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    We have been working hard in the background doing some adjustments to the website and user experience and want to give you a little understanding of what we have done, are doing and a few did you know things. We have done some server changes, implemented a different PHP handler, introduced memcache and config updates. This helped tremendously with site peformance. We then introducted Cloudflare again to help with speed and performance. Page Speed Insights We've still got some improvements we can do, this is web report from Page Speed Insights, Mobile is needing a little bit more work but we're on it. This is GTMetrix, The important thing to understand here, is the fully loaded time takes into account the AD's which are being served to guests on the main index, remove the AD's and you obtain a different fully loaded time of around 2 seconds. We have intruduced a higher setting for guest caching, this is set at 3 minutes at the moment but is only a test, it could be set at 10 minutes for better results. We are looking at image optimisation and will discuss with the team about using webp for better image processing & provide better image file sizes compared to jpg/png for example and superior lossless compression. In addition to images, we should be hosting all images within our resources on the site and not hosting on 3rd party sites (such as photobucket). It reduces the amount of look ups by uploading all images to the site and then having these images served from amazon S3 for example. Broken profile images are being changed when we find them, this was a result of a failed S3 setup which @Hells Warrriortakes the blame for. Broken links and general clean up has been performed. We've introduced at the top of the forum a new section called "Our picks" - what is our picks? Our picks is basically a selection of content that is chosen by the team, it is then promoted to social media platforms (Facebook and Twitter) and appears in our picks section as well. Why are we doing this? It brings attention to the topics/articles on the site and brings people to the site (hopefully) to use and stick around. All software is up to date and shouldn't be presenting any problems. We still have things going on in the background we are working on as well but no news to share at the moment. So what about these, did you know's? Did you know, if you post a status update on CoDz, that you can share that status update to social media? It's currently enabled for Twitter, Facebook will be coming soon. Did you know, that you can share yout topic/post directly from the editor to Twitter & Facebook? (facebook coming soon) Did you know we have our own LFG (Looking for group) system? https://www.callofdutyzombies.com/lfg/ Did you know, we have an amazing Library system for call of duty, that was put together by Hall Of Famer @PINNAZ https://www.callofdutyzombies.com/zombies-library/ Did you know, that if you notice something wrong with the website, or doesn't do what you expected it do to or if you want to suggest something, you can do so via our support section? https://www.callofdutyzombies.com/support/ Did you know, you can add your own channels to our website? https://www.callofdutyzombies.com/user-channels/ Did you know, you can add your own videos from YouTube and other platforms to our Videos section? https://www.callofdutyzombies.com/videos/ Did you know, we don't have a save post function but browser save function instead? As long as your browser supports it and if you don't clear your browser cache. What you type will be saved when you return to the site. Did you know you can obtain medals for using the website and for playing games and showing/proving the achievements earnt?
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    Full instructions and demonstration in the video. This video aims to show you step by step my approach to getting set up for the high rounds camping strategy providing helpful tips along the way (my full 100 game is HERE if you need demonstration of the high rounds strategy, tips included on the page). The Exalted hand is well worth upgrading to because your ammo lasts TWICE as long in the high rounds. If you think this doesn't sound right, let me explain: You get 10 more ammo and each charged shot lasts 25 seconds per shot rather than 15 seconds like the Redeemed hand. With the Redeemed, 40 ammo, 3 ammo per charged shot means 13 shots total, 15 seconds per shot meaning 195 seconds of charged shot time in total. With the Exalted, 50 ammo, 3 ammo per charged shot means 16 shots total, 25 seconds per shot meaning 400 seconds of total charged shot time. So, that's double the charged shot time on the Exalted hand compared to the Redeemed hand, meaning your ammo lasts twice as long in full flow! Well worth the upgrade as this allows you to camp through the high rounds as long as possible. This guide will be for people who have a decent understanding of the map but are struggling with getting set up consistently, as getting upgraded to the Exalted hand of Charon can be really hectic. I've found a nice controlled way of doing it though, and I show this strategy here. If you're unfamiliar with any of the steps, I'd highly recommend heading over to Glitch's channel on YouTube as he has snappy and concise guides on all steps. The cool thing is, you don't need to build even the basic version of all the hands to do this in solo - you only need one hand. I only had the Hand of Charon here, I didn't get any of the other ones, even the basic ones.
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    Part 1 (rounds 1-70): Part 2 (rounds 70-100): Guide for the setup strat here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RpNW0... Though, I did things a little differently this game. Rather than hitting the box before doing the trials to light the Eternal Flame, I now prefer to do it after with much more points to see if I can get the Hellion before starting the Exalted hand upgrade. I'm gonna re-do my setup guide at some point soon, while I'm at it I'll go into more depth about the shrine steps while doing the exalted upgrade as it can be a bit tricky. Ideally I like to get the Hellion before starting any as I said, though here I took some opportunities to get them in early when it seemed like a good time. I don't know if I'm the only one to experience this, but I keep getting glitches during the Gegenees and Blightfather trials where the last one won't spawn. It's not gamebreaking as the trial is considered complete if you survive for 5 minutes, but it's annoying. The high rounds strategy is really fast, unfortunately for me it was my first time really trying it with the Viper & Dragon since using the Hammer specialist doesn't really work where there's not enough time to charge up your Charon hand after using it, so I had a few downs as I was basically learning it on the fly lmao. First and second down were both due to me being too aggressive with the sword - it's fine to get hit, but if you notice your health dips to like 100 then do the level 3 sword throw attack to attract the zombies to it and then pull out your Charon and you've got about 5 seconds to get a shot charged and laid down, you should be fine if you do that. Third down was right after the second one, just from me being an idiot and forgetting that I needed PhD to use the Hellion Salvo lol. So all in all, if I were to be able to do this run again I could definitely do it flawless now I know what not to do. Total game time was just under 5 hours. So, the strategy... I found this camping spot a while ago, it seemed fast but I hadn't had a chance to properly try it into the high rounds. ChocolateWe also found it himself and was the first to upload it anywhere in high rounds, so credit to him for that, confirmed to me that it was going to be fast and useful, though I still had to figure out a load of stuff myself about using the Viper specialist to save ammo along the way. It took me until like 80-90 to really figure out the best way to do it. Basically, use 3 charged Charon shots in a row around 23-24 seconds between shots. Switch to the rocket launcher during the last shot, then if needs be you can use it to get the last few kills to charge your Viper & Dragon. Then pull that out, and swipe back & forth 8 times total, then immediately use the level 3 sword throw attack (LB & RB on controller) which attracts zombies and gives you about 5 seconds to switch back to your Charon hand and get a charged shot out. Rinse and repeat! You'll notice in the video I was using Elixers. I went into the game thinking I'd need loads, turns out I actually didn't. I think in total I only used 7 Cache Backs (wanted to save my Alchemicals and ended up not using any), 2 of which were in the early rounds while I was getting set up due to being unlucky with ammo and then most of the rest where in the 90s when Max Ammo's suddenly became non existant, had that happen to me before. If you have some Shields Up this really helps, as the shield run is long and it's not ideal to be without one. As I said above, I made a lot of mistakes while figuring this strategy out, so here are a bunch of tips to help you avoid the same mistakes I made, this strategy is actually pretty easy if you keep your focus and stick to the plan, but if you let your focus slip the spawns here are so damn fast that you can get in trouble real quick. TIPS FOR THE HIGH ROUNDS Make sure to get a Max Ammo and be fully loaded JUST before starting this strategy. If you do this, then due to the way the drop cycle works, you should end up getting nice timings of Max Ammo drops throughout the game. As I said, I went into this game prepared to use loads of ammo Elixirs, but once the high rounds strat was started I only ended up using 5-6 Cache Backs, most of which were used in the 90s where I stopped getting Ammo's. I figured out that the best way to go about things is to use 3 charged Charon shots in a row, with the Exalted hand they last for about 25 seconds but some zombies seem to ignore it in the last second or two, so I fire a shot every 23-24 seconds. This will be enough to charge or almost charge your specialist - switch to the Hellion during the last shot and then you can use that to finish filling it. What I figured was best when using my Cache Back for ammo was leaving enough ammo for one charged Charon shot, using the Hellion to see if I could drop a Max and just spamming it until there's no ammo left, then use the specialist before lying down my last charged shot and then pop my Max. When using the Viper & Dragon, I like to swipe back & forth with the sword 8 times. Then use the level 3 throw attack (LB & RB on controller, Q on PC by default) which distracts the zombies for about 5 seconds, giving you time to get a charged Charon shot laid down. Make sure you hit a zombie with the throw or the effect won't work! Do NOT kill the zombies with the Hellion while the throw attack is distracting the zombies - if you kill the one you shot, the effect ends. If you do this by accident then turn the face the corner while you charge your shot. You can still take the odd hit while doing this though, so best avoided. Biggest mistake I made which actually caused me downs was to be too aggressive with the specialist thinking I'd be able to take loads of hits and keep making up armour. Generally, it works really well, but sometimes the hits can start to dip into your health - again, generally fine as you'll quickly make armour back up with kills, BUT if you notice you start dropping to like 100 health, abandon the weapon and get your throw attack out to distract the zombies as above, then you can safely lay down your charged Charon shot. When you get the bosses, the trick is not to panic and always be prepared. I had some close calls and used some Dying Wishes just through zoning out and them catching my by surprise. As soon as you see them, quickly get a fresh Charon shot down to keep the zombies distracted, then you can lay into them with the Hellion. Blightfathers take about 3-4 shots and Gegenees take about 5-6. Just shoot at the feet, this causes splash damage. If you have any Shields Ups, these are so handy. The shield run with this strategy is very long due to having the debris between the Temple and Marketplace closed, and it's never ideal to be without a shield during this strategy. Try and have a Rare or Legendary reward from the Apollo trials on standby. These both can give you a Max Ammo as a bonus reward, and the Rares are best as they also can give you a Max as a main reward. Always worth trying to claim between rounds if you're getting low on ammo and you can keep activating trials between rounds and just taking on the ones that work while you're in the strategy, such as dealing melee damage, getting specialist kills or not taking damage. I stopped using the Pegagus Strike after a while, it's not reliable in the high rounds as zombies either ignore it or Pegasus just stops firing As I said above, I didn't use many Elixirs, if you've got like 10 Cache Backs or Alchemicals that should get you to round 100 with no ammo problems, you're gonna be getting Max Ammo's every few rounds and if you start the strat having just got a Max then the timings should work out well for the most part. If you don't have many it might be worth keeping the top door of the Marketplace closed also, so you can run the trap strategy if you run out of hand of Charon ammo. Think that's about it! For tips on the early rounds strategy, check out my setup guide HERE - however, the full 1-70 gameplay will be uploaded and my strategy is a tad different now - biggest difference really is that I like to rinse the box for the Salvo after lighting the Eternal Flame, as this really helps with the setup of the Exalted hand upgrades. I'll be putting together an updated guide at some point.
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    Hi everyone! Maybe, a little late when I’ve found this forum about my favourite game(mode), but anyways here I am! But who am I? I love helping people out with my fast, correct and solo guides on my YT channel, MysteryHQ. And how I started? I started playing on Tranzit, and back then I was happy if I had reached round 7-10. But I’ve never stopped, so I completed my first EE on Der Eisendrache! From that point I’ve completed all EE’s (except the BO1 ones, but I did them in Chronicles). I even completed the full Super Easter Egg in IW, so I beat Mephistopheles on my own. Currently I’m a BO4 Zombies slayer and I've never really been a member of this site, even though I'm a big zombies fan… Nice meeting you all!
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    THE PYTHIA the Pythia was (on occasion) a noble of aristocratic family, sometimes a peasant, sometimes rich, sometimes poor, sometimes old, sometimes young, sometimes a very lettered and educated woman to whom somebody like the high priest and the philosopher Plutarch would dedicate essays, other times who could not write her own name. So it seems to have been aptitude rather than any ascribed status that made these women eligible to be Pythias and speak for the god. Before 200 BC, while the temple was dedicated to Apollo, there was probably only one priest of Apollo. Priests were chosen from among the main citizens of Delphi, and were appointed for life. In addition to overseeing the oracle, priests would also conduct sacrifices at other festivals of Apollo, and had charge of the Pythian games. Earlier arrangements, before the temple became dedicated to Apollo, are not documented. The other officiants associated with the oracle are less well known. These are the hosioi ("ὅσιοι", "holy ones") and the prophētai ("προφῆται", singular prophētēs). Prophētēs is the origin of the English word "prophet", but a better translation of the Greek word might be "one who speaks on behalf of another person." The prophetai are referred to in literary sources, but their function is unclear; it has been suggested that they interpreted the Pythia's prophecies, or even reformatted her utterances into verse, but it has also been argued that the term prophētēs is a generic reference to any cult officials of the sanctuary, including the Pythia. There were five hosioi, whose responsibilities are unknown, but may have been involved in some manner with the operation of the oracle. Experience of Supplicants: Step 1: Journey to Delphi — Supplicants were motivated by some need to undertake the long and sometimes arduous journey to come to Delphi in order to consult the oracle. This journey was motivated by an awareness of the existence of the oracle, the growing motivation on the part of the individual or group to undertake the journey, and the gathering of information about the oracle as providing answers to important questions. Step 2: Preparation of the Supplicant — Supplicants were interviewed in preparation of their presentation to the Oracle, by the priests in attendance. The genuine cases were sorted and the supplicant had to go through rituals involving the framing of their questions, the presentation of gifts to the Oracle and a procession along the Sacred Way carrying laurel leaves to visit the temple, symbolic of the journey they had made. Step 3: Visit to the Oracle — The supplicant would then be led into the temple to visit the adyton, put his question to the Pythia, receive his answer and depart. The degree of preparation already undergone would mean that the supplicant was already in a very aroused and meditative state, similar to the shamanic journey elaborated on in the article. Step 4: Return Home — Oracles were meant to give advice to shape future action, that was meant to be implemented by the supplicant, or by those that had sponsored the supplicant to visit the Oracle. The validity of the Oracular utterance was confirmed by the consequences of the application of the oracle to the lives of those people who sought Oracular guidance. Fumes and Vapors: The vapor is if high importance in the Chaos Story line. Here is some info that can bring light to this mystery. The oracle of Apollo at Delphi was famed throughout the Greek world and even beyond. The oracle - the Pythia or priestess - would answer questions put to her by visitors wishing to be guided in their future actions. The whole process was a lengthy one, usually taking up a whole day and only carried out on specific days of the year. First the priestess would perform various actions of purification such as washing in the nearby Castilian Spring, burning laurel leaves, and drinking holy water. Next an animal - usually a goat - was sacrificed. The party seeking advice would then offer a pelanos - a sort of pie - before being allowed into the inner temple where the priestess resided and gave her pronouncements, possibly in a drug or natural gas-induced state of ecstasy. There have been many attempts to find a scientific explanation for the Pythia's inspiration. However, most commonly, these refer to an observation made by Plutarch, who presided as high priest at Delphi for several years, who stated that her oracular powers appeared to be associated with vapors from the Kerna spring waters that flowed under the temple. It has often been suggested that these vapors may have been hallucinogenic gases. Recent geological investigations have shown that gas emissions from a geologic chasm in the earth could have inspired the Delphic Oracle to "connect with the divine." Some researchers suggest the possibility that ethylene gas caused the Pythia's state of inspiration. Traces of ethylene have been found in the waters of the Castallian spring, which is now largely diverted for the town water supply of the town of modern Delphi. However, Lehoux argues that ethylene is "impossible" and benzene is "crucially underdetermined." Others argue instead that methane might have been the gas emitted from the chasm, or CO2 and H2S, arguing that the chasm itself might have been a seismic ground rupture. Sources and Links to more interesting info regarding The Pythia: Ancient-Origins Pythia Wiki Oracle of Delphi
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    Epithets of Athena include Pallas(girl) and Parthenos (virgin), living up to which, she is conspicuous amongst the gods for not indulging in illicit relationships with other divinities, demi-gods, or mortals. Other epithets were Promachos (of war) - perhaps referring to more patriotic, defensive, and strategic warfare, rather than attacking warfare, in contrast to her more aggressive, conflict-loving brother Ares, Ergane (of the crafts), and Nike (victory). The goddess was not to be trifled with as her transformation of Medusa into a Gorgon demonstrates, and her sense of justice was such that acts of impiety were swiftly avenged, as with the Archaean heroes following their capture of Troy and desecration of the goddess’ sanctuary. @anonymous
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    Hey all! Agartha has always had a major role in the story, while the name 'Agartha' was actually used in-game for the first time in Buried, when Zombies Mode was already raging on for 5 years. As we have always assumed Agartha was actually the world within Hollow Earth, like various mythologies (though under different names) state, Doctor Monty smashed this image. While I previously tried to invalidate this, it still leaves the Hollow Earth-issue. However, yesterday I had a thought that may have an explanation for that as well. Agartha could actually still be very much inside our planet. The quote that sparked this idea was, ironically enough, another quote of Monty. The world WITHIN the world. And this was said in Gorod Krovi. So it seems like the idea of Hollow Earth isn't completely abandoned. To understand the following theory, we have to go back to Black Ops II, the era of the Great Destruction of Earth. Die Rise's loading screen actually already showed us the seemingly absense of a civilisation in the core of our planet. There doesn't seem to be anything inside Earth, so what is Monty rambling about the world within the world? You see, I think Agartha and Earth are more connected with each other than is believed. Let's start with a summary of what Agartha is believed to be, made by @Tac: The creatures of the Black Sun entered Agartha through the underground tunnels of Earth. Now let's jump to the Rift, being of great importance in Black Ops II, seen in Buried (hang on, this picture will become more coherent later on). The Rift seemed to appear right after Maxis launched the Griffin Station rockets to Earth, which caused the severing of the Aether's link with Earth, which Richthofen seemed to wanna 'set right' by mending the Rift (meaning healing it). What the Rift exactly was has always remained unclear, though various theories think it is the Earth's core, or a Gateway to Agartha perhaps. I believe both theories are actually right, as the Earth's core is a Gateway to Agartha, a.k.a. the Aether. Let's get some stuff straight. 1) Agartha is most likely not a physical plane. It is a dimension beyond our perception. 2) The realm is accesible via the Earth's core. 3) As the planet's core is a rift to Agartha, Agartha seems to be centered within our world, while it actually is not. Remember the Shadows of Evil scrap? See how there exist so many worlds? So many planet Earth's and versions of ourselves. So many cores, or Rifts, all leading to merely one and the same realm: Agartha, or Aether. There is only one of this. NabrZHunter's primal 'Wheel Spoke Theory' wasn't that far away from this idea. What does it mean for Agartha being Hollow Earth? Well, it would explain the absense of Agartha in Die Rise's loading screen, as the only thing that is present in Earth's inner core is merely a portal to Agartha (though abstract). It would explain the Aether being "inside" Earth, as we got a Gateway to that down there. It would explain the Keepers being both the creatures who descended down onto our planet milions of years ago, and the beings residing in the Aether. It would explain many theories of inner Earth's "magical" absurdities (To name a few), as it is actually the source of Ethereal Energy. Let me hear you thoughts! Any constructive, critical feedback is always appreciated, and I would like to update and expand this thread. Let's see if a discussion can find a solution for this! Thanks for the read
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    I had absolutely no interest in Greek mythology before AE, but I currently have quite a fascination with it. Oh, and the CoDZ Reddit... lol... I literally just got banned from there. The moderators haven't got a clue. I kept posting high rounds stuff and apparently it's self-promotion because it's from YouTube, even though the rules state "Submissions from community figures are not considered promotion as long as the content adds something of value to the subreddit or sparks discussion" - it most likely would have sparked discussion given half a chance. Even posted a screenshot of my AE round 100 post-game screen, and it got removed for "repetitive topics" with the message essentially saying, we get too many people just posting about their accomplishments here and we're not interested, the only things welcome here are memes, EE stuff and complaints about the game. I posted one last video and said if the mods ban me for self promotion then whatever, this sub is a pile of crap anyway - duly banned Don't care anymore, lost interest. Before I was banned someone else made a thread asking why the mods hate high rounders and it was an active topic, so I made my own sub-Reddit for high rounders anyway and shared it there which likely contributed to my ban, might be a decent place to share with the handful that actually care about high rounds and not just EEs, plus here of course!
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    I'm going for Moon, of course (whilst SNN also gave us alot of neat stuff). Next to that, I prefer Kino der Toten over Waffenfabrik Der Riese. Story-wise, I should totally go for Der Riese, but I can enjoy Kino so much more. In opposition to you, Rad, I find Kino having a better atmosphere than der Riese, and I think this might have something to do with the lacking of a real important story element here. I think the developers chose the location, a German cinema, purely for the atmosphere (most likely heavily influenced by movies like 'The Prestige' and 'Inglorious Basterds'), instead of having a good historically backstory (like der Riese). And I, oddly enough as a story person, actually like the lacking of the direct story here. Kino is just so mysterious: the time, the Illuminati, the fuseboxes, Nova-6, hell we even didn't knew about their voyage to Ascension up till the release of the Timeline. I like maps not making sense: Kino, a Nazi theatre in the middle of the Cold War, definately doesn't make sense. In theory, der Riese should be better. But I just like playing Kino more. For kinda the opposite reasons as I prefer Moon over Shi no Numa.
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    Staying in the background for what seems like 2 years now, I've not had much dealings with the site apart from the occassional intervention. Will be good to see how things move for the community, forum software is forum software. Be that vBulletin, phpBB, Invision suite (which we run) or others such as Xenforo. Some have different activity functionality and "slightly" different layouts but in essence they are the same. Reddits not a forum in the traditional sense, it's more complicated and less intuitive in my view - although I'm pretty oldskool when it comes to forums. I started running forums with Ikonboard back in 2001 and ventured to YaBB and others. I've always preferred the service and the options supplied by Invision & I've been with them on several forums now for over 15 years. Occasionally involved in sites such as CoDz, that had phpBB/vBulletin/myBB/. CoDz was running phpBB and tried to migrate to vBulletin which failed spectacularly, we still had the licence for it but attempted migrations was a nightmare, they kept failing on the test setup, no matter what. It was pretty messed up, so we switched to Invision pretty much straight after I got involved and we have been using Invision for over 4 years now. Change is not always appreciated, not always seen as a requirement or having a need for change other than when someone comes in that is used to a different forum software (such as myself a few years back). Bottom line, change can be good, it can open up new avenues, times change and that's OK. Embrace changes that occur, remember CoDz is about it's members and not one individual. We're all still here in some guise and we're all happy to help. My only concern is losing features on this site, which we had custom built (LFG). However, having 4 kids ranging from 16 to 1.5, running the business, travelling up and down the UK on a nearly weekly basis and travelling to places like Germany, Austria, Lithuiana. Time for the family, myself & CoDz has become near impossible. So the admins with the time and dedication & with more time on their hands than me. Is a good thing for the site and the community. Here's to the future.
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    Hi Guys not been here in a while well since 2017 I think and i'm so happy that the site is still going, some changes since ive last been here, but all in all happy to be back and get on the grind and look at all the amazing and beuatiful content you all post. this site really brings me back to happier simpler times now lets to it i have Medals on here to unlock
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    https://www.callofdutyzombies.com/story/book1ch20/ Chapter 20: "Uniform"
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    Chapter 20: "Uniform" is up! Times are changing! (Literally...)
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    Good maps but Origins is a favourite of mine. Welcome to the site
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    Welcome to the site, glad to have you! What would you say is your favorite map of all time?
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    Welcome my friend glad to see you here!
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    Thank you, glad to hear that! How the core could be a Rift....I don't know. I guess this whole idea is not so down-to-earth as it sounds, but rather sciencifically abstract, as I said. How could this be applied on the BO2 Main Quest? Do the NAVcards have the coordinates to the core and let the Global Polarization Devices focus the (possibly 'leaking' Ethereal energy towards it? Why does Richthofen have to mend it to reestablish the link between Aether and Earth (which is still partly present as he can still controll the undead, etc), while Maxis somehow uses the Rift to uses the Aether's energy to enter Agartha? Concerning more recent issues, how could this fit with Monty? We know he was able to manipulate our world through the Æther, but wouldn't Maxis be equally as powerfull after he entered Agartha? Or did he, perhaps, rather enter the Dark Aether, thinking it would be Agartha (as Samantha was drawn into this madness as well). How would the Dark Aether fit into this anyway? Beyond creation... In the similarity of a Wormhole (Rift?) perhaps? Absolute negative space where the laws of physics dont apply. The absolute zero that forms a living purgatory. Hell
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    Ohhh, you were introduced to Zombies exactly the way I was. Good times, good times. Welcome to the site, fella
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    IX Pack A Punch Guide Welcome to IX This is a step by step guide on how to reach pack a punch. As the game has just released, some steps may be slightly out of place in my list below but the thread will be updated if so. Also, guide pictures/videos will be added to the thread as time goes on for locations of certain steps etc. Lets get to the steps! STEP 1 Around the map there is 4 god statues. These can be seen from the starting arena where you spawn. In each area where a god statue stands, there will be a gong. When you find the gong interact with it. STEP 2 When you have successfully interacted with the gong, the champion of the specific god will spawn in on the map. You will have to kill the champion who will take a conciderable amount of extra damage than a normal zombie. When you have killed it, a head will drop. Pick up this head as you will need it for later. STEP 3 Simply repeat this step for the further 3 remaining god statues around the map. STEP 4 Now that you have all 4 champion heads, you must go down to the altar which you will find as you are completing step 3. When you arrive at the altar, you will be able to place the heads around the altar that are in front of you, doing so will unlock pack a punch for IX. Congratulations! You now have access to pack a punch and will now be able to upgrade your guns. Happy Killing!
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    Hi, and welcome to icks....er, I mean Nine. The main purpose of this post is to describe the basic layout of the BO4 Zombie Map "IX", to alleviate newbie confusion and keep you from blowing early cash on unecessary doors and running in circles, lost. IX is a fairly simple design though it does not seem like it when being chased around on your first attempt at it. Start Room: You start in a hallway connected to a large round arena, the center of a coliseum (head out to center, hallway closes behind you). Around you, if you look up, are 4 Towers (temples) around this inner arena. Each Tower represents one of the God Perk/Idols from your Chaos Character's Create a Class link. There are even matching statues and a flag triangle symbol on each. Each of these Towers contains a perk that matches the one that you set in Create a Class. Each Tower has an upper section (Perk and Champion for PaP unlock), a middle section (door to center arena), and a lower section (door to circular tunnels under map). The Start Arena doors to Danu and Ra Towers' middle section can be opened from the Start Arena. The middle doors of Odin and Zeus must be opened from inside the Odin/Zeus Tower that it connects to (can't be opened from Start Arena), so basically you go through Ra or Danu, through the underground tunnel, then up to Zeus and/or Odin Tower. At the bottom of Danu(or)Ra, you open to the tunnel. There are 2 doors which will allow you access to the rest of the circular tunnel to the bottom doors of Zeus/Odin, as well as the underground center arena called Temple (PaP), and the Pit, where the Shield is built. You only need to open 1 of these 2 doors in the circular tunnel, it is a circle, just go back the other way. (0)Sample opening (Use Custom Mutations, have 50,000 points to start, set Zombie Max Speed at WALK if you want to follow along with my text descriptor here. Leave all zombies alive to keep them calm for as long as possible). 1. Open Danu (left door), go upstairs to Perk/Champion Gong, check out middle, check out lower, check out gun wallbuys. This is vine-y and overgrown and green. Danu has a door upstairs (perk/gong), this bridges to Ra, which is real close to Danu. Opening this destroys easy early running in the top of both Towers, so leave this closed in all Towers for now. The middle area (just like each Tower) goes to Start Arena (it is open, you came in here), and the bottom door opens to the tunnel (leave it closed for now). 2. Go back to Start Arena, take right door to Ra (yellowish stonework inside). Upstairs has perk/gong, door/bridge to Danu (leave it closed, this is the other end), middle area has door to arena (open, you came in here), and the lowest floor door can open to the tunnel. Open this bottom level door (next to Bowie wallbuy). Note: 1 shield part, 3 locations, should be on the upper floor of Ra (large, easy to spot). (Shield has 3 pieces, 3 spots each, in Ra, Odin, and Zeus Towers). Go fetch that piece and come down here and out to the tunnel. 3a. In the Tunnel now, look left and right and up. The Ra door that you just exited has a flag with some sort of triangle on it. The tunnel around Ra looks like the Ra motif; yellowish stonework, same as in Ra Tower. Very close by on the right is another triangle flag (different triangle), with vines and greenery. Look by there to see the other side of the Danu lower door (from 1, above. Leave it closed). Just past the lower Danu door, you hit a tunnel door (leave it closed). (This is a good little mp camp spot). Okay, for now, this is your "Danu/Ra side indicator"; seeing the green and leafy motif in the tunnel means that you are approaching the dead end by Danu/closed tunnel door, and closed Danu lower door. Here, you either want to go up Ra, or turn around in the tunnel. Playing like this will help you learn the tunnels quicker. So this half of the circle is Dead End, Closed Danu, Open Ra. 3b. Turn away from the Dead End/Danu, head past lower Ra door (in tunnel still), you pass through a 90° bend and you will reach a buried large statue, the ?box, and the second in-tunnel door, open this one. You are now in a larger circular room called "the pit". Here is the Shield Workbench and one of the side entrances into "temple" where PaP will be. Go in temple, check it out, but come back out this same entrance. 3c. Continue around the tunnel in the same direction you were headed. Soon you will encounter an area with 2 more Triangle Flags hanging from the ceiling (2 different triangles than Ra and Danu) near the opposite side of the "temple" (another entrance). One tunnel section will have round shields by a door (Odin Tower lower door), next to it will be Whitish Stone tunnel section (Zeus Tower lower door). If you continue on in the tunnel, you'll hit the closed tunnel door near Danu Tower lower door (tunnel full circle), leave it closed for this walkthrough. 4. Head back to Odin/Zeus flags, open Odin. You are on the lower level. The middle level opens to Start Arena (no need to open it), the upper area has perk/champion gong, and the door/bridge to Zues that destroys the training here (leave it closed). Odin flag part has 1 location on upper floor, 1 on middle (shield rack), and 1 lower area spot. Head down to tunnel, eyeball the Zeus flag and head to the Zeus Tower lower door, open it. 5. You are in the lower Zeus Tower area, by a bath (1 shield location on wall opposite this newly opened door. It is tiny, look carefully), head up to middle area (door to Start Arena here, leave it closed) There is a shield part location, by a statue. Head upstairs to Perk/Gong (door/bridge to Odin here, leave it closed), there is a Shield part up here, look carefully as it is small. Your map is now completely open without unnecessary doors. You may of course open it much differently, or you may eventually open more, or all doors, but I wanted to walk you through with minimal doors to save your hard earned points in a real match. By keeping the triangle flags, tower motifs and general tower design in mind, the map is actually simple to keep track of or visually recognise where you are at any given time. I usually open Ra, get Bowie and Shield Part, open tunnel to Odin + Zeus, get Shield parts, then build shield with Danu unopened. If I want an early perk, I set it in Ra, with last perk in Danu maybe. (But I usually pass on perks early). If you buy a wallbuy gun, say "gun name, tower name" or "ammo, tower name" (or "tunnel near location X") a couple times, so you remember where to buy ammo for it. 6. Shield: Take the 3 shield parts (1 part each, in 3 locations, in Ra, Odin, Zeus Towers) to The Pit in the tunnel, build at workbench. It comes with sword and pistol. 7. Pack a Punch: Top floor of each Tower, ring the Gong. You will fight 1 or more champions. (I suggest just fighting them during a round including round beginnings. Have a decent gun for this). Trying to keep a few zombies alive while you do this is harder than just fighting all at once. Champions may be several tigers, Giant Axe man, Useless Hyper guy, or a pair of Useless and Axe. (You may get random spawn of these on the same round too, just fyi). Each champion or set of champions will drop an item for you to collect once they are killed, simply move through it to collect it. Tigers, you'll see them on regular rounds too, just avoid the run-pounce-swipe and shoot them. Prioritize tigers because they block you and are just dangerous to have mixed with or running around the horde. Axe man. He takes lots of headshot damage, he loses his helmet, then you headshot him easily. He is mostly a joke. He'll often axe-throw at you as you headshot him, or he'll slap you pretty good if you actually let him get close. It is not even worth avoiding the axe-throw (normal difficulty), just headshot him and keep your distance. Useless hyper guy. This smaller boss also must be "helmet then headshot". If he lands next to you for a couple of seconds, he will take most of your health in a brutal beating with his blade-hands, but just stay away and headshot him. Parasites are more threatening than this guy. Once all 4 champions are defeated (often in same round, they are so easy), go to tunnels, then to center temple. Give the center thingy of Temple the Champion Blood (things that the champions dropped), and in several seconds, you'll have PaP. (It is this center stone, it does not look like Aether PaP, it looks wierd and red). This concludes the basics of IX, I hope this makes IX easier to understand and traverse for some new players. ########################## Some alternate openings of note: The Pit: If you open Ra to the tunnel, but go right, past Danu, and open that door then head (through Cursed room, Crypts) to Flooded Crypt, go between columns into Temple, and across and up the other steps, you end up with "The Pit" area being closed off except for the Temple entrance. This then allows a camping spot in Pit by an unopened door, as well as easy circular training near the shield. Some higher round strategies involve the bridges between Towers, which I suggested you leave closed in my basic tutorial above. I just want to reiterate that my basics were just to inform you of the general map layout, not necessarily a plan on the best way to open the map. Some Tower lower rooms are good for training, check them out for yourself. At start, you can stay in the spawn hallway until you have enough to open several doors. Use Knife, Wraith's Fire, and your Special Weapon, with your improved starting gun, if you have one. With multiple players, can one stay in here to hold it as a camp spot (switch off players as each gets perks/guns, et cetera)? Happy gaming!
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    Nice work @83457! The only thing Id add is a little Color to dat text and slap a few fine azz pics on this bad boy. Keep up the great work my friend.
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    A summary of the entire story! Note the word summary, as there are a lot of less important points I haven't included: the story of ''Red Riding Hood'', the history of Hyperborea and the Aryans and the backgrounds of the characters. Also note: Alot of text I have copy/pasted of CoD Wiki pages. All I did is pasting it all together and rewriting it a bit. Still: Enjoy!
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    Chapter 19: Sacrifice is here! https://www.callofdutyzombies.com/story/book1ch19/ This is a spicy one, for more than one reason. Also if you are squeamish about blood/dismemberment, maybe you can skip a few lines near the end of the chapter.
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    I know right? The science behind it is what got me into zombies in the beginning. And thanks for all that info! If I have any questions I’ll be sure to ask you guys. And it takes a lot more than that to scare me. A solo game on Verruckt perhaps
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    Howdy! I have added Chapters 17: "Semper Fi" and 18: "Pressure" to the site! Chapter 17 follows Peter, now invited to be a member of the American intelligence-gathering organization, the OSS. Chapter 18 follows Doctor Schuster as he and Doctor Groph discover something incredible regarding the MPD. We're getting into the really gritty, fun bits of the story coming soon. I am really looking forward to it! I also added the names of upcoming chapters to the side bar mostly as a sort of code name system for me to keep up with what chapters are coming. They may or may not stay the same when I eventually write the chapters.
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    Maybe not that forgotten. But some more mysteries you might want to add to the OP and/or have an explanation of it Verrückt “Who is trapped behind the door in the Water Room?” I believe this once was said by Brian Tuey, a developer of CoD games. Shi no Numa Alot of odd whisperings in this map. "So close to The Shield" is one that definately got confirmed, but many heard other stuff as well... Der Riese What does the freezing of the Clock and the Eclipse mean? In a radio, you will hear a voice saying: "Warning, the shield is now active" and everyone starts to panick and dr. Porter commits suicide. Wouldn't you rather be happy when a shield activates? Kino der Toten Somewhere is heard knocking on a door. Merely a zombie or is there somebody still alive in the Theatre Facility. Call of the Dead A note can be found: “We are running out of time" Shangri La The floating rock. My own intepretation of this is that this might have something to do with the Mercury Vortex Engine. Now this is a kinda deep topic but let me explain the basics. The Mercury Vortex Engine is the power source of the Vimana's, the ancient flying pyramids of the Vril Ya seen in the Shangri La and Moon loading screens. It is creating the Tornado and needs a special type of solar energy from the eclipse, in order to be activated. Powered by this special Solar energy, they can exit our atmosphere and then switch to a free-form type of energy that sounded much like Anti-Gravity. It can also travel through dimensions. Group 935's anti-gravity 'Die Glocke' was actually based on this, and the Americans and Soviets continued this investigation (the purple stuff in MTD's is Red Mercury and the Ascension Group even had a operation going on named 'Projekt Mercury'. This is also why we need to activate an eclipse in the Shangri La easter egg, I think. Moon The loading screen in general: the pyramids and the astronauts. Where are the pyramids when we arrived there? Tranzit The (story) meaning of the Russian symbols all over the place The structure near the Power Plant (see last two comments) The derailed train Buried The Witch (& the house) The Whisp Origins The Templar Zombies? What is the Crazy Place? Shadows of Evil What are the gateworms? Why is the Shadowman a giant gateworm in the end? Why is a map of Alcatraz seen in the undercroft? What is the Weapon Upgrade Stone? Is this a pocket dimension version of the normal Universe 63? If so, how could the Apothicans consume the normal Universe 63 after entering this pocket version? Der Eisendrache Did Maxis knew of the Moon base? The Stone Pyramid (see the commentbox) The London breakout papers Zetsubou no Shima The Monster/Chtulu. R'ley. Nan Madol's connection with the Vril Ya and Agartha (also, the role of Nan Sapwe) Gorod Krovi Berlinski Square? Is this named after Nikolai´s mysterious brother? Peter McCain in the intro? Revelations Why is Nacht central? Primis's graves? Why is Monty the announcer? The coloured lines in the air. What the fuck is actually going on here?
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    Moon because it's not in the future... Honorable mention ? I hesitate between Der Riese, Call Of The Dead and Die Rise, but I'm going to choose this last because it's at the bottom of the ranking and I fear the heights also in video games !
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    Buddhism & The Flesh By RequixEclipse "Science has failed us. HE, has abandoned us. In this new world we alone are your salvation, we alone can light way. Here our words. Head our call. There is but one way to enlightenment. Just as they would consume us we must consume them. We are the living and we are the dead...We are The Flesh! We will not starve. We will thrive.” This whole flesh thing is just getting to me and I know its getting to some CoDz members. Here is what I brought together I hope it helps! What is the Flesh? Who is the Flesh? -The soft tissue of the body of a vertebrate, covering the bones which consists of skeletal muscle and fat. ¬ The surface or skin of the human body. - The meat of animals as distinguished from the edible tissue of fish or fowl. - Botany- The pulpy, usually edible part of a fruit or vegetable. - Excess fatty tissue; plumpness. -The body as opposed to the mind or soul. -The physical or carnal nature of humankind. Sensual appetites. - Humankind in general; humanity. Buddhism The Flesh has claimed to know the path to enlightenment. Which leads to Buddhist ideology and the teachings of Buddha. Buddhism has 2 different group beliefs making it hard to call a religion because it depends on which group you are talking about. Theravada Buddhism (Southern) Was formed after Buddha died, by one of his followers after gathering 500 senior monks. Nirvana is their prime target. Nirvana: -Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism- The attainment of enlightenment and freeing of the spiritual self from attachment to worldly things, ending the cycle of birth and rebirth. These monks strived to achieve that goal. Meditation and insight (Vipashyana-dhura). This involves "... insight meditation, the practice of tranquility and the quieting of the mind." Study (Gantha-dhura). This involves "... the study of the Buddhist canon, the scriptures, and the path to knowledge and wisdom." Mahayana Buddhism (Northern) Was the movement to bring Buddhism to common people. Monks from Theravada Buddhism realized there was little room for humanity to join in, so a new schism erupted within the ranks of Buddhism in the first century AD. It would attempt to take the teachings of Buddha to better satisfy a greater number of people. Since this was to satisfy more people it was named, the Greater Vehicle (the Greater Ox-Cart) or Mahayana. Mahayana Buddhist refer to Theravada as Hinayana, or 'The Lesser Vehicle.' Theravada embrace Bodhisattva (“one who achieves perfect attainment.”) To them teaching is just a tool for individuals on the path to Nirvana Bodhisattva was a mandate not for perfection, but to save all sentient beings from suffering. The Mahayana take a vow NOT to enter Nirvana, even though they too strive to reach the same enlightenment. Bodhisattva when translated is literally 'one whose essence is perfect wisdom' or 'one destined for enlightenment.' The Crucial characteristics of the Bodhisattva in both sects are compassion, selflessness, wisdom, and servitude. The Bodhisattva takes a vow: “I must lead all beings to liberation, I will stay here until the end, even for the sake of one living mortal'.” Reincarnation Reincarnation is the process in which after death a human, animal or spiritual depending on the moral quality of the previous life's actions spiritual entity is reborn into a new life. Incarnation is fully defined as: Embodied in flesh or taking on flesh. A sentient creature like a new born baby who is materially manifested of an entity, God or force whose has a divine immaterial nature. The Flesh are those who have always reincarnated. the Theravada. the Enlightened ones. there is always a new “skin sack” waiting for a soul to be born again. For they are the living and the dead. They will not starve but THRIVE because in the Human Realm we cant help but starve. While Buddha was on his deathbed he said to his followers: “Use the Dharma as a guide not as the teacher. It does not lye in the views of a teacher, however helpful of fine an exemplar he or she is, but in the heart where the meaning of selfhood resides. The path to such understanding is essentially a lone quest, just as it was for me. Guidance lies in the teachings not in a teacher.” The Four Noble Truths, Principles of Impermanence, Emptiness and the Law of Interdependent Causation lye at the heart of the matter. They require experiential realization not intellectual assent. [Vehicles] for the transmission of the Dharma are essential, realization an individual matter in which clinging to identity and all forms of representation are abandoned. Dharma 1. performing of duties of Hinduism: in Hinduism, somebody's duty to behave according to strict religious and social codes, or the righteousness earned by performing religious and social duties 2. Eternal truth in Buddhism: in Buddhism, the truth about the way things are and will always be in the universe or in nature, especially when contained in scripture. What is Dharma? It deals with one basic goal - how to escape Samsara. Samsara is the cycle of rebirths that is known more commonly as reincarnation. Freedom from Samsara leads to Nirvana, which is thought of as a complete deliverance. The Eastern version of Heaven. Samsara Cycles of Samsara *NEW* Tha Budda I included this video due to the interesting correlations that can be made sith the Æther storyline http://www.eaec.org/cults/buddha.htmhttp://cultbustersgalactica.yuku.com/forums/137/BUDDHIST-CULTS-OVERVIEW#.UUsIvH7n_IU [brains]Ancient World History Notes from Dr. Hensley. Buddhism-B_-T_-R.pdf
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    First things first, I'm really glad you liked it. I'd say what it's important to remember is the fact that there is a being above all, known simply as The First One. We know incredibly little about him, however it could be speculated from Monty's "worm" quote in Revelations that he and the Shadowman are two halves of this lost deity. This also would explain why Monty can manipulate the physical world but seemingly not souls whereas that is the only thing the Shadowman can influence - A similar duality between Quetzalcoatl and Tezcatlipoca. In terms of "The Overlords", I wonder more and more if this was a bit of a misnomer on Treyarch's part, as the closest thing we've seen to an "overlord" is The Shadowman himself, unless the implication is he has "generals" of sorts serving under him, or overlord refers to the giant Apothicons that we've seen in SoE and Rev.
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    (Original Thread) (The following is a transcription of a video by me on the same topic. This was written with permission and in collaboration with Eric and so I feel it is appropriate to give it the same name.) Prior to housing the Alcatraz Federal Penitentiary, Alcatraz Island was held in high regard by the Native American People, and elements of the Aztec mythology permeates the entire map. The most obvious reference, other than the setting of the map itself, is the Hell’s Retriever - a Tomahawk - this being a stereotypical native american hand-axe, however the connections run far deeper than this. First noted by Eric Maynard on May 23 2013, the native american influence on Alcatraz seems to link directly to one mythological figure - Mictlantecuhtli. His name meaning Lord of the Underworld, it seems like a plausible connection at first that this deity inspires some of the themes of Mob of the Dead. In Aztec Mythology, a description of the entry into the underworld is described like so: "The dead had to pass many challenges, such as crossing a mountain range where the mountains crashed into each other, a field with wind that blew flesh-scraping knives, and a river of blood with fearsome jaguars.". The noteworthy idea here is that of “Flesh Scraping Knives”. As seen within the map, many of the zombies are portrayed as having blades protruding from their flesh, as if they had been blown into them… Before proceeding with the next section of the video, we first must establish some concepts about the Aztec calendar. In the majority of the modern world, we use a 365+¼ day calendar, known as the Gregorian calendar, unsurprisingly however, the Aztecs’ used a wholly different calendar. In order to govern their year, argriculture was given a 365 day calendar and, for ritual days, a 260 day calendar was used. Each ritual year consisted of periods of varying lengths, with each of these periods being governed by a different deity who would be responsible for giving “Shadow Soul” or “Life Energy” to living beings. In the original theory, an incredibly interesting point was brought up. When the map was released (in fact up until Treyarch released the “official” timeline), Mob of the Dead was believed to take place on the 1st January 1939. In the Aztec Calendar, this agricultural day, the Day of the Dog, is governed by Mictlantecuhtli, as he is the provider of life energy on that day. This day is regarded as “A good day for funerals, remembering the dead and being trustworthy. It is a bad day to trust those of questionable intent”. This description can be matched exactly to Al Arlington and his genuine plan to escape, and the Mobsters who planned to betray his trust. Furthermore, this day on the aztec ritual calendar is governed by Quetzalcoatl, the lord of the gods and Mictlantecuhtli’s enemy - and the day is considered a bad day for working with others. At first, I believed this to be the end of the story. With the release of the timeline, the date of mob was changed to January 19th 1934. I initially took this to mean that these mythological parallels were no longer relevant, yet on further inspection, they are more relevant than ever. According to the Aztec Agricultural Calendar, this day is regarded as “A good day for doing battle. It signifies Power, Valor and Reckless Abandon in the face of Danger” As well as this, on this day, the warriors of Tezcatlipoca, the second god of creation and eternal opposite of Quetzalcoatl, would “Give their lives to keep the flame of the Old Ones burning forever”. This is a direct parallel to the events of the map, with the Weasel being sacrificed over and over to prolong the cycle. I brought up Tezcatlipoca as well, as his relationship with Quetzalcoatl is similar to that of The Shadowman and Monty - Neither are good or evil, and both are vital for creation. They are equal and opposite forces of Stasis and Change. This line of thought only carries on further in Blood of the Dead. The date of the map is given as July 4th 1941 and this day fits scarily well with the maps ending. This day in the agricultural calendar is regarded as “A day of the purified heart, signifying the moments when humans percieve what they are becoming. A good day for those who are active in carrying out their motivations and those who are willing to change, but a bad day for those who are passive in carrying out their motivations and those who are not willing to change. This change arrives like an earthquake, leaving the ruins of rationality, order and preconception in its wake”. This description relates to the struggle of Richtofen to comprehend the damage his actions are doing, and his unwillingness to make a brave change for the betterment of everyone. The day was indeed good for Dempsey, Takeo and Nikolai who, in leaving their dying comrade without a second thought, displayed their willingness to act and to change.
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    Alright, folks. I know this post has been up for ages now, and... a lot has changed since I posted it, and a lot of good has become of it. So... because of that, I wanted to formally thank you guys and lock down this post... if that's alright. ...it's kind of funny, this is the one post out of all of these that I really can't seem to find the right words for. It's a bit of a mindfuck for me, too. But, I suppose huge shifts do kind of do that. I really couldn't appreciate it more, all the support and change that this post was able to create, and all the fantastic feedback it accrued. Truly, I'm humbled. To bigger, brighter futures, eh? Per aspera ad astra. -The Meh
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    I remember some prior story-arc ideas (like the one about Mason in Vietnam) and felt they all had great potential. The best of those, however, I am of the opinion are Honor's Suffering and the one about the mysterious blacksmith in Nevada... I once started writing a fan-made Storybook arc (of three chapters) about a CDC agent trapped in a neverending Grief loop, though I quickly stopped due to realizing I cannot write properly a book as well as my vocabulary is limited. But it might be an idea. I was never really a fan of the over-the-top, brutal, simple-minded type of hero soldier Dempsey is, but McCain is kinda the opposite. He is softer, yet brave, funny (in a way better way than Dempsey) and has emphaty. I think it is a character alot of readers can relate to, as he seems one of the most 'normal' persons so far (not in a boring way, though). However, as with all characters, I like to see him having a soft spot/flaw or something. Perhaps one time he chooses for his own life above someone else, as it is the nature of human survival (however I absolutely dont see him as an egoist. Perhaps something else is better fitting). Eventually, Peter will die, as only a few main characters do. I hope that at that time, readers really live in him and are really saddened by the fact he dies. If you succeed in that, you are a pro-writer. Another thing: A lot of the lore about Broken Arrow, CIA, Cold War, etc, happens on the background (not in a map). Perhaps some of them are fitting in parts of Book 2. Alot of it can be discovered in the early chapters of Book 3, at least.
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    Moon is my pick as well. For kinda all the reasons Jiipee and Rad said, as well as the map was inevitable, yet unexpected. The story the map tells has been such a crucial part: the MPD, RIchthofen's base on Luna, Samantha. It explained so many loose ends the prior maps gave, and gave us alot of new mysteries as well (think of Groom Lake's connection for example). Also, we battled the entire Maxis family, of which one we always assumed was dead and the other one had been watching all along. Just think about how little we actually knew about the story before Moon. As for the bonus nomination, I'll go for good ol' Tranzit (I know, very, very, unexpected), but this is for mostly concerning gameplay. First of all, the atmosphere: The lonelyness in the west-American middle of nowhere, the corn fields, the electricity towers, etc, combined with an ambiance of mystery. But most importantly, the key to the map layout: the bus! Its such a nice game element. I know the fog and lava and denizens are annoying, but if they weren't there nobody would take the bus. When you are left on, lets say Farm, how many zombies will come, you have to wait for the bus. I think thats a really cool concept and it makes the map even more unique. In SoE we've got the tram, but it isn't a nessesery vehicle, you can also go by foot. Tranzit also was the first map that added parts, however I agree that its annoying you can only take one part each time and build it at one location. At every busstop you have a buildable that isn't nessesery (except the turbine) and isn't overpowered, but just a nice add to the map: The shield, electric trap, sentry turret( and wunderweapon but the parts of that are all across the map). Other maps are nice, but after you played it a few times, it becomes boring IMO. I however can play TranZit forever. Every tine you play it it is different: Sometimes you go out the bus at Diner for the box, sometimes you stay in the bus till the Power Plant, sometimes you go out at one of the other stops, and sometimes you don't use the bus at all! The map is also still so mysterious, like there are still secrets to find out. Also, as you might know, Tranzit was the result of a weird development process. Also shout out to Shadows of Evil, Die Rise and Zetsubou no Shima for being so great, yet underrated, maps.
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    EDIT: Since this thread has been bumped and the guide I originally posted in this thread is a tad outdated, I figured I'd update it with the final version which also includes high round tips. All instructions are in the video! In case you forget any of the steps, here's a reference guide image with details, or alternatively you can check out Glitch on YouTube who has a bunch of quick-fire guides for different things on all the BO4 maps. The video guide I've posted here details the steps I do in order to make things as easy and repeatable as possible, providing tips along the way.
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    You should all be starting to see the website speed improving, we made some changes on the server by introducing memcached again, we are also using a faster php processor mod. on top of that, the forum software now implements some speed and performance enhancements and we are now running a content delivery network service. load times should be pretty rapid and we’ll be monitoring the changes and implementing further changes if required and when needed. If you’re finding things take longer than 2 seconds to fully load, let us know and we can have a look.
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    Good Work my friend I really enjoy seeing some one else active! Keep it up
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    The year is 2051. Earth now lays a desolated husk, at the hands of forces that have left it to die. The atmosphere, scorched beyond repair, but holding, as the world asphyxiates itself. Whispers of a time before would say that this began in something far darker. Perhaps, voodoo. Or, the studies of a science beyond humanity, in the hands of a group that would misuse it. Those whispers, however, have been long dead, as would be its masters. Whatever created this world has left it behind, or let it die. Something the undead relish. The sun rises to show four shadowed figures, approaching from a hillside, walking towards a desolate church. Each carries a face wrought with inner turmoil, each a face lost in personal despair. An unspoken agreement between them, perhaps, that they want to leave this world, and yet they march. "...get to the church. Better a place than none.", the first figure says, adorning a bloodied and ripped military uniform. A man who would look to be strong outside of himself, but has lost everything. "...better a place to end it, yeah...", the second figure, a woman, dressed as a doctor, whispered to herself. As they approached the church, the third figure, a scientist, ran through the door, finding a single, lone crucifix still hung about. He looked longingly before taking it off the wall and throwing it out the window, a pain fueling his anxious anger. The fourth figure, another scientist, mutters to himself as he walks into the church. Finding a bench, he sets himself down as he takes out a knife, spins it around in his fingers, before cutting into the backside of his arms, and opening up old scars on them, revealing the letters on them: "DC", and "TF". Not moments later, the soldier shoots his gun. The loud crackle reverberates into the distance, and a far-off roar, an awakening, is heard. The group begins to set themselves up for the fight ahead. Yes, it was this place, this house of a fallen God, where they wanted to die. In time, perhaps, they may still. But the events that are about to unfold will change everything.
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    I kinda feel like arguing a case for Kino. Der Riese gave us PaP, and with that it gave us the first PaP quest. So, in most zombies maps, accessing Pack a Punch done in one of two ways. Either you perform a series of steps that permanently unlock a new Pack area (ascension, shadows, origins) or you have to perform the same mini-ritual to re-access pack for a limited time each use (kino, moon, five). Der Riese represents the former, as you open up the whole map and teleport, then PaP is open for good. On kino though, teleporting is free, but you can only access Pack for 30 seconds at a time. So, you can definitely prefer one of these over the other, and I can see the arguments for both. The polar extremes would probably be Shadows on one end, where you’ve got to endure a lot of scavenging and rituals to get to Pack but then it’s left open permanently, and on the other end maybe Buried, where you have to perform the same small-ish ritual each time you wanna pack. (Running through ghost-house.) as a general matter, the style where it remains open permanently is probably way more convenient, particularly for high-round players, because in a long long game, that relatively lengthy PaP ritual isn’t as large of a percentage of your time spent playing. Alternately, if a new player hops on shadows, grinds out PaP rituals, and then only survives to round 15, they spent a larger total percentage of their playtime “getting set up,” So they might have a more sour opinion of the map overall. I think I prefer this style of PaP way more than the temporary-access way as a general rule though. HOWEVER, I gotta say, the teleporter / projection room on kino is one of the most iconic experiences. No other map has such a distinct “heart of the map” to me. So so so many rounds were started off with the entire squad stacked in the teleporter getting ready to go. It sorta invariably forced teamwork and coordination. Throwing grenades from the projector room is awesome. In effect, it’s the only map I can think of where Pack a Punching your gun is literally fun every time you do it. I think Kino has the perfect Pack mechanics, keeping you engaged and not taking PaP for granted, but still with easy / “peaceful” access when you need it. Also Kino has the Thundergun.
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    So I would like to discuss about one of the least talked, yet very important details of Classified: Broken Arrow's recreation of the MPD. Besides this picture, a cipher is our only source of information concerning this topic. Written in 1963, McNamara states that the MPD copy is being constructed in Groom Lake, and not at the Hanford Site. In the 1960s, the US and USSR were involved in the global Cold War, a battle between communism and capitalism. As both powers were desperately trying to be the first to fly to the Moon, secretly in order to scavenge the precious left-overs of Group 935 in Griffin Station and becone the world's sole superpower, the American organization known as Broken Arrow was focussing on an alternative way for reaching Luna: Matter Transference. The astronauts of the first Moon landing, accomplished by the US, might actually have used an M.T.D. , built by Broken Arrow at Groom Lake. I previously theorized that the Avogadro might be the product of MPD testing, and Hanford's 'Power Plant' being the MPD, as the Timeline notably uses the word ''accidently''. This contradicts the cipher, where is stated that the MPD was being reconstructed at Area 51, and not in Hanford. The Avogadro (and Denizens), however, are created years later, in 2025, so the possibility that Broken Arrow transfered the MPD to the Hanford Works is still open. Anyway, at the time Classified takes place, the MPD still is located in Nevada, as are Ultimis. Coincidence? Why is Doctor Richthofen still so calm in that cage, as everything goes to plan? What could happen next? What would happen anyway, if two souls both would enter an MPD? If we will ever get to know, this will give us alot more info about the understanding and capabilities of the Aether Pyramid Device.
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    Chapter 16 is up! https://www.callofdutyzombies.com/story/book1ch16/
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    Wow it's been a while. Good to see some familiar faces. I just got done with a contract programming job and I'm back at making zombies clones. I might want to start with your series to build the engine around if that's alright.
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    "I do not remain up to date with the story" You're even worse than Rad
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    lmao That made me giggle. I discovered it via Youtube and I don't keep up with it anymore, cause I can't be bothered with Daddy B's retconning BS.
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    I remember first joining back in 2011 during the hype of Call of the Dead. Brings back great memories! At the time, I didn't realize how expansive the story was until reading more into Kino der Toten, and people were trying to piece together the purpose for the map. It suckered me in, alright. I'll check with Reddit here and there for quick updates, but go back through all the old threads in the Asylum for great reads. A majority of them from greats like @PINNAZ gave me inspiration to write theories of my own.
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    IX Wonder Weapon Guide STEP 1 Open up Pack A Punch by completing the 4 gong challenges. You can use my guide here. STEP 2 After activating Pack A Punch the wall will crumble at the Danu-Ra enterance. Walk up to the wall and look down the tunel and you will see a bowl of fire. You will need to shoot this until it falls off. STEP 3 Head to the bridge in that same temple and look down onto the floor off the bridge. You will see a fire trail that will be an arrow pointing to a certain temple. You are going to head to the correct temple idicated by the arrow and collect a stone head. Here are all of the locations for the stone head in all of the different possible spawn temples. Ra - On the bottom floor behind a flaming bowl Danu - On the bottom floor, in the water Zeus - Bottom floor, in the bath, in the corner underneath some curtains Odin - next to big cauldron STEP 4 Next you will need to build the acid trap at any of the entrances to the temples from the arena. Once built, place the stone head on the grid in the middle of the floor and acitvate the trap. Once the trap has finished you will notice that the stone head has melted and has left a scorpion key within it on the floor. Pick this us as we need it for the next step. STEP 5 Now you must gain a full Crowd Affinity for 2 rounds. Go to the Arena and get killing zombies and not being hit by the fire as this will make it go negative. After the 2nd round ends the crowd will throw you a golden jar you must hold interact to pickup. You will know this has dropped as the commentator will say you have recieved a gift from the gods and it can be found on the floor. STEP 6 Finally go downstairs in the Danu temple where it has the green looking area and look out for the 2 trees. One of these will have a hole on it which you need to knife to put in the scorpion key and then you will need to look down directly below it and hold the action button to place the jar. Now you have to complete a round and the jar will fill. Once the jar has been filled, pick it up and head to the mystey box. Head over to the side of the box where you will be prompted to poison the box, do this then buy the box and the next weapon 100% you will recieve will be the Wonder Weapon Death of Orion. Congrats! Enjoy your new Wonder Weapon to help you survive the rounds.
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    There were already mentions to the Aether in the early maps of CoDZ. The wall writing in Der Riese saying "Return through Aether", the teleporters, the radios. They all referred in some way to an electromagnetic realm beyond our perception. Black Ops 1 and 2 proved that even more. Once you accessed the Aether, you would become omnipotent, immortal and were able to communicate via Element 115. Element 115 was a bridge between our dimension, and the one above us. Despite its powers, the Aether became associated with Hell. Think about Fluffy becoming a Hellhound while teleporting through Aether. Richthofen becoming evil and insane after touching the with the Aether connected MPD. The Aether's ability to have control over the demonic undead. Gersch talking about his suffering in "that awful place". The Aether is a bad place. While there was theorized alot about the mythical world within our world, Agartha, a real reference to it we were gained only twice. Agatha, in addition to the Aether, was believed to be some kind of Heaven. Many ancient civilizations talked about this place, known under many names, under our world. A place were there was no sickness, corruption and death. A true paradise. Once Maxis has won at the end of Buried, its official: For the first time, the name "Agartha" is directly mentioned. So what's this Agartha? What we do know, is that Agartha is a more powerful place than the Aether, as we see Maxis being able to banishing Richthofen's soal, who was in the Aether, to the bodies of the undead. Maxis even says that he now can control aetherial energy. So, this Agartha is more powerful than the demonic electromagnetic dimension known to us as Aether. Agartha > Aether This is also why Richthofen want us to activate the pylons and mend the Rift. His powers in the Aether are limited. In Agartha, he can do what he wants. This says Richthofen when he enters Agartha. Once again, it is said that from here, the lower Aether can be manipulated. In the video of Doctor Monty, what Treyarch released just before Revelation, there is something nasty said. Something that causes some people to wake up of nightmares about it in the middle of the night. Beware, the following quote might hit you hard. Soooooo, our speculation of the last 10 years is wrong. Aether and Agartha are the same. Right? No! During Black Ops 3, there is spoken of the normal or "light" Aether and the Dark Aether. The normal Aether is the dimension where the Keepers, or perhaps Vrill Ya reside. In this dimension, the Keepers are gained enormous power, allowing them to protect the lower dimensions against the inhabitants of the Dark Aether: The Apothicans, the most powerful and evil entities in all the existences that ever existed. That's the sad thing. Those Apothicans were originally also Keepers. The demonic Dark Aether has corrupted their minds. After the Great War was won by the normal Keepers, and lost by the corrupted ones, the victors entered the normal Aether and banished the corrupted Keepers to the Dark Aether. Here, they were prisoned for an infinite amount of time. So, what we know from this is that the Aether is more powerful than the Dark Aether Aether > Dark Aether The normal Aether is Agartha, and the Dark Aether is what we called Aether in the WaW/BO/BO2 era. A demonic, yet powerful dimension: The Dark Aether. A perfect, even more powerful realm: Agartha. The MPD connects to the Dark Aether, and this is why it makes Richthofen and Samantha insane. At the same time, it corrupts their minds, and the power that lays in that "demonic prison" is somehow appealing. It makes you power-hungry. Agartha, on the other side, is a nice place to be, and has even power over the Dark Aether. This is why the Keepers in Agartha were able to banish the corrupted ones to the Dark Aether and were able to hold them there and guard the other dimensions and universes from them. In the Giant and Der Eisendrache, the teleportation flashes of the MTD that were originally blue, were now more purple. Why? It isn't that it makes it look more fancy. The Aether through which you go, when using the MTD, is the Dark Aether. This is also why Fluffy became demonic after using it. Red portals. We see them as the Rift in Buried and the rift-portals during BO3. These are portals going through Agartha, or the light Aether. The Rift in Buried indirectly leads to Agartha. If you let Richthofen win in Buried, he will enter Agartha and enables the Apothicans to consume that universe. That's why Buried is the last map of that universe: Either Maxis destroys it, or the Apothicans consume it. (and parts from that universe later reappear in Revelations, in the Aether). The numerous tales and myths of Agartha in hollow earth, how could you explain that? I think that might be because of the Earth having 115 in her astenosphere. It could teleport you to Agartha. @AetherialVoices has explained to me that it could be because of 115 being such an instable element, and not belonging in our dimension. Therefore, it wants back to its stable form in the Aether, and that's why it can displace objects via or to the Aether. This could be an explanation of all those mythological tunnels and holes leading to Agartha. So a short summary: Aether is Agartha and the Dark Aether is the (pre-BO3) Aether. Some things still need to be explained, but if this theory is correct, we will sooner or later be able to do.
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    The multiverse is hard to explain. Some use bells or boxes each filled with a universe. But within the zombie story, we get stuff like Agartha and Aether. That makes the multiverse harder to understand. But here is a try: The Wheel Spoke Theory, NabrZhunter once told me about this. I am not sure if this is like Treyarch meant it, but its a concept. Perhaps its true and perhaps not. Enjoy reading! Dimensions The word “dimension” itself has actually two meanings: 1. The way like you use it in 2Dimensional and 3Dimensional. 2. A universe in a multiverse, like the Original (Nacht-Buried) dimension and the Origins dimension. With dimensions I mean the second meaning. So we know a multiverse holds many dimensions, realms, universes, or whatever you call them. In the Wheel Spoke Theory the multiverse is some sort of ball, or wheel. All the dimensions lay at the border of the big round multiverse, like the surface of a planet, lets say Earth. The number of these are infinite, like the number of trees on earths surface. Agartha In ancient stories, Agartha is located in the centre of Earth. In the Wheel Spoke theory, Agatha is in the centre of the multiverse. Just like the fourth dimension (first meaning) it is Impossible for our human brains to imagine this: Within a crust of 3 dimensional universes, a core: Agartha. But we can use an easy metaphore: Earths core. You can see this as a special universe, or dimension. Aether The aether is the interdimensional space. The space that is between the normal universes, but also between Agartha and the other universes. If normal universes are trees on the earthcrust, and Agartha is the Earthcore, Aether is the dirt and ground that separates the trees with each other and the core. One note, when Richthofen just discovered the Aether, he gives a speech about it (I believe in Eagles nest). He says the Aether is another dimension. Off course, he just discovered it, but if that is true, it is in opposite of in this theory, in which it is interdimensional space. Gateways to Agartha In the story, we have seen various gateways to Agartha: Shangri La, the Rift and the Crazy Place. They connect normal universes with Agartha. You can see these as tunnels, from the Earth surface to earth’s core.

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