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    For those who wish to see the video version of this post: https://bit.ly/317Tgrh However, if you wish to instead read my thread or have a transcipt, keep reading: For quite some time, the Napalm Zombie from Shangri-La has never really had his identity known. With his threatening appearance and questionable moveset, it makes for an interesting discussion. This video will discuss my theory, with the help of my friends, on who the Napalm Zombie is, and what his true origins are. First off, let's discuss what Shangri-La was supposed to be… What it was supposed to be: Looking in the gamefiles, we can see that Shangri-La was supposed to be a Vietnam-style map. The evidence is if we take a look at the Zombie Character Models for the map, reading the names for them, we see “Viet Cong” and “NVA”.: “Vietcong” and “NVA” are of course referring to the National Liberation Front of South Vietnam; we could also say as another example that Shangri-La was originally a Vietnam map of some kind, with the idea that the map was released on Black Ops. In whereas, Black Ops had the Vietnam War and the mentioned faction; Treyarch could’ve simply wanted to implement them as they did with U.S.S.R with Ascension; another faction in the game. Even if Shang-La wasn’t to be the Vietnam map, the faction would have made an appearance somehow anyway, as we see with these concept arts, and poster (this poster was made prior to the release of Black Ops): So, now that we have a grasp on what Shangri-La was meant to be, and we could assume that the zombies are Vietnamese. We can now discuss the Napalm Zombie, as well as the zombie models too. We want to take a look at them, cause that will further the world building. Taking a look at one zombie model, we can see these tattoos, which resemble a real style of tattoos tied mostly to Hindu and Buddhism. So, we now have a buddhist connection. Now, we can finally take a look at our Napalm Zombie, let’s first take a look at how he interacts with the player. At first, he acts calm and collected. Yet once shot at, or by any means such as lethal. He runs at the player in an attempt to explode. Keep his suicidal tendency in mind, we will get to that. His calmness could be a connection to Buddhism’s Passaddhi, whilst him on fire may be a connection to the practice of Self-Immolation. Self-Immolation is the practice of setting oneself on fire, killing themselves for political, religious, or other reasons. It can be seen as some sort of protest. Here is where we find our connection to real-life events; Thích Quảng Đức. Thích Quảng Đức was a Vietnamese Buddhist --SOMEWHAT OF A GRAPHIC PHOTO-- who committed the act of Self-immolation in front of many on June 11, 1963. His reason was as a protest toward the South Vietnamese government for their persecution of Buddhists. Thích Quảng Đức could be the inspiration behind the Napalm Zombie. Think of Napalm as a protesting individual, at first calm, but then acts lethal; his only means of defense and offense is to explode in a fiery suicide. (Sometimes, he never gets aggressive.) So, to finally recap; the Napalm Zombie is likely a Vietnamese, Buddhist monk, who could have been inspired by Thích Quảng Đức. We can tell that he, along with the other zombies would have been Vietnamese, as shown from the in-game files and such. We can tell he may have practiced Buddhism, with the connections of the religion onto the models of other zombies. Looking at his attitude, and interaction; we can see him as a collected individual; yet will ignite. Appearance-wise, we can get the image of Self-immolation simply by the fire engulfed into him.
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    The Zombies story is filled with countless secretive, sinister organizations all following twisted agendas. One of these organizations that is often forgotten is the Majestic 12, introduced in the first chapter of the Black Ops series. Not to be confused with the Hateful 8, the Majestic 12 is a purported organization that appears in UFO conspiracy theories. It is claimed to be the code name of an alleged secret committee of scientists, military leaders, and government officials to facilitate recovery and investigation of extraterrestrial beings and technology. It was formed in 1947 by an executive order by American president Harry S. Truman to facilitate recovery and investigation of the alien spacecraft supposedly crashed at a remote ranch near Roswell, New Mexico. Not unimportant is that they are believed to have been based at Groom Lake, investigating meteorite artefacts that stored Element 115 - an element supposedly useful in the research to antigravity crafts. Interesting enough, it is said that many of its members working in the sciencific field were Paperclip Nazi’s, making the connection to our Nazi Zombies story complete. In the Black Ops campaign, we briefly see the name MJ-12 in the intro of one of the missions, along with a variety of other secretive organizations such as the Illuminati. More connections to it can be found in the Dreamland Server (‘Dreamland’ being a codename for Area 51 a.k.a. Groom Lake). The Dreamland Server is an e-mail, document and information management system of the MJ-12, found running on an in-game mainframe on Black Ops 1. While I highly recommend to browse through it’s files, I won’t share them in this thread apart from one excerpt: The amount of German names in it is striking, is it not? What is interesting is that this excerpt is not from the Dreamland Server, but from the CIA Server, under John F. Kennedy’s account. What is clear is that JFK knew about the existence of MJ-12, but he was no member nor did he knew about the exact details of their activities. A familiar name in MJ-12 whose account we can enter is that of Robert Oppenheimer, creator of the nuclear bomb. The password of his account is ‘trinity’, being a reference to first atomic bomb test, labeled Trinity, under the Manhattan Project (remember Manhattan Down in Kino der Toten?). It is no coincidence that one of the street signs in Nuketown is named Trinity Ave, Could it also relate to "Embrace the Trinity and True Power Will be Yours”, the wallwriting found in the Der Riese spawn room? In this thread, @MixMasterNut also found out that we use a trinity of artifacts (the Casimir Mechanism, the Vril Rod and the Focussing Stone) during the Moon Quest, we blast a trinity of rockets containing three Vril Spheres to destroy Earth and finally, we need a trinity of Global Polarization Devices to get either Richtofen or Maxis into full aethereal control. Is this why Trinity is so important? Another interesting characteristic about Oppenheimer is his knowledge of ancient Hindu mythologies and belief in the ancient Great War that is spoken about in these Hindu text (by the way inspiring the tales about Vril-Ya, Agartha and Atlantis). During a college lecture at the Rochester University, a student once asked Oppenheimer whether the atomic bomb tested in New Mexico was the first one ever detonated. Robert Oppenheimer replied: "Well, yes. In modern times, of course.". This quote leads to the believe that Oppenheimer openly believed in the ancient atomic warfare that is described within Hindu texts. Upon succeeding in his first atomic bomb test, the Trinity test, he even quoted a Hindu text by saying: “Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds”. In the Hindu holy text, this is said by Vishnu, one of the trinity of supreme gods. The Majestic 12 hold more secrets, but we are very uncertain about the role they play in our story. Their existence is evident, seemingly being some kind of organization within the American government but operating outside the president’s sight. Diving into more real-life conspiracies, as these seem to have been a main inspiration for the zombie story produced under Zielinski, I found more interesting details. In a book named ‘Matrix of Assassination: the JFK conspiracy’ (name says it all), it was stated that Kennedy discovered about the MJ-12 during his presidency. Finding out he wasn’t allowed to access to what the MJ-12 were doing, he didn’t appreciated that. This started the tensions between the two, but the real problems began during the Cuban Missile Crisis. This MIssile Crisis had everything to do with defending Earth against the extraterrestrials that supposedly resided on the dark side of the Moon. In 1963, JFK extended the cooperation with the Soviet Union in outer space investigation of UFOs through a joint moon base project. MJ-12 was opposed to this because they felt the militarization of the Moon would place the United States in a dangerous situation with the aliens that controlled the other side of the Moon. But JFK was consistent in making an alliance with the ‘communists’, their rival superpower, to scout and possibly combat this strange new mutual enemy. He wanted a united Lunar Station, share satellite and missile data and combining space- and nuclear technologies. MJ-12, however, were deadset against the idea of any joint US-USSR surveillance of UFO’s and a shared lunar program, as they had their own agenda in the deep black space program, and any cooperation with the Soviets would lead to exposure of their own secrets. Not only that, but MJ-12 was managed by the Russian’s blood enemies: the Paperclip Nazi’s. You feel where this goes: November the 22th, 1963, Dallas. MJ-12 wanted another president, one that interfered less with their secretive activities. This conspiracy loosely correlates with how Kennedy seemingly wanted to cooperate with the US’ communist enemies such as the Soviet Union and Cuba to commonly fight the treat on the Moon: Samantha Maxis. But how about MJ-12 and Area 51? The Nevada Base, or Area 51, wasn’t governmental/CIA property until 1955, so whose was it before it? Could these operatives Maxis speaks of be Group 935 scientists and possibly the predecessor of MJ-12, another organization mainly driven by Germans? We also see Vril Saucer schematics at the Der Riese Waffenfabrik, combining this with the conspiracy of American saucers based on alien technology being developed at Area 51, and perhaps even the Ascension radio talking about the AVROCAR (American saucer), could Groom Lake initially have been a G935 flying saucer test site, where anti-gravity experiments involving E115 were being performed? Please share your thoughts and ideas!
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    Because of the little push I needed thanks to Anon I have decided to announce my first of many projects that I will be doing using the BO3 mod tools! For starters, I want to announce that the project itself will consist of multiple maps that take place after the supposed ending that was Tag Der Toten on BO4. That leads to multiple questions I'm sure, but you must bare with me as I won't simply reveal everything to you all at once, I mean come on this is the Zombies community after all, if I just gave you all the answers there'd be no fun in that! What I can give you however, is the basic story of the first map of this story of mine. INCOMING SPOILERS FOR TAG DER TOTEN'S ENDING TO ANYONE WHO KNOWS ABSOLUTELY NOTHING ABOUT IT, YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED! After the events of Tag Der Toten, Samantha and Eddie pursued the bright light in the pitch black darkness of the Dark Aether leading them to a brand new world free from the corruption and timey-wimey fractured world that Group 935 inadvertently created in their experiments with Element 115. A full blown universal restart where the two of them were free to live their lives away from the hell they once were doomed to endure for all of eternity. Samantha and Eddie would live out their entire lives free from the corruption of the Apothicons in peace and harmony in the new world. Billions of years would pass, and the secret of the world that came before this one would be taken to the graves of the two souls. A duo of history professors named Dr. Daniel "Echo" Wilson and Dr. Arthur Grantz respectively are fired from their University jobs because of the University deeming their studies to be "unusual and potentially destructive" to the University's public perception. Depressed and eager to prove their life-time of studying the occult/spiritual world to be true, Dr. Grantz finds an ally from the past who shouldn't be alive. Mr. Rapt, a "knowledgeable occultist" makes contact with Dr. Grantz and tells him great stories about what the world was like when the world of the occult meshed with the world they know now. Obsessed with seeking a chance at redemption, Dr. Grantz continues his conversations with Mr. Rapt for months on end without the knowledge of Dr. Wilson. Mr. Rapt tells Dr. Grantz that he knows how and where to obtain the artifacts and information to prove this time in history once existed and offers him something he cannot refuse. I'll just end it there as I would rather not get too carried away because I want people to experience this as if it were a true Treyarch Zombies Experience. I will not even bother giving a release date for this, because god knows when I will actually finish it, but I refuse to give up on it like I have with so many other projects of the past. With this being said, this is ProjectKMR signing out, and I hope you are as excited as I am for this project!
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    Yesterday I was just spit-balling some ideas regarding the Nova Crawlers with @Mattzs, trying to reconcile the old theory that they are related to the Keepers in some way with the new information that their bodies were once pigs. I have a theory that might have some broader implications on the history of humanity and its relation to the Keepers, so bear with me for a bit. Let's start with the crawlers themselves. Here we have some extra info about them from Classified: Notice how the pig is labeled as pre-transformation, while the final nova crawler is labeled as post-transformation. The crawlers are certainly pigs that have been genetically altered in some way. But that's pretty vague. Is it like Jurassic Park, where parts of the DNA are replaced with DNA from another species, creating the abonimation? Or is the mutation a result of exposure to some Nova 6 concoction? Also, was it created on purpose? Looking at the body of the crawler, there is pretty much nothing that sticks out as being pig-like. The only real remnant of its porcine origins is the squealing and snorting it does while walking around. But the physical body itself seems to have mainly human attributes, with a little something extra in there. Human traits of note: It has toes and fingers instead of hooves, it has a human-like skeletal structure, its ears look like a human's, it has two nipples on the upper abdomen like a human, and to be crass, it clearly has something that scientists deemed to be obscene to humans underneath its pants. Was this a case of human DNA being mixed with a pig's? Perhaps, but what about the round, bald head with no eyes and a mouth with massive teeth? Or the claws at the ends of its fingers and toes? It has obviously been connected to the Keepers before. So is this a case of mixing Keeper DNA with that of a pig? We also know that a Keeper skeleton was found at Der Eisendrache in at least the Deceptio fracture: It's possible given the similarities, but still, what's with the human features in there too? This is where the broader implications come in, and I feel they are supported by this line from the Kronorium: Notice the particular line, "to mix all the dimensions with life." There's also the SoE cipher: "The elders will continue to seed space and time I must lead them to the place they cannot see." So it seems the eldest Keepers, and specifically The First One, who may be Monty and Shadowman, created life throughout dimensions. If you point to any creation myth across the world, people often personify gods as appearing human, despite their power. This is not because they wish to look like us generally, but because we are created in their image. You may be able to see where I am going with this. Consider two possibilities: A: A pig's DNA is combined with that of a human's, and the mutation causes traits of the precursor race to appear, the ones who seeded Earth in the first place. B: A pig's DNA is combined with that of a Keeper's, and because, as mammals, humans and pigs share a common ancestor who was created by seeds planted by the Keepers, it becomes some bastardized in-between species. Maybe our ancestors, or some branch in our evolutionary tree that died off, even looked like the Nova Crawlers while they were still in caves... a terrifying thought. Also consider the deep connection between humanity and Monty. He models his perfect world after a location set on Earth, he walks around the majority of the time in the form of a human, and he even takes up the human moniker of "Doctor". Why? Did Keepers use to look like humans before experimenting with the Aether? Or does The First One look at us almost like his children, being that he is technically our creator? Does he only want to understand our plight and relate to us? Despite our flaws and his near omnipotence, we are, in some ways, very similiar. And yes, this premise somewhat derives from a Star Trek episode.
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    Come check out the latest Podcast Der Toten, the official CoDz podcast, featuring myself, @Mattzs, and @Tac. In this week's episode, we continue our look back at Group 935 facilities and talk about what makes each of them unique, and how they fit into Group 935's grander vision. Are the Soviets involved at Shangri-La? What went on at the Siberian Facility before Richtofen arrived? Are traces of the Keepers at Der Eisendrache exclusive to the Deceptio fracture? Post a comment below!
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    Random fact; 6 6 6 was never six hundred and sixty six except in the Iron Maiden(?) song. 6 was the number of incompleteness, of falling short (7 was divinity). Repeating something thrice was like exclamation points. So 666 (six six six) means "really not complete, really missing the mark, failmode activated" et cetera. Just a bit of fyi.
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    Interesting thread, Halsten! I could definately see the Napalm Zombies being inspired by monks like Đức, calm yet ready to set theirselves on fire. That makes me wonder, in what events would the natives at Shangri-La set theirselves on fire? Perhaps it was due to the Group 935, Sino-Soviet, Americans or Vietnamese opression, forcing the original inhabitants of the area to work in the dangerous 115-mines beneath the surface, as a protest against their mistreating behaviour. Initially I thought Napalm was a typical Cold War weapon, but it appears that it was already used for the first time during WW2's Pacific theatre. Countries that are known to have used it are the US, France, the UK and Israel, untill it was officially forbidden by the UN in 1980. I like the connection you made between Shangri-La and Vietnam. @Matuzz noted the appearance of crates with multiple languages on it in Shangri-La: Additional proof that the Vietnamese (and the Chinese & Soviets) found Shangri-La at some moment. The words translate to 'Rifles and Weapons', 'Rocket propulsion launcher' and 'B-40 Rocket Launchers', adding to the idea that those who discovered Shangri-La and the 115 and ancient knowledge beneath, acted violently against the locals. There's also proof that the Soviet Ascension Group had something to do with this, as one of the map's debris features a Lunar Lander invented by them (thanks @RadZakpak for the picture): Going a bit deeper in this, in a radio in Ascension dr. Gersch says the following: "I can assure you that our craft will be far superior to whatever the Americans, or should I say, Canadians, are developing". This likely refers to the Canadian AVROCAR, some kind of hovercraft built in a secret US military project. Gersch's "own craft" is likely a reference to their Lunar Landers. So both the Soviets and Americans were developing flying saucers. I think they were trying to backwards-developing the Nazi's flying Vril saucers, of which we find blueprints in Der Riese/The Giant, where Group 935 was working on. These crafts were based upon ancient anti-gravity vehicles of the Vril-Ya, or (proto-)Keepers. Which brings us back in Shangri-La again! Sorry for this thing, I just let myself loose. Anyway, I'm curious to how and when the Vietnamese, perhaps with help of the Soviets and Chinese, discovered Shangri la. From the Timeline we know Brock and Gary discovered the place in 1958, and somewhere between their arrival and Ultimis', it seems like the Soviets got there.
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    Mostly small maps. I listed them in the first post. That being said, Raid just 'fits' the mode quite well. Slums, and Standoff come to mind. Anything small works but Nuketown and Carrier (kind of large) have teams spawn in looking at another team's back or side, so I don't recommend them.
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    Really interesting story! I hope someday I'll have a PC that can play BO3, and I'll be able to try out the map.
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    Welcome buddy, glad you found us! Got a partner that loves zombies as well? Man I'm jealous. Whats your favourite map?
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    Welcome to the forum! We're happy to have you!
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    In the latest Podcast der Toten, Rad, Mattzs and Tac notice the odd yet striking similarity between the Excavation Drill in Origins and the one at Groom Lake. One could speculate that either one of the parties, Broken Arrow or Group 935, inspired the other. Logically, as Group 935 is an organization being active prior to Broken Arrow, you might argue that it was G935 that came up with the design originally, being backwards developed in the Cold War by the Broken Arrow program. However, I’m of the opinion that it was rather reversed. Enjoy this thread! I always found the name Origins a bit twisted. Chronologically it is the first map taking place, in 1918, and it is the beginning of the voyage of Primis, however there is a reason this map has been released after we got our entire storyline from Nacht to Buried. Forget time and chronology, as in the Zombies Storyline it is merely an insignificant and manipulative dimension. So imagine every universe having it’s own linear timeline: Origins in Dimension 63 could only have happened after Maxis’ endgame in Buried, which takes place in 2035. It was due to Maxis harnessing the Rift’s energy, reaching Agartha and drawing Samantha’s soul into it, that caused Samantha to speak freely to our four heroes in Origins. So the entire Original Timeline already happened, including Broken Arrow drilling 115 in Nevada, before Samantha could travel through space and time to Excavation Site 64 in D63. Keep this in mind while we go to Buried. Why, you might ask, well I believe the key to this story lays underneath the Angolan plains. From Tag der Toten [Spoilers incoming], we know that Buried has been subject to a Group 935 expedition in 1942. Obtaining Richtofen’s knowledge post-war, both the United States and the Soviet Union had shown their interest in Angola. It is shortly appearing in the campaign of Black Ops II, but the Angolan Civil War was actually one of the major proxy wars during the Cold War. After a relatively short civil war between the communist MPLA and anti-communist UNITA, MPLA established control over Angola, becoming the official new Angolan government. This was, however, just the beginning. Similar to the Afghan Mujahedeen and Nicaraguan Contras, the CIA financially backed UNITA in their fight against the communists. The Soviet Union did the same for the MPLA, selling weapons and vehicles to combat the guerrillas. Warcrimes were committed by both sides of the conflict. During the next decades of bloody civil war, the MPLA controlled most of the urban west side of the country, also home to the nation’s capital, while UNITA established control in the deep wilderness at the east of Angola, coincidentally the area that contained a lot of diamonds. When the Western powers decided to stop funding UNITA, the rebels could keep buying arms with the profit of selling their so-called ‘blood diamonds’. This until Resolution 1295 was adopted by the United Nations in the year 2000, restricting the blood diamonds to enter the free market. I’m of the opinion that the names of all Black Ops II Victis maps are somehow related to Broken Arrow. ‘Green Run’ referencing to the Hanford Site and perhaps the exposure of the area with 115 isotopes by Broken Arrow to test how to detect Ascension Group facilities in the Soviet Union. ‘Great Leap Forward’ obviously refers to the disastrous industrialization of China but also to the Broken Arrow facility that is located in Manchuria, and perhaps the Great Leap Forward was how Broken Arrow got their entry into China. That leaves us with Resolution 1295, and I am convinced this site has something to do with Broken Arrow as well. Did they enlist UNITA’s help in forming the Livingstone Mine? That’s where we head next, the Livingstone Mine, the large mining complex stationed on top of the buried town Purgatory Point and close to the Rift. Additional evidence for Broken Arrow’s influence at the area is the fact that we can play as CIA and CDC agents in Borough, the Grief/Turned version of Buried (note how they were also present at the Hanford Site and Nuketown). What’s more, Russman actually leads the Victis crew to the Rift. A homeless man with a broken memory, but yet he knows that the Rift holds some relevance. This must have something to do with his former employment at Broken Arrow. "That's more than just a hole in the ground, that's The Rift." - Russman The mining complex and the Rift is based upon the real existing Catoca diamond mine in Angola. From the Portuguese Wikipedia I’ve learned that Catoca began in 1992, so surely this mining complex doesn’t age from WW2 (a.k.a. it wasn’t built by Richtofen and his fellas). 1992 also perfectly fits with the time UNITA’s blooddiamond business was still running, so I assume it was around that time that Broken Arrow started researching the Rift. Keep in mind that they created the Denizens, creatures able to artificially form portals, in 2025, so in the 90s they must have been deep in the time travel research and development already. Perhaps the Denizens even have been engineered with knowledge acquired while studying the Rift. One of the biggest mysteries and plotholes in my opinion is Sophia’s mention of Broken Arrow in the Agonia Fracture, saying that they showed Maxis how to open new world. Maxis subsequently seems to have been vanished, possibly to Zero Base or the Empty Earth. “And here's to Broken Arrow and to opening new worlds” – Pernell Broken Arrow’s purpose and potency was much larger than that of Group 935 due to it (a) existed in a more advanced and modern time and (b) existed for a much longer period. Returning to the Rift, I occasionally have thought of it to be the manifestation of some link with D63, or more specifically Origins. Ultimately, the Rift’s energy led to Samantha’s appearance in Origins, and Origins is the subsequent map of Buried, as stated earlier. Another note I’d like to make is the appearance of that weird wormhole-like thing in the sky above Excavation Site 64, and the fact it is never really explained. Could there be a literal gateway between Angola and Northern France? In 1916, Group 935 obtain Pablo’s diary and in early 1917, they start digging at the Dig Site in Northern France. Now here’s the thing that this thread is about: Was there exchange of knowledge between Broken Arrow and D63’s Group 935? Did Broken Arrow give the blueprints of the Excavation Drill to them, did they learn them about robots and other weaponry? We know that, unlike the original Group 935, Maxis wasn’t the founder and leader of D63’s Group 935. Does “The Giant is in France” mean that Group 935’s headquarter was at Excavation Site 64, in the proximity of the contact with Broken Arrow? I could even see a scenario where it was Broken Arrow that made Group 935 find Pablo’s diary, leading them to the Excavation Site. After all, in Alpha Omega we learn about Broken Arrow’s awareness of the 115 deposit in Northern France. I’m not unique in making a theory about D63’s Group 935 being influenced by external parties. Cal has made a thread about the possibility of it being the Illuminati behind this (https://www.callofdutyzombies.com/topic/202295-the-illuminati-intellectual-pretenders-or-inter-dimensional-puppetmasters/), and I can even see a possibility where Broken Arrow becomes the Illuminati. Their first step to a New World Order could be cooperation with communist countries’ experimental 115 R&D groups which begins with the meeting at the Pentagon during Five. Maybe Broken Arrow always was an international organization, just like Group 935. Eventually they expended their sphere of influence even beyond the borders of their universe, to Dimension 63 and later back to the Original Universe, when it was overwritten by the Agonia fracture. There also is that mysterious newspaper showing the Group 601 logo along with ‘Krieg mit Serbien’ and something about Excavation Site 64: Has Group 601 some role in this as well? Still, why would Broken Arrow help the German warmachine? A likely reason could be the Butterfly Effect, the idea that a small change in history can lead to large differences in the later world. Who knows what Broken Arrow’s agenda was, but what is sure is that if they really helped Group 935, they did so in their own advantage. An organization that advanced that it could invent an Artificial Intelligence system like RUSHMORE in the 60s surely is capable of inventing some kind of quantum supercomputer, capable of calculating probabilities and providing the optimal course of history.
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    "I didn't need to know it had a mucous membrane". -Red Foreman, That 70's Show.
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    Come check out the latest Podcast Der Toten, the official CoDz podcast, featuring myself, @Mattzs, and @Tac. In this week's episode, we continue our look back at Group 935 facilities and talk about what makes each of them unique, and how they fit into Group 935's grander vision. What's the deal with Nacht? Where or what is Kustover Posten? Was Buried a 115 depository before the Western Town arrived? Post a comment below!
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    So with things like this, I like unifying reasons. The idea of the eclipse being related is good, but I don't think it's the full answer. Take in mind that one of the Moon rockets with the black eggs hit the area near Buried (leading to the rift near Buried), so it's very much not a random place. The idea of temporal rifts is set in stone: Which brings me to an argument I have yet to express: I remind you that the Nevada base, AKA Groom lake, includes both Nuketown and Moon's starting area. Groom lake is on Venus. Let this sink in then continue on reading. Some places in the zombies storyline are intertwined. At extreme conditions, a duality of locations occurs, bringing locations closer in space-time. The unifying explanation to the temporal rifts are significant astrological events: Eclispe, a planet gets shattered and fractured, etc. Marlton survives the direct hit of the earth-shattering rocket because when the rocket hits the earth, the area simply traverses itself to its next natural location, which happens to be Venus. The drill has been in Groom's lake ever since 1963, but it has become active only in 2025. Drilling in Groom Lake is dangerous at best, probably due to "the source". The drill was there at 1963 but it has not been constantly active. It has been suggested that Venus is the homeland of the ones below creation. The drilling has probably triggered something related to "la source noire", resulting in an activation of a nuke to destroy it.
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    That's a good way of looking at it. @Mattzs that might satisfy the confusion. On Nacht there really is so little we truly know about the Hanford site, but it's highly possible that the concentration of 115 there and the experiments caused Nacht to appear where it did, and it was left in disrepair over the years. The lack of chalk writing might be due to weathering over time, or it was writing placed there by Monty which disappeared over time. Frankly I doubt we'll ever truly come to a consensus on just what the hell Nacht as a location is about, and I think that is the intention given its status as the first, and most simple in appearance, map.
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    If I had that money laying around, you'd get it from me. Truth be told, I don't have any passions, there are only three things that come close to even be considered passions of mine: (listening to) Music. (Watching and to some degree analyzing) Formula 1 And making people laugh, cause believe it or not in real life and under the right circumstances, I can actually be somewhat funny.
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    @RichKiller At the top left I can make out what it says: "2 partes de un -bro"(libro?)" Which translates to: "2 parts of a -(book?)". At the bottom it looks like it says: "-ilegible- en -obos de los 4 cardinales?" Which can be translated as: "-illegible- in -obos of the 4 cardinals?". That's all I could understand.
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    It's crazy how often hard facts are later confirmed to be wrong, actually. Like aparently in the early 20th century, it was still a general belief that male babies came from the sperm of the right testes, and female babies from the left testes ("sciencifically proven"). I think the atomic model of Bohr, along with the discovery of DNA were some of the most important discoveries ever, but still discoveries that will be looked upon odd in the future. We are in the molecular stage of science, but who knows what will be revealed in the future once we understand more of the quantum stage, affecting the atomic stage, molecular stage and everything above. I also like your talk about magnetism and gravity, simply because it is so weird yet fascinating. I had a huge eureka moment myself once I realized that gravity is the opposite of mass (as in physics every force must be equalize each other). I found this so cool because mass is, you know, perceivable matter, wheras gravity is something we cannot feel or perceive, but merely perceive the effects of it. I also read something about how gravity might be affected by electromagnetism, but that goes truly to a stage my mind cannot comprehend
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    Thank you for your replies, friendos! I heard this as well, possibly during a Podcast der Toten or in a Discord talk, and it genuine interests me. Notice how 'Broken Arrow' was first mentioned in the Die Rise TV message, where it likely initially was meant as a US military code phrase, either referring to 'an accidental event that involves nuclear components' or referring to 'a ground unit is facing imminent destruction from enemy attack and all available air forces within range are to provide air support immediately' (quoting Wiktionary). I could see that the community misinterprented it and theorized it to be some secretive organization. As Treyarch occasionally does, the story was changed to the community and two DLC's later, in Buried, it was revealed that Russman had worked for Broken Arrow and thus, Broken Arrow was an organization. I could definately see that prior to this point, Treyarch's "headcanon" was that the MJ-12 was behind Groom Lake, the Hanford Works and possibly even the Pentagon laboratories. Still, like you say, MJ-12 could very well be the predecessor of Broken Arrow, given the radios found in Classified. Only after the Pentagon incident in 1963, Pernell's 'Broken Arrow' became reality. In another radio he says that he was a handler, and a quote him, first for the OSS and CIA, climbed the ladder and eventually became chef of Groom Lake. He seems to have dwelled off of the national government a bit, if you ask me. Between his time at the CIA and the formation of Broken Arrow, during his time at 'Dreamland', he might have very well joined or at least known about the activity of MJ-12 there. @RichKillerInteresting quote of Stuhlinger, do you have any idea where the 6 refers to? I do think one of the Ascension Group's main purposes was to reach the Moon before the Americans, though. Interesting enough, I know Werner von Braun (who aparently was a member of MJ-12 as well) had planned an extensive space program to Mars as well. If I recall correctly, he even was one of the first who came up with the idea of creating a Mars base, a hype that was forgotten until recent years with SpaceX... Perhaps the Nazi's knew about Mars having some importance and connections to the mythical Vril-Ya a.k.a. Keepers? So yeah, perhaps the ultimate goal of the Space Race wasn't merely reaching Griffin Station, but reaching Mars as well?
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    I love "The Order of Forgotten Mysteries", as always, thanks for the great post @anonymous Stuhlinger also references MJ-12 in Tranzit: "I'd rather be judged by 12 than eaten by 6. And who told you to come after me, huh? Why do they want me dead?" There is a lot of talk about UFOs and crashed spaceships around the zombies storyline and specifically MJ-12. I have previously brought up the Soviet plans to reach Mars and Phobos as a result of the US traveling to Venus (which is also suggested by the Rev cipher). https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mars_5M https://books.google.co.il/books?id=8XC0WlTuujgC&pg=PA238&redir_esc=y#v=onepage&q&f=false Originally, the Ascension project was assumed to be the moon rockets but today we know this is Eagle's nest AKA Der Eisendrache, and so it is not clear what the Ascension project is really about. The Ascension project could potentially be Mars 5M, as we know that the soviets have facilitates in Mars and Phobos (also in the Himalayas and Siberia, we have a duality of locations, similarly to Nacht being in Germany as well as Tranzit). How is this related to MJ-12 and crashing UFOs? Because in these plans, the returning spacecraft would crash into the earth and would be located using a radioactive beacon. The later is regarded as an open subject in the zombies storyline, coming from The Giant. It is possible that the US has found the crashed spacecraft from Mars before the Soviets. It is also possible that in the split of the The Giant resources, the soviets obtained plans relating to the technology of the beacon.
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    Had a few chats with @Mattzs on MJ-12 before, and it was him who suggested they may even be a precursor to Broken Arrow in a sense, meaning their early research became integrated after its creation along with its scientists. What's also interesting about Oppenheimer is that during the Red Scare, he was put on trial on suspicions of being a Communist sympathizer and spy for the Soviet Union. It was ultimately found that he was not, but in addition Werner Von Braun was one person who spoke up in the hearing in 1954, stating "In England, Oppenheimer would have been knighted." In the Black Ops universe, Oppenheimer was still fighting these allegations in 1956, and his security clearance was even revoked. He sent his encrypted password to Vannevar Bush, stating, "It appears my security clearance will be revoked and the files contained within my depot should not be lost because of politics and bureaucrats." Perhaps, then, MJ-12 were actually the ones hoping to create relations with the Soviets, and JFK agreed, forming Broken Arrow and attempting to form relations with Cuba and eventually the Soviets. But JFK was assassinated, and that plan fell apart as the US decided to back off fighting Samantha, and the Cold War continued as it did. The reason MJ-12 may be listed as a secret society may be because they are no longer a part of the US government due to fears of Communist ties. It would explain the lack of activity in the Dreamland server past 1956. So the MJ-12 may have started to study extraterrestrials/115, but they were formally disbanded, yet members still operate as a secret society, with their own agenda.
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    Cool stuff indeed. I don't have any saved material to share, just a lifetime of watching and reading sciences, good, bad, and in between, and then try to find the facts amongst it all. I'm a jack of all, master of none guy. I just pack my brain with knowledge and try to update it as better information comes along. For example, I used to think gravity was just time's reaction to mass (I literally watched a video yesterday on this theory that I've held for 40 years), but I also entertain Ken Wheeler's Aether and magnetism videos. Perhaps gravity is simply unfocused magnetism (like dust to a crt screen), as he seems convinced of. I sure am not sure. So, I may be right sometimes, wrong others, but I'm also no slave to dogmatic belief, I take hard facts as 99.9% right, I always leave room for a surprise idea. You will likely find stuff if you search things like 'pigs as ancestors', 'human and pig shared features', 'how similar is our dna to pigs', and then follow the rabbit hole. You'll find trash and treasure, be discerning is all that I can warn. Some people will say anything, but some will supply good evidence, or even bogus evidence. Brien Foerster's dna videos should be findable on his channel "hidden Inca tours", he documents lots of the civilization that existed before which covered the world with megaliths that we can't make today (unless the tech is hidden from the public domain). Also see NewEarth channel. Lots of long video evidence of ancient stuff, even if Sylvie's views of humanity get a bit different than most of us might except. Skip the metaphysical ones and stick to the documentaries. Happy hunting.
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    @83457Interesting comment, didn't knew you were into biology as well! Considering mitochondrial DNA, you are spot on this is maternal and passed on via the X of the either XX or XY chromosome pairs. Interesting note is that when looking to all European/Caucasians, merely five mitochondrial DNAs can be distinguished, meaning that at some point, all Europeans descend from five women (or more likely, five times mutations have been occured). Do you have a source for the fact we are closer to pigs and apes, though? I seem unable to find a clear sciencific article concerning that, but I would be really interested in that. One thing that is certain is that at one point, countless of humanoids inhabited all extremities of the world. We likely partly mixed, partly killed the others. I personally am of the belief that the discovery of fire and cooking led to the absorption of new nutrients that allowed our brains to develop extraordinary. But still, that one, relatively short, moment between our ancestors and the physical weak yet intelligent creatures we are now, how did that go? I can imagine 50.000 years ago, when being chased down by some prehistoric bear, it was way more useful to develop stronger muscles than bigger brains. So how could intelligence ever have won it over strenght in natural selection? Fun fact: All current living fish in the sea arent derived from the most ancient saltwater fish, but from freshwater fish who, on their turn, were derived from the ancient saltwater fish. That doesnt sound logical, but evolution is a process of coincidence Evolution is a weird thing, espessially when talking about our own kind. Considering our next step in evolution, you might find this video interesting: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=UjtOGPJ0URM Anyways, thanks for the reply buddy. Love conversations like this
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    Being no story guy, this post'll come out of the blue, but this thread touches on a personal favorite topic of mine: What the crap are humans? So let's blend. In studying humanity, it's appears that we have 2 lineages; mitochondrial (mom's) dna going back 250,000 to 300,000 years (estimated by generations of dna), and a much older set of a ridiculous amount of defects in our dna as if we are an ancient species (look at that dysfunctional Y chromosome), or, more likely that an ancient species created us as a blend of them and us. Pigmen: We are pigmen. Picture a pig-ape, what would it be? Simple, push your nose-tip up and voila(!) instant Orc. We are closer to pigs than chimps genetically (by a tiny bit). Seriously, picture dog-ape, cat-ape, pig-ape...we are pig-ape. Traits of humans and pigs, but not apes: Throat that warms air (apes use nasal passages). Mane and beard like some pigs (apes have body fur all over, no mane, no beard, no change in hair type mostly, they don't go bald). We have mucous snout, like pigs (no apes do) and can hold our breath under water like this. Penis bone (apes have it, pigs and men don't). Skin, naked and sun-burnable, requiring mud (sun screen now), clothes, or shelter. Also our wounds are different than most animals, requiring surgery for what might not be a big deal to a normal Earth creature. Vestiges of tails on some babies (apes don't have tails). Some blood anomolies. I can't recall the important bits. One geneticist deduced we could be from mating and cross breeding pigs/apes (Female ape offspring, then the offspring mate with female apes, repeat this freak show until humans appear after a long series of wackiness). While possible, this implies (in my and others' opinions) an outside force controlling this, but maybe our great grandies we're just pig-fucking sickos. So, it SEEMS that we are not the normal evolution type, more like evolution meets creationism (in a scientific setting, though I can't rule out divine beings). Lastly, a cave was found in Africa where lots of humans fell and died. They were reportedly various sizes, explained at the finding 'as if someone were making various human kinds'. Oddly, this article was never seen nor heard of by me again. Not debunked, it was real, it just disappeared. Watching Brien Foerster videos, dna found in 'starchild skull' is inhuman, and it has thin, hard, fibrous bone. Dna in large heads "Paracas culture" is human, but odd. They have the neckhole in the wrong place (compared to ours) and 2 holes in the rear of the skull for blood vessels, as well as a missing front suture line, that we have (their head is like a large plate here, with a ridge up top). Unstudied: Brien also was shown 2 skulls way up on a mountain (with a third Paracas Skull too) they both had a sideways crest mid skull up top with a trench on either side of the ridge (I've never seen these before). These were otherwise 'normal sized' and had the front suture. This is just some odd info for you to read. I'm pushing no agenda, just trying to suss it all out. Humans are a bit weird. Have fun ruminating on this and zombie topics. Apologies if any of this is clearly debunked (not all debunking is real or correct, aether anyone?). Most is quite real and been studied and restudied, differences of professional opinions vary (except dna tests), so mine may be wrong, me being just some random freak on a game forum.
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    This is a random, short theory that suddenly popped in my mind, so feel free to take it with a grain of salt because it has zero proof and I am writing this at an early hangover morning, but it might be a nice thing to think about. So we always had 5 confirmed 115 meteorite locations: Shi no Numa (presumably the Dyarrl Island meteorite, 1933), Tunguska (1908), Groom Lake, Der Riese and Moon (Mare Crisium). Other meteorite locations that are hinted to in our story and could therefore be assumed to contain the 115th element are Chicora, US, 1938 (hinted in Verrückt), Nantan, China, 1516 (possibly hinted in Kino der Toten) and Morg City, US, 1944. Shangri-La also contains a meteorite, but besides that it also holds Element 115 in the ground, just like the Excavation Site near Bar-le-Duc. Now we talked about the connection of these sites earlier and it might have something to do with that, but please keep in mind that these sites are both underground, beneath the Earth's surface. On top of this, many of us argued that the centre of the Earth is actually a gateway to Agartha. This is why this realm is associated with 'subterrean', as well as many cultures consider that the afterlife is in the Underworld, Hades, or whatever place where souls go after death. The other world. I summed most of this up in my theory about the Aethereal Hollow Earth, and even more proof for this concept is the fact that in the Timeline it is stated that the Apothicans know that the planet (Earth) has a gateway to Agartha. Now Earth's core is still one of the biggest mysteries on Earth, and no one really knows what is down there. One thing is certain: There is a huge quantity of radioactive metals down there. Remember Element 115 being a radioactive and unstable metal iotope? An element is radioactive if it is unstable, if it cannot be held in the current form for a long time. After a while, it "falls apart" into the form/element that it "wants" to be, emitting radiation. The enormous amount of 115 constantly falls apart and emits radiation, going in the form/place where it "wants" to be: The Aether and Agartha, the source of the Element. This idea would stand on one assumption: That Earth's core contains a hella lot of Element 115! Now we are reaching the point I wanted to make in this thread: the first and most ancient source of 115 on Earth was Theia.Theia was an ancient planet in our Solar system that was hypothesized to have collided with early Earth around 4,5 billion years ago. The Theia hypothesis also explains why Earth's core is larger than would be expected for a body its size: according to the hypothesis, most of Theia mixed with Earth's core and mantle. The rest of Theia's debris has been indicated by models of the impact to have gathered around Earth to form the early Moon. What if Theia contained Element 115? As it formed Earth's core and mantle and the Moon, it could be the reason why these sites are infested with large deposites of the Element. It would have been Earth's first contact with 115 and open a subterrean gateway to the Underworld, even before life itself existed on Earth.
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    Mob of the Dead and Blood of the Dead are that kind of maps where we haven't dived that far into it's real life history, and I thank you for making this thread. Another connections to real life are the ties with Native American culture. From Blood of the Dead, we know Alcatraz is built upon a Leyline. This could explain why Native Americans mentioned evil spirits they purportedly encountered on the Rock long before it became a federal prison. Bones and artifacts (possibly even the "Hell's Retriever", the very native American Tomahawk) that were unearthed by archaeologists on the island have indicated that it might have served as a burial ground for Native Americans. A lot of burial grounds or mounds are made at a lot of leyline locations, as it is believed that these locations, and the rituals around them, are ‘Death Roads’ or ‘Spirit Paths’, places where the spirits of the deceased can move away to find peace in the other world. We also know that the symbol of Afterlife correlates with the Native American 'Eye of the Medicine Man', a very powerful symbol associated with seeing into the future and beyond our physical plane of existence. And lastly, we have the mobster's connections to real life gangs, as discovered by @RichKillerin this post.
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    For those who wish to see the video version of this post: https://bit.ly/2NAgtdC However, if you wish to instead read my thread or have a transcipt, keep reading: Mob of the Dead, and its reimagining, Blood of the Dead are maps based on the Alcatraz State Penitentiary. In these maps lie a villainous character known as Brutus, or Warden, or Cellbreaker. In the original version, Brutus has little to no kind of backstory, yet with Blood of the Dead, we finally get some insight on who he exactly is. But with Mob/Blood of the Dead being such an interesting map, with an interesting story and such; it made me wonder how the wardens who held this person in real life were truly like. Though none of these wardens are as deranged and sadistic as the Brutus we have come to know. It still is interesting to see the real life counterparts of our characters and settings from Zombies to the real world. Join me as we take a look into the true wardens of Alcatraz. True Wardens of Alcatraz: James Aloysius Johnston James Aloysius Johnston, known as "Old Saltwater", was the first known warden under control of Alcatraz. He was born in 1874, and prior to working at the prison, he was the warden of Folsom Prison and San Quentin State Prison. Johnston was noted for being extremely helpful during the creation of the island; including the ideals to the physical pieces of it. Johnston believed in strict discipline, and was a devout reformist. He also imposed rules, including one in which he would command a moment of silence, which was obviously mandatory toward the inmates. With his status, he was given another nickname "Golden Rule Warden" which came from his early days at San Quentin. He was also given "Old Saltwater" as a nickname from the inmates and guards. Though with his strict ideas, he was also known for his absence of using the prison's brutal alternative tactics. These tactics include: isolation in darkness, straitjackets, and so on. When 1937 came, he was attacked by a prisoner at a Worker's Strike. He died of bronchial infection in 1954. Johnston was the warden of Alcatraz from 1934 to 1948; the longest sentence a warden has served. Edwin Burnham Swope Edwin Burnham Swope, known as "Cowboy", was the second warden of Alcatraz. He was born in 1888, and prior to working at Alcatraz, he was warden in a few prisons. His nickname came from his appearance, and from his tendency to wear cowboy hats and to dress like a cowboy when he was off work. Just like Johnston, he was disciplinarian, but was not as popular with the people in Alcatraz, as Johnston was. Interestingly, when an inmate confronted him about his sentence of 199 years, Swope responded with: "My boy, we're all doing life. Every one of us is doing life." He died in 1955. His reign of Alcatraz went from 1948 to 1955. Paul Joseph Madigan Paul Joseph Madigan, was the third warden of Alcatraz. He was born in 1897, and when in Alcatraz he was the last Associate Warden under Johnston's rule, prior to being a warden himself. He was known for being one of the only wardens who climbed the ranks to be one himself. He was a devout Irish Catholic, unlike his other wardens, and was known for being more softer as well. His existence as warden was by far the most well received by prison staff. He died in 1974, with his ruling of Alcatraz spanning from 1955 to 1961. Olin Guy Blackwell Olin Guy Blackwell, was the fourth and last Warden of Alcatraz. He was born in 1915. Just like Paul, he was Associate Warden to his Warden. With Paul being one under Johnston, and Olin under Paul. Blackwell was warden under Alcatraz's difficult era, at this point in time in the early sixties - Alcatraz was nothing more than just a rock in the water. A dirty, decaying rock for that matter. Blackwell wasn't strict, and some believe that he wasn't due to his drinking habits. He was known for being a remarkable marksman, and was also Associate Warden of Lewisburg Federal Penitentiary. Blackwell passed away in 1986. Serving as Warden of Alcatraz from 1961 to 1963; a short sentence compared to the other wardens. Those are the four true wardens of Alcatraz, perhaps the inspiration of Brutus himself. Let me know out of the four, in which you believe could be Brutus of some sort. Whether you believe its the one consistent with the date, or one based on a Warden's actions. Let me know what you think. One a side note, Mob of the Dead takes place in 1933; Alcatraz was not open as a prison until 1934. Whether this continuity error by Treyarch was on purpose or not, Brutus confirms in a radio that the prison was built "a year early" - implying that Alcatraz opened in 1933, instead of 1934 as it actually was in real life.
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    Really like this theory. It explains the part of the story that I generally disliked, but reading this now it makes more sense. Regarding this subject I felt obligated to throw another weird conspiracy theory in this, the one relating to Ancient Astronauts. I assume you all might be known to the theory that early human civilization was visited by extraterrestials, but there also is another one considering the idea that humans are genetically engineered by aliens. Not just the present day humans though, from fossils found all over the globe archeologists discovered many extinct humanoid species, all coexisting during the early days of the Homo Sapiens. So these Alien conspiracy theorists state that this was part of an extraterrestial experiment, aliens genetically modifying already existing Earthlings (animals, likely mammals such as pigs) into more complex and 'intelligent' species like theirselves, using Earth as their lab. This led to the sudden appearance of humanoids all over the world, with eventually Homo Sapiens being the dominant one that led to the extinction of all other humanoids. Keeping this in mind, was this what scientists in Kino, Griffin Station, the Pentagon and Camp Edward were trying to achieve? Mixing alien DNA found in Keeper fossils (possibly using the samples from the one in Der Eisendrache or the one crashed in Roswell) with pigs (anatomically prettyclose to humans), generating their own genetically engineered "human"? A very cool idea, if you ask me. The fact that Keepers and perhaps their technology as well was being experimented upon in the Pentagon also reminds me of an old idea of AetherealVoices, considering the numbers that hang around the Pentagon Thief to be Keeper symbols similar to those we see in the rituals in Shadows of Evil. Reading Richkiller's reply I also wonder if this step in malformation/mutation that leads to the creation of the Creepy Crawlers is a major step in the actual evolution of the Keepers and even humans theirselves? Are the Keepers some kind of futuristic breed originating from these human experiments, going back in history to make sure they are being created? This would raise a Paradox, though, as their fossils are likely the very source of the beginning of our experiments. Thank you for posting this!
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    As a big fan of @PINNAZ's MTD theory, here are my thoughts: We know that Maxis' telaporter causes changes in a molecular level: I remind you the Classified cipher refers specifically to the tests in 1939: The Five/Classified telaporters were built in reference to the original prototype. We can also simply infer that Monty had a hand with Maxis' teleports. This gives foundations for the crawlers to be telaported pigs, with the same teleportation tech of Maxis (and Monty). The telaport modifies the human DNA and the pig DNA in the same way, keeper-ifying them (or perhaps margwa-ifying them, depends on how you want to view things). The crawlers are a by-product of Doctor Monty ensuring his own survival. The nova 6 could come from further experiments of the pentagon. The blueprint tells it is version number 8 and the die rise crawlers can be an early version of the nova crawlers.
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    First time ever hearing about Theia. That's a very cool concept and I would have liked it to be a part of the story. You could technically also replace Theia with the Moon rockets, thus creating some kind of paradox where the rockets create the Moon itself.
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    Hey wonderful people, I sit this whole day at home playing Black Ops Zombies since days already since quarantine time. So I thought myself why not help people complete their easter eggs. Just add me on Xbox One my Username is : xXZombonicXx otherwise you could join my discord : https://discord.gg/Ww5rSt4 This whole thing is completely free ofcourse I just love it to help you guys out. About me ingame I'm max level and I have around 1000+ hours of gameplay time. I would love to help you out.
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    Come check out the latest Podcast Der Toten, the official CoDz podcast, featuring myself, @Mattzs, and @Tac. In this week's episode, we start a checklist of Group 935 facilities and talk about what makes each of them unique, and how they fit into Group 935's grander vision. Was Division 9 associated with Verruckt? Why did Japan hand over the Rising Sun Facility to Germany? Were the giant robots always produced at Der Riese? What was done at Kino that Richtofen does not know about? Post a comment below!
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    Interesting proposition. ...though I am obligated to inform you: We aren't Reddit.
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    This is a megathread concerning the Apothicons and different view on them, a product of the cooperation between Caljitsu and Anonymous. The first subject we will discuss are the parallels between the Apothicons and Lovecraft's Mi-Go and Nyarlathotep. After that we will talk about how the Apothicon Overlords could very well be more ancient Elder Gods already existing in the Aether before the Apothicons, the corrupted alien race, came. After that we will discuss the parallels between the Apothicons and Bibical demons and finally, there will be an advocate for why the Apothicons might not be as evil as you think. It's quite a read so I recommend getting something to drink and eat before starting Enjoy! The parallels between the Apothicons and Lovecraft ~Anonymous In Lovecraftian tales, the Mi-Go are fungus-based multi-dimensional creatures, extremely varied due to their prodigious surgical, biological, chemical, and mechanical skills. Several Earthly paranormal entities, such as the Tibetan Yeti, are Mi-Go’s, though the most common variant in Lovecraft’s books are those resembling some kind of humanoid crabs. They possess a pair of membranous bat-like wings which are used to fly through the "Aether” of outer space. Sounding familiar? What I find interesting in particular is that they are said to be fungus-based. Remember this radio? It seems like the meteor shower somehow brought the fungi seen growning in the dark, humid alleys of Morg City. Someone on the reddit made a connection between the New England meteor shower of 1882, the at-the-time ‘Vampire Panic’ and the Buried Town, Purgatory Point. The Vampire Panic was a reaction to an outbreak of tuberculosis in New England, as the disease was thought to be caused by the deceased consuming the life of their surviving relatives. Bodies were exhumed and internal organs ritually burned to stop the "vampire" from attacking the local population and to prevent the spread of the disease. Not only does this remind us of possible Satanic, Apothicon rites being involved in the 115-infected Purgatory Point, but also to a potential connection with the much-later appearing faction that would go under the name The Flesh. Dead eating the living, living eating the dead. Just thoughs Anyhow, back to Shadows of Evil, fungi are known to be able to diffuse a lot of spores and therefore spread rapidly, so could these things be the origins of Apothican influence in the City? Could the meteor shower literally ‘sewed’ Mi-Go? Now before you think we are fighting evolved mushrooms all the time, consider this: Fungi is one of the five major organism kingdoms. The to us known species of fungi are even more diverse than comparing a tardigrade with a human. That being said, fungi originate from the very same eukaryote group as animals and plants do, and they have most likely evolved from the very first multicellular animals, just like we evolved from ancient plant-like. I would like to share one final particular aspect of the Mi-Go: Their ability to transport human consiousness by by removing the subject's living brain and placing it into a "brain cylinder", which can be attached to external devices to allow it to see, hear, and speak. This sounds very much alike to the technology used to transport Maxis from the Crazy Place to Agartha to the House. “Maxis’ brain arrives in Agartha and Doctor Monty decides to step in. Monty brings Maxis’ brain to the house and wipes the Maxis corrupted by Dark Aether from existence.” - Timeline “With Doctor Monty’s help, the Maxis Drone arrives at the house in Agartha. Despite the absence of his soul, Monty recreates a physical manifestation of his Dimension 63 form.” - Timeline The Mi-Go, however, are not the most powerfull race in existence, something far more terrible than you can imagine lays beyond them. They serve a master: Nyarlathotep, the Black Man (note how Black is a synonym for Shadow). Although he is able to shift his physical shape, he is mostly described as a tall, swarthy man. He is frequently associated with the Devil and any other evil spirits named in various cultures and religions around the globe. He wanders the Earth, seemingly gathering legions of followers, his demonstrations of strange and seemingly magical instruments. These followers lose awareness of the world around them and get an impression of the world's collapse. This sounds very much alike to how the Shadowman manipulated the Shadows cast into doing what he wanted, to “prevent the destruction of your world”. Different than the other Apothicans, the Shadowman seems to, just like Nyarlathotep, able to appear and disappear in any dimension where he wants (with the exception of Agartha). He alone, however, is not able to consume a universe, though he has a very manipulative tongue. He is the harbinger of the Doom that lays beyond him, beyond the Mi-Go: the Outer Gods, the Universe Consumers. In Shadows of Evil, the Shadowman talks the cast into performing Satanic rites, involving the sacrifice of a soul bound to an object. Using this soul’s Life Force, the Apothicans are able to open a small gateway, sending in a Gateworm (possibly the type Apothican that eats the Pack-a-Punch in Revelations, merely in a larval state). Four of these Gateworms are needed to break the Apothican Rift Stone in the City’s undercroft. When this happened, the Apothicans gained full entrance in Dimension 63, starting consuming it. Will Murray, an American novelist, has speculated that Lovecraft’s image of Nyarlathotep may have been inspired by the inventor Nikola Tesla, whose well-attended lectures did involve extraordinary experiments with electrical apparatus and whom some saw as a sinister figure… Could the Shadowman’s origins lay in scientific experiments done by humans? An artificial demon. The distinction between the Apothicons and Overlords ~Anonymous There always was one thing at the Apothicons that I couldn’t understand: How could a humanoid race like the Vril-Ya/proto-Keepers ever evolve into the monstrous abominations that we call the Apothicons. We interprend the Timeline that the explanation for this issue can be summarized in one word: Evolution. “Trapped in the Dark Aether, the corrupted keepers contort and evolve over Eons, ultimately becoming the Apothicons. The desire, above all else, to return to Agartha.” But this just didn’t really work out for me. I mean, this is simply not how evolution works. For evolution, one needs natural selection, survival of the fittest, and how can we have that in a realm of energy where all beings serve the same hivemind? Apart from that, we do encounter more humanoid Apothicons that resemble the ‘handhead’ species of Doctor Monty (the Shadowman) and the Keepers (the corrupted Keepers) as Apothicons; How can it be that they changed relatively so little over time whereas some proto-Keepers have changed into giant universe eating worms? So here’s the thing: I think the creatures that we name Apothicons are not the Apothicons. I mean maybe they are classified under that name, and that essentially doesn’t matter, but what I mean is that they have a different origin than the defeated proto-Keepers, the Fallen Angels under the Shadowman. In Lovecraft’s Cthulhu mythos, the most powerful entities in the Multiverse are the Great Old Ones, the Outer Gods of other Hells and the Elder Gods, existing outside our observable universe and thus in the “space between spaces”. However, their great weakness is the fact that they cannot form a stable and consistent form of matter in our Space-Time. This is they have not yet dominated our universe and why they even have any dealings with humanity. We need to provide them with something within our Space-Time, whether its “opening a door” on this side of reality or providing a part of us (e.g. our souls). While the story of the proto-Keepers sounds really similar to the mythos of the Vril-Ya, Ancient Aliens and even passages of the Bible, the existence and abilities of the ‘Great Apothicons’ seems to resemble more the story of the Lovecraftian Elder Gods, and their inability of entering our universe by theirselves. Additional evidence for this is the fact that in Shadows of Evil, the Shadowman refers to something more powerful, the ‘Overlords’. In a radio in Tag der Toten, the Apothicon corpse on the bottom of the ocean is literally referred to as an ‘Elder God’. Another similarity already found by ElectricJesus was Shadowman’s similarity to Nyarlathotep. And whose harbinger and messenger was Nyarlathotep in the Cthulhu mythos? Exactly, the Outer Gods. What we do in Shadows of Evil, I interpreted as the following: we sacrifice four souls that allow the Elder Gods to enter. Or, as the Shadowman states it, “your services to the overlords is appreciated, our complete assimilation of this dimension will now proceed”. How does this work in the grander view of our story? Cal’s deciphering of the Apothicon language clearly shows they function under a Hivemind, and I think that is our missing link. Prior to Civil War between the proto-Keepers, before the schism between Dr. Monty and Mr. Rapt, before he was called the Shadowman and he and his allies were condemned to the Aether, the Elder Gods already existed. They were already out there, in the space between spaces, the realm of energy, the Aether. Their Hivemind was passed over on the corrupted Keepers, corrupting them, making them one of them. They act with the same mind now, the same interests. But their origin is different. This is why Doctor Monty refers to the Apothicons as the most powerful entities in all the existences that ever existed, this is why Samantha in the pyramid screams that something far more terrible than we can imagine lays there. Before a part the civilization of the proto-Keepers got corrupted and turned into what Monty calls the Apothicons, before the existence of the Shadowman, the Elder Gods were already there. Azathoth, one of the Outer Gods in the Lovecraft mythos^ EDIT: So thanks for Rich for noting this but in SoE we got the message that 'the Elders continue to seed space time'. This is what we see in the Revelations intro, as space time is 115! Additional evidence that the Overlords are the Elder Gods and something older and more powerful than the Keepers The parallels between the Apothicons and Satanic Demons ~Anonymous Though we earlier devoted another thread to connections of our story with Revelations (from the New Testament), this part will include a more extensive post about the interesting parallel between the Biblical bad guys and the Apothicans. In the Book of Revelations, two distinct Beasts are being mentioned: The Beast from the Sea and the Beast from the Earth. The Beast from the Sea is a contractionary name, as in Revelations it is said to actually originate from the Abyss, an unfathomably deep or boundless space. The word 'Sea' is likely symbolically used, referring to the fact that in the original sense of the Hebrew tehom, the abyss was the primordial waters or chaos out of which the ordered world was created. Some also think the term might refer to the interior of Earth. In later Hebrew literature, the Abyss is often used to refer to the Underworld, either the realm where the dead reside (Sheol) or the realm of the rebellious spirits (Hell). In the latter sense, specifically, the abyss was often seen as a prison for demons. Now all these meanings of the Abyss, whether it is the thing from which the universe was created, the interior of Earth and the abode of the dead or the realm where the demons are imprisoned, it all seems to relate to what is told us about the Aether. "In the beginning there was only the Aether and the Keepers." - Timeline "The surviving Apothicons were cast out, banished to the dark Aether beneath creation." - Kronorium Excerpt "The world within the world was turned upside down" - Doctor Monty, Gorod Krovi This Beast from the Abyss, as I rather call it, also bears a real name but this is never given in Revelations. However, his name corresponds to the numerical value 666, also called the 'Mark of the Beast'. "You have the Mark. You are cursed." - Shadowman This Mark can be identified by either the beast's written name, or the numerical value of his name. Without this identification, one could not buy or sell. For this, he was worshipped by mankind and it was the reason why this Beast was reigning the Earth. This too sounds very alike to our encounters in Shadows of Evil, as without the Beast, we are nowhere. We invoke it to power up machines, smash crates and open up doors. Imagine how powerless we are without it, how dependent we are on it. Now let's take a look at the 'Beast from the Earth'. This entity is primarily described in Revelation chapter thirteen and is said to speak "like a dragon". He is also called the false prophet, due to him functioning as the messaging and speaking agent of both the Beast from the Sea and Satan. His purpose is to promote the authority of the first beast with the ability to perform great signs, even making fire come down out of Heaven. It is also him who declares that anyone who does not worship the Beast from the Sea, including those who do not wear his Mark, will be killed. "Only the cursed will survive" Now among the many broadcasts of GKNova6 relating to the Cold War and Space Race, it also included the following transmission. Remember that this was transmitted back in 2011, during the marketing campaign of Black Ops I: Beware of the beast man. For he is the devils pawn. Alone among gods primates. He kills for sport,or lust,or greed. Yay he will murder his brother to posses his brothers land. Let him not breed in great numbers, For he will make a desert of his home,and yours. Shun him, drive him back into his jungle layer. For he is the harbinger of death." This 'Beast Man' is said to be the Devil's pawn. What's more, he is said to be the Harbringer of Death. That reminds me of the following quote of Doctor Monty: "The Shadow Man, the original Harbinger of Doom" That the Shadowman promotes the players to invoke the Beast goes extremely parallel with the Beast of the Earth's role in promoting the authority of the Beast of the Abyss. I believe it was Mattzs who even noted that the Mark of the Beast correlates with three 6's on top of each other: 666. It also parallels the Lovecraftian story of Nyarlathotep, the Black Man (note how Black is a synonym for Shadow). Although he is able to shift his physical shape, he is mostly described as a tall, swarthy man. He is frequently associated with Satan and any other evil spirits named in various cultures and religions around the globe. He wanders the Earth, seemingly gathering legions of followers, his demonstrations of strange and seemingly magical instruments. These followers lose awareness of the world around them and get an terrible impression of the world's collapse. This sounds very much alike to how the Shadowman manipulated the Shadows cast into doing what he wanted, to “prevent the destruction of your world”. Still it remains a curious topic how these early Apothican forces could enter this realm of Morg City and have direct contact with humans. The first note that should be made is the Beast from the Earth's magic sign of making fire coming down from Heaven. "Just last week there was a meteor shower, a freakin' meteor shower!" - Reporter In this case, Heaven could be seen as literally (the cosmos) as well as figuratively (115 as 'divine' element). Next thing that is mentioned is a strange fungus showing up all over the damp alleys of Morg City, making the inhabitants sick, delirious and confused. Now, as mentioned in the comments of this thread, we can find books named 'Occultism in the court of Elizabeth I' and 'The Evil Archon' in Der Eisendrache. Both seem to refer to the practices of John Dee, the advisor of the English Queen and also a hobbyist in alchemy, occultism, divination, mathematics and astrology. Also liked to collect ancient Aztec artifacts and other magical-looking idles, crystal spheres and amulets. Now one day he felt like creating a magical diagram, kinda like Ouijaboards, in an effort to make contact with beings from beyond. He succeeded in this, not only contacting them but also summoning them. Initially, these interdimensional creatures were believed to be Angels, sounding just like Jeb Brown, Cornelius Pernell and all the others. However after a while he started to question the motives of these beings, who were presenting themselves more and more as demons than angels. This magical diagram that summoned these beings was called the Seal of God. It looks like this, and it really seems to resemble either Satanic pentagrams or the Apothican octogram we see at various places in Morg City. As we also see this diagram in Blood of the Dead, where we know the Warden created this twisted version of reality, it could very well be possibly that Shadows of Evil was created by someone else performing similar practices. "Yes! The threshold. One last flash of light and the Sun shall vanish into the sea. The darkness shall spread for every fibre of creation, it shall spread! I shall be its instrument… I shall bleed the chosen few… The gateway will open and paradise will fall." - Warden But the rituals aren't finished yet. We continue them! We complete them! We allow the rest of the demon spawn that represents the fell Apothicans to enter and consume Dimension 63. The Apothicons as victims of the Past ~Caljitsu Now while these connections could be made between the Apothicans and Judeo-Christian demons, it would be wrong to instantly call them the evil forces in opposition to the 'good forces' of Doctor Monty and the Keepers. Here follows an extensive argument to show you that the multiverse is not that simple as 'good' versus 'evil', but it became somewhat more propaganda-esque as I wrote it, and I lent into this towards the end as it was quite funny. However it definitely has some salient points that highlight very explicit lies we are told in the storyline, and might just change your opinion on the Apothicons. The Parallels are clear, but as the Apothicon Apologist that I've become known as (lol), I can't help but feel the need to step in and give a bit of context to their admittedly often awful actions, and give a possible alternative interpretation on who the real demons are. We are often lead to believe that the Keepers "ascended to become the wards of all existence" after they "defeated" the Apothicons. Note the clear religious imagery; with it, your mind is instantly predisposed into the binary ideal of good-and-evil. I want you to remove that notion from your mind. History is written by the Victors - in this case, the beings we know as Keepers, however the real story (or the closest thing to it), obtained through cross referencing the multiple conflicting accounts of the beginning-time, just as with real history, is far more morally grey. Firstly, however, we have to clear something up, for the sake of ease. The Kronorium in its current form often refers to a race called the "Keepers" - right from the beginning, starting with the first of them, The First One, and progressing right the way through till the end and then back again - endlessly. This is confusing, likely intentionally so, in order to give the modern Keepers a historical precedent for their position, and frame the Apothicons as their eternal adversary - a race so different from the Keepers themselves, they ought to be fought and exterminated. In fact, the Keepers and Apothicons were once a singular species, and this is where the confusion lies. The Kronorium refers to this first race as "Keepers" as well, even though their biology was almost certainly different - most likely, it was that of the beings who would come to be known as Monty and the Shadowman (note how it is the middle point between the biology of a modern keeper and of an Apothicon). To avoid further mix-ups, they will be referred to from here-on-out as "The First Race". Looking at a race so advanced, we would undoubtedly think of them as having some sort of "magic" - indeed like the Judeo-Christian Angels and Demons. However ask yourself this. If you were to journey to an uncontacted tribe with Electricity, Guns, Gas, Smartphones, Cars, Aeroplanes and all of the other products of science, would you be seen as a Scientist? No, you would be seen as a Magician, as a God, as someone with knowledge and power that is so outside of the field-of-view of this culture, that the only solution is for it to be "magic. In excerpts from the Kronorium, we begin to understand the same thing is true with The First Race. In the beginning, The First One did not simply create life from his own imagination, he created a device in order to allow him to manipulate the force he was forged from - the Aether - in order to shape it to his will. Astoth Arbzorark - The All Key (or incorrectly, the "Summoning Key") - a Device of Absolute Power. Before this, The First One existed only within the Aether - likely formless - and so Agartha was created using the device so him and his kin were able to exist physically. The First Race did not use magic to travel vast distances, they "Created the first Transference Device" (in those exact terms). They were a race of scientists, specifically, scientists who's experimentation was with The Aether. It should also be noted that they devised the First Language, the very language inscribed upon both the Summoning Key and the cover of the Kronorium (the only part of the book that does not change) We cannot say for certain how long this went on for, but the experimentation continued relentlessly until, one day, one of the most prominent members of the race, along with his colleges, crafted a device known as the Aether Pyramid - a machine that would be capable of power to a similar degree to that of the Summoning Key. It's interesting then, that only after the ability to manipulate reality is no longer dependent on a singular object (likely held by a single or small group), but instead a known invention, that these fellow scientists who's only crime was experimenting with the same force they had always experimented with, were deemed "corrupted", leading to an all out civil war. Remember, the terms "Dark Aether" and "Corrupted Keeper" come from a particular version of history, approved by a particular Keeper: For this transgression against the balance-of-power, those scientists who were lead by the being who would, among many things, be referred to as the Shadowman and Mr. Rapt, were thrown back into the formless Aether, where they were twisted and morphed by the aeons of isolation, however they did keep their language, perhaps a reminder of what they once were. Meanwhile, those who were lucky enough to have chosen the correct side became egotistical, believing themselves to be the sworn protectors of all of existence and branded those under them "Apothicons". They were not Keepers, how could they be? They were demons, devils, and all the lesser races would come to fear them as seen by their appearance in every culture, where they are always slain by the most holy of Angels. And yet, we are all very aware that it was experimentation with the Aether that was the start of the troubles that would befall existence. Monty himself says that it was Teleportation that was the root of all the evil. How appropriate that the very same Keeper who doctored history in order to frame his brethren as evil conveniently forgets that it was he and his kind, long before any conflict among their ranks, developed the first matter transference device - the original sin that doomed everything. By the time we see the "Apothicons". They are seemingly beings of hate, hellbent on ending existence. They no longer have will, but instead share a singular intelligence, allowing them to coordinate dimensional assimilation to an unprecedented level. But the question is, why? The Kronorium would have you believe it is to "return to Agartha", but then why seek to destroy everything, including Agartha? No, I believe during their time in the formless, timeless infinite, they became aware of certain truths. Just as in Buried, Richtofen's time within the Aether Pyramid has granted him knowledge of the cycle that ensnared existence and now his will to break it, I believe the Apothicons have shared this revelation. How can their be an endless cycle if reality itself is no more? The Apothicons have learned the final truth of the Aether, having spent so much time within it: it must end, and so must everything that sprang forth from it. Indeed, it seems they were even willing to attempt to seek alternatives to this, as the Shadowman tried to acquire both the Summoning Key and vital components for the Agarthan Device - the only mechanism in existence capable of ending it and removing the corruption of the Aether that he and his exiles understand all too well.
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    Welcome to Whose Drill Is It Anyway?, the thread where the questions are made up and the answers don't matter. If you're privy to the concept of drills in Zombies, the first thing you may think of is the drill present in the Nuketown loading screen: This was later expanded (literally) by the alternate loading screen from the comics, which just shows a wider view of each of the above panels, and reveals Schuster is someone present during this drilling: In addition to Nuketown, and I did not realize this until yesterday, a drill very similar in design appears in a drawing on Origins: The very unique shape of both implies to me these two are meant to be connected in some way. But, I'm getting ahead of myself. Where else is drilling mentioned? The above cipher coincides with the date from the timeline in Dimension 63: Speaking of the timeline, drilling at Nuketown is revealed as being the cause of the explosion just before Nuketown Zombies takes place: It's interesting that in Alpha Omega we see no sign of this drill, when the map should take place between these two dates considering Marlton is present, unless Marlton was trapped at Camp Edward for longer than a month, or left and came back... But anyway, that's not why we're here, we're here to talk drills. I first want to ask about the cipher from Ferguson in Richtofen's lab. He says, "We will keep the individuals in stasis, on ice to speak, and continue the specimen rotation once we finish drawing more power from the drill." I remember when this cipher was originally discussed people were scratching their heads, as the only drill we all remembered was the Nuketown drill, which is in the original timeline in 2025. So either there was some method of transferring excavated 115 between dimensions, or this was another drill they were utilizing. I think the drill drawing from Origins is a likely contender, as it was created before 1941, and Richtofen would know where to find it and how to use it given it was made by Group 935 in Dimension 63. But still, that leaves some confusion about the Nuketown drill. The drilling depicted in the comic cannot be the same drilling from 2025, as Schuster is present and he would likely be over 100 years old by that point. Schuster being there means this is either a Group 935 or Broken Arrow operation, and we cannot be completely sure which. I almost believed it could be on the Moon, but clouds in the background disprove that. I'm still of the belief this is Broken Arrow drilling early in its inception, but not in 2025 as we may have previously guessed. Has this discussion on fictitious space-age drilling enthralled you? What's the meaning behind all of this?
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    hey guys i made a video on the leviathan easter egg, would be cool if you guys could check it out:
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    Seems like a new cipher in Warzone is surfacing: copying my comment from reddit: "Venona is not a formal cipher but rather a collection of documents of people co-operating with the soviets. Cold war, nuclear weapons, and a very black-opsy choice if you ask me:" https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Venona_project
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    An interesting point @caljitsu and I talked about the other day is the principle of 'every game is canon'. That Victis is rezurrected every game is known, but how does this work with Primis and Ultimis? Each time they die, the universe resets itself to the moment they were still alive (the spawn room), because they cannot die. Their life is connected with the everpresent Aether. Of course its debatable.
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    We often take for granted the work that goes into making Multiplayer maps. While we scour the fine details of every nook and cranny of a Zombies map, Multiplayer maps are often overlooked because their primary mode of play is fast-paced, and the maps are designed not to take your attention away or to tell a story, but to serve as a backdrop for interesting gameplay. However, the act of searching Multiplayer maps across a variety of games shows that they receive just as much love and care as any other kind of map. I decided to go on an expedition across a few maps in BO4, taking screenshots and recording clips, and now I want to share some findings today. Most of them do not have broad story implications to Zombies, the Campaign, or even Multiplayer, but I just find them interesting. I hope to return to this thread with more explored maps in the future. Today I'm sharing some interesting findings from Der Schatten, Havana, and WMD. Der Schatten Der Schatten, or 'The Shadow', is described as a village sitting in the shadow of Der Eisendrache, which is now a battleground between good and evil. On the surface, there are certainly things of note regarding Zombies: The Castle itself, the fallen Robot, and the presence of zombies in the village's shops. There are some other interesting things I'd like to share about the map that you may or may not know about. For one thing, there is a room with a radio and a variety of German propaganda posters, and through the radio we can hear a man barking orders in German, named Captain Schulz. His orders are found here: The description of the above video contains translations, and it seems Schulz is calling for reinforcements after some attack on Patrol Station 9. It is not clear if he is directly talking about Zombies, or some living attack force. But that is contained in the room is quite interesting. There are computers with the following logo: That is clearly a reflected Broken Arrow logo. On the walls, along with distinctly German posters, are posters taken directly from Camp Edward: Now, this is obviously a case of re-used assets by a team that does not directly work on the Zombies team. But when looking at cases like this, I think we need to look at it from two different angles: 1. The Developer's point of view and 2. From within the context of the map. Regardless of outside intent, it is now a piece of the art, and it is the viewer's interpretation that matters now. If this map is truly meant to be an extension of Der Eisendrache within the Aether storyline, perhaps this relates to SOPHIA's comments on Broken Arrow in Gorod Krovi? In town there is a statue of Dempsey, the same one present inside the the castle, and on the pedestal these words appear: "The great destroyer of Maggot-sacks. When great evil strikes mankind, he returns to crush the bad guys." - Nice. In the windows of some shops are some rather docile zombies banging on the glass. There are some civilians, and some soldiers. What's interesting though, are their eyes: Some possess orange eyes and others have red. This is another development-centric compromise most-likely, but what can be made of it? Something I found interesting is that the interior of the train station plays a very familiar, though distorted tune: https://gameclipscontent-d2001.xboxlive.com/xuid-2533274874404829-private/bf0209a9-f1bc-4522-b980-120efa7b69d8.MP4?sv=2015-12-11&sr=b&si=DefaultAccess&sig=TLiync9C%2Bb%2BmkQhU53qnXDBYYJtLy1ILp2vvV8V2NVk%3D&__gda__=1591120265_a4668059a7fd857d0b74d470b609e504 That's the tune of We Wish You A Merry Christmas. I suppose that resolves around when the map takes place, if the snow didn't tell you. Additionally, outside the map, one can hear wolves howling: https://gameclipscontent-d3001.xboxlive.com/xuid-2533274874404829-private/c9509d76-0821-444f-b4fd-4510ab0bb1dd.MP4?sv=2015-12-11&sr=b&si=DefaultAccess&sig=NNwbI4dK602zqigEj13%2FeBqC4S4sByggThuPvR6a5n0%3D&__gda__=1591120265_442bab4c8dd75016fd56150bde220d24 Wolves are not native to Austria, which leads me to believe these are the Ethereal forms of the Wolf King's wolves howling into the night. Very spooky. Now that I've reeled you in with some Zombies connections, how about some Cold War intrigue? Havana Havana is a remake of the original from Black Ops, and I must say it is a gorgeous recreation with a lot of new assets. One of the coolest things about this map is how it begins. An American plane flies overhead, not dropping bombs, but Anti-Communist leaflets: Outside the map, one hears ambulance and police sirens from inside the city. There is no life on this street, with only the fluttering of thousands of leaflets flying in the wind being heard. If you've heard anything about the new Havana, you've likely heard about the theater, which seems to be playing Zombies-related films: Are the Aether and Chaos stories a film series within this universe? Or is there something more going on? The theater even has special Perk-a-Colas on the menu: While zooming in on various things to find only placeholder or meaningless text, I did come across this one which fascinates me: Now, the text is borderline unreadable, but that bottom line is 100% a URL. A texture artist's job when it comes to small assets with text is usually to just fill up text with nonsense if it is not meant to be examined closely, which is probably what was done here. However, most of the time that is done with generic lorem ipsum latin text, yet the artist decided to put a URL here? His/her own website? A joke site? A fake site? Though the answer is certainly meaningless, there is a natural curiosity in me that just wants to know! There are a few ambient objects on the map that will periodically make noises, such as a ticking clock, a phone ringing, and water dripping in a sink. But as I was looking over poster, I heard a Spanish voice say something from a nearby TV. This Spanish voice speaks on multiple TVs on the map, saying a few phrases, and I'm so curious what they mean. Here's an example of one: https://gameclipscontent-d3025.xboxlive.com/xuid-2533274874404829-private/d1bc9ef4-e0fe-466a-b9e5-5df20415c204.MP4?sv=2015-12-11&sr=b&si=DefaultAccess&sig=SUwm%2Bv3o9l8UcNv6XLjplrqdmKwDnDUSfFzM2GgmoDs%3D&__gda__=1591121593_dead7d6b054bf9fe80d39feb6835b344 If anyone can understand Spanish, I'd love to find the meaning of some of the broadcasts. Now, onto our final map of the day: WMD WMD is also a remake from Black Ops, and it is a Nova 6 Rocket launch site disguised as a vodka factory. You'll notice many unique Nova 6 canisters scattered around the map, some hidden inside shipping crates: Inside one building, you'll be able to see that there is a whole underground operation, with various rooms and some sort of metal sound. There's a desk with a radio, maybe a numbers station? Additionally you'll find a laboratory with safety precautions and chemical structures written in chalk, where it appears the Soviets are trying to improve upon Nova 6: The most intriguing location in WMD, however, is what appears to be the building where the Nova 6 rockets are being planned for launch. There is a cornucopia of Russian writing on papers, blueprints, sticky notes, and chalkboards around the building, and unfortunately I can read none of it. There is even a map with various world locations marked which definitely has some malicious prupose: If anyone is able to read the writing, I'd love to know what some of it means, if anything. I look forward to the next expedition. Perhaps more secrets can be found, and if not, I can at least appreciate the work put forth by the map artists of Treyarch.
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    BO2 multiplayer split screen is just the best. Will give this a try!
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    Before I start, there's a TL;DR at the end! This post as I'm writing this has gone through many, many different iterations by now already, in a very crisscrossy fashion as well. So if it's confusing at some points or if I don't make too much sense, it's because I've moved a bunch of things around as I wrote the whole thing. On another note, this has also most likely been discussed to death by all of you here already as well, but I just needed to get it out and sort my feelings. It has taken me quite some time to finally realize and come to terms with how I really feel about BO4, but here I am. Oh, I also really really hope that I'm not coming across as some kid having an angry temper tantrum. That's not my intention. It's more me trying to unload a bit as said previously, and also a little bit to try and get my perspective across. So let's first start with some positive aspects that I like about BO4. I love that you can already see in the lobby who you're playing as, it sure as hell keeps my picky ass's round average higher than 1 because of constant resetting [laughs]. If I'll ever play BO4 again, that is. I kinda uninstalled it because I needed space and was never playing it anyway, and I never reinstalled it again. BUT I also like that you can take bots with you! As a very, very average-to-bad solo player having bots with you can be pretty damn helpful. And of course the easter egg songs. My god I Am The Well is amazing. I'll get to the others in time, but I'm not done with that one yet. I've also been debating about making a post about my impressions of the lyrics because I think about them a lot, if anyone is up for that feel free to let me know. But. To be completely honest, beyond that? I never liked BO4 from the get go. At first I was thinking that hey, maybe I just had to get used to it. But I know now that was never the case. I just. Don't like BO4. At all. For ME the whole game has been nothing but letdown after letdown. Maybe I expected BO3 too much, but man. No story mode, a battle royal instead. Hop right onto the parade, why don't you? I still love the BO3 story to death, (something I haven't seen with other players at all really, am I the only one?) and I really hoped for another amazing story. That was the first letdown for me. I don't play games online, ESPECIALLY not CoD games. My god people on there are toxic assholes. Doesn't do the already crippling social anxiety well :^( Okay I'm mildly joking but I AM scared of playing online, mostly with CoD. And I never liked battle royales in the first place. So having 2 out of 3 game modes be online multiplayer was the first letdown. The second letdown for me was well, zombies. Having nothing really else to play (which is okay, I bought BO3 and DLC JUST for zombies at first, didn't know about the story yet back then) I went there and hooo boy. I thought the visuals were very nice, as far as I played it. I loved the way the magic items look on Voyage, I remember there being a chest that really stood out to me and it looked amazing. But the rest is what I really tripped over. Literally everything changed. You have to select 4 perks, and that's all you'll get. Jug is implemented from the start, as well (which to be honest is not necessarily a bad thing). Also name changes? Where'd that come from? It all just kinda confused me more than anything else, really. I also saw that the A.I. of the zombies is kinda wacky, and that you apparently spawn in with the Miracle Weapon™ of that map already, that you'll get Speed Cola from what was it, Pack-a-Punching a weapon 5 times? Am I the only one wtf'ing at that specifically or have I gone completely off the rails? And this is not me being like "chANge bAD reEeEE", this me just... genuinely not understanding why in the WORLD they'd be taking defining, iconic traits and gimmicks, which everyone knew and loved (most people anyway) pretty much out of the game. Again, I'm an average to bad solo player. There's no way I'm going to be able to Pack-a-Punch a weapon 5 times, good lord. A video I saw today about it perfectly summed it all up, if I may quote: There were fixes of things that were never broken in the first place. And then, the story of zombies. I actually started with this part in the first version of this post, and it was going to be all I'd be talking about @[email protected] Anyway, yesterday evening as of writing this I watched the last cutscenes of the Primis and Ultimis crew story and it just... felt like a slap in the face? I don't know how else to say it. It feels like everything in the end, all of zombies, the whole decade of maps and story and whatnot never even mattered. The Primis and Ultimis crews ended up being the ones keeping the multiverses in existence, so Nikolai poisons and kills them all in a horrible and agonizing death while he and Ultimis Richtofen get "mercifully" shot in the head. End. That was the Grand Finale, everything that was built up towards over these long years. It feels awful. Seeing them all the way they were in that final cutscene, with bleeding eyes, foam at the mouths, all soaked with blood, faces all in pain, it was awful to see. Just imagining the pain and panic they must've felt as they died... It makes me tear up. In the end I just wanted to see them having won, having been able to return to their lives, knowing they had saved everything and everyone. I genuinely care about them, and I just wanted to see them happy in the end. This ending was kinda my worst nightmare, personally. And I know that I'm most likely too emotionally attached to the zombies story and the characters, and I hyper empathize with characters in general. Not just in CoDZ, but in everything. But CoDZ honestly has meant the world for me over the years from my childhood from now, as many of you will definitely understand. So I kinda allow myself to with this. But it was the most painful to see them get killed in such a disposable way, especially after the intense and sad deaths of Ultimis Dempsey, Takeo, and Nikolai in BO3. Those were ENORMOUS events in the story, such huge milestones. Kill the old crew and get their souls for the greater good, even if it tears you apart mentally. Those moments really impacted the Primis crew, and they all took it their own ways. Here at the end? They're fucking poisoned. Of all things, after all the fighting and other things they went through with Lovecraftian aliens and Keepers and the Shadowman and Dr. Monty and four different multiverses, it's fucking. Poison. That does them in. You get what I mean? The whole thing just felt rushed as hell and almost like a "Y'know what? We're just going to nuke 'em all, screw it. They're all dead now, show's over folks, thanks for all your money." It really felt like they didn't care. Not about the story anymore, nor about the fans. I know they do, it shows in the retrospect video which I'm not going to talk about because the end of that still makes me cry. At least well, I hope they care. But yeah, it just FELT that way. I get it was all most likely because of Activision making lots of budget cuts and sudden changes, as well as just wanting another cashcow, and that Treyarch did what they could with the immense limitations that they had. And I respect them for that. But yeah, in the end? Not gonna lie, it hurt a little bit. So, well, I've kinda run out of fuel at this point. I've been at this for a good while now, probably about an hour or 2 by now? Now for a TL;DR/closing note: I've come to terms with the fact that I don't like BO4, be it because of my own expectations or because of how the game is. And that's fine. What were huge disappointments for me might've been sources of rejoice for a lot of other people. And that's okay too. Not everything is for everyone. I'm not going to tell anyone off or anything for liking BO4 because that would be absurd, and I hope they won't tell me off for not liking it either. In the end I'm glad for having written it all down and for having gotten this all off my chest, I feel a lot better now. And of course a big thank you to everyone who read this beast of a post. -Steelie.
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    Callofdutyzombies Video Contest Link. Alpha Snake's How make a SIXPACK-O-PERKS Video Tutorial Link. Moon Edition: Released early for CoDXP. Mule Kick is still needed. 67K155bDpOg Call of the Dead Edition: Ascension Editions: Step one, get the Materials... Here is the English Shopping list: Tesco (Supermarket Hyper Chain): Boheme Lager x 2 six packs :twisted: = £11.14p (Offer buy one get one free BOGOF ) Britvic Orange 55's x 3 four packs = £10.35p Ultraloc Glue x 1 = £0.52p (Offer half price) Food colouring x 5 = £2.60p Total @ Tesco = £24.61p Wilkinsons (DIY Store): Aerosol Mini Spray paints x 5 = £19.44p Total @ Wilkinsons = £19.44p Ryman formally Partners Stationary (Office Supplies Store): Ryman A4 Label stickers x 1 25pk = £6.29p Total @ Ryman's = £6.29p Note: I bought Printer cartridges from here I did use them on the project, but I won't include them in the costs here as they are for the family too (Bonus 8-) ) Nothing went to waste, my son daniel had the Britvic and I had the Lager (Bonus for Alpha Snake ) So grand total is = £50.34p UK / €57.17c Euro / $80.47c US / $78.48c CAN... Part one of the How to Tutorial: n9h2F6ut3-A Part two: m_foKY4q3AI Part three: 4RQogjbvRfc Part four: VQ4eoPXDjCw Part five: xNLiroJvt3k Part six: UAiW6s75aRA Part seven: Kb3LDyFQpWI Part eight: rIt68F27A90 Part nine: NH7Zx5Lhrj0 Part ten: NQRIqCODn8c Part eleven: 3w2KfJSbi_8 A big thank you to Missus Alpha Snake for funding this expedition. And to Alpha Snake Junior for being my co-pilot on this little voyage... Hope this helps others to do their own Perk-A-Colas... 8-) Update: 15/06/11 Have added all the pictures & videos now. CotD Edition & custom perk (Akim-Bones Soda) by myself coming soon. Plus Perk-A-Keyrings too. Regards Alpha Snake...
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    So basically I was in a game where we were doing the Easter egg, and someone messed up the lightning staff piano puzzle by shooting the wrong key. About 10 rounds later I start upgrading the lightning staff, and it won't work (the old shots were still there) so now we were not able to do the Easter egg. Why doesn't it reset the order?

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