you get this. I hope it hasn't happened there too, but I'm almost out of hope. "60 54 06.96 101 55 44.94" — Cornelia in Revelations On September 1945, Pernell attempted to contact Peter McCain to rendezvous at the Rising Sun Facility under the control of Group 935 and Division 9 [Shino Numa]. The next month, Peter parachuted over the Rising Sun Facility and died shortly after. After the war, Pernell became Station Chief of the CIA at Groom Lake in Nevada where a large deposit of Element 115 was discovered in 1937. In 1961, construction began at Groom Lake for a teleporter to establish a link between the facility and Griffin Station on the Moon with Pernell overseeing the project. The next year, Pernell started overseeing the construction of the American Pyramid Device at the nuclear testing site in Groom Lake. [Nuketown, Tranzit] In February 1963, Cornelius Pernell learned about the existence of Samantha Maxis from Doctor Schuster. After months of research, he was convinced the US Government would need even more Element 115 to fight Samantha and he would be able to secure the funding for the program he had been dreaming about for many years. This program was called "Project Broken Arrow". On August 3rd, 1963, while new tests were performed with the teleporter, the Ultimis crew (Edward Richtofen, Tank Dempsey, Nikolai Belinski, and Takeo Masaki) were teleported from the Moon to Groom Lake. After medical examination, Cornelius Pernell kept the crew locked up in Hangar 4 as test subjects for Element 115 experimentation. Unfortunately for Pernell, Ultimis would escape with the help of their Primis counterparts a few months later [Classified]. After the Pentagon incident [FIVE, Classified], all endeavors to eliminate Samantha were shelved by Project Broken Arrow. The American Pyramid Device was reassigned to be used as an interrogation tool for Project MKAlpha in conjunction with Project MKUltra from the CIA. As such, more funding was provided to ensure the construction of the A.P.D. was completed on schedule. In June 1964, using the Elemental Shard, acquired from Division 9 in 1946, Pernell and Doctor Hale resurrected Peter McCain. Peter began would be employed at Broken Arrow shortly after. In February 1965, as part of Phase II of MKAlpha, Corneilus Pernell began the interrogation of Yuri Zavoyski. Pernell learned from Yuri about the Aether and Agartha, but Pernell ended up killing Yuri in the process. Pernell began being obsessed with reaching Agartha, and after years of exposure to Element 115, he started hearing voices similar to Ultimis Richtofen and grew increasingly paranoid. By 1966, he started having recurrent dreams, one of them showing him becoming Avogadro inside the A.P.D. using the Elemental Shard. A year later, in August 1967, Pernell started experimenting on himself with the help of Dr. Hale, whose affection for him was well-known, by placing himself inside the A.P.D. and pulling an electrical current from the Elemental Shard to flood the A.P.D. The experiments continued until 1968. Peter, who became Deputy Director at Camp Edward, heard about the experiments and decided to file a report to George Sawyer against Cornelius Pernell. Unfortunately for Peter McCain, Pernell learned about the report and had him arrested. On March 15th, 1968, George Sawyer and his men arrived at Camp Edward during one of the experiments causing the facility to lose power transforming Cornelius Pernell into Avogadro. Avogadro [Corneilus Pernell] released Nova 6 gas throughout the facility and unleash zombies and A.D.A.M. Units, killing everyone. This resulted in the full lockdown and abandonment of Camp Edward, and the shutdown of Rushmore. Almost 60 years later, on July 2025, Broken Arrow agents Russman and George Barkley returned to the facility and used the A.P.D. to transfer a sample of Avogadro to the Hanford site [Tranzit] in Washington state. A few months later, Primis and Ultimis arrived at Camp Edward to retrieve the Elemental Shard, which resulted in the awakening of Avogadro and subsequent detonation of a nuke as a safety measure in case of the containment breach, however, it did nothing to stop it. After an intense fight against Primis and Ultimis, Avogadro [Cornelius Pernell] was defeated and forced back into the American Pyramid Device and sent to the Hanford site [Tranzit] in Washington state for proper imprisonment. At the Hanford site, Avogadro was contained in a Broken Arrow facility disguised as a power station but eventually was freed by Victis in 2035 after the destruction of the Earth. Ultimately, Avogadro was consumed by the Pylon (Tower of Babble) as a power source for Maxis. Relevant Documents:
  36. 1 point
    Damn it Treyarch’s fucking with this dimension’s timeline again.
  37. 1 point
    I tried. Thank you. That'd be "ruf den Toten" You probably haven't used a capital R for Ruf. A bit of a german lesson for you if you want: Nouns will always have their first letter as a capital letter in german. Always. No matter if they are at the start of a sentence in the middle or at the end. That is probably why Google made that mistake, you wrote "ruf" which is a verb in german and also means call, as you can imagine. "Ich ruf meine Mutter an mit meinem Telefon." Means "I call my mother with my telephone." Now to show you the difference: "I have to follow the call of duty." that means: "Ich muss dem Ruf der Pflicht folgen." Notice the R/r in both "Ruf/ruf". As I said Nouns will always have a capital letter and that actually has a reason: So Google translate knows how to properly translate. ^^ I hope I got my lesson across, if you have any more questions, be sure to ask. I am a terrible teacher, but I'd try my best... which isn't much, but nothing more I can do. Back to topic though: Whoever sees the board first and knows a word, he wants to use, can put it up. Also congrats to Anon for overtaking, Eclipse (The man, the myth, the legend) Reddonkeyham ( Who was at the beginning of this thread the champo of the board and Portly Liama, who, if I recall correctly helped me out a bunch of times with personal stuff. And Congrats to Meh for overtaking NV... must be a bittersweet feeling. Oh and Guten Morgen
  38. 1 point
    Uhm... What am I supposed to do now? xP Like am I going to be strict and give to Meh, or am I going to give it to Anon for almost delivering the correct german translation? I am going to sleep now, so you two can decide.
  39. 1 point
    Ah, mr. Psychologist is speaking. Brains to this thread, good analysis. We recently shortly spoke about this, and like I said knowing Dempsey is actually terrified, rather than being a badass makes him so much more likeable and relatable. I forgot about him breaking the Fourth Wall sometimes, and I like your explanation of it. I initially believed that Treyarch referred to their own sinister involvement in the story as well, as the Call of Duty Zombie Labs also refer to be a creation/part of this Treyarch organization. What I found fitting is that some conspiracy believers belief we are living in one big Holywood decor, an artificial world controlled by 'them', an unknown organisation (a.k.a. Treyarch). Everything we do in-game, would not only be based on real events, but actually happen in reality. As you might know, I'm a Half Life player as well. A scrapped chapter in HL2 was gonna be the Manhack Arcade. In this by the Combine/aliens-controlled game arcade, citizens could control Manhacks, small flying droids sharp as blades. On the screen they played a game in which they would chase monsters in a labyrinth, and kill them to earn points. However, this game later appears to be reality, with Manhacks chasing and killing hiding rebels in the sewers. Unconsiouss, the people who play kill in reality. You could see us, CoDZ players, a bit like that: A higher force that 'plays' our characters into saving the Multiverse. I feel like Black ops I pretty much included this theme, with GkNova6, the zombies menu and the Zombie Labs trailers. Dempsey was the one who somehow understood this. However, later, this concept (if it were something already) was abandoned, so I guess it is for sure not canon. Your theory would better fit with the current situation.
  40. 1 point
    Okay so, the title says pretty much it. What do you find the most scary map you've ever played. Which map, upon playing solo and with full sound on, sketched the most horrific atmosphere for you? My personal top 3: #3: Verrückt. While the map itself I don't find that eerie myself, once you pay attention to the location's backstory, the wallwritings of a madman and the interactive screaming/banging easter eggs, this place'll give you some real creeps. #2: Blood of the Dead, while I have never played it. Merely watching the trailer and gameplay, listening to the character quotes, etc, made me feel this one has a solid, deserved place in rank 2. The atmosphere is very grim, with all the bodies everywhere, the suffering that had happened at this place is very visible. Combine that with the idea Primis are trapped in Hell, and watch the music video. #1: Die Rise is, for me, the absolute winner. The idea you're the last person in the world, running around in the quiet, depressing, narrow corridors full of cockroaches and undead. The sickening 'sleeping cages', the constant moaning in the distance, and the malfunctioning Perk-a-Cola jingles. Your only company are the elevators, who cannot be trusted as well. I got the ultimate 'abandoned' feeling in this map, and in my opinion this is Treyarch's masterpiece concerning atmosphere.
  41. 1 point
    Hello lads, you may remember a little while back I did a tournament bracket for zombies maps that turned some rather interesting results, found here: But I have been wanting to do another one of these for a while, and I thought a good topic of debate would be Easter Egg songs! They are something we can all listen to, even if we've never played the maps they came from. Everyone has many different musical tastes, and there are many unique songs in Zombies' history. For this list, I stuck to songs that appear in-game through an Easter Egg process meant specifically for finding said song, so excluding trailer music or background music. I also excluded Aether from Origins and Anton Reicha's Requiem because they don't quite fit in. I have, however, included Imma Try It Out and Carry On despite being patched out after launch, and also I feel it would be criminal to exclude Carry On. Here is the initial bracket: Here's how you vote: Below I will list the competitors in the first round using numbers. You will make your own list of numbers, with your choice next to the corresponding number and optionally an explanation why. So for example if the match-up is: 1. Richtofen vs Dempsey You would reply: 1. Dempsey - He's the best at what he does, and what he does ain't pretty. After 1 week I will tally up the votes and write up a post for the next round. With the rules now clear, let's get into round 1! Round 1 will have fewer competitors than round 2 since we have a rather uneven number of songs to choose from at 37. Once the first round is done, we will start to see every song competing to see which is the best in round 2. Match-ups for Round 1: 1. Dead Flowers vs The One 2. Imma Try It Out vs Nightmare 3. Remember Forever vs Stormbound 4. Shepard of Fire vs Mystery 5. Carrion vs Dead Ended FIGHT!
  42. 1 point
    Thank you sir! Concerning the Bows, if they are really the weaponized manifestations of the Elements of Creation, I actually do find them very interesting as well. Since Fire/Heat is actually moving particles, and Electricity could stand for energy, these two 'elements' could be the source of everything. Movement and energy: Whether you're talking about radiowaves, solid rocks, solar flames or even life....it all includes these two aspects. Shadow and Light could be more complex. Yesterday I heard a guy speaking quite some inreresting (yet confusing) stuff. He believed that the entire consmos was kept together by energy, what he called the X-field or something. Everything is in balance, as when someone dies, or a solar flame errupts, this energy is continued in waves in the X-field, and eventually continued at the other side (as the field must be in balance). He tried to explain this with a symmetric pyramid as metaphore, but I lost him there. Anyway, what I was thinking: Could each side of this 'X-field' be either Shadow or Light? And while our life force and our universal energy is in the field, we have influences from the Shadow and the Light. Above and Beneath. He also said that every end is connected with the beginning of something, something we cannot comprehend. Our energy jumps over to our start, or something. Like Primis is Ultimis. I'm rambling About the dragons, the Nazi's actually had some kind of Jurassic Park program...
  43. 1 point
    Thanks for the nomination! My vote goes to @Boom115 mainly because his Secret Rushmore Codes post!
  44. 1 point
    I know this took quite a bit of time to put together. Well done friendo, have some brains.
  45. 1 point
    1. The One. Absolute classic, and it's a song from a zombies perspective and I just get chills and waves of nostalgia every time I hear it from what I consider better times in the zombies community and game in general. 2. Nightmare, just cause Imma Try It Out is hideous. 3. Remember Forever. Again, it's just a track that gives me chills, the Chronicles story trailer was so epic and was in a time when I felt extremely excited about zombies for the first time in years. 4. Mystery. Elena > A7X every time, for me, she IS zombies. 5. Carrion, only just cause I don't really like either song but I had to vote one and I only slightly prefer it.
  46. 1 point
    Welcome, dude! Your story is so familiar - there's something about getting started in WAW, even if it was long past by the time you discover it. I was the same, except on mobile. LOL! It's captivating. So glad you've joined us. Here's to the emergence of a new CODZ legend!
  47. 1 point
    Nah that rule is just for the people that are nominating. You can nominate anyone you'd like.
  48. 1 point
    I believe so. Wasn't this the Bible verse seen on the wall in the labs?
  49. 1 point
    Ha, I could actually nearly buy this considering the type of person Marlton is. Yeah, this does seem likely. Especially considering the Zombies eyes are white for some reason (which is odd in itself) as opposed to the classic yellow we see on regular NTZ. Regardless, if this is true then I have to say I’m kind of getting sick of so many maps being in alternate timelines to each other. I assume on Treyarch’s part though that the how and why of the Avogadro being sent to Hanford was genuinely meant to be how he came to be at TranZit.
  50. 1 point
    I posted this first in World at War, but realized you can't view that section if you don't have a CoDz account. Hello, so today I wanted to talk about the Ray Gun Easter Egg you can do on Little Resistance on World at War. Reason why is because it has always bugged me, the mystery voice. I've never known what it was, and there isn't that much discussion on it online. I couldn't get an accurate answer, so I decided to try and check this one out myself. And thanks to @DragonGJY, I was finally able to get a clear answer. So yeah, you will hear a mysterious voice during it which sounds like this: Sounds pretty ominous right? I thought it would have something to do with the Zombies or the Ray Gun at least. Because the voice sounded alien and the Ray Gun looks like an alien gun. Well I went into the soundfiles for Little Resistance, and came across the file name. It's called Pel1 IGD 900A JAS2 ST As you can see in this picture, there are other soundfiles pretty similar, except they have JAS1 and JAS3. Those files are for the Japanese Soldiers who attack you during the level, so with that, you could assume that JAS2 stands for Japanese Soldier 2. And when you think about it, the voice does sound like it's speaking Japanese. But it's heavily distorted. So I decided I would mess about with the pitch to make it sound more human and normal. This is the result: Sounds alot more human now! With that, I decided to get in contact with @DragonGJY, who has been very helpful in the past regarding foreign languages. He took time out to translate this so I appreciate it greatly man! Here is his translation: Edit: /u/SE4Ls has provided his translation as well, which is pretty a pretty close match! So in the end, it had nothing to do with Zombies or the Ray Gun. And that makes sense. Nazi Zombies was a late addition, probably after the voice work had been done. So the quote couldn't really be alluding to those. With the nature of the quote, I'm thinking maybe this was going to play in the level at some point, either over a speaker/comms, or maybe we sneak into a room with a Japanese soldier saying this into a speaker. What's interesting to note though, as that there is an image in the World at War manual. This image is of a paused screen in what looks like this level (Little Resistance). Now when it's paused, you can see the objectives for the level. On this pause screen image, it says "Interrogate Japanese officers", which doesn't appear in this or any other level at all. So it's safe to say that part was changed or cut. It's entirely possible this Japanese Soldier 2 line was cut with it, but than repurposed for this egg, by adding distortion and stuff. So there we go. The mystery voice solved. I wanted to post this because as I said before, there just isn't much information on it already. So I thought why not, lets get a post up so anyone else who might have the same idea and hopefully come across this too. But yes, big thanks to @DragonGJY again for the translation. You are definitely a machine and deserve so many brains. Also here's a video I made of it incase anyone wanted to check it out. :p

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